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I have called this company 5 times and they just do not call back (or care about customer service). Waited 3 times for over 2 hours and the call just dropped. Think this is how they operate. Avoid this company.

yeah, that is the legacy of mass merchant hot tub sales…

stay the fuck away from all these asshats selling cheap crap and having no idea what they are doing… mass merchants are the worst place to buy a hot tub…

Got a strong spa about 2.5 years ago never again. First off they use irregular hose ID size try going to your local hardware store and find barbs, t’s, or couplers for this spa. Second my third air injector started leaking all look to be due to stress cracks from likely over tightening. Stay away

I’m confused on “Strong Spas Costco” which the video says the Evolution 2015 video says enough to avoid. At the Costco website Strong isn’t a brand they carry. I then also see “Strong” listed in your recommended manufacturers middle of the road group. Was Strong selling to Costco but no longer? Is Evolution really just a Strong? The Catalog I got from a local vendor in Boise for Strong looks very different than what’s on Costco website. Any clarification is appreciated Thanks

Hi Scott

Evolution is made by strong, they changed the name after that video went viral to mitigate damage… reprehensible behavior really…

It is the low end of middle of the road… but middle is crap… the really diabolical stuff is just delayed landfill

We purchased a Strong Spa on Costco’s website on Dec. 5th 2018. It stated that delivery would be there to five weeks from order date. The spa was delivered to a Hawkeye moving company last Wend which is 4 hours away from where we live! They were supposed to deliver Monday, the company called and said sorry we do not have a licensed driver we will have to deliver Wed or Thursday. I called this morning with no response from them and was told they do not have a large enough truck to deliver our item! I keep getting the… Read more »

The nice thing about Costco… Cancel it they will refund it…

Costco sucks at hot tubs. And strong does too, search costco on the site and watch the video. Go to Costco cancel it and post back and I’ll find you a good spa.

We bought a Strong Spa when our new house was under construction and we were temporarily living in a friends house during the build. We had the spa delivered to this address so we could use the spa in the interim and then we would move it to the new house when it was finished. This all went as planned and we expected the “lifetime” warranty would go with the spa. We were very unpleasantly surprised when the hard top on the spa failed due to sunlight exposure and were told under no uncertain terms that since the spa was… Read more »

Hi Larry

the overheat could be down tot he filter cycle, you should have the tub set to filter around 4 hours out of every 12 more than this and it can overheat from the reclaimed heat from the motor. There is also very little insulation in these units and that makes it expensive to run.

let me know if you need parts for this unit we can get them to you at a better price…

I am looking for reviews of the strong spas line of which i thought this page was titled but cannot find any brand info?

this is a strong spa

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