Spa Marvel (Canada)

This Page is for Canadian Customers, our US Page is here.

Hot Tub University is now selling Spa Marvel with free shipping across Canada.
Ship times are based on location and are generally within a week.

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Spa Marvel is an environmentally friendly enzyme based water treatment system that reduces the need for traditional chemicals, average use is one bottle per three months.

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Buy 4 Bottles of Spa Marvel and keep your hot tub running clean without compromising your health.

Recommended Swim Spa usage is 1 bottle per month.

The Delux Pack comes with a years supply(4 bottles) of Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner as well as Spa Marvel Cleanser and Filter cleaner. This is the best package for new hot tub owners or first time buyers.

The Complete Marvel Pack includes 4 Bottles of Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner, a bottle of Spa Marvel Cleanser and a bottle of Filter Cleaner as well as the Pump Marvel and the X10 Water Filter.

X10 Water Filter

All prices are Canadian