Master Spas – Brand Review

Master Spas – Brand Review

Master spa:

Master Spas are one of the best brands out there, hand-rolled self supporting shells, full foam, clamped plumbing and top of the line parts. These guys have been big players in the industry for a long time and while they don’t market as much as some other brands they spend that money building better tubs.

Master flew us out to tour the whole operation, doors open, allowed to talk to staff everything, 100% clarity so when we say something about this brand we can say it standing on firm ground. These guys have nothing to hide which is rare in this industry, they can be a bit more on the expensive side but I would suggest spending it upfront instead of down the road with a cheaper tub.

Master is sometimes hated in the industry or online, it is mostly biased attack marketing though and I explain why. They do these big expo sales where they come into local markets and sell hundreds of tubs then leave which drives local dealer nuts so there is a ton of backlash on rating sites, forums etc… read this article

If you really want some mad therapy massage spas go look at the Twilight series from Master. The TS series performance wise stands out, it has a dozen of the high flow jets and all the rest are mid flow and there are none of the cheap low flow jets. It has an amazing wrap around neck jet system using 4 mid flow therapy jets and those massive jets in the floor are insane, you can divert an entire 6 hp pump to those jets and for feet, hips, legs and lower back those monster jets are the best.


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Hey Chris, We live in Hamilton Ontario. I’ve been looking around at various brands (we have lots of options here). I do like Master Spas and would be most interested in the Michael Phelps LSX 850. In checking forums your website does seem to get bashed a bit by other dealers as you sell Master Spas. I think my main concern from what I’ve seen online is dealer support with this brand. This seems to be the main complaint. For instance the local Sundance dealer said there is no labour fees associated with warranty work whereas the local master spa… Read more »

Hi Dave, Sundance is a mid-grade tub with lots of expensive marketing with a lot of proprietary parts and cheap construction.
The Bullfrogs use a cheap ABS shell and lower end control systems but the biggest issue I have are those jetpacks. They have had a lot of issues with standing water and even mould behind those and it’s just another fancy marketing gimmick that lures customers instead of focusing on quality build and components. For better options,
You’d be much better off with a quality tub from Master Spas or Artesian.

Thanks Kevin – what about dealer support? Are there better options for service or warranty work or possibly use third party service for any issues ?

Hi Dave, we have an All Star dealer in your area. Check out these guys, ask for Zana.
Artesian – Factory Hot Tubs & Swim Spas
550 Speers Rd #4, Oakville, ON L6K 2G3

Thanks for all the info! We just got a quote from Master Spa for either a Twilight Series 7.2 or 7.25 for $10,500. Which includes trade-in value of our old hot tub, removal of old tub, delivery of new one, cover, cover lifter, chemicals and steps. Is that a fair price? From your reviews, I am sold on getting a Twilight series spa, but don’t want to get completely screwed with Covid pricing. Delivery is April since the long lead time. Should we wait until next summer to purchase since the lead time is so long? Is that a normal… Read more »

I am in the Chicago suburbs but closest dealer is southern Wisconsin. Our current hot tub is an old 1998 Sundance Optima tub and they are giving us $1200 as the value that’s built into the $10,500 pricing. Which model do you recommend, the Twilight 7.2 or 7.25? Thanks!

I know them well they are solid dealers, I like the 7.25 mainly because loungers are a waste of space and water environments where you are floating are not about contoured seating or reclining they are about space, also the foot jet position of the 7.25 is way better for using it on the back of you calves, knees, and even lower back.

Great website, it has really helped. Is $12,500 too steep for a Balance 7 in western Canada? Includes a cover, steps and delivery. Really wondering it is that much better the Beachcomber at $10K (Gives me some extra money to use towards service those pesky non-removable sides!)

Hi Steve,

Did you get short-term availability on the Balance 7? Right now there are tubs available for April/May delivery for regular pricing and 6 week availability for premium pricing

It would be for immediate delivery.

