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Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner


Filter Cleaner - 226 g

Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner is a powerful hot tub filter cleanser that does Not utilize harsh acids or bleach, and Does loosen and remove oil, hair, dirt and grime that becomes lodged in the fabric of cartridge filters. Clean filters are pivotal to successful spa-water care. One bottle of Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner provides 8 filter cleanings (approximately 8 months of use & abuse). A thorough filter rinse once a week, with a proper complete monthly cleaning using Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner, will suffice for the majority of hot tub users. Keep in mind that the filter takes out whatever is put into the spa, and all it takes is one bather who is covered in body lotions to foul a clean filter. Instead of managing your friends, manage your water. Enjoy!

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