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Let's Talk Marquis!

by Chris Wheatley

I have always had this brand in my top 5 based on a quick look and a lot of promises from the factory, and the review is a bit harsh! But I’m a bit harsh and if you want to be at the top of my reviews you have to have these little things right. You cant buy reviews here folks!

Now I kept asking them to let me come to inspect the factory and kept getting blown off which was always a bit weird, half the buyers in North America come to me for advice before they buy a hot tub and my recommendation will affect where nearly a billion US dollars go this season so usually when I like a brand they are bending over backward to give me visibility but these guys, when I could actually get a person on the phone just kept blowing me off. Now at first I just thought they had no back end on their business and were crap at returning calls and keeping in touch with customers which they are, but it was really bugging me not having put my eyes on their process and their manufacturing quality control.

So I got ahold of a brand new Vector 21 Marquis. Now, this is not their cheap line so it should be indicative of what they are building and I have to say it was disappointing!

The quality control was shoddy there were so many little issues it was scary. Bad insulation with spotty application and loads of overspray on pumps and equipment, there was a plumbing leak that will be a pain to repair, the plumbing lines were not clean and efficient and there was a fault on one of the water features that literally dumped 50 gallons of water all over my garage.

I’ve since spoken to them and they maintain that this is an anomaly I do give them the benefit of doubt because most of what I have found does support that they are building good tubs but until i see it for myself I have to be cautious with my endorsement…

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