PDC Spas Review

PDC Spas Review

These guys are passionate about making good spas and it shows, they have been building hot tubs for a long time and they have tons of experienced staff.

I toured PDC’s factory in Pennsylvania and was thrilled with everything I saw, they were really open and happy to show off their production line.

These guys are making a solid reliable hot tub and their quality control practices ensure every tub comes out to the same high standards.

PDC is building their shells right, vinyl ester resin core, layers of hand-rolled fiberglass and matting for extra reinforcement. They are solid and long lasting. 

Everything is glued and clamped which goes a long way to preventing leaks and their manufacturing process here is very well executed, they prefabricate the manifolds to exact standards so there is no extra pressure on any of the attachment points and no extra vibration. 

They use OEM parts and Balboa heating and control systems which are the best out there by far, they hold key patents that put them well above any other competitors. Getting quality OEM parts you can easily source is important to long term satisfaction.

They use a mix of Mylar and high density foam, this was my biggest issue with their tubs, I’m a big supporter of using a full foam system (not the cheaper ones that harden)

That said it makes less of a difference if you are in warmer climates and there are plenty of other brands out there doing the same thing or doing it worse. 

All in, these guys are definitely in my top tier of manufacturers.

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Thank you, so much, Chris, for doing this videos and articles. My wife and I just moved to the Phoenix area from Chicago. I’m overwhelmed by the hot tub options and where to even start. I want a tub that is going to last. Based on what I’ve seen from your website, I am leaning to Master or PDC. I’ve tried to find dealers in my area/zip code 85140, without success. Also, it appears wait time is 3-4 months and hot weather will be here by then. Should I wait to see if prices come down COVID?, or go ahead… Read more »

Hi Lonny
PDC is not available in your area, other than a factory direct order, current lead time for that is 48 to 56 weeks! As for Master Spa we have contacts in the area, but again lead times are an issue, currently over 200 days. But we can sometimes hook into a tub that’s been cancelled and is available sooner, but that’s a long shot. Don’t need a concrete slab, but your brick pavers need to be stable, flat and able to spread the load. Its more about what’s under the brick pavers to be honest.

Hi Chris, First, I am really glad I found your site! I am a professor of journalism, and I teach social media marketing. A good sign of wide reach is when you can get a company to respond, and your review of the Marquis tub, and the local tub salesman’s YouTube response, shows you are respected in the arena. I will probably be setting up a consultation, but I am leaning toward waiting for the COVID market, to return to “normal” before buying. That said, I really like your PDC review, but notice they provide “driveway” delivery. Do you know… Read more »

Hi Richard
PDC – only do the driveway delivery from the factory, in your area they don’t have a dealer network, so factory direct is your only option. We can gain favourable prices from the factory via our private buyer service, and also maintain a database of Spa tech’s who could help with locating the spa and hooking it up for you.
In you neck of the woods you well covered by the Master Spa network of dealers, all of whom we have relationships with.

I live in a small town in the Shenandoah Valley in VA and need to replace my 15 year old tub. The three brands carried by stores in the area are Sundance, Nordic and PDC. I’m leaning towards PDC based upon your reviews. I am concerned about your comments about insulation in the PDC. How does this compare to the Nordic? Would you lean towards PDC or Nordic?

Hi Jeff
Rule out Sundance. PDC, the only draw back is the insulation, as you’ve noted from our website. With the Nordic, they offer an insulation upgrade, called I think “Title 20 Insulation” which is going to lower your cost a little further.
In a cold climate, then the Nordic, with the extra insulation is going to burn less electricity than the PDC. But the dollar savings are going to be measured in the tens per year not the thousands.

