Master Spas – Brand Review

Master Spas – Brand Review

Master spa:

Master Spas are one of the best brands out there, hand-rolled self supporting shells, full foam, clamped plumbing and top of the line parts. These guys have been big players in the industry for a long time and while they don’t market as much as some other brands they spend that money building better tubs.

Master flew us out to tour the whole operation, doors open, allowed to talk to staff everything, 100% clarity so when we say something about this brand we can say it standing on firm ground. These guys have nothing to hide which is rare in this industry, they can be a bit more on the expensive side but I would suggest spending it upfront instead of down the road with a cheaper tub.

Master is sometimes hated in the industry or online, it is mostly biased attack marketing though and I explain why. They do these big expo sales where they come into local markets and sell hundreds of tubs then leave which drives local dealer nuts so there is a ton of backlash on rating sites, forums etc… read this article

If you really want some mad therapy massage spas go look at the Twilight series from Master. The TS series performance wise stands out, it has a dozen of the high flow jets and all the rest are mid flow and there are none of the cheap low flow jets. It has an amazing wrap around neck jet system using 4 mid flow therapy jets and those massive jets in the floor are insane, you can divert an entire 6 hp pump to those jets and for feet, hips, legs and lower back those monster jets are the best.


Video Review

Due to increased demand we are running 5-10 days for comment responses, it sucks but its only me… I’m working to find a suitable co-writer but I’m currently running 5-10 days for responses 🙁 and 12-24 hrs for paid responses. It’s not a cash grab I just can not keep up with the numbers despite spending my entire life here 🙂 I am determined to keep this honest and true to its tenants and therefore it takes time to ramp up to the massively increased traffic over the past 3 years.

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Hi Chris, read about everything I could, seen about every dealer I could in northern Ontario, we are looking for the best of both worlds, swim spa and hot tub, need to satisfy me and the wife, I’m looking for the hydrotherapy, she wants to swim, we have narrowed it down to master spas, endless or hydropool, we are leining on master, they have offered a trainer 12, and twilight 8.2 all said and done for $42K, what your take on pricing and the 3 we narrowed it down too, appreciate the input!

Hey Dom the price is good but you could buy a trainer 19 deep for similar money.

Endless used to be good when PDC built them but now they are owned by an US corp that is notorious for selling mid-grade spas as top-end based on fantastic marketing and expensive branding and advertising campaigns.

Hydrpool was again bought by a US equity investment group with the same business model… its mid-grade with a cradle supported shell and the cheapest lowest R-valuer insulation system I have ever seen.

Thanks for the reply Chris, are u suggesting a trainer 19D only? We were offered this for the same price but I wanted more hydrotherapy out of it, our thoughts were spot on about the others, basically heard the same thing about the other 2 brands, artic was also on the list, but was dropped quickly, looking forward to your reply!

The downside to Trainer 12 is low power and shallow depth, having had swimmers for 15 years I found the depth to be more important than the size even. the hot tub side fo the trainer 19 deep is the same main therapy seat as the TS and I always find peeps hop over from side to side so I don’t miss the extra seats. I guess it depends what your priority is the swim spa is a big downgrade od the 2 unit deal.

Holy Shit. Your reviews really got me bouncing all over. In a good way bro…. Now I need to decide on Bullfrog, Hydropool, Beachcomber ,Artesian and Master Spa.
First 3 local dealers. Last 2 only 45 min away.
Master Spa and Artesian seem the best by your reviews. So where do I pull the trigger my man. ?
All tubs would be 6-8 person models

Hey Man! Master and Artesian are great build quality wise The twilight series from Master gets my rating as the best therapy massage spa out there because the jetting and flow control is insane… its the only well-built tub with a great neck and shoulder seat with4 of the high flow therapy massage jets, most brands have2 of the dinky little 1.5″ low flows which suck. Beachcomber is good except it has one fatal flaw and one limitation.. the flaw is that the skirt is not removable which is a nightmare and expensive if you have a leak. the limitation… Read more »

Hi Chris – great site! We are looking to buy our first hot tub and, after having done some research have 2 questions for you:

  1. am looking for a 6 seater decent quality tub (considering Clarity balance 7 or 8) – any reputable dealers in the Oakville / Burlington ON area that won’t charge a postal code premium?
  2. we are re-doing an interlocking paving stone patio (larger sized pavers) but didn’t think about poured concrete for the tub. Any concerns or issues with that?

Thanks for all your info – keep up the great work!

Hit up premium wholesale in Kitchener, one fo the biggest sellers of hot tubs in Canada right now.

Pavers are fine as long as its a good contractor and tell them to make the space under the tub level not on a grade.

