QCA Spas

QCA Spas

I’ll break this down point by point.

1. Shell is an ABS plastic with durabond, way cheaper to build than a good hand rolled self-supporting shell, these types of shells have a much higher failure rate. They were all the rage 20 years ago and most everyone has gone away from the tech, it was supposed to never delam and they did like crazy and they were never strong enough so they either have to use pedestals to prop it up or high-density foam to support it… This is a critical thing and one of the top 4 things I gauge spas on… they have to have a hand-rolled fiberglass self-supporting shell to reach my top rating.

2. They only glue the plumbing and they use the old internally glued fittings, You want external glued and clamped fittings, again a critical thing and one that costs a lot to do right.

3. Insulation is cheap and only about R-4 or 5 they literally use $50 worth of Styrofoam to insulate, instead of spending $500 on a good expanded foam system with R-20+ your tub will be bleeding heat and pumping up your power bills, especially if you are somewhere colder.

They do use Balboa controls which is a good thing!

Look I love to support local small business but the problem is on a complex product like this they simply don’t do enough volume to innovate or even to implement innovation when it comes down the pipe… this is cheap spa stay away…

These guys are lacking here, even their top end line mostly has the small inexpensive jets and very few of the high flow therapy massage jets, The paradise series is comparable with most upper end spas but not up to the standard of the really high end therapy massage spas.

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