U.S. Vs. CDN Dollar for hot tub buyers

U.S. Vs. CDN Dollar for hot tub buyers
How does the US vs. Canadian Dollar affect your hot tub purchase?


In this time of low Canadian and high US dollar, there are some big advantages to be had in relation to your hot tub purchase.


If you live in Canada the pitch will be that the Canadian Hot Tubs are a better value because you have to pay the US dollar exchange on hot tubs being made out of country but is it valid?The truth is this is a lot of smoke and mirrors with references to Canadian hot tubs being better priced because of the USD and there is little or no real validity to the claim.


The reason is simple, although your perception might be that local Canadian manufacturers are building all the bits for your hot tub, the reality is they are not. In fact, all of the parts on your hot tub with the exception of the wood for the frame are coming from…


wait for it…


The US or China which is all U.S.D!!!


This means they are getting hit just as hard as the US manufacturers… Add that to the fact that the US companies are doing a much higher volume, and Canadian wages are much higher, and it all adds up to better pricing from the U.S. In fact, the U.S. made tubs are actually better value for the money even with a bad USD!


Now on the other hand if you live in the U.S. if you buy from Canadian Companies you save a ton because not only do you pay in Canadian dollars but you pay zero sales tax! Most big US and Canadian Citys have local service companies that can service any brand with standard parts (so stay away from the meatheads using cheap “special parts” that only fit their spas like Hot springs, Caldera, jacuzzi, Sundance and Arctic.). But if you buy a good spa with a good parts list like Balboa and waterways anybody can get the parts for you and take great care of you after the sale.

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What are your thoughts on Viking spas? We are having a backyard reno and that is the brand our contractor is recommending.

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