Hi Roger
We are evaluating the Master Spas Twilight 7.1 or 7.25 (first time purchaser) and we received a quote (if we pay cash) of USD 9,400 plus tax included the shipping, mounting, cover and coverstand.
They told us they company offer a $1500 rebate if we pay cash.

Is it a good deal? We checked bullfrog and tomorrow Jacuzzi in order to have ideas but I have to admit I am confused.

Plus does the Master Spa Twilight keep the temperature so the electricity cost will be lower?

We are based in NY


Hi. that’s a stupidly low price… I didn’t think your numbers are right Im seeing Ts7 series at 9500 on a good deal. The full foam systems are the most expensive and have a lot higher R-value that will definitely mean lower running costs Bullfrog is not a bad rig but there ABS plastic shell and the gecko control system keep it just out of my top group, The best thing I can say about the jacuzzi is that for a tub built with cheap labor in Mexico with a goofy proprietary parts list and mid-end performance they sure nailed… Read more »

Thanks for all the really helpful advice. This website has been a godsend as I was going nuts trying to make sense of all the different brands with very little reliable info. We were looking for more of an entry price as it’s our 1st hot tub and looking for more relaxation/family time than therapy. Almost went with a big box store deal or a brand called Four Winds because of the price, but after going through your site, I knew all the right questions to be asking. We ended up going with the Clarity Balance 7, and at $7k… Read more »

I did have 1 question: We have 2 possible places to put it. Our preferred would be on our stone patio (set in concrete) but it’s graded a bit more aggressively to move water, and has a slight bowl so it’s not perfectly flat. Would that still be OK, or should we just plan to put it in our 2nd option which is a flat concrete slab?

Thanks for being such a great resource

flat slab

no worries its a solid tub with great use of space and good performance. enjoy!

happy ho tubbing!

I can buy a Twilight 8.2 for a good deal, but would need to wait until October for it to be in. Or I can get the balance 8 now. Is custom ordering the twilight and waiting smart? Or stupid considering the pandemic and things can shut down again? Have you heard anything about the MI dealer in the Detroit suburbs? He has some pretty negative reviews online but seemed super helpful in person. Thanks for your help!

Hi Kathy I know him and have personally had nothing but good dealings. forget reviews and rating sites they are total bullshit, Forbes says around 70% are fake! corporations use them as marketing tools, pissed off dealers use them to smash their competitors, and retailers use them to make themselves look good. Even google review are bullshit I’ve had people who aren’t even my customer that live 3 hrs away post bullshit and google says tough luck… its a pay to rank world 🙂 I wouldnt be too conceerned with getting either tub if the massage is a big thing… Read more »

Your website has been great, lots of helpful info and has helped make our decision on buying a Twilight 7.25 tub. We are 6 months in and we are noticing that the temp is quite high over the last week or two, we have it set at 98 degrees but was 104 a couple of nights ago. Is this normal? I thought that if we set the temp at 98, the heater would stop working until it reaches the set temp. Is the foam insulation that efficient and is not letting the temp drop at all? We live in Southern… Read more »

You likely inadvertently set your filter rate to high and its overheating from the reclaimed motor waste heat, set you filter rate to 4hrs every 12

download spastar and run the troubleshooter.

We are about ready to pull the trigger on the H2X Trainer 15D. We have been quoted $30,990 CDN. Thoughts on price and overall unit?

they build goos swimmers, with good parts and good insulation.

performance wise the trainer series is solid with good flow rates.

price seems about right. might be able to get a free set of lifters if you push 🙂

Thank you! I just got into Triathlons last year and want to make sure that it will have enough flow for my training. Also, would you bypass the standard folding cover for a rolling one? Is it worth the additional money? Or am I only going to get 5 years with that cover as well?

You might want to try the challenger if yer doing triathlons you might find the trainer series right on the edge whereas the challenger will definitely keep up with your training.

the rollup seems like a good product I’m monitoring 10 in the field right now going back around 3+ years and everyone loves them and no real issues.

I live in CA and wondered what is your opinion on the legacy enterprise 7.2 and is $7k a good price for it? Thank you! You have a great website.

Solid price for a twin pump tub with a good selection of the 5″ high flow jets, it’s built well with good parts

Can you tell me how you got that price? and tell me what you know about Twilight 7.2
2 pumps

Hi Chris I went to a master spa expo this weekend and was quoted a “rock bottom price” of $8300 for a twilight master spa series 6.2.with delivery.install, etc included. I need this particular model for the sizing and to still be able to fit 4-5 people. I feel like the price given was just a sales tactic and was not the lowest possibly for this size hot tub. They were pressure selling me so I just got a card and left but I was considering just ordering an Everlast Affluence 40-Jet Spa from Samsclub which is currently on sale… Read more »

Hi Erica

Nothing wrong with that pricing.

the sams club tubs a piece of delayed landfill, don’t buy spas from mass merchants they suck.