That’s a great tub and in this market it’s a fair price. You’re paying a premium for immediate delivery but I’ve seen worse

I am a previous owner of a Twilight Master Spa. Sadly, due to moving I had to sell it. Now I am interested in getting another. I am considering the TS 8.25. Do you have any other suggestions for a different model? I would like to seat 8-10 people.
How much can I expect to pay in Texas?
I don’t need too many other accessories, as this spa is going under a covered cabana.

Hi Dana,

Right now with Covid it seems everyone is staying home and wants a new hot tub for their back yard so that has prices high and availability low. A TS 8.25 right now will run you 11k plus in most areas

Hello Chirs. I have the chance to buy a master spa healthy living 8.0. One of the pumps have already failed so a little hesitant. How does this model compare to the coast traditional apex? Are the parts proprietary? Or are they balboa controls, waterway jets? I will be putting this in at sunpeaks by Kamloops. So servicing might be a bit of an issue. I did talk to you on the phone and you did recommend desert pool and spa for servcing in Like I was saying on the phone it will be in a short term rental so… Read more »

Hi Kyle, Balboa, and CMP jets (compression fit) its got standard easily sourced parts.

Based on your great site and comments, I have decided on a Twilight 8.25S and found a couple dealers in TN pricing in the 11K out the door. Is the standard filtration system sufficient or should I consider upgrading to the Mast3rPur Water Management System? If so, what is a reasonable cost for the additional option? Any other recommendations for optional features? It seems like every dealer says the standard covers are poor. Do I need to pay more for a hydraulic cover? Thank you.

Hi Ty, Stick with the standard system. The Mast3er Pure gives you the addition of a UV system but it still doesn’t come close to using the standard EcoPur and Spa Marvel. The EcoPur is a cartridge inside the filter that gets replaced every 9 months ($50) and you simply pour a full bottle of Spa Marvel in the tub every three months and you are at drinking water levels of chlorine. Easy and reliable! As for covers, the hydraulic lifters only make it easier to open and close, the cover is still the same cover. With proper care you… Read more »

We are comparing the D-1 Triad ($11,500) or the D-1 Serenade ($6250) to the Master Spa Twilight 6.2. We have a small area so the 6.2 is a better fit for our patio. We have not received a price yet on the Twilight, but since your reviews have been on the larger Twilight tub, can you comment on the smaller TS 6.2 as far as performance and what a fair price will be in this market. Based on reading your reviews, Master Spa is far better than D-1.

Hi Cheryl,

The 6.2 has all of the quality of the larger 7.2 and 8.2 with a bit less jetting. Still a great hot tub. Price will depend on where you are located but expect to pay 9-10k

I bought a Master Spa in early May in large part thanks to reviews on this site (Thanks Chris!). I’m sure it will be great. Problem is… I was told that it would arrive in 5-7 weeks. I’ve been waiting 4 months and still no word on when we’ll get it and we barely get replies to our emails asking (and when we do, the information is not clear and often proves inaccurate in terms of timing, etc.). I get that COVID has cause significant supply chain delays, but the customer service has been horrible. It seems like they’re just… Read more »

Hi Chris

Its a mess everywhere, honestly manufacturers gave times then parts started getting scarce and times moved again and again… the reason yer not getting much info is there is no reliable info 🙂

My advice is half tight… lead times for any of the good brands are around 200+ days and tubs are coming out just not fast enough, yer in the line now stay there and cut yer dealer some slack he is likely losing his mind 🙂

Hello! After combing your site, we settled on a master spa twilight 7.2. We’re in Sacramento and went to talk to our local seller and got a quote for $12k that includes delivery, upgraded cover, and a cover lift. Does this seem like a fair deal? It wouldn’t be delivered for about 7 months, which we are fine with. Thanks!

Hi Lauren,

With Covid it seems as if everyone is staying home and wants a new hot tub which is driving prices up and availability down. In this market that’s a fair price for TS 7.2 and it’s my personal favourite hot tub made right now

Thanks for the response! Do you think the personal buying service would be advantageous for this price? The dealer seemed pretty open to making things work.