Hi Chris. I have been entertaining the idea of a hot tub for about 3 years now, but with all of the gimmicks and hard sells I get from local dealers, I have been unsure of who to trust, almost to the point of going with a Costco hot tub just because I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a sub par hot tub. I am in the northern Utah area, just 30 minutes north west of SLC. Could you please give me a hot tub brand you recommend and a local dealer in my area… Read more »

Hi Staci
The hot tub world is full of options, many of which are just marketing spin. You just need to stick to the brands we recommend, and you will be fine. You are going to get the hard sell from some of the dealers for sure. If you would like us to get Infront of the dealers for you, we can take care of all the hassle on Private Buyer Service, and get the best prices too…

I am in Louisville Ky and was looking at the Hot Springs Rhythm and Relay until I saw your page. There is a PDC dealer near me. Is there a PDC model that is comparable in size and price range to those? Should I go to the dealer or are there other options? (First-time hot tub buyer and I am on the fence whether to wait until supply issues ease up so I can negotiate price more.) Other suggestions of brands/ dealers in my area welcome.

Hi Carole
As you have a PDC dealer on your doorstep, buying PDC direct is not an option. We could negotiate with your local dealer on your behalf via our Private Buyer Service.


I’m leaning towards the Master Spa Twilight series or the next step up.

As best I can tell, the closest dealer is 4+ hours away.

I’m assuming I can order one from the dealer.

With regard to hot tubs, are the prices pretty much fixed or is it negotiable?


Hi Kent Master Spa Twilight series – They are all great tubs and offer excellent therapy style massage to boot. As for a dealer 4+ hours away, not many dealers will sell you a spa that far out. We have several contacts with large wholesale outfits, that are geared up to sell, and service out of area. As to prices, its really a sellers’ market right now, with discounts on tubs from quality brands that are available now, being almost impossible to secure. We can tap into the big guys and see what they have coming down the line and… Read more »

I local MasterSpa dealer told me the price for a Twilight Series 8.2 would be 14-15k. He also said the 8.3 were discontinued until next year. Is this true and is this an accurate price estimate.

Hi Andrew
The price is about what we are seeing right now for tubs that are in stock, and the 8.3 is no longer listed on their pricing sheets.
Depending on where you are, we can secure favourable pricing on the Twilight series of spas, via our private buyer service.

PDC or Mastet and why? How can I find and see a PDC tub? I’m in Minneapolis, MN! Got a new house and have 1 month to buy tub, soar teacher needs help please!

Hi Kurt You have a local dealer who carries Master Spa Master Pool & Spa. 6415 Wayzata Blvd. St. Louis Park, MN 55426, USA info@masterpoolandspa.com 952-253-0665 https://masterpoolandspa.com/hot_tubs As for A PDC tub you have no dealers anywhere near, you are looking at driving to Milwaukee!!!! Alternatively, we could help you via our Private Buyer service, with PDCdirect, basically buying from the factory, and then relying on local tech guys for service and support But to be brutally honest, its not going to happen within one month with the current market conditions. Since Covid, every man and his dog is buying… Read more »

Bali spa going to buy for 8900 available now is that a good deal

Hi Jon
Thats not too bad a price… considering availability right now.

I got that same quote on Bali and was told it was a 600 dollar mistake by rep who gave me the quote… I guess that was the guy’s stick to get me to buy quickly

Do you like Catalina Armstrong hot tubs?

Just purchased the PDC SX219S and (I think) did the same thing you are looking to do. Put a deck around it and left about 7″ exposed. Would be happy to talk you through how we got that done. We have tons of photos. Short version: Lots of planning so we knew where the pumps and electric controls were, dug a hole – and made it larger than the spa so a service tech could crawl around under the deck and still remove panels/pumps , framed the hole in PT lumber and reinforced with 6×6 posts, poured a pad in… Read more »



Chris, thank you for all the valuable information to help with such a big purchase! We’re going with a local PDC dealer and are debating between either a standalone TSX219 OR buying both a TSX17 & a PDC Reno tub. Still waiting on pricing details but our concern is losing to much space in both the Swim and hydrotherapy sections with the 219. Curious to get your thoughts? Also, as much as I search it’s hard to understand the specific guidance on putting decking around these units. Would a 50” deck height allow enough room for me or a maintenance… Read more »

Hi Mike, Either is a good choice but the two separate units means that you’ll have about 2 feet extra room in the swim area of the 17 but the trade off is the space issue for your back yard. As far as decking goes, you just need to make sure the primary panels are able to be removed and 50 inch deck height should allow for that. Take a look at our private buyers service and we can twist some arms on price (and if we don’t save you more than the fee, we’ll refund it) and make sure… Read more »

I recently received a older hot tub from someone and cannot figure out manufacturer or model. The original owner was unsure as it was a gift from a family member and they no longer had paperwork.
What is the best way if any to find out this information?