I’ve read through your reviews and have talked with several sales people about the TS 8.25, TS 7.25, along with a few of the PDC Luxury spas. I’m near Milwaukee, WI, where there is a Master Spas dealer, and they quoted me $13k for the 8.25 and $12k for the 7.25, including a 5″ cover, cover lifter, steps and installation. That seems high to me based on other quotes I’ve seen around the US and in comments on your site. I started to look at PDC as well, who doesn’t have a dealer in WI, so they sell direct, and… Read more »

both good brands but you are right the neck and shoulder jetting are a smash on the TS series but right again on pricing..

see if you can get the dealer to move…

Hi there. Live in Florida – offered new Master Precision 7 at expo for $7000 including delivery and set-up. Seems like good deal. Great to hear your insight on the quality of the product line. Main question is difference between Precision and TS 7.25 in terms of price and features. What is a great price on TS 7.25? Are the therapy jets that much better in the TS? Any difference in seating comfort between the two? Hard to tell when sitting in empty tub. Thank you!!!

Thats a great price, the TS massage is way better than the Clarity or any other tub out there in my opinion. comfort in a dry tub is nothing you fill it them you float and that negates all the comfort 🙂

Hi Chris- So glad we found your site! We are thinking of getting a Twilight 8.2 and we’re quoted $11k USD before taxes in central Illinois by a dealer. This would include delivery, install, chemicals, setup. It doesn’t include concrete cost or electrical. Is that typically included from all dealers when they quote MasterSpas? I’m trying to compare to what others are posting here to see if this price is a bit too high. Someone else posted that they were recently quoted $12995k CAD which is about $9300 USD, so just want to make sure I shouldn’t negotiate a little… Read more »

That’s a bit high for sure, but its COVID and right now everything is longer harder and more expensive 🙁

Hi Chris, Wow, what a great site and, to begin with, thank you so much for making all of this information available. We live in England and are just about to buy our first Hot Tub. We had thought that it would be a two-horse race between Hydropool and Jacuzzi. They are both market leaders over here in the UK. That was, until we stumbled across your website! We have gone through all of your videos and we are now looking at MasterSpas. The build quality seems much better, in a completely different league. So here’s the problem that we… Read more »

Hey Ed, Thank you so much for your support it really means a lot, especially from so far away! I’d be more than happy to help and right off the bat, I’ve got to address the first two brands you mentioned. Contrary to what they would have you believe, Jacuzzi and Hydropool are actually owned by the same equity company and most of their supposed ‘market leadership’ is comprised of flashy ads and is nothing more than a branded delusion, unfortunately. As far as master spas go, however, I would say they’re a great choice, and they’ve actually got a… Read more »

Hi Michaela, to begin with, I’d just like to take a few minutes to say a big thank you for getting back to me. We couldn’t believe our luck when we found your brilliant videos. We have found the whole hot tub area is an absolute minefield. And we badly needed someone who knows the inside line on the hot tub industry to advise us in the right direction. Elliot (our son) found a link to Chris’s youtube videos and we sat down and watched them all. They are absolutely brilliant. And Chris has a great way of telling you… Read more »

Hey, Ed its Chris I’m Michaela dad 🙂

She has been helping me and seems to have learned a lot through osmosis of years of listening to me yell about hot tubs 🙂

I am not aware of the differences sorry, but hit them up and ask them for an explainer!

Hi Chris, Many thanks for getting back to us. Michaela did a fantastic job. She got me the right contact here in the UK and I have been in touch with them. We are just waiting for the showroom to open so that we can go over and see the hot tubs. Also, I just wanted to say a big, big thank you to you for all the work and advice that you are giving out to everyone. We love all of your videos. You are so enthusiastic and knowledgeable and that comes through in your videos. They are absolutely… Read more »

Thanks, Ed ill pass on the compliment, Michaela was born in the UK we lived in west sussex for a decade 🙂 so she had a soft spot for you 🙂

Happy Hottubbing

Wow, its a small world. My mum lives in East Sussex now but used to live in Haywards Heath. It’s still a lovely part of the world. Take care and many thanks again for all your help. All the best, Ed

Hello Chris

I love the site and the info!

I’m looking at this spa here from Sam’s club:


Wanted your opinion on it.

I got a quote for $13,500 for a fully loaded LSX700

Live in Orlando FL

Trying to justify the big price difference between the 2

Worth paying like $8,000 more?

Please help me understand.


Everlast is made up brand it’s made by Strong pools and spas They keep coming up with a bunch of these names to hide behind after the Costco viral video, They are low-end spas cutting all the corners.. have a look at this video… dude yer going from one end to the other 🙂 compare that sams club to entry-level spas and it’s not even a great price. in between those two units are laods of good spas from solid manufacturers from the $5500 range and up. that same company you talked to has a really well built 2 pump… Read more »

Hi Chris, thanks for all of the great info! Can you recommend a dealer for Pittsburgh for Master Spas?

