Master Spas – Brand Review

Master Spas – Brand Review

Master spa:

Master Spas are one of the best brands out there, hand-rolled self supporting shells, full foam, clamped plumbing and top of the line parts. These guys have been big players in the industry for a long time and while they don’t market as much as some other brands they spend that money building better tubs.

Master flew us out to tour the whole operation, doors open, allowed to talk to staff everything, 100% clarity so when we say something about this brand we can say it standing on firm ground. These guys have nothing to hide which is rare in this industry, they can be a bit more on the expensive side but I would suggest spending it upfront instead of down the road with a cheaper tub.

Master is sometimes hated in the industry or online, it is mostly biased attack marketing though and I explain why. They do these big expo sales where they come into local markets and sell hundreds of tubs then leave which drives local dealer nuts so there is a ton of backlash on rating sites, forums etc… read this article

If you really want some mad therapy massage spas go look at the Twilight series from Master. The TS series performance wise stands out, it has a dozen of the high flow jets and all the rest are mid flow and there are none of the cheap low flow jets. It has an amazing wrap around neck jet system using 4 mid flow therapy jets and those massive jets in the floor are insane, you can divert an entire 6 hp pump to those jets and for feet, hips, legs and lower back those monster jets are the best.


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Looking to purchase a hot tub in Key Largo, FL to place in the back by the canal. Any reputable dealers you recommend we should hit up? .

Key Largo eh?

Man not much there, but there is a good local service guy I have registered called Andy’s Pool Supplies & Service 305-451-6002 so you can buy from wherever.

I’ll email you some options.

That would be awesome! Really appreciate the help. Been having a hard time finding any of the top brands you recommended locally. Might have to have them ship it in; but would really rather see the product before I purchase. – Capt Dan

Depends on how far yer willing to travel.

Truth is man unless you know what yer looking at they all look good 🙂 the reality is most people can’t evaluate a spa by look, and even sitting in a dry spa is pretty much a waste of time because once you fill them with water you are floating and everything about the comfort changes 🙂

Dennis Algozer

It might be time for you to re-review the Master Spa Twilight Model TS 8.2. I bought one about a year and a half ago based on your sterling recommendation. I now regret the decision. i had read that they do not use cheap plastic fittings. in fact, they do. We had a structural failure with the 2″ Diverter cap that caused it to crack apart and shoot the cap across the tub. Luckily no one was in front of it, or else we would have had to dealt with an injury. Master Spa apologized for the incident and sent… Read more »

Hey Denis Thanks for the heads up. The cap was a CMP diverter, it was a widespread failure that affected a lot of tubs across different brands there was an issue with the plastic in a run of these caps Every tub in the world is all plastic… But honestly, the CMP compression fit system is more expensive than the Waterways parts list they used when I did that video and all of my top 5 brands are using this system now… it’s very reliable and the cap issue is the first problem and it was a one-off. The replacement… Read more »

Dennis Algozer

Thank you for the quick reply and the information you provided in your comments. It was comforting to hear you still consider Master Spa a good company. Master Spa does not have much representation down here in Brunswick County, NC and, for awhile, I felt that I wasn’t getting a definitive response from their technical support team at the factory.

Thanks for the good work you do in supporting the hot tub community.

No Worries Dennis, hit me up if you ever need help. I can escalate things pretty quickly because no one wants bad shit about them on my site… we will likely see around 150,000 hot tub buyers this year come to us for help which gives us a pretty big stick 🙂 But honestly, your case is pretty rare, no one gets it right all the time but these guys generally do a solid job.


Hi Chris,
I am considering buying a spa and you make a very compelling argument for a Master Spa. I live in Maine 04079. Is there anyone in my area that sells them? Or, perhaps a show where I can see them?
My other question to you is about the base for a spa. You talk about concrete and stone. What about a well supported wood platform?