HI Lauren,

If we can’t save you the private buyers fee we will refund it so there’s no risk

I’m interested in a Twilight series from Master but there seems to not be a dealer in the Atlantic City NJ area. Do you have any dealer recommendations that would deliver to me?

Hi Denis,

Check out East Coast Spas in Horsham, PA. I’m 90% certain they deliver to and service your area and they’re a top-notch dealer, they really take care of their customers

A couple of weeks ago I bought a balance 8 at a spa show here in KC. They told me I was getting a precision 8 but I ended up with a balance. I paid $9600. I feel like maybe I didn’t get a great deal. Are the balance and precision generally the same price?

Hi Shawn,

The Balance and Precision are, in essence, the same tub except the balance has a lounger and the precision does not. They sell for exactly the same price

Thanks for the reply. Do you think I overpaid or is this the market right now?

In this market that’s a fair price. In a buyers market you might get it a little less but the truth is there are 4 buyers for every tub available right now

Good Morning!

This discussion is hugely helpful. We are looking at the Master Spas TS8.25 for $11,500 including delivery, cover and water maintenance kit. Seems this pricing is at market or even a good deal at this time… My question is more with regards to the suggested base for installation on these tubs. Is a concrete pad crucial? Or would a leveled gravel with flagstone topper type patio suffice? Any guidance or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!


patio stone base is fine as long as it is properly laid with a good sub-base, be careful of flagstone it can have really big ups and downs

Good afternoon, Chris! I have enjoyed reading/watching many of your videos and reviews! My wife and I just put a deposit down on a Master Spa TS 7.2. Ran about 11 K with hydraulic cover, steps, chemicals, tax, etc. We are looking for delivery in the next couple of months, which looks like it’s about the best anyone can expect these days. I loved the features it has as well as felt like the quality was solid. My wife has been reading a few not so great reviews now and is hoping we won’t regret the purchase (we had also… Read more »

Hi Kevin,

You made the right choice. The twilight is one of the best tubs on the market – well built and it’s the only hot tub in which every single jet is a high end therapy jet. That is a good price and you’re getting it faster than 95% of shoppers! Like anything you can always find bad reviews but don’t let that deter you, you made a solid choice!

Great to hear! I have been doing more and more research and watching additional HTU videos, and am getting more confident as I do so. I am located in the Ann Arbor, MI area and purchased it from a local dealer here (Leisure Works), they seemed great and I really got a good vibe from them – any further info you might have on them? I’m excited to get everything prepped beforehand (220 line, crushed gravel base w/stringers and a grid system to hold them in place), and continue to learn more and more here. I’ll definitely be contributing to… Read more »

Hello, I noticed the Master Spas use “air-injection” on their jets (just like Jacuzzi which you don’t like). While the Dimension One’s and many others do not.

Is “air-injection” a good thing for a strong therapeutic spa?
I thought air in spas went out in the 80’s.

Thanks for your excellent website,

Hi Larry,

Pretty much every tub uses air injection to the jets which can be turned on or off with the use of a knob on the tub. This system introduces air into the water stream to provide aeration. Their effectiveness at increasing massage is questionable but they provide bubbles for people who like it. That system is fundamentally different than injecting air directly into the tub via an air blower. With injection air is drawn into the stream naturally whereas with a blower cold air from outside the tub is forced directly into the water

Hi Chris,We got this offer ($36,390 plus tax for H2X 15 deep) from the Expo sales and delivery is for March 2021. Can we negotiate a better price than the above quote? My wife actually liked the trainer 19 but it takes 100 Amps so How are the two compare energy saving wise? Any helpful feed back will be helpful. We are a family of 5 living in KW area And my kids love swimming for fun)