Hey Robert, if you’re looking for a master dealer you’re going to have to go a little out of your market as the closest dealers to you are in Cleveland, however, it shouldn’t be a big deal as you have 2 independent service providers in your area. for more information id get in contact with Best Buy Pools & Spas at 440-623-7554.

Hi there, im over in michigan and i have been looking at spas for a week now with a budget between 6-8k. I thought i had settled on a viking tradition 1 but then randomly wandered into a masterspa dealer and fell in love with the masterspa twilight 8.25. The viking is $7,500 and the masterspa is $8,500 and both come with all the extra equipment. The masterspa is a little out of by budget, but i would only like to make this investment once, so thinking it may be worth it. My local dealer was absolutely amazing and so… Read more »


Hi Chris,

Do you know anything about CalSpa’s and how you’d classify them according to your criteria? I didn’t notice they were part of your Brand Reviews and am considering them? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, BR

Hi Brandon I toured the factory a year ago January and it was a mixed bag. the claims about the shell are mostly marketing, it’s a regular cradle supported shell with the cheesy thin strips of metal in them that off little if any effective support 🙂 the rest was a confusing mixture of a million skews and variations.. some had great parts, some had second rate parts, some came with full-foam some you had to order… As a result, as you might suspect there were some QC issues… its a small operation that used to be a dominant player,… Read more »

Hi Chris,

The information you provide is fantastic! I have used it to help me navigate my purchase of a Swim Spa. I am looking at a MasterSpa H2X Trainer 15D with Soft thread and the Master Purification system. After all the rebates and negotiation, the price is 23,500.00 with delivery and setup at my residence. Is this a good Swim spa and price.

Thank you again for all you do!

Yeah its a solid price and a good swimmer, the dealer there is a great guy, he’s been selling spas in the area for decades and knows his shit.

We are excited and can’t wait to get it! Locally here in Massachusetts, the dealer has a real good reputation and our interaction with them has been great. Thanks again!

I’m in the market for a getaway bar harbor le by master. I’ve scanned all posts for a review of these and have found little unbiased information. I fully understand these are mid tier hot tubs but it’s in my price range of 6500. Are these tubs quality or not ? Proprietary parts ? Looking forward to soaking but don’t want to take a bath.

Hi, I have been quoted the following (In Canadian Dollars). Wanted to get your thoughts? I really like the Legend series but how does the Twilight stack up? We are a family of 5 so we need something larger. Thx

LSX 900
$18995.00 plus tax.

LSX 850
$16995.00 plus tax

Twilight Series 8.2 or 8.25
$12995.00 plus tax.

Both tubs have the same main therapy seat I like the open spaces in the twilight but both great tubs

The prices are good especially for right now!

Hi Chris We are looking for a hot tub and we are now debating between 2 models – We could have the Master Spa Twilight 7.25 for 11k CAD or the Bullfrog R7 for 12k CAD. We really like the Master Spa but we had a much better connection with the dealer from Bullfrog and are less confident with the Master Spa guy ( there is only one dealer of each in our region in Montreal ) . If we go with the Master Spa and have a problem down the road, can we bypass this guy and deal directly… Read more »

Hey Guillaume 🙂 C’est un endroit en désordre pour acheter un bain à remous 🙂 The 7.25 at 11k is a much better performance spa with a much better shell and better parts. 11k is a stupid price it should be $13k… The dealer there pretends he can sell you a master but he cant… He will try and turn you onto a cheaper brand on some stupid story 🙂 he will try and buy it from a real dealer and sell it to don’t buy quiet flow or master pur or any upgraded chemical reduction systems from any… Read more »

I am thinking of buying the Twilight 8.2. Just watched your review. Anything I should be aware of? Do you like the lounger and the depth of the hot tub? Does it cover most of the upper body while sitting in it?

I have purchased the balance 7 and no one I call at master spas seems to know. But the jets seem to always stay on. The JETS light is always illuminated. I press it once it goes into high mode. Very powerful. I press it again and they go into a low mode. Still powerful enough to disrupt the surface of the water. I press it again it goes HIGH again. High low high low. It never turns off. Is this normal? Hot tubs in the 90’s they would turn completely off except the filter/heater. I feel like the jet… Read more »

You can’t shut them off entirely if the system needs heat or is in a filtration mode.

Download SpaStar and run the troubleshooting app.


I was offered the TS 8.25 with extended warranty, full Masterpure system with the extra circulation pump, deluxe cover, delivery and steps for $14K plus tax. I’m in Toronto – is this a good deal?

yep especially right now with COVID pricing.

