Where to Buy a Hot Tub or Swim Spa

where to buy

Where to buy your next hot tub

There are more places to buy a hot tub than you might think, all promising the world!

Where should your hard earned cash go???

Trust me here… The company you buy from is going to be the number one factor for your overall satisfaction with your next swim spa or hot tub purchase.

There is no substitute for experience and a good dealer will make more difference to you than any other single factor.
If you want help finding good options in your area don’t hesitate to leave me a comment on the Buyers Assistance page, I’ve personally helped thousands of people find something good in their area or avoid a bad purchase.

The very first step:footsteps

The first thing to do is call the companies you are considering, tell them you have an old hot tub of unknown name or origin and it’s out of warranty and you need service…

Its a harmless white lie and it will tell you a lot about the level service you can expect from your prospective supplier.

Consider their answer.

” I’m sorry we cant help you “

If the company has no service or relies 100% on sub contractors like your mass merchants red alertand a surprising number of retailers they will refer you to another company or simply tell you they cant help you.

Either way this is a “Red Alert”  Don’t expect much back up and support. Allot of times when happens it is because either they have little or no service availability or they are swamped with service which might say allot about the product they sell.

” No problem…. lets see what we can do “

If your prospective seller is on the ball they will have an in house service department and if they really know what they are doing they will have common parts and supplies for most jobdonespas in stock and will welcome your business.

If they can get a tech out in a few days then these guys are golden… It shows they know what they are doing and are experienced industry professionals. Only a fool or some one over their heads would turn down this lucrative revenue stream…




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