Hot Tub Tips and Tricks

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With the marathon season upon us I thought I would offer some insights into how your hot tub can help you win that big race.

Soak in a hot tub BEFORE your run!

Soaking before a run can loosen muscles and help you be more productive out of the gate but beware of these things:

  • Don’t over do it! a short 5 minute soak will help loosen muscles and get the blood flowing to joints but after 5 minutes you run the risk of tiring your muscles and dehydrating.
  • Hydration is key to any successful run and more so if you are going to pre-soak.
  • Hydrate 30-60 Minutes before your run and keep hydrating through your soak, warm up and run with small drinks as needed, the rule is if your thirsty drink!

Soaking in a Hot Tub AFTER a Run

While you might think soaking immediately after a run will help your muscles recover more quickly it turns out that that might not be the case. Dehydration, and inflamed muscles and joints can be exasperated by getting into a hot tub which can further dehydrate you and increase blood flow to those already inflamed joints and muscles.

  • Always take advantage of a cool-down period to relax and stretch the muscles for at least 30 minutes or more after your run.
  • Jump in the hot tub later that day or the next day.
  • If you have sore muscles and joints following a runt then that  is the time to use the hot tub to help ease your soreness. Hot water can assist in relieving pain and now that the swelling of muscles and joints is down the Hydrotherapy can do its work flushing toxins from your muscles and the buoyancy will help relieve stress on the joints allowing your body to recover more quickly.
  • Get the jets hitting the sore spots and remember stay hydrated!





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