Hi Dave, I hope you don’t mind me jumping into your post here. We are from Toronto as well and are looking for a reputable dealer in the area. Are you getting your quote from the MasterSpa location in Mississauga?
Thank you, Martha

Hi I’m thinking of buying the Clarity Precision 7. Any feedback? Thanks

Love the layout big open footwell nice mix of jets and good build quality

Is the TS 8.25 worth an additional $2,500 over the Precision7? Thanks for the guidance.

It is if your goal is really high-end therapy massage and you are going to use it 3x a week for mobility issues.

Hi thanks. Do you think the TS 8.2 is worth $2,500 more?

Hi Chris, Absolutely love your website. You are so incredibly knowledgeable on hot tubs. Who would have known there were so many crappy ones out there. More than willing to donate too. Need your advice on a couple of tubs. All things being equal price wise,whic of these two tubs would you purchase? PDC’s Luxury Malibu or Master Spas Clarity Balance 8. The Malibu has way more jets and is from the Luxury line-up but I know you really value the Master Spas tubs a great deal, especially their superior insulation to the PDC models.. The Malibu is a little… Read more »

Hi sorry for the delay in responding, this site is swamped!

Both great tubs, the insulation on the master is a little better and I love the open layout of the clarity line, water environments are about space and it has loads of space.

Neither is a bad buy for sure.

I’m lucky. I live 30 miles from Master spa’s headquarters in Fort Wayne Indiana. Fort Wayne is a manufacturing city and Master spa’s fits well. I was in the market, and it was a no brainer to go there. I feel like I got a great deal and can’t wait to get my tub!

So found your site doing lots or R&D. What a find, we were well into deciding against Master Spa for another make which you ended up mentioning in a video. We are in the UK, so only have one supplier (they have been going a very long time) but i cannot get to them 250 miles away as they are closed and we are in lockdown. I am keen to sit in Master Spa, but it’s going to be impossible. So my question is I am very tall 6’6″ and about 250lbs. I am looking at Master Spa, and been… Read more »

S0 tall peeps love the contoured seating but big people don’t 🙂 you want open barrier-free seating. besides yer floating… it’s not about seating really 🙂

I have a 2010 Master LSX557. I bought it new in 2012. I am having a lack of heat issue ever since I drained it in early Nov to clean and fill. I would appreciate some tech advice.

download and run the SpasStar app and hit troubleshooting

Dallas TX… have been quoted 12,000 for MP LSX 700 w/ circulation pump and Dream Lighting.. is that a fair price??

Yep especially right now dude… good tubs are like hen’s teeth and everyone wants one.

Thoughts on Master Spa MP lsx800? And what should I expect to pay.

Its well built for sure and the main therapy seat has the best neck and shoulder jetting I’ve seen on any tub.

No idea what you should pay man I don’t know where you are… I would guess somewhere around $12kusd

Thanks Chris for the valuable information you provide! Do you recommend anyone in the Hamilton (Stoney Creek) area? Would you pick the TS 8.2 over the Beachcomber 730? (I think they’re similar pricing)

both good spas and built well here are the only differences… TS has more of the expensive high flow therapy jets and will blow the BC out fo the water especially the neck and shoulder jetting and the master jets. BC skirt is nonremovable which is dumb as shit… instead of quick pop of the side fix for leaks it has to be removed and fixed and reinstalled and you pay for the removal and reinstall even under warranty. Other than that they use the same build process mostly the same parts and the same insulation… also if you go… Read more »

Thanks so much! Any dealers you recommend?

Try these guys!

Niagara Hot Tubs
SpaStar, she will download app and will sign up

Phone: 905-684-0770

Debbie is the owner and her email is
Details from Google Maps
227 Bunting Rd Unit F, St. Catharines, ON L2M 3Y2
View in Google Maps

Like everyone else here, I’m hottub shopping! Thanks for the great info – it’s refreshing after checking out some of the review sites. I’m interested in the master spa TS 7.25 or 8.2. Can you recommend a company in the Ottawa area? Thank you!

locally you have artisan (Purewater Total Home Leisure) and coast (Above & Beyond Pools & Spas)but the master has a guy there for delivery and service…

check these guys out.