Hi Mike,

Sign up for our private buyers service and if we don’t save you more than our fee we’ll refund it

good evening, I bought a 7.25 in western canada for 13250 includes delivery and cover, after using your priority service for a few questions. I am waiting for my concrete pad to get poured so another 2 weeks for that, then another 28 days to cure. I have the dealer sitting on my paid in full tub because ya they were down to one 7.25 and one 8.25 so I didnt want to mess around. I hope the electrical upgrade I have works…..when I renovated my house in 2015 I had them wire it for a hot tub but not… Read more »

Hi Doug,

it sucks to wait but hey, at least you’re not waiting 4-6 months like everyone else who wants a hot tub right now…..:) Touch base with your dealer and ask if they have a preferred electrician ahead of time. As for the lifter, it can be added at any time so why not try out the tub without it and then if you decide you wan tit have it installed after the fact


I am glad to have found your website, I live in the Portland Oregon area and am looking for my first tub. Price is not as important as making sure that I don’t end up with a junk product. how would you compare Marquis vs, Clearwater Spas (cabo)vs, Master Spas (TW)?

Hi Jake,

Of that list, Master by a long shot. Marquis used to be on our preferred list until we tore one apart – see the review here. Check out our private buyers service and we can make sure you get the best value for your money!

Was looking for a 2-3 Hot tub that had strongest jets possible for massage, with legs, feet, and neck. Your sight convinced me my decision to buy the Twilight Series Spas TS 240 was the correct one.Was strongly considering Dimension 1 Triad 36, it sure looks strong. Has 2 motors in a small tub just like the 240. Although I never got to wet test either, the TS 240 was also cheaper. I see you’re not the biggest D-1 fan.
Kudos to your site.

Great choice Larry. A much better choice than the D1 and you’ll be happy with it!

Ya now I have to wait 4 – 6 months 🙁

Yep unfortunately that’s the standard for anything decent these days. The factories are ramping up production though so fingers crossed!


We are a family of 6 and looking for a family hot tub. We just looked at a Beachcomber 380. I don’t think we could afford a twilight by Master Spas but we were told the Clarity Balance 7 would be an option for our large family. I think the beachcomber one is slightly larger. Is the Clarity Balance a lot better?
Thanks (first time buyers).

Both are good well-made spas.

But these tubs are not really in the same league for jetting and performance. The Clarity has a 40 jet package with 2 larger pumps and a better neck and shoulder jets, The beachcomber is a single pump (with a circulator pump that does not do any massage jetting it just filters)) and only 23 jets and should be a lot less expensive.

The beachcomber also does not have sides that are removable which is a big risk, leaks down the road are a massive issue if you can’t get the sides off.

Is MasterSpa a proprietary brand? I’m wondering if I get one second hand (a 2020 model), if I’ll be able to get it serviced locally (I can’t find a dealer anywhere near me).

Hi Madilyn,

Master Spas is one of the top brands and of you can find a deal on a used one you should be in great shape. We have a list of service centers all across North America and there is undoubtedly one or more near you. Where are you located?

Thanks for getting back to me. We are located in Maine. Previous owner bought it at an expo show.

Hi Madilyn,

If you’re on the coast there are some options. Less so in the North

Hi Chris thanks for all the info. I live in Ontario and I have back issues and after some of your input am considering the TS 8.2. I have found one new with full insulation upgrade for $13000 delivered 5-6 months out. This is a fair bit more than I was hoping to spend but I know that you get what you pay for. Is this pretty standard pricing? Also, are these good for very tall people? Thanks so much for your help.

Hi Andrew,

Right now with Covid everyone seems to be staying home and buying new hot tubs and that has the market at very high prices and long wait times. In this market, that price is stupid great and about 1.5k lower than that tub is selling for. Good deal man!!

I’m looking to purchase a “Legend 7” from the UK distributor of Master Spa, but I was wondering if there is an equivalent US model so I can check reviews? Reviews in the UK for this spa are few and far between ( )

yeah same shit with a few mods for the regs

I live on Long Island NY and looking to get my first hot tub. I am between the legend lsx800 for 15K or the TS 8.25 for 11K delivery, stairs, and cover included. Is that a fair price? Is the legend worth the extra 4K?

