PDC Spas Review

PDC Spas Review

These guys are passionate about making good spas and it shows, they have been building hot tubs for a long time and they have tons of experienced staff.

I toured PDC’s factory in Pennsylvania and was thrilled with everything I saw, they were really open and happy to show off their production line.

These guys are making a solid reliable hot tub and their quality control practices ensure every tub comes out to the same high standards.

PDC is building their shells right, vinyl ester resin core, layers of hand-rolled fiberglass and matting for extra reinforcement. They are solid and long lasting. 

Everything is glued and clamped which goes a long way to preventing leaks and their manufacturing process here is very well executed, they prefabricate the manifolds to exact standards so there is no extra pressure on any of the attachment points and no extra vibration. 

They use OEM parts and Balboa heating and control systems which are the best out there by far, they hold key patents that put them well above any other competitors. Getting quality OEM parts you can easily source is important to long term satisfaction.

They use a mix of Mylar and high density foam, this was my biggest issue with their tubs, I’m a big supporter of using a full foam system (not the cheaper ones that harden)

That said it makes less of a difference if you are in warmer climates and there are plenty of other brands out there doing the same thing or doing it worse. 

All in, these guys are definitely in my top tier of manufacturers.

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I couldn’t find a date on your visit to their manufacturing facility. How did your talks go regarding insulation? They advertise TemperLoK was this the insulation at the time of your tour? I live in Canada and am considering purchasing one of their swim spas but concerned with heat loss.


We are going back and forth between the bali and the twilight 8.25. We were given around the same price for both which include starter chemicals, cover, steps and for the bali it also includes delivery and an upgrade in lighting. Master spa hasn’t been great with communicating with me very minimal one line back and forth through e-mail. Asked if we could talk on the phone and haven’t heard back. The guy selling the Bali has been in contact through phone a couple of times. We are concerned with master spa not being local who will service it if… Read more »

I live in the Southern Tier of NY, and PDC seems to be the best brand available from any of my local dealers. My only concern is the insulation; in January and February, it’s not uncommon to see temperatures regularly in the single digits. Is the insulation going to cut it or should I look elsewhere?


Love my (Bali model);PDC Spa had it over 5 years


Hi Chris. I’ve read your review of PDC tubs and I know you’re a fan of their build with the exception of the insulation. I was curious if you had any thoughts on the performance of the Bali. Also was wondering about the price we’ve been quoted- $10,500 (includes cover, upgraded cover lift, stairs and delivery).

Thanks for any feedback you can provide.



Hi Chris!

My wife and I are considering buying a PDC tub off the internet (we are in Minneapolis so there are no local dealers). We’re a bit concerned about their cold weather performance, and are wondering if you have any specific recommendations re: model, or another brand if you think our climate is a deal breaker. Our only real constraint is 86 inches in one direction. We will also be using a cement pad for the base, not patio stones.

Thanks so much for the work you’re doing here!

Matt & Masha Hoy