Private Buyers Service

One of the main purposes of Hot Tub University was to help people navigate the complex marketing filled Hot Tub Industry.

Buying a hot tub can be an expensive and stressful task, after a lot of requests for more involved help I put together this Private Buyers Service this year and it has already grown to be a big part of our site

Private Buyers service:

Market Analysis
I possess a massive database of thousands of dealers, service centers, and retailers across the US and Canada many of whom I know personally. I will advise you on different brands and dealers that fit your needs. I’ve been in this industry for over 30 years and this program allows me to be totally unbiased because I’m paid by you instead of by the retailer like a commissioned salesperson would be, it affords me the luxury of just doing what is right for you without any conflict of interest.

The second step, even if you don’t go with my recommendations, is to negotiate your price and options, being inside this industry I know the costs and margins that go into different tubs and brands, you paying me means that I work for you and put that knowledge and my contacts to your benefit.

After The Sale
Private Buyers service is like being in protective custody 🙂 If there are any issues with the dealer after the fact reach out and I will step in and make sure what is happening is fair. This site sees almost 85% of everyone who buys a hot tub which means no dealer in their right mind wants me saying anything bad about them online, in most cases, it’s just another level of security I try really hard to match up with people who believe that customer care is how to build a business.

Assistance type

A Recent Testimonial

Chris, again thank you for your assistance.  I am incredibly pleased I found your site.  The dealer mentioned that they couldn’t sell the tub for the price you secured.  He said your connection with the manufacturer saved me almost $1,500 on the tub. 

While I spent more than I had initially intended, your personal buyer program guided me towards an amazing hot tub, from a top tier manufacturer, at a rockstar price. 

Had I not found you I would have most likely been in a second rate tub having spent the same amount of money from the local guy whose business practices you were less than enthusiastic about.  

Tonight will be the first night we get to enjoy the Master Spa Balance 8, super excited!
A happy customer from the south eastern United States!