Hi Bryan, Those are both great tubs and the LSX may be the sexiest tub on the market right now but personally I don’t think the bells and whistles and all the “pretty” is worth the extra money. The twilight is the most awarded therapy tub on the market and gives you everything the LSX does with one exception – the LSX has one extra pump. However, the twilight has two 6 hp pumps which is tons of power for the jetting and every single jet in it is a high-flow therapy jet. So it comes down to how much… Read more »

Do you think I would benefit from you personal service from you? I am ready to purchase and want to get the most from my first hot tub. Since I’ve seen the prices really vary on here?

The Ts price is good the LSx is high we would be able to save you the fee for sure on that one and likely on the TS if we can’t we will refund it to a basic consult fee.

also, you get us behind you down the road if you have issues and you can come to us for advice.

I’m currently comparing the Legacy Intrepid against the Clarity Precision 8. Price is about the same. Is one better than the other?

Not anything serious, the Clarity is a new design with better space and larger footwell, and the neck-shoulder jetting is better I would say it is slightly ahead.

Thanks for the quick reply. That’s what it looked like. For the same 94x94x36 tub, the Clarity holds 105 more gallons and looks more spacious.


Hi Chris, Stuck between a Master Twilight 8.2 for $9,695 which includes a cover, steps, chemicals, cover lifter & delivery and several Tropic Seas models which include a cover, steps & delivery: Tahiti 965L – $7,999 Waikiki 864L – $7,299 Maui 851L – $6,499 We live in SE Pennsylvania and would like to use it in the winter, so insulation & operating cost is important. Overall looking for the absolute best deal. And wondering if 2-3k is worth it for the Master Twilight 8.2 – it’s feasible but above what I was hoping to spend. Thanks for any insight &… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Jackie

Hi Jackie,

The Twilight all day long and that is a smoking deal right now. With the crazy demand in the market right now prices have gone up and if you can get a TS 8.2 for that price then run, don’t walk, to the dealer and get it signed…..:)

You won’t regret paying the extra for the Twilight

I’m in north Alabama and the best price I could find for a TS 8.2 is $10,200. Is this still a good deal?

HI Russel,

Even at that price, it’s a great deal on an 8.2. They’re going for at least a grand more than that pretty much everywhere in the US

Chris, I’ve heard that you are employed my MasterSpas? Is this true?

Hi Mike, To be very clear none of us at HTU including Chris are employed by Master Spas or any other Spa manufacturer. Chris does have a local dealership here in Canada that sells Master Spas but that is run completely by other people and the truth is that he can sell any brand he wants and gets regular requests from dozens of manufacturers to carry their line and promote their line on this site. He sells Master because he believes in the product (among others). Our influence in the market is such that all the big investment corporations that… Read more »

Hey Chris. Great read. You’re right about the COVID backlog. We’ve been quoted anywhere from Feb 21 to Jun 21. I have across a one owner 2018 Clarity Balance 8. Looks to be in perfect shape, but they are asking 8k. I think that was close to their retail price in 18 wasn’t it? Finding back prices is damn near impossible online. 8k seems high considering we would have to arrange for pick up and delivery. But, as we know, finding a “newish” tub right now is like finding gold at the end of a rainbow. What’s your opinion on… Read more »

Hi Alex,

Right now in this market the Balance 8 is going for 9+ mainly because of demand. It would typically sell for about 8,500 and you may be able to get one for that but you’ll wait 6 months for it so it comes down to having it newer or sooner but not both……:)

That price is high but the truth is right now he’ll get it

Appreciate the reply. I know you’re swamped.

Just another thanks. I ended up getting the Balance 8 (2018) for 6,500 down from the 8k they were originally asking. Posting in case that helps anyone else out who might be looking.

thanks again for the great resource.

Great price Alex. Well done and happy tubbing!!