Man great place to live but crap for hot tub dealers (invite me down for some surf skiing ) You need to have a handyman no one around there can take care of you. There are very few resources there dude I had to spend an hour just trying to find something.. and in the end, I gave up… You do have 2 good choices in the area. Aquarius Pools Inc Bullfrog Remove Details from Google Maps 224 Augusta Rd, Winslow and my got guy: Crocker Sales Co Inc Rick Wright Customer retailor specialists Dealers # +1 781-933-2006… Read more »

Dan Wilson

Chris, Great Site! Loads of info!!! We just purchased a MS Twilight 8.25. The size and jets are awesome! Wanted to know if you have heard of any heating issues? My wife and I just received our new tub this week. We like our hot tub, Hot. 104° to be exact, not a warm tub. Not 102 or 101, but 104°. Our older tubs we have owned might drop a degree when it’s absolutely freezing outside, like 0 or below. But then they immediately recover and bring the temp right back to your setting within a minute or so. They… Read more »

Hey Dan there is a high and a low current mode on that tub, on the low current mode it shuts off the heater when you have the pumps on, olso new tubs have bigger motors and still run off the 50 amp service that older tubs ran off. Its also a lot to do with a surface area of the tub, and how sheltered the area is… a steady wind makes a massive difference and the 8.25 has a huge surface area. you can also change the heater to a 5kw, you can change the mode to high as… Read more »


Chris, thanks for the quick reply. Your recommendations are great! One last question. I have tested my water temperature with my own thermometer and it seems to be off a degree or two. Is there any place to calibrate the temperature setting on the tub to match the actual water temperature? Thanks again!!!!

forget it, dude.

The thermisters on your system are higher Quality and accurate to around .5 of a degree… what it says is right


I’m considering to purchase a swim spa. Where can I see it ? your store?

hey, Paul what size are you looking for?

My mom lives in Fla and has a 12′ swimmer in mint shape she is selling because they won’t let her have it where she moved to… fire-sale price…

Krista mccarthy

Where in Florida?

It’s in Storage in Ft Mayers

Ian A

I recently purchased a Master Spa Clarity series, Balance 7 model at an expo in Florida. I got an EZ Pad foundation, deluxe cover with a cover mate, and stairs for $6,800, total. Is this a good price? Is Master Spa a reputable brand? Big purchase, 1st time buyer. A little nervous. Thanks!

Hi Ian

Its a solid price on a good spa.

Buy this stuff… its lower chemical easier to manage healthier and less expensive, plus it extends the life of the tub and gives you a lifetime guarantee on the jets.

Also download this app It lets you Manage your hot tub chemistry without hassle, diagnose and fix water issues, troubleshoot any problems and even request service on your tub. Spa Star will do all that and more and best of all IT’S FREE!

hit me up if you have any issues.

Charlie Becker

Thank you for providing your videos and actually showing us how different spas are built, it is very helpful to know what is important in our buying decisions. In the next week or two I’ll be buying a hot tub for the first time. I live in Fort Collins, and went to Aqua Spas and they showed us “last year’s 2019 models”. We are interested in either the Health Living HL7 ($8200 – 2 pumps, 46 jets), Twilight 7.2 ($9100 – 2 pumps, 36 jets), or Twilight 87.3 ($9900 – 3 pumps, 49 jets). Is the build quality any different… Read more »

Hey Charlie

The pricing looks good.