Premium Wholesale Home & Leisure
(519) 895-0606

These guys are a big operation with a good service and backup support staff. Carrying Master, Twilight, H2X and MP legends. I know these guys personally and they do a great job.
Details from Google Maps
17 Manitou Dr, Kitchener, ON N2C 2J6
+1 519-895-0606
4.7View in Google Maps

Hi! We’re thinking of buying the MS LSX 800. We’re hoping to run it off the 40Amp service that is already in our garage, rather than having to upgrade it to 50 or 60 Amps. It sounds like there would be no safety concerns in doing this, but we’re wondering whether we would end up with nuisance breaker trips, or not. Do you know? Have you heard whether others have had issues with this? Also a little nervous about bad reviews regarding their customer service if we have any issues after it’s delivered, but maybe that depends on how good/bad… Read more »

You may have breaker tripping issues and its not advisable, the 40 amp line is likely 8-3 cable which is not really heavy enough…

forget reviews even Forbes says 70% or more are fake… its a pay to rank world 🙂 master has always been a big target because they do massive traveling sales and local dealers lose their shit when they come into the market and steal a hundred customers in a weekend 🙂

Hi There,
Looking for some advice we are based in Scotland but looking at buying a spa. We have narrowed it down to 3 either a Master spa elite1(£8.5k), a Watkins signature XL(£8k)or possible a sun valley aruba(£6.3k). The master spa and Watkins are nearly £2k dearer. But all seem to be running the same equipment etc in term of balboa controls. Is there any advice you could give us before we make the step and buy one. Wet testing isn’t possible due to COVID at present. Thanks in advance

Watkins runs a full proprietary parts list I’m, not a fan, Master is all readily available OEM parts and a lot better, I don’t know the other company.

Hi Chris- First time hot tub buyer here – thanks for all your great info. I’m in Houston / Galveston, TX area. Was sold on a MasterSpa but haven’t had great communication with the dealer who is selling tubs that were supposed to be at a now-cancelled home show, and after calling a local store that sells other brands they told me that MasterSpa service in our area is slim, and he brought up the Primo Spas guy. Now i’m not so sure. We were hoping for therapy style neck/shoulder massage, and about a 5-6 person tub. What would be… Read more »

Hi It is super busy in the hot tub world and super slow in the pool world right now 🙂 so pool companies selling spas are great at talking to you right now but pool companies are not the best place usually to buy spas, their main business is pools and they don’t usually know much about hot tubs it’s just a bolt-on product for them. Vince primo was a big selling all over Texas and went bust a few years back, I know that Master stepped up and honored hundreds of thousands of dollars of deposits and made good… Read more »

Yeah I was actually talking to a salesperson from master spas direct (from the factory in Indiana)- But they ghosted me.

The new guy I’m talking to (Aahhh comfort spas…great name lol) sells new and used spas only- but haven’t been in there yet due to restrictions. I will ask about artesian though.

Unfortunately the Dickinson shop you’re referring to went out of business 🙁

Thanks for the advice!!!

Hello Chris, Thanks for all you do for the hot tub community, if not for you we would’ve been guessing at best without your expertise! We’re about to pull the trigger on a Master TS 7.2 from Above&Beyond in Kansas City, MO and was wondering about price and warranty. They want $9,100 for a new order one or $8,595 for a floor model that’s never had water in it and never been wired up, both come with steps, cover, chemicals, free delivery, set up etc.. Any reason we shouldn’t go with the floor model? For another $400 they’ll extend the… Read more »

Hey Brian, its a fair price and stores are running out of tubs, it has been insanely busy with some estimates ranging as high as a 300% increase this month over last year…

extended warranty is piece of mind for some people and it really depends more on your level of risk aversion 🙂

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your great work on your website. My wife and I are debating between a “special” version of a Coast Spa for $9600 (Canadian) and a Master Spa twilight 8.25 ringing in at $13500. The master tub seems to have an extra pump and, presumably, better construction but is Master worth the extra $4K over Coast. Do those prices sound about right?

I need to know the model of the Coast, the TS price is right and performance and build quality is really good, I rate the TS as one of the top all-round tubs for performance and build quality.

We are looking at the TS7.2, is the Mast3erpur filtration system worth the money?

Read through the comments and my question has been answered. Really appreciate the info on your site.

not really man… don’t get me wrong it’s as good or better than any onboard chem reduction system but the thing manufacturers everywhere do not want you to know is that the additives kick the shit out fo the onboard systems and are a fraction of the price…

just buy this shit

Chris, The TS7.2 comes “standard” with the Mast3erPur system. At least that is what we have been told. The price is $8500 for the spa, but I have to tell you I am less than impressed with the dealer we are working with, Spa Pool and BBQ Show out of MN. Unresponsive and not terribly helpful. We are in Oregon, 97302 and I am a little nervous about dealing with these guys. I would feel better if you had knowledge of service people in our area. Your site has been very helpful and feel good about the spa, but nervous… Read more »

Nope, master pur is an option on that model. A dealer might order it as part of their standard package but it’s not factory standard. They are a wholesaler, the reality is with apps like SpaStar (on android and apple store) IF you have a solid network of local service guys like you do in Salem what do you really need from a local dealer? You need a good quality spa and that is it… Everything else is easy… This idea that someone local is going to make it all better is a little out of date… what’s going to… Read more »

I appreciate your frankness and left a gift in the tip jar.