Hi Chris! Thank you for the incredibly valuable information you have gathered and shared! After watching your video on the Master Spa brand, my husband and I were sold. Then, we went to the Master Spas website and submitted the form to find a local dealer and were highly disappointed to see the dealer in our area is “Spa, Pool and BBQ Show.”( This dealer apparently is not local, has “clearance sales this weekend only” apparently every weekend and has a terrible reputation. Do you have any insight on a different dealer in our area that would provide us with… Read more »

Hi Maia, We get this question a lot about that dealer and the fact of the matter is John Erickson (the owner) sells more tubs on the west coast of the US than almost all other west coast dealers combined. He’s selling over 7,000 units a year when most dealers are selling maybe 100 units. The end result is every dealer on the west coast hates him and a lot of the reviews are actually coming from those dealers and friends. John can be short and abrupt but he has the inventory and the prices nobody can beat. I’m personally… Read more »

Master Spa 15D

The 15D is a great swim spa with good insulation, high flow pumps and jets and the 60 inch depth makes it much more enjoyable for swimming. Excellent swim spa!

Thanks for the great information on hot tubs.

I’m in the Vancouver, BC area.

I was leaning towards a Bullfrog but based on your suggestions am looking at a Master Spas TS 8.25 instead.

Is $15,395 CAD and a $1000 rebate a good price or do you think I should be haggling with the dealers?

Thanks again!

Hi John,

$14,395 after rebate is a fair price for that spa in this market. Covid has everyone wanting a hot tub and it’s driving prices up and availability way out. Nail the dealer down on delivery timeframes and get it in writing but you’re not gonna get that spa much less than that with 4 buyers for every tub available right now

Great advice, thank you very much!

Hi Chris,
We are currently waiting on delivery of a Master spas Legend 6 from the hot tub superstore in the uk.(32 amp version)
Our only experience of hot tubs is our friends Hot Springs Hot Spot relay, how will the Legend 6 compare?

Hi Justyn,

The Master is a far better tub than any Hot Springs on the market. From the shell to the control system to the insulation it’s a far better built unit

Thanks Bill !

How would I shop for master spa options (preferably twilight) in the Albuquerque area? Their website is unclear as to when and where expos are happening, or how to order directly. Besides, expos probably not the best idea these days.

With COVID it’s hard. Get on our private buyer’s service we can get you any spa you want at a great price or we refund it. Hire me and my team to be your private buyer… We guarantee to save you at least the fee off whatever you decide to buy or we refund it back to a basic consultation fee. 95% of the time we save you more than the fee and we work for you, we don’t take commissions from dealers or factories for these deals so we can be objective because no matter what you buy it… Read more »

Looking to possibly purchase the Twilight series. From the local provider in the style we’re considering, they only have one in Espresso skirt & Sierra tub shell. How can we actually see a picture or version of this combination online other than the 1″ square example in a book? Disappointing Master Spa’s site isn’t modern enough to allow a user to “Build your Tub” and change the skirt and tub options around to let you see your desired look….

Hi Chris,

I hear you man! I’ve been preaching that for years. Master makes top-rate tubs but they need to work on their digital marketing game. The ironic part is that they do what we preach – put the money into top quality tubs as opposed to fancy marketing but I wish they’d update that site.

Having said that, if you are looking at a Twilight and there is one available I’d grab it. Pretty much all manufacturers including Master are 6+ months out right now because of Covid demand

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the great video on the Twilight. Is $1500 good deal for a used 1 year old Master Spa Bar Harbor SE?

Thank you for any advise you can offer.


Last edited 1 month ago by Taj Valdespino

Shit yeah… grab that fast dude.

Hi Chris, Curious what you think I should be paying in Canada (I live in Edmonton) for a Precision 7. I was quoted nearly $11.5k.

That’s about right list is $14 but because the industry is so smoking busy right now the parts manufacturers have no deals for the factories who have no deals for the retailers who have no deals for you… 🙁

First world problems eh?