Performance-wise the Twilight series is definitely going to beat the healthy living. the truth is the third pump doesn’t really make that much difference. They just put a bunch of extra Jets and Goofy places. I’m a big fan of the 8.2 or 8.25 performance-wise it has a lot more of the high-flow therapy Jets and the neck jets are all the 3.5 inch high flow

Andy Race

Now I have been in a Twilight 7.2 I have to slightly disagree that the Twilights are the best…they are an amazing tub but the Michael Phelps are definitely the best therapy tub in the Master Spa range in my opinion. What sets them apart the most for me is the Jets 3 seat on the Phelps. This seat has it’s own pump and those monster whirlpool side jets are incredible, you can flow an entire pump through those two jets and as the plumbing diameter is larger, no other jet in the tub hits anywhere near as hard, even… Read more »

Yeah its a great tub for sure, I really like the main captain’s seat on the twilight and the foot jets, which I use on my back, legs, etc and they are the same on the Phelps I don’t even touch the other seats 🙂


Thank you for this web site. Just starting our search. We have plenty of room on a flat outside surface. Looking at Master Legend LSX900, LSX800 and Twilight TS8.2 and TS87.2. We are located in Mass with an ocean view (lots of salt water in the air). Looking forward to your opinion on the product families and models.

Thanks again.

Hi, the ocean should not be an issue, stay away from steel frames but other than that spas can handle that easily.

They are all high-end performance spas, the TS and the LSX have the same main therapy seats with the 3.5″ high flow neck jetting and loads of the big 5: high flows as well, its one of the best seats out there right now.

The LSX has the really good leg jets and a lot of nice bells and whistles but we are splitting hairs they are all fab spas.

Lisa cox

Hi. Looking at either master spa twilight of legend series. Do you have any comments about one over the other?

They are both great spas and have virtually identical main therapy seats. If money is not an issue the legend is slightly better but were splitting hairs they are both great spas.

Lee Tolman

What’s your thought on MasterSpa in the Houston, Tx Area? We don’t seem to have any retail stores who carry them. Would service be an issue?

Houston is a shit show, the only local brand I would consider is the Arytesian sold at Spas Direct Of Texas in Dickinson
I also do not have andy independent service guys there!

Check with he might have service there.

Lee, if you have not moved forward on a spa yet, I can assist you in purchasing a MasterSpas in Houston and also have a support center in Conroe that covers the entire Houston area. This service center is certified with MasterSpas and has been to the factory to learn our product from top to bottom. Give me a call at (512) 953-7871

C. Real

While this is not so much about the distributor as it is for the manufacturer Master Spas, I feel Aqua Spas could have done more for us. Here’s the sory; we bought the biggest swimming/hot tub spa they have… they installed it and left. No instructions, no waiting to have the water tanker fill it up and test it… just dropped it off and left. It hasn’t been a year since we installed it and the spa is falling apart. The screws and metal parts RUST? How is it that they put metal parts that rust in a Swimming Spa?… Read more »

Hi Carlos The install process is pretty standard, no one waits for it to fill there is no reason to and it takes hours, plus you need it empty to demo and the water chemistry is best done sitting down at the table with a glass of water. Any decent brand is fully water tested already so there is no benefit to you or the dealer to wait until its full… Plus if they had to fill every tub you would pay three or four hundred dollars to have the crew tied up, I do not know any dealer anywhere… Read more »


hi – we recently purchased a Master Spas Healthy Living 7.5 hot tub. The salesman claimed the MSRP was 9600 and could provide us a deal for 7495.

Was this decent? I hope so! Also noticed you said you don’t need the abs bottom pan. I was going to purchase that, but you said not worth it? We live in New England so it will get chilly. But hot tub is being placed on a stone patio.

The price is good I think, I don’t do pricing too much but it seems in line with what I hear.

Nothing wrong with the abs pan but not needed unless its a really damp area its installed in, in your case on a patio base I would not worry.

Manage your hot tub chemistry without hassle, diagnose and fix water issues, troubleshoot any problems and even request service on your tub. Spa Star will do all that and more and best of all IT’S FREE!


Own rental property in Wilmington NC area. Looking to replace Jacuzzi hot tub that honestly has worked for over 15 years just replaced 1 motor out of 3 and the cover during that time. It finally died. Was told not to spend more than 6000 on a hot tub by rental company that manages. Can you recommend reputable dealers in the 28462 area? They push StrongSpas which I have heard is problematic with cover warping over time and customer service issues poor when repairs needed. Would a Master spa be overkill for a rental property? Any low maintenance brands you… Read more »

Hi Gina,

The tubs 15 years ago were all pretty good 🙂 its not the same anymore, unfortunately.