Hi Chris , Thank you for all the great information . We decided last year on your recommendation and review we would be purchasing a Twilight 8.2 from our local dealer in late Spring after the patio is completed. Yesterday , I found a used 2016 MP legacy 900 that appears to be pretty good shape for $4000 from an individual . The Ozone pump needs replaced and there is damage to one of the panels ( rock from mowing ) , plus we will have to pay to get it moved . Owner has all of the paperwork and… Read more »

That’s a good price on that unit and I would not bother repairing the ozone just get the spa marvel treatment it makes all that stuff redundant anyway.

Thank you Chris , greatly appreciated . I will get it ordered from your link .

Hi Chris,
I my considering getting a Master Spa TS 8.2. My next door neighbor has a Master spa, and he loves it, except for the fact that he says you can’t have both motors running along with the heater at the same time. Is he correct, is this something that I should be concerned with, and is this true of other hot tubs? Thanks

Hi Chris

All tubs with a lot of motors or big motors set the system to shut off the heater when the second pump is put on, also you can change this with a dip switch setting on most tubs. Im in Canada and never found this to be a big issue.

Hi Chris,

I’ve been researching hot tubs and have narrowed it down to two, the TW 8.25 and the Artesian Island Grand Cayman. I don’t see any Materspa dealer or service in my area (84095) but there is a highly rated Artesian dealer nearby. Price for the Cayman Elite is $11,500, price for the TW is around 10g maybe a little higher direct from Master Spas. I am a little hesitant buying from out of my market. What is your opinion on the matter?

In this market, there are loads of service people so I don’t think you have any issues especially if you are running the spastar app.

Both tubs are very well made and have good parts and insulation but the twilight has a better neck and shoulder jet package. honestly, they should be the same price.

Hey Chris my name is Keith pleasure to meet you. We had a 20-year-old Vita spa that finally went but I’ve heard they are not the same company they once were? My wife and I were out yesterday in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to look for a new tun because we figured we might get a good deal. Dealers here are doing private one on one showings in the show rooms to help promote social distancing so he felt comfortable going out. We visited the local Jacuzzi and Sundance dealers here on Long Island, New York because they… Read more »

hey Kieth Yer right there mate, most of the manufacturers are definitely not what they were 🙁 Jacuzzi and Sundance are both owned by the same equity investment firm… They are super good at marketing and branding and advertising and build a middle of the road tub that is full of proprietary parts 🙁 Of the two the jacuzzi definitely has the better jetting package but neither are going to be really high-end massage spas, most of the jets are the low flow inexpensive 1.5″ jets and there is really no serious neck or shoulder jetting nor any really good… Read more »

HI Keith, Your message and situation is so much like mine and I live on Long Island AND was just talking with the guys who sells Master Spas in Framingdale for our first tub purchase. We too were talking with the woman @ Jacuzzi this last week and were going to go there but may not now. The model we are looking at is smaller than yours (7.25) but please keep me updated on your porgress, pricing, etc. Thanks

Hey Keith I just purchased a new 2020 Masters LSX 850 from Suntek Pool and Spa in farmingdale.. Dylan there gave us an awesome price, paid 11,500 plus taxes.. It’s a phenomenal Spa.. Go Check them out..

Hi Chris, thanks for all the advice. We are looking to purchase our first hot tub. Looking at a twilight 7.25 and given a price of $9,999. Told about $600 more for the 8.25 (not sure if it’s worth it). Is this a reasonable price? It’s their first offer price so wondering if I could get it down a little more? How does the masterspa compare to Bullfrog (which is the brand my local store carries)? Looks like bullfrog would cost slightly more.

Being our first tub, we are unsure how to negotiate. We live on MA/CT border.

Hi Ken Not sure because right now pricing is locale-specific… some markets bear more than others 🙂 although we are nearing a point of price harmony and soon we will see national pricing harmonize, the reality is it simply costs more to do business in some markets… big multiregional chains can offset this by tweaking pricing because they receive money from all markets so they simply charge the average but in this industry where it is currently dominated by small regional players costs will vary… In general, I feel 10k is a solid number for most markets and a good… Read more »

We are also on MA/CT boarder and are looking at the twilight 8.25. We were quoted $10,995 plus tax for it. I have been hesitant bec I want a good price and wasn’t sure if that was good or not. Also there are no master spa dealers near me to go and see it! Did you wind up purchasing???

Thank you Chris for the info! Looking at a Balance 9 hot tub in the Clarity line from Master Spa for $8995. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as the Healthy Living or Twilight series, but we liked the space, especially in the footwell. Is that a good price? Said they are running a huge promotion. I’m in Southwest Florida.