Hello, there is a used master spa 67.25 for 5500 from 2017. Is that a good deal?


What’s the average price new for that spa and do you recommend that spa?

new they are right around $8k and yes they are a top tub

What are your thoughts on the optional light features for the twilight (afterglow and dream lighting)? I have kids that are into the colors, but not sure if it’s worth the $$. Thanks!

The standard light system is already OTT the skirt lighting is nice but don’t get the lit jets it’s too damn bright

Where can I get a master swim spa elite in Austin Texas. What’s a good price for that?

I’m not sure what the elite is, they do H2X, Challenger, and Phelps. all the same except for swim performance the trainer is for regular to fit people for basic workouts, the challenger is for Iron man level competitive swimmers and Phelps is straight-up national team level swimmers.

Either way, go see Dave and Jason

Master-Paradise Spas & Outdoor Living
Dave Mac and Jason Neslon
Details from Google Maps
12221 Ranch Rd 620 N, Austin, TX 78750
+1 512-614-4090
4.0View in Google Maps

I’m going to a Master Spa expo tomorrow. They have an LSX900 that will be there. What would you say is the best price I could expect to pay for that model?

hey sorry, we missed your window.

did you buy one?

Very Informative Currently Have 1994 Hot Springs Grandee Never A Problem, But Things Are Starting To Leak, Time To replace, Found A Used MasterSpa 6 Mos Old ( Divorce Situation ) It Is The Clarity Spas Balance 8 They Are Asking 6500 ? Your Thoughts I Have No Idea What These Go For New

In this climate where there seem to be 4 buyers for every tub, that’s a fair price if the tub is close to like new condition. It is a great tub and has massive amounts of room

Ok, we want a Master Spa but don’t want to break the bank. What do you think about the Legacy Whirlpool line – Acclaim or Intrepid? We were quoted $8,500.

Last edited 1 month ago by Maria G

Hi Maria,

If you’re on the west coast of the US, you’re talking about the Legacy line from John Erickson’s operation and that line is actually made by Master Spas. Great tub and John has a great organization with good people who will take care of you. that’s a good price for a Legacy as well so you’re good to go!

Hi Chris,
I am in MA. I have been looking at bullfrog spas but now I am wondering. Is there a good hot tub dealer in MA?

Hi Caitlin,

Call up Crocker Sales in Woburn, MA. They sell the Master line and they are one of our all-star dealers so we know you’re gonna get first rate service from them. I’ve met them and they are awesome to deal with!

Hi Chris, thank you for this great information. There is a dealer with a floor model of Twilight 7.2 which he is selling for 9200. He said it was a demo for two months and filters etc. were replaced. First, is that truly a good deal? Second, is buying a floor model a good idea? He also said that this has a circulation pump and dream lighting.

good deal and no issues with a floor model, the water is meticulously maintained on displays for obvious reasons… and most spas are 6 months out right now!

I’m looking at going to a master spa expo to purchase the twilight 8.25. What is a reasonable price you think I would pay? $11K? $10K?

In this market with everyone and their mother wanting a hot tub, 11k is what you are going to pay for an 8.25 but availability is gonna be the challenge

Hi, we are looking at the phelps 900. We have an old hot springs tub that broke, it is built into a deck. The access panel was in front and when needed we could take off 2 deck boards to replace electronics etc. Now we are worried the way that the 900 has access panels we won’t be able to put it into our existing deck. The hot tub does not sink all the way down, it is about 2.5 feet above the deck floor. Will we be able to gain acess without taking the deck apart in the event… Read more »

Hi Erika,

Assuming you have removable boards in the deck to access the sides of the tub, you should be fine. The panels don’t need to be flexed to be removed. There is a black trim strip on the corner and when you remove the three screws holding it in place, it will allow the corner to move enough to remove the panel without flexing it. A lot of techs flex the panel but I prefer this method because it puts a lot less stress on the panel and trim strips

We purchased the TS 7.25 on Sunday for $10,750, 6 months out. We could get the 8.25 in 3 weeks. Everyday use will only be husband and I and only 1 child left in the house so him amd his friends. Question is, should I just get the 8.25 so I will be happier sooner? We really don’t need an 8 ft hottub but no one ever regrets going bigger? Also debated the lounger since I’m getting it for MS leg pain, but I see your thoughts on floating out of it. And short so not sure the jets would… Read more »

Hi Tiffany,

I like the 8 footers they just have a great open feel to them even with just a couple people, and there is no real downside other than the initial upfront cost.

Hi Chris , is there a Master Spa dealer in San Diego area – looking at Twilight Series TS 67.25 model . I was initially looking at Artesian bec we have a dealer here but I like the Features on the TS better . Thanks

Hi Lou,

The biggest dealer in the world handles that entire area and sells the Twilight line. Check out our private buyers service and we can get you linked up and get the right deal from them for you

Chris – will do . Pls check

yeah, I do a ton of private buyers stuff out there and for sure can get you one at the right price withing 4-6 weeks… its the only place in the country we can get tubs fast.

Thanks Chris – pls send me your email – signed up already

Hi Chris, We just went to the Masterspa show in West Springfield Massachusetts. We purchased the Clarity Precision 8 for $7995.00. It includes delivery, setup,, cover and stairs. It will not be delivered until January due to Covid and manufacturing but wondering if you think pricing was good. We had friends who got a Bullfrog for $5500.00 before the Covid but from some of the posts below it looks like we are making a good decision going with Masterspa over other manufacturers. You always worry about sales pitches but the features that the Masterspa had with insulation, quality of jets,… Read more »

Hi Joseph, The Clarity and the Bullfrog are night and day. Master is one of the very few manufacturers that does everything right when it comes to tubs. Bullfrog does some good, some bad but it’s just not in the same league! 8k for a Clarity 8 is a great deal and I wouldn’t be able to do any better even with my buyers service so good on you, man! Delivery is an issue right across the industry right now because of COVID manufacturing issues and everyone staying home means everyone wants a tub for their back yard. You got… Read more »

I’m currently researching a swim spas for purchase next year. I am hearing poor things about HydroPool, but keep coming across them and can’t tell if the positive reviews are from paid sponsorts, or the negatives are from one off bad experiences. The H2X is on my radar as well. I’m in Canada, and it will be used outdoors, any recommendations? Looking for it to be used for leisure/recreational purposes, not training. Want to use it in the winter as well. Thanks!

Hi Paul, If you want a swimmer for use in the winter stay away from Hydropool, man. Other than the normal mid-level brand issues with the units, they use a “space-age” blanket insulation system “same as NASA uses” – bullshit. If this stuff was that good we’d be insulating houses with it. Check this article – insulation systems and, in Canada in winter, you’ll break the bank heating a swimmer with sub-standard insulation. Go with the H2X all day, every day. I can help you out to make sure you get the right swimmer at the right price, just check… Read more »

Hi Chris,
Great website. I’m looking at a Master Spa H2X Challenger 15D. It seems to fit all my needs, but I’m apprehensive ofthe price. I was quoted $29,600 + tax. Includes cover, stairs, soft bottom, LEDlights and delivery. Also a 6 mo wait. Is this in the ballpark, or should I try a different dealer/brand? Thanks

Hi Colin,

Where are you located? The entire industry is on fire right now with everyone and their mother wanting a tub or swim spa but there are options so I can see what we can shake loose based on your location

Northern Virginia

Hi Colin, With the market so damn hot these days and parts flowing to manufacturers so slowly, wait times are becoming the biggest factor and you’re in one of the hottest markets of all in the north east. Even the lousy brands are 4-6 months out. That’s a fair price for what you’re getting and the Challenger is an awesome swimmer so resist the temptation to go with a brand that you’ll have problems with just to get it quicker. Your other option, in all honesty, is to wait before pulling the trigger. This market simply can’t go on long… Read more »

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