Thank you for all the hard work! Because of you, we skipped the local middle man and ordered a new PDC spa for delivery here in Texas!

I couldn’t find a date on your visit to their manufacturing facility. How did your talks go regarding insulation? They advertise TemperLoK was this the insulation at the time of your tour? I live in Canada and am considering purchasing one of their swim spas but concerned with heat loss.

We are going back and forth between the bali and the twilight 8.25. We were given around the same price for both which include starter chemicals, cover, steps and for the bali it also includes delivery and an upgrade in lighting. Master spa hasn’t been great with communicating with me very minimal one line back and forth through e-mail. Asked if we could talk on the phone and haven’t heard back. The guy selling the Bali has been in contact through phone a couple of times. We are concerned with master spa not being local who will service it if… Read more »

I live in the Southern Tier of NY, and PDC seems to be the best brand available from any of my local dealers. My only concern is the insulation; in January and February, it’s not uncommon to see temperatures regularly in the single digits. Is the insulation going to cut it or should I look elsewhere?

Talked to my local dealer, I’ve got a price quote of $9500 out the door for a PDC Catalina, with upgraded cover and basic lifter. Does that seem like a fair price?

From what I’ve seen at my local dealer, PDC is no longer using Balboa for heating and control, at least not in their premium line. They appear to be using Gecko now. Is this a recent change and does it knock them out of your top manufacturers? I haven’t taken delivery of my Catalina yet, and am beginning to have 2nd thoughts about it.

I contacted PDC directly and it they told be they switched *from* Gecko to Balboa some time last year, and my local dealer has an older model that has the old Gecko controls in it. They were kind enough to look up my spa and confirm that it does in fact contain a Balboa pack. I’m very pleased with the level of response from them and their transparency. I can’t wait to take delivery of my new spa!

I finally got my tub installed and running, and I’m loving it. I’ve got a question about filtration cycles. The water care guide on PDC’s website recommends running the filtration cycle continuously after a fresh fill and then no less than 12 hours a day after that, but that really seems like a lot, especially for 1 person daily use, and occasionally 2 people using it. What do you recommend?

I just ordered the Luxury Malibu and the sales rep told me they use all Balboa parts.

I ordered the same model (Malibu) on Monday. Amy, did you go direct or through a dealer? I’ve heard anywhere between 8-11 weeks at this point. Figured this was a one time big purchase so I caved and opted for the spectrum lighting and such (did not get the stereo or cover lifter).

Love my (Bali model);PDC Spa had it over 5 years

Hi Tanya!

How do you like your PDC spa ? Sounds like you got the Luxury Line model Bali I’m thinking of the Reno any additional comments or feedback on your model?

Also, why kind of increase in your electric bill did you notice ?

Last edited 5 months ago by Gregory Mietelski

Hi Chris. I’ve read your review of PDC tubs and I know you’re a fan of their build with the exception of the insulation. I was curious if you had any thoughts on the performance of the Bali. Also was wondering about the price we’ve been quoted- $10,500 (includes cover, upgraded cover lift, stairs and delivery).

Thanks for any feedback you can provide.


Hi Chris!

My wife and I are considering buying a PDC tub off the internet (we are in Minneapolis so there are no local dealers). We’re a bit concerned about their cold weather performance, and are wondering if you have any specific recommendations re: model, or another brand if you think our climate is a deal breaker. Our only real constraint is 86 inches in one direction. We will also be using a cement pad for the base, not patio stones.

Thanks so much for the work you’re doing here!

Matt & Masha Hoy

Thank you so much! Donated!

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