For a rental property get a 220v and I agree strong is not a good option, this is a strong I reviewed and they are not much different now.

locally I would look at PDC, Its sold at Ocean Blue Pools & Spas in Wilmington

you could also look at master there is a wholesaler there


Hi Chris- Was referred to your site on my journey to my family’s(my wife, myself, and our 5 little crazies!) first tub and the first thing I would like to say is THANK YOU!! My first exposure to MS was at a tub show in Wallingford CT. The sales rep spent a good 60+ min with me and answered every question I had even with me explaining that there was no way I would be buying just yet.(was just starting my tub search) At that time it looked as if the Twilight Series 8.25 would fit the bill, he quoted… Read more »

Ok so the tub and build quality is great and the 13k price was way too high but the $8395 price is way too low… they must be having a shitty show 🙂 id jump on it. I rate this tub in the top Its full foam its going to be as good as it gets in a cold climate. Don’t order the master pur its a good system but the reality that none of the manufacturers want you to know is that none of the onboard systems are anywhere near as good as the aftermarket stuff 🙂 I’m not… Read more »


Hi Chris, Can you tell me the difference between the Master Spa Legacy Whirlpool brand vs Master Spa Clarity? We recently went to a dealer located in St. Louis Park, MN and placed an order for the Legacy Inspire… Just curious how they are different and should I be concerned? The showroom had both Twilight and Legend spas and swim spas available as well, but no Clarity…
Thanks for your input!

A legacy is a unit that Master releases from time to time, it is better than Clarity and priced right but you don’t see it often 🙂

Dom O

Chris, I took your advice and saw Master Spas at a local show in Ottawa 2 weeks ago… frankly not impressed at all! The base is made of wood!! seriously, your inviting it to rot!
They were generally uncomfortable and very pricey in my opinion, especially for a “Hot Tub blowout sale” for CAD$13k
My main concern is the lack of an completely insulated outer shell, the spa will be installed at my cottage in Quebec, how will this tub fare during a prolonged power outage when the front half (pump and heater side) of the tub is not even insulated?

Hey Dom. You can order an upgrade to a metal base but frankly it’s a Sidetrack issue. Unless you’re an idiot and installing your hot tub in a swamp what your base is made out of will never be an effector. If you build a proper patio stone base the base of your hot tub then is concrete you can also order any of those tubs with an ABS bottom pan but again in my opinion you’re wasting your money read this. As for power outage situations think of this. If you have a perimeter insulated tub which has a… Read more »


Chris, Thanks for all your info! A 2013 Master twilight 8.2 was a trade in at a local spa retailer here and have listed it for sale. I went to see it today. It was full of water and appeared to be in good working order. I did notice some fine cracking/lines on the shell’s top edging. I’m not sure how to describe it. What do you think a fair price would be for this used hot tub? It’s been difficult to get a real idea for what the master twilight series go for. I got an email from a… Read more »

it sounds like crazing, is it like hundreds of micro-cracks in the surface? it happens when the spa shell cools too quickly they likely bought it as a blemished model but structurally it should be fine. $3000 ish?


Can you recommend a master spa dealer near 83845? I’m happy to go as far as Spokane as long as they will deliver to me.


Hi Chris,
I live in the 83301 area and am wondering who the Master Spa dealer and service reps would be in or nearest to my area. Thanks for all your help.

Hi Jann

Sorry for the delay in responding I was away.

No one near you but I’ll send you contact details for someone that might be able to help you.


