Master Spa Brand Review

Please note that this is a BRAND REVIEW and not model specific. There may be differences in the models and lines so this is an overview of the brand itself. For a drill down on a specific model why not try out our hot tub evaluator for the true picture on a given model

Overall Rating: A

Shell: A

Components: A

Construction: A

Efficiency: A

Master Spas hot tubs are not only at the top of our list in terms of high-quality, they also have models that top out in performance terms as well. These guys know how to build hot tubs and the engineering department runs the show, not the marketing guys.

Folks, there’s a reason we recommend Master Spas over so many other brands in our private buyers service and we don’t get paid to recommend them. Master Spas, quite simply, do everything right, from the right construction methods and materials to the high-quality components and full foam insulation.

The Good:

- Solidly Built Hot Tub

- Top Quality Components

The Bad:

- Somewhat Weak Performance in the Budget Models

- Not Enough Dealers


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Shell: A

Master Spas makes a solid shell and we have yet to see a shell strength score on our tub evaluator of less than 8 from any Master Spas model. They using hand-rolled fibreglass and use enough of it to create a thick, strong shell. The shells are self-supporting meaning that they require no additional supports or cradles to hold the weight of the water. This how all hot tub shells should be made but it is, unfortunately, rare in the industry.

Components: A

Master Spas uses Balboa control systems and Waterways pumps which are the best OEM components available and, until two years ago, used Waterways jets as well. However, at that time, they moved to the newer CMP jets. This is an illustration of how these people let the engineers decide what’s best and keep the marketing folks away from the drawing table. CMP jets are next generation and are compression fitted to the shell without the use of silicone. This technology virtually eliminates the possibility of jets leaking in the future. Master is the first manufacturer to move to this new tech but we think other high-end brands will follow suit. You can see more about this jet technology in this video.

Construction: A

Master builds a great shell and then goes on to build the rest of the hot tub in the same way. Every plumbing line is clamped, sweep elbows are used instead of street elbows, well rated pumps for the number and size of jets and top quality components all lead to a very solid hot tub.

Efficiency: A

When it comes to efficiency, again, Master rules the roost. Full foam insulation goes right to the skirting on three sides and then a cool cavity is created around the equipment on the fourth side with radiant barrier and full foam on the shell. This means the hot tub is extremely well insulated but the equipment and pumps can stay cool away from the heat of the water. It is simply well-engineered!

Overall: A

I feel like I have to say something negative here but there’s might little to pick from. A couple of Master Spa models do suffer a bit in the performance category but they are budget hot tubs and yes, I’m being nit-picky. I only wish they had a larger dealer network to fully serve all of North America. The bottom line is simple - you cannot go wrong with a Master Spa!