Thats a solid price for the region

Looking at a Balance 9 hot tub from Master Spa for 8995. Is that a good price? Said they are running a huge promotion. I’m down in Southwest Florida.

Hi Mathew

That’s a good price for the region.

Hi Chris!

Thanks for the great info you provide and your service to the Hot Tub community! What are your thoughts on the Legacy Line by Master? I’m specifically looking at the Enterprise for a first tub (and hopefully not a second for a while). I’m located in Spokane, WA 99202, and contacted Master directly. They wouldn’t give me any local retailer info and are offering a direct to consumer Spring Sale which ends this week:

Its a closed line only available in the west coast area.

they are solid tubs built like all masters and the pricing is frankly untouchable for what you are getting.

Thanks Chris! I exchanged 14 emails with John Erickson with Master and many from Dave Rolley from PDC spas making my decision. Both were personal and informative, and able to ship their spas direct to me no problem. Both felt like they really care and stand behind their well built spas. Your info here has enabled me to “talk the talk”, ask the right questions, and make a solid decision. Happy to donate & buy you a coffee as well as the Spa Marvel Treatment Pack when my tub arrives.

Hey Andrew

Glad to be of help and thanks for the donation 🙂

Hi Chris – is $8.5k for a Master HL7 a good price with delivery?
Also – What is your stance on the frame work being just painted wood and not pressure treated?

Hey Jon

Yeah that’s about what I see them going for

frankly, unless you put your spa in a swampy area without a proper patio stone base you wnt ever care about the framing especially on a hand-rolled self-supporting shell. esp since they clamp the plumbing lines and use compression fit jet housings… it’s dry as anything under the skirt of a hot tub. also, it’s not just painted, its an anti-rot anti microbial treatment.

Is a price of $10,250 for a Master Twighlight 8.2 with an ABS Pan, Cover & Stairs a fair price…paying cash and my contractor positioning the tub.

Yeah, that’s right in the range I see them, and they are so much more spa than other brands at 40% more.

Thanks Chris, I appreciate your advice…I chose this model based in part on your recommendations, but pricing information is tough to find.

Hey Chris, Thanks again for the website…lots of great information and I saw it’s the one you have….I have a few more questions. 1. The Master Twighlight Tubs now come standard with EcoPur Charge (copper/zinc?) technology and a Ozone generator. Mast3rPur is optional (UV-C light?), would you still get it added? I think you have it on your tub in the video. Can or should I use the Spa Marvel system you sell with it? 2. Would you get the optional circulation pump? 3. What about a wi-fi module? Is that something worth getting? 4. Is Hot Tubs and Swim… Read more »

Hi Kevin No Matter what brand you buy don’t buy any of the miracle chemical reduction systems like salt or UV or AOP or Ozone, just buy this stuff... Its lower chemical easier to manage healthier and less expensive, plus it extends the life of the tub and gives you a lifetime guarantee ion the jets. I’m not really a fan of circulation pumps The wifi modules are hit and miss, often they are on the outside range of your wifi and the water acts as a shield and a lot of interference from the motors… Reliability seems to be an issue with all the… Read more »

Chris, First off, I can’t thank you enough for the great information and your detailed replies. I was browsing the website today and made a donation. Thanks. To answer your question…when I inquired on the Master website, this is who I was referred to. Chris S. Hot Tubs and Swim Spas Direct 1925 Norfolk Drive Owings, MD 20736 888-440-7727 We exchanged a few polite emails and when I finally called, I got Leslie D., Sales and Product Consultant. She was 100% professional, said they were having a Spa Expo in a few weeks and offered me the same… Read more »

Hi and sorry for the late response, I’m in Florida chaperoning 10 15 and 16-year-old boys for spring training camp. with he normal workload of feeing such a crew and the added challenges presented by COVID-19, I’m kinda swamped 🙂

I can get you foam, so can any dealer, or for small fills, you can just use regular foam.

Chris, Thanks again for the detailed replies. I was browsing the website yesterday and made a HTU contribution. To answer your question, the Master website referred me to: Chris Sutton, Hot Tubs and Swim Spas Direct Owings, MD 20736, 888-440-7727. We exchanged a few emails and when I finally called, I spoke with Leslie Dixon. She was very professional and we talked for a long time. I explained I am purchasing the hot tub as part of a Hurricane Florence project, don’t need financing, will have my own crane onsite to place the hot tub and am definitely… Read more »

Hey Kevin Thanks, man it means a lot, I take a lot of heat from the industry for this site. Even guys who are on my good guy list sometimes resent this loose cannon who has so much influence over this industry 🙂 Chris and the gang are solid I’ve dealt with them a lot and never had any issues. if you ever need replacement foam I can get it or the local dealer can. also if it’s a small area you can just use a can of spray foam, no real downside as you can simply pull the plug… Read more »

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