Hi Chris….. First off, this site is awesome. Secondly, my wife and I are looking at a Healthy Living 8.5. The dealer out of Castle Rock, Co says this particular tub (a 2018 floor model at a good price) has 3 pumps, recirculation pump, and upgraded (textured) tub. Just wondering what your thoughts are on this tub, or should I be looking at a Twilite Series? It should be noted that we live in the Colorado Mountains at 11,000 feet.

Thanks so much,


Hi David

Sorry for the late response! I was out in the Nevada desert for 8 days and had no cell service 🙂 It was heaven!

both great spas the TS performance is better that is the only real difference

Steve Kelly

18 Months later review of Master Spa Twilight 7.2 Good day. Spa bought 1/12/18, delivered on 3/18/18. As a spa owner for over 20 years out of the past 30, I can say that gov’t regulations have started to play in the functionality of the spas. Variable times diminished, temperatures regulated, etc. Not the manufacturer’s fault, but they seem to have manifested themselves markedly between my Dimension 1 spa and this one. Okay, the good: – the spa is VERY well built – attention to detail (one small exception) with the fittings, hoses, and electronics is outstanding – the skirt… Read more »

Hey, Steve great feedback!

I know they had a recall on the diverters from CMP that effected a few manufacturers. Master started recalling them before CMP did and it’s now a solved problem.

And that first generation of skirts was a shit show, apparently, the new ones are fixed.

The diverters are circles… I can’t decide which way I want them I keep coming up with arguments for both ways… 🙂

Steve Kelly

The senior female in this household likes things to be adjusted from the 12 o’clock position to the direction in which SHE intends them to go. I’d love to have any arguments to temper her temper on this! Lol. There was one more thing I forgot to mention in either the “Ugly” or “Not So Good” category: the #2 jets have but one speed only – “full-tilt-boogie.” All control for any flow less than “max zorch” must be used using the diverter, which only turns when the jets are off. So one must get out of one’s comfy position, secure… Read more »

LOL I’m not fighting with her besides I bet there is another person who would argue it should be the other way around 🙂

its funny the 2 speed pumps about he same price too, but no one really uses the first speed there is no pressure its typically for filtration and heating only.

LOL I’m not fighting with her besides I bet there is another person who would argue it should be the other way around 🙂

its funny the 2 speed pumps about the same price too, but no one really uses the first speed there is no pressure its typically for filtration and heating only.


I was just about to purchase the Master Twilight hot tub based on your reviews and videos. I was torn between The Artesian Elite and The Master Twilight. Then I came across this posting with lots of customers reviews on the Master Spa and their customer service. Could you please tell me your opinion on these posts?

Hi Rebekkah The shows for hot tubs are done by retailers, not the factories… They all claim to be factory direct but they are not… look at the invoice, the company on the invoice is who you are buying from and yes the advertising is totally misleading… That being said in some areas it is the best way to buy a hot tub and in some, its a nightmare. It depends on the brand and the area, some places these shows have dominated the marketplace and created loads of independent service guys and sell at really cheap prices, in some… Read more »


Thank you for you kindness and willingness to respond!

Melissa Vlaskalin

Hi Chris, first off thank you for all of the hard work you have put into this amazing website! My husband and I appreciate your insight so much. We are looking at the Master Spa TS 7.25 or TS 8.25. We also were considering the Precision 7 or 8. My concern with the P8 is the amount of water it holds. Its listed as 415 gallons, which is by far the most I have seen for this size hot tub. I worry that it will cost a lot more to heat. We are a family of 5 with 3 small… Read more »

Hey Melissa

The only increases in cost will be heating the water from cold and it will be negligible. heat loss is more down to exposed surface area than it is to volume.

diana austin

Hi, Love your site, we have a older marquis and it has not held up well at all, leery of making another expensive mistake. We have a small deck space and its just two of us so do not need a big hot tub, so the master spa ts240 or ts6.2 would be top of our list. With such a small spa is water chemistry even harder to maintain? I really could care less about waterfalls and mood lighting, but decent jets and reliability are more important. