Master Spas – Brand Review

Master Spas – Brand Review

Master spa:

Master Spas are one of the best brands out there, hand-rolled self supporting shells, full foam, clamped plumbing and top of the line parts. These guys have been big players in the industry for a long time and while they don’t market as much as some other brands they spend that money building better tubs.

Master flew us out to tour the whole operation, doors open, allowed to talk to staff everything, 100% clarity so when we say something about this brand we can say it standing on firm ground. These guys have nothing to hide which is rare in this industry, they can be a bit more on the expensive side but I would suggest spending it upfront instead of down the road with a cheaper tub.

Master is sometimes hated in the industry or online, it is mostly biased attack marketing though and I explain why. They do these big expo sales where they come into local markets and sell hundreds of tubs then leave which drives local dealer nuts so there is a ton of backlash on rating sites, forums etc… read this article

If you really want some mad therapy massage spas go look at the Twilight series from Master. The TS series performance wise stands out, it has a dozen of the high flow jets and all the rest are mid flow and there are none of the cheap low flow jets. It has an amazing wrap around neck jet system using 4 mid flow therapy jets and those massive jets in the floor are insane, you can divert an entire 6 hp pump to those jets and for feet, hips, legs and lower back those monster jets are the best.


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Kevin, I simply wanted to thank you for your most informative site. Love the passion, clarity and straight forward approach to giving honest information. I was leaning toward a Marquis hot tub, but given your recent experience, hit the pause button. While I wanted to support a local Oregon company (I live in Bend), I voiced those concerns to our local dealer. They were great, and made me feel better about the brand. However, they were also a year out from delivery. I didn’t know what to do, as we didn’t want to wait nearly that long to enjoy a… Read more »

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Hi Tim
Great choice, it’s the bling and hydrotherapy master spa, hard to beat…

I recently bought a 2018 clarity precision 7 used for $4k, only had to move it from the yard that backs mine. Hot tub was filled and heating by 2:00 PM, now I have puddling in the cabinet and on the concrete. All areas that are visible by opening the side panels show no leaks, I’m not sure where it is coming from? Could the filter, jet or foot massager be the issue?

Hi Jeremy
The leak could be from anywhere there is a joint… So, jets, filters, pumps, heater, plumbing lines, and the worst possible leak could be a crack in the shell itself.
Pull off all the cabinet skirts, and start hunting for damp spots…

I’m looking to get a Master Spa Twilight 8.2 in Ontario Canada and was quoted 16k CAD; does that sound like a reasonable price in the current market? We discussed delivery in 5-6 months. I don’t know much about hot tub sales but there is usually some haggle room when purchasing a car so I assume this is true of a hot tub but covid has everything turned on its head so now I don’t know. I appreciate your reviews, q&a, and videos.

Hi Suzanne
The price you have on the TS 8.2 is decent given the current supply and demand issues. The price really depends on your location Ontario is a big place. We may be able to help with price via our Private Buyer Service for you.

If I buy at one of the shows where they come to town, does delivery take less time? I really don’t want to wait 200 days

Hi Mike
It will take less time if they do actually have the tub either in stock, or it has been pre-ordered. The factory lead times are starting to improve slightly. Yesterday I was told 155 days…

Hello, I was told by my master spas dealer in southern CA that their twilight series tubs are out 8-12 weeks. Does that sound correct?

Hi Matt,

Yes, thats about right for your area, I know a few dealers there have pre ordered stock. factory orders are at 200 day right now.

Thanks Kevin.

Would you recommend clarity hot tubs?

Hi Jess

Yes, they are in our top group, made by Master Spa.

Hello Just had a few questions. We have been looking for a hot tub and after going through a few websites, including yours, we are currently leaning towards a Master Spa hot tub. We were originally looking at the Twilight Series 7.2 but the price was unfortunately more than we were looking to spend. We are now looking at the Balance 7 (~ 12 000+tax canadian for the full foam insulation model). I know that TS is a better tub but I wanted to know what your thoughts were on the Balance since it doesn’t have as much variety in… Read more »

Hi Priscilla The Balance 7 is a great tub, its more directed at relaxation, where the TS is full on Hydrotherapy. But it is still going to fine tub. As for prices, Master Spa have increased pricing in many areas as of 1st January. The current lead time of around 200 days, means that prices are remaining strong, and waiting it out may save you money, but it may also mean getting hit by a further price increase if demand continues to out strip supply. I’d jump in and buy it now. We may be able to shave a little… Read more »

Thank you for your help. We ended up switching back to our original idea and ended up buying a TS 7.2 today 🙂 The Balance 7 did also look great but you were right when you said it is more directed at relaxation.
Looking forward to getting our TS 7.2 in the spring/early summer

Hi Priscilla

Great choice, enjoy!

Hi Priscilla, Would you mind sharing what you spent on the TS 7.2? We are going back and forth on a TS 8.25. We were quoted $15495plus taxes. It pains me to think about spending that amount….but we really need the hydrotherapy for the hubby and his poor back. CONGRATS on your purchase!

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Hi Kevin,
a 1 year old HL7 Master Spa is offered in my area for $8K. Is this a fair price or whatwould you offer?

Hi Joe
Don’t know where you are, but the price for a new HL7 can range from $9 to $11k. Difficult one, second hand prices, I’d be thinking about warranty and an independent inspection, much like you would for a second hand car.

What would be a good choice for a pump or other device to drain water from a twilight 67.25 (our drain valve is under a deck)?

Hi Michael
The cheapest and a very simple solution is to just use a your garden hose, and syphon out the water. We posted a video onto our Facebook page on this very subject about a month ago.

Kevin, one last question. What do you think of Four Winds Spas Utopia iii?

Hi Terry
Four Winds are not terrible tubs but they have some shell issues and for the reason alone I would stay away. we have seen a lot of leaking issues around the jets after 3-4 years. It seems the holes for the jets are not drilled perfectly and the shell is not thick enough. New models seem to have huge amounts of silicon sealant behind the jets to reduce this issue, but a stronger shell and better fitting jets would be the proper solution

Hi Kevin,
I put a deposit on a Twilight 8.2 through Factory Direct Sales LLC. Rep was Shawn Kerns. There are no Master Spa dealers in Pgh so I went through Master Spa website and Shawn contacted me. The price seemed right $10,200, seemed legit and they would deliver to my house. Can you confirm if this company is reputable. I had to put down a substantial deposit to wait for 8 months.

Hi Dino

Don’t worry, we deal with Shawn all the time…

We have purchased the Master Spa 8.25, but the support from customer service and the dealer has been troubling. We were able to get it in 4 weeks from a local Expo, but paid a little more not to wait (total-$12K). Problem we’re having is, we have cloudy water ALL the time and it will not hold onto chlorine. We have tried EVERY suggestion they’ve offered (usually just to shock it with MORE multi shock). We’ve only had it 1 month and have drained and refilled once already. We’re ready to return it, so frustrated with the lack of support.… Read more »

Hi Amy
The water issues – if its all in balance, but still cloudy it could be something as simple as detergent in the water mixing with body lotions.
Make sure your filters have been thoroughly cleaned, and if you must wear swimming costumes, don’t wash them in detergent between uses. Also ensure you shower to remove all body lotions or oils before entering the tub.
We keep separate swim wear for the tub, and only wash it on a hot wash, with no detergent or conditioners added to the water.

Hi Kevin, We are looking at the twilight 8.25- quoted a price of $15,999 cdn plus taxes with a shipping date of June 2021 into Ontario, Canada. I have a couple questions- In a few of Chris Wheatleys reviews here, he states Master Spa brands are hand rolled, not requiring additional supports. However, the sales lady informed me these shells are in fact injection moulded and wood framed. Has MasterSpa made a few changes to their production methods to the Twilight Series over the last few years since Chris’s review? Are their jets still stainless with ball bearings? Are the… Read more »

Hi Shaylene
I’m sure the lady is just refereeing to the wooden frame that supports the exterior cabinet, and not the shell!
All the Master Spa TS range are built in the USA, using top quality parts including the jets, and they still remain in our top tier of brands.

Thanks Kevin,

One last question- with the amount of power coming from the TS8.25 do you know the decibel level of the hot tub running full force compared to other MasterSpa series? Are we going to be able to carry on a conversation or will we need to yell to each other across the hot tub? lol

Hi Shaylene
I don’t know what the decibel level is on running on full hydrotherapy jets, but I do know, on any hot tub, with the jets on flat out, you are going to need to raise your voice to speak to your guests for sure. Remember your ears are just above the water level where all the noise is. Its not the pump your are going to hear, it’s the water turbulence.

Any opinions on East Coast Spas in Horsham PA? They’re the closest dealer to us in Hawley PA 18428, but seem really far away. We’re interested in the Twilight series, specifically 7.2 or 7.25.

Hi Brian
East Coast Spa’s, great guys we deal with them all the time on our Private Buyer Service. TS 7.2 or 7.25 are amongst the best therapy spa’s on the market.

Thanks for your advice on tubs, I was about to get a Sundance 780 series and instead went with a Master Spa Twilight 8.25. Can I get a copy of the water tips sheet? I will definitely look into the Spa Marvel product.

Hi Joan
Good choice on the spa…
The water tip sheet is only applicable to the Spa Marvel product for water care.

I am planning to use the spa marvel product, if I purchase through your website does it come with your tip sheet? Do you also provide recommendations on cover lifters? I’ve been eyeing the Vanish XL, looks like a smooth operation but can’t really find any reviews on it.

Hi Joan
The lifter is nice enough, But you have to screw directly into the cover to attach it correctly, make sure you have it vapour tight, or the life of the cover will be reduced.
I’ll send over the water tip sheet for you now.

Hey Kevin. I’m in Atlanta, GA and looking at the Twilight 7.25. Getting a price of $10,695 + tax with the usual steps, cover, delivery and chemicals for March (dealer has a couple in the pipeline). Looking at the dialogue this looks close in price but maybe a little high. Thoughts on whether the private buyer service would likely cover its cost and whether the negotiation is typically on new orders or one that is already in the dealer pipeline. Also, can you send me a copy of your water tip sheet? Many thanks!

Hi Brian
In your area that is a great price, go buy it now before someone else does!

Hi Chris,

After much research and reviewing your videos, we are are leaning toward a Twilight 7.2. We are getting quote of $9800 with delivery and upgrade cover and steps with chemicals. But being told that delivery is 8-10 weeks. Couple questions? Is this a decent, competitive price? And also is it reasonable that delivery would occur in this time frame?

We previously purchased a Cal Spa and after 6 months of waiting (initially told 10 week delivery) and now unknown delivery date, we are cancelling and getting full refund on the deposit.

Hi Tommy
Prices fluctuate widely across the various regions and States, but that is an excellent price, time frame is also good, I’m guessing the dealer has one in the pipeline already as factory orders are now out till next summer.

Hi Chis, my wife and I are looking to get a new spa and we really like the Master Twilight 8.25. It is however extremely troubling to see the dealer reviews. Its about as bad as it gets from lying, little/no communication, delivery issues, missing components…Local dealer is telling me 4-6 weeks but now reading BBB and Yelp, that sounds like the standard line appears very questionable. You seem to have much better in roads with the manufacturer. Any input? Hoping to pick up the Twilight 8.25 for under $10k. Would really love your help!!

Hi Ryan
4 -6 weeks lead time is only going to work if the dealer has already pre-ordered the spa, and has it coming down the line unsold. Master Spa for new factory orders are out till August 2021 now.
As for your under $10,000 target for a TS 8.25, I think you are looking for hens teeth to be perfectly honest, in today’s market.
Depending on your location, we can pull some deals with Master Spa on our Private buyer Service, but you may need to up the budget a little.

Dear Chris, After watching literally 90% of your videos (which we are so very thankful for) my wife and I decided on purchasing a MasterSpa Twilight 8.25. We got a great deal on the tub, but the wife noticed that it didn’t include the Masterpur and quiet flo pumps. Based on your previous replies and posts, those are not necessarily something that is needed because you highly recommend Spa Marvel is that correct? Do you have a recommended start up process? The wife mentioned you can have water delivered instead of using our water, even though we do have a… Read more »

Hi Bill
The Spa Marvel product comes with usage instructions, but I’ll email you our water tip sheet right now.
As for donations, use this send a message to this email, and we can then give you a PayPal details to send the donation too. Much appreciated Bill. Cheers!

Hi Chris, I just received delivery of my Twilight 8.25 and looking to start it up tomorrow! I purchased a years supply of the spa marvel and a pre-filter from you but just wondering when to add that in the start up process. The company I purchased the tub from gave me the following start up instructions: Fill tub, prime pumps, then and add 4 tbsp of shock Run or 30 minutes and check alkalinity and pH. Adjust to appropriate levels Add 4oz. of metal magic. wait 6 hours Add 3 1/4 tbsn Di-Chlor. wait 12-14 hours Do you have… Read more »

My neighbor has a 2 year old Balance 8 that he will sell me for $8,000. It is in excellent condition. Will need to replace head pads.. includes cover and steps. Of course ssve sales tax . Is this a fair price?

Hi Vincent
If its in excellent condition, I would be asking why the head pads need replacing already on a two-year-old spa…
I don’t know where you are, but that’s a lot of money for a second-hand Balance 8.
Check out our Private Buyer Service, and lets see what we can get you a new one for.

Hi Chris,

We live in Canada and have been looking for a hot tub. I am interested in either the twilight 8.2 or a Jacuzzi J385. I’m a weight lifter and find these two spas fit my shoulders better than the rest. How do you think the two compare?

Hi Jason
Both decent tubs, but if your in it for deep tissue massage then go for the Twilight 8.2 for sure.

Great Information. I have been looking for a hot tub and I’m looking at the LSX900. I live on Long Island, NY and only have one nearby dealer on the Island. I have a large family and want the tub for the therapeutic features. I was quoted $16,000 for the tub and was wondering if that was a fair price. I know delivery won’t be until August 2021 so there is not much I can do about that. Also, do you recommend the MasterPur Water Management System for an extra 599? Thank you again for your opinion.

Hi Lee
That’s a lot of money, but you get a lot of tub, all the bells and whistles for sure, but they come at a price.
Save yourself the $599 and run spa marvel instead.

Thank you for the advice on the MasterPur. Is that a fair price or would it be worth it to try the private buyer? The dealer started closer to 17k but quickly moved to 16k so I’m looking for your opinion as to if there is some more wiggle room price wise or if that is fair for what we are getting.

Thank you again for the quick response. I’ll def checkout the spa marvel you recommend.

Hi Lee
It’s a decent price, we might be able to wiggle it down some more… Hook up on the private buyer service and lets see what we can do.

Hi Chris – Great info on your site! We are looking to purchase our first hot tub and, based on your reviews, we’d like to purchase a Twilight spa. However, the closest dealer is 100 miles away. Should we consider purchasing from a dealer so far away? We’re concerned about getting service after purchase. If we went with a local dealer, our brand options would be: Hydropool, Dimension 1, Hot Spring, Caldera, Free Flow, Vita, Hudson Bay, Catalina, Sundance, Marquis, Nordic, Bullfrog, Dream Maker & Dr. Wellness. If you suggest a local option, what would your top 3 picks be?… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Sue

Hi Sue
If it was me, I’d stick with a tub from the Twilight series. Of the others, Bullfrog and Nordic, beyond that they better be cheap!

Hi Chris, your info has been so helpful to us. Couple questions. We just bought a “blemish” overstock 2014 (we didn’t know it was this old when we bought it) MP Legend LSX 900 tub for $13500 from Aqua Spas in Fort Collins, Colorado. The price included delivery, set up, starter chemicals, audio system, MasterPur system, step and cover arm. First, what do you think of that price? We didn’t realize how old it was (and how long it potentially had been sitting around at the manufacturer) until we saw the metal serial plate on the skirt was totally faded,… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Audrey

Hi Audrey
My concern on a clearance unit of that age would be how it was stored, and what has aged, things like rubber seal and ‘o’ rings will perish over time. I think the price is high for an old ‘new’ unit, but that’s the market right now, for in stock tubs.
Run the Spa Marvel cleaner product as per the instruction on the pack, then continue with the Spa Marvel enzymes system.

Hi! Great information, very helpful. I just looked at the Twilight 8.2 and think it is perfect for my husband who has serious issues with Sciatica and a bad hip/lower back. We are being quoted $11, 695 and then a $350 charge to remove the old tub. Does this sound like a fair price in Virginia Beach?

Hi Nora
That’s a great price in the current market in your area. I’m guessing you are going to be waiting a while for delivery…

Thank you for all of the great information that you share on this site. I am considering a purchase of a Master Spas hot tub. I am located in Western Massachusetts, near Springfield, what dealer would you recommend I work with in this area? The only dealers I have found is a dealer in PA and another in NH. There doesn’t seem to be any local options.

Hi Scott
I’d recommend our Private Buyer Service, we help pre and post sale should you have any issues down the line.

Hi Chris, Love the site and all of the information! I recently purchased a Twilight 8.25 and waiting for delivery. My electrician had a question about the wiring. The MasterSpa instructions say to route service into the equipment area for final hook-up to terminals inside the spa control system and the diagram shows a general location on the spa under the controller area. We assume we can drill a hole in the side (near the bottom) of the spa in this location to run the wires but wanted to confirm. He has seen spas where the electrical comes in from… Read more »

Hi Kevin
Have your guy route enough cable so you have options on where to enter the tub. Normally you will gain access under the skirt in one corner, you can drill a small hole to gain access from where ever suits the cable run, but normally in the corner on the front face.

Hey Chris we just purchased a clarity balance 9 for $13,340 us is that a bad price in texas?

Hi James
You paid top dollar for that tub, don’t get me wrong, it’s a quality unit, but our Private Buyers don’t pay that sort of price.

Hey Chris.

Thanks for all of the super helpful information. I’m trying to decide between going with the Master HL8, which I can get delivered in January for about $8,500 and the TS 8.2 which I can’t get until July for about $10,000. Right now I’m leaning towards the HL8. Do you have any opinions on why I should NOT consider going with the HL8? Thanks!

Hi Colin
If your main concern is hydrotherapy, then it has to be the TS 8.2, if that’s not a your main driver then the HL8 will do you just fine. Those prices are almost hard to believe…

Hi Colin, where did you find a TS 8.2 for $10,000? I just got a quote of $16,500

Hi Maya
I think you are mixing Canadian and US dollars here.

Hi Chris, I have been going through your reviews and I appreciate all the info. We are looking at a Clarity precision 7 but I think the price is high. They want 9k with stairs, cover, and delivery before tax. It is in stock on the show room floor and we can be in the tub on Thanksgiving if we pull the trigger. We were originally looking at a bullfrog x7 for 7500 but our Bullfrog dealer is pushing the Viking legacy 2 – he thinks the warranty is better and performance is similar to the x7. That tub he… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Howard

Hi Howard The price on Precision 7 is a decent price for it, as its available now, if you wanted wait for say, 6 months then you could probably get it for a grand or so less. Bullfrogs ok, just stay away from anything that has the jet packs, the one you have mentioned does not have them. Viking are a typical middle of the road mass market product. Used Legacy? A legacy is a unit that Master releases from time to time, but I’m not sure of a Legacy 2… First choice for me would be the Precision 7,… Read more »

Great resource man. Found our local dealer by Cleveland with MasterSpa. Quoted the Balance 7 for $8k and the TS 8.2 floor model of $10k. My issue is I like the better jets of the 8.2; but the space would work better for the 7 foot spa (and the budget is better). How much better is the Twilight and will I regret the Balance? Are the Clarity series jets lacking?

Do you know the reputation of the Cleveland dealer, particularly for service?

Hi Jeremy
The TS series was designed from the floor up as a hydro therapy massage spa, so you are going to see the difference if you drop down to the Clarity range. It really depends how important the massage jets are to you.
If the dealer your talking to is Leisuretime Warehouse, then yes they are good guys, we work with them all the time with our Private Buyers.

Thank you for such a thorough arictle, and all your comment responses. We just jumped into our first hot tub and you reassure me we picked a good brand! We went with Master Spa, and choose the Balance 8. We are a family of 6, and we were mostly looking for relaxation. We were able to get a Bal8 for 9,800USD delivered in January, vs a Twilight 8.2 for 3k more delivered in Julyish. Was that a good price? (includes the usual – cover, steps, delivery, chem.) Is the Bal8 a decent alternative? I know the Twilight jets are stronger?

Hi Bonnie
The Twilight is a different beast, and as such commands a higher price. I’m sure you will enjoy the Balance 8, and the price is what’s expected right now for an early delivery.

I’m trying to decide between an Artesian 7-8 person tub versus a Master Spa MP 7-8 person tub. Which one is better? I really want it for hydrotherapy for my back and neck. Thanks

Hi David
If its hydrotherapy you are after, then look to the Master Spa Twilight series.

Hi Chris. My wife and I are about to purchase our first hot tub. We have read a lot of your reviews and we have settled on a Master Spa TS 8.2. In your 2016 review of your TS 8.2 we see it has a lounger, the master pure water system and the uv light. Do you recommend these options or not. Do you recommend the abs pan or not. Does Master Spa still use the same jets as in the video. Thanks in advance. Rob

Hi Rob Do not go for the circ pump, waste of time, just adds in another level of complexity to do a job the other pumps do just fine. Same with the Water purification systems, if your using Spa Marvel, then they are not needed. (can be used together if you wish) The jets, I’d really need to check back and look at the video, but I’m fairly sure the jets will be the same, if not very similar. As for noise, the circ pump is low noise, but runs most of the time, without it, the other pumps cut… Read more »

Hi Kevin. My wife and I purchased the TS 8.2, but it won’t be delivered till next year which is fine. My question is that we live just both of Barrie Ont and at quite a high elevation and there is always a westerly wind, very strong at times. The hot tub comes with a 4.4 kw heater, and the salesperson said that he would change it for a 5.5. I understand that I would have to change the 50 amp gcfi to a 60. I was just wondering if the larger heater would have any negative effects on any… Read more »

Hi Rob
As long as he is going to upgrade with Master Spa approved parts then there should be no issue.

What do you think of the MP series as compared to the Twilight?

Hi Justin
The Master Spa – Michael Phelps series, is the top luxury line, and the Twilight offer great hydrotherapy at a slightly cheaper price. Both great lines…

Hi Chris,
After reading your raves about Master I am trying to find one for Northern VT and closest dealer in Concord Pools in Saratoga Springs NY. Do you think I should sacrifice having a local dealer (Artesian, Bullfrog and HotSprings Locally) OR go with Master 100 miles away?
Thank you,

Hi Justin First off, ditch the idea of HotSprings! A local dealer is golden, IF, and it’s a big if, he really is a good knowledgeable dealer, with a service and repair dept. Most are excellent sale guys, and mediocre at after sales support and service. Any Dealer more than 50 miles away might as well be a thousand miles away!!! The effective range for a local dealer is 40-50 miles max. The reality is the idea of a local dealer is kind of dated, what you need after delivery is timely information, apps like SpaStar put that all on… Read more »

Here in the UK we only have one place that sells Master Spas. The Hot Tub Superstore, they are literally 6 hours each way, away from me!

Aspen are on my doorstep but my guts telling me I MS are better.

Hi Sarah
Aspen Spa – cradle supported shell, inexpensive low R-value insulation, and a mid-end heating and control system.
Master Spa are way and above on design, quality, and performance, the 6-hour distance, is not ideal, but find out if they have network of service guys they can call on for service. I am guessing they have a list if independent guys they call on.

I bought from the Hot Tub Superstore. They service, deliver, and install across the entirety of the UK.

Hello, I keep seeing these traveling spa shows popping up who are selling Master Spas. I’m pretty surprised that Master Spas would allow their products to be hawked like this… any insight on this?

Hi Jonah
Some of the biggest guys in the business operate these shows, they are selling tons of Spas this way. Master Spa is a well-built tub, but service is still important, usually they will have already hooked up with local service suppliers. If not, we have a huge data base of service guys. Hook up to our private buyer service, and we even look out for you post sale if you encounter problems.

Hi, can you recommend a 2 to 3 person 120 volt?

Hi Jim
Master Spa do a couple of tubs that meet your requirements, here’s a direct link to one.
Also, the Artesian brand do a range called Garden Spa, this one meets your needs.

Hi, after reading many rewievs we decided to buy Twilight 7.2 as our first hot tub, which can be delivered to us only in April 2021. The local dealer offered Caldera Seychelles for almost the same price, with delivery planned in 6 weeks. Do you think those two are comparable in terms of qualit, durability and massaging performance?

Hi Vesna
A twilight 7.2 is literally head and shoulders above anything from Caldera! I would really stick to the Twilight… I can’t even image a sales patter that would suggest they are much the same 😊

Many thanks for your prompt reply and guidance. Obviously we will not enjoy the benefits of a hot tub this winter given the delivery timelines. But it sounds worth waiting for the right one😊

Hi there! We are looking at purchasing a swim spa and have a basic question regarding propulsion systems. Is a jetted system better or worse than a non-jetted one? For example, we are looking at the Challenger series by Master and also the Trueswim model by PDC. It appears that the Challenger moves water to swim by using jets while the Trueswim uses a propeller system. Is one better/more reliable than the other. I also note the the Trueswim system has a patent pending. Does this fall under Chris’ warning against proprietary equipment? Thanks for any info and keep up… Read more »

Hi Dwight
Flow rate wise, The Michael Phelps and the PDC True swim are top for flow rates, nothing in it, then the H2X Challenger series then the H2x Trainers. As for the patent pending, I would not worry too much in this case.
I would However, with such a large investment, suggest you take up the Private Buyer Service, typically we can save you a good few hundred Dollars.

Hi, After reading a lot of your reviews we visited Master Spas and looked at the Twilight series 7.2 and 8.2. We were quoted 13,295 plus tax Canadian for the 7.2 and 13,895 plus tax Canadian. Delivery next May or June. We live in Orillia, Ontario. How is this price? I read below someone got a quote for 13,300 taxes included Canadian. Wondering if we should just wait or bite the bullet. They are asking for 20% down. Thanks for any help.

Hi Susan
Prices are all over the place right now, who knows if they are going to drop in the spring summer of next year. All the decent manufactures are suffering from supply chain issues, and that pushes onto long waiting times for customers. Have a look at the latest video form Chris, it explains what is happening right now in the industry in relation to Covid.
Have a look at our Private Buyer Service, lets see if we can help you get a decent deal

Do you think the UV purification on the twilight is worth the upgrade? Do you float in the Twilight 7.2 or 8.2 in the lounger? We have never had a hot tub before and can’t decide whether we want a lounger or not. Thought it might be relaxing. Also do you think it’s a good idea to go with the bigger hot tub for 600.00 more? We are in our mid to late 60s. Thanks

Hi Susan Do not buy any of the miracle chemical reduction systems none of them are worth anything at all! The problem with hot tub water has never been organics, chlorine is super effective even at low concentrations at killing organics and the only thing any of the onboard systems do is treat organics 🙂 The problem with hot tub water is the inorganics like oils, lotions, and sunscreens. They are the real problem because chlorine and the onboard systems suck at dealing with inorganics. The thing no manufacturer wants the public to know is that the best thing to… Read more »

Hi, Could you please send us the water tip sheet for Spa Marvel. Thank you for all your wonderful and knowledgeable advice.

Hi Susan
I’ve sent via email, might hit yoyr spam box…

Hi Kevin,
So we’ve decided on the TS 8.2 and we’re wondering if we need to upgrade to the optional circulation pump? There is also something called a quiet flo water care system and master purification system. We plan on using Spa Marvel like you suggest. Sorry for all the questions but this is our first hot tub purchase. Thank you for sending the info sheet. Much appreciated.
We were wondering if any of the above allow the hot tub to be quieter. Thanks again, Susan

Hi Rob Don’t go for the circ pump, waste of time, just adds in another level of complexity to do a job the other pumps do just fine. Same with the Water purification systems, if your using Spa Marvel, then they are not needed. (can be used together if you wish) The jets, I’d really need to check back and look at the video, but I’m fairly sure the jets will be the same, if not very similar. As for noise, the circ pump is low noise, but runs most of the time, without it, the other pumps cut in… Read more »

The high end Michael Phelps Legend Series from Master Spa vs The Twilight Series. Is it worth the added cost/benefits? Is it a twlight ++ or a different beast altogether.

Hi Roland The Twilight Series or the Michael Phelps Legend Series have the same main therapy seat with the 3.5″ hi flow neck and trap jets and the monster jets, If you are looking for a hydrotherapy spa, then I would recommend the Twilight because you get better performance out of 2 big pumps compared to 4 smaller ones and the configuration lets you flow more water through the main seat but I’m splitting hairs. They both are quality hot tubs, and I do like that the Michael Phelps Legend, has one seat with all the small jets and then… Read more »

Hi Kevin, You mentioned above that the LS has 4 smaller pumps while the TS has 2 bigger pulps. Our dealer has told us that pump 1 and pump 2 on the TS and LS are exactly the same and that the LS has a Pump 3 that is dedicated to the “extreme therapy” seat with all the little jets. They said that since pump 1 and pump 2 are exactly the same between the two models then the therapeutics should very similar and that with the LS you coukd still divert a pump completely to the master blaster. We… Read more »

Hi Daniel
Well spotted… You picked up the typo I didn’t, there are 3 pumps not 4, keyboards on a laptop ;-(
Still would say the Twilight for therapy.

Hi – any feedback on the Master Pool and Spa LegacyWhirlpool Series hot tubs?

Hi Mike
Master Spa Legacy whirlpool is decent tub, well-built and very good quality parts. just make sure its not an ‘American Whirlpool’ remarkably similar name, very different product.

Hey Chris. We took your advice and bought the Twilight 8.25.
It is being delivered this week. Sooner than expected. Now the big question…..?
Going to purchase the Spa Marvel as suggested. IS THAT ALL I NEED?. NO NEED FOR THE CHEMICALS PROVIDED?
Just want to get the proper initial setup .
Thx man. Super Stoked!!
By the way the guys you recommended in Kitchener /Waterloo @ Premium Wholesale are fantastic

Hi Dave
I’ve sent via email a water tip sheet. You will still need the chemical kit provided, but your going to be using way less of them, when using Spa Marvel.
Enjoy your tub…

The dealer I’m working with gave us a initial lead time of 8-10 weeks (but they put on the paperwork ASAP no actual timeframe in writing) we ordered the LSX 900 they threw in the fusion sound system ,cover,chemicals,and free delivery 08/07/2020 paid $14,549 US before tax we’re still waiting and we are 5th on the list to get ours they said that they are having a hard time getting the parts for the LSX model specifically. Are they still having that many issues getting parts. Our delivery person has been very responsive but even he says he doesn’t even… Read more »

Hi Taylor With Covid it seems that everyone is staying home and wanting a new hot tub which has prices high and availability low. Most of the decent brands right now are 200 days out on availability and deals are hard to come by. The only thing I would suggest is ask the dealer to show you the factory order sheet, that will have a reference on it, and a build date. The price is fair in the current market, we had private buyer complete on the same tub last week, and his is due March 2021 to give you… Read more »

Thanks for the reply I appreciate it. So I can use spa marvel instead of using chlorine products or I would use with chlorine products? I’m sorry just want to make sure before I get the tub haha. Also if you do only use spa marvel can you switch over from using chlorine or is it once you start using chlorine you have to stick with it? As you can tell first time spa owner here haha Do you happen to have any other advice to someone that has never taken care of a spa specifically for the LSX 900?… Read more »

Hi Taylor
With such a great spa on the way, I understand you wanting to get it right, right from the start!
You will still need to use Chlorine, and the other chemicals that you should receive in your chem stater pack. Spa Marvel, just makes it way easier to manage, and way less expensive too…
I’ve sent via email our water tip sheet.

Hi Chris and team,

We’re pretty sold on the Master TS 8.2 after reading through your site and reviews. Our local Master dealer is quoting $9695USD+tax with all rebates and incentives are Deluxe Cover, Steps, Chemical Kit and Delivery. I was planning to engage your private buyer service but wanted to see if you think that is already a great price at this time or if it’d still be worth getting you involved. Unfortunately the sale price ends Nov 6 so we need to move fairly quick.


Hi Phillip
That’s a great price for an in stock unit, I’d buy it…

Are the covers that come with Master Spas any good? Or is it worth buying a different cover?

As good as any and better than most, on any cover if you really want to extend the life do this:

1. Unzip the skin and remove the cores
2. Take Tuck tape (the stuff they use for vapor barriers on houses) and go over any seams, and all edges and corners.
3. Put the cores back in and zip em closed.

What kills covers is water ingress, typically the weak spots are the seams and the edges where the vinyl skin chafes and wears holes in the plastic vapor barrier.

Hello, I’m trying to buy a spa and the place that I went to offer the Twilight 6.2 for $8,995 with steps, cover, chemical kit and backyard delivery. Is that a good price? That’s including military discount and arriving in March…

Hi Rita,

Under current market conditions, yep, thats a fair price to pay. Prices may well soften next year as the world gets back to some sort of normality… but who knows!

I bought the Twilight series 8.25 a few years ago based on a number of reviews, especially from this site, so thank you, it has been a great tub. One thing I’m confused about is the filters for this tub. You need three parts: PMA40L-F2M and PMA-R1 with the Eco-Pur insert PMA-EPR. What are your thoughts on the filters? Does the PMA-R1/PMA-EPR do anything that 2 PMA40L-F2M cannot do? I’m curious only because the PMA-R1 seems to be backordered almost everywhere in Canada. But also I want to be sure I’m not being taken on a marketing ride. Thanks in… Read more »

The insert is an ion cartridge similar to nature 2 and several other ion systems, they kill bacteria on contact. its a good system and relatively cheap and will def make a difference on how much chemicals you use. Although in my opinion, the Spa Marvel add-in is a better tech… The problem with hot tub water has never been organics, chlorine is super effective even at low concentrations at killing organics and the only thing any of the onboard systems do is treat organics 🙂 The problem with hot tub water is the inorganics like oils, lotions, and sunscreens.… Read more »

Great advice, thank-you!!!!

So you think I should continue to buy both sets of filters? Or would it be more effective to buy two of the PMA40L-F2M filters and treat regularly with Spa Marvel and cholorine?

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Hi Joey
Go with the PMA40L filters and then use the Spa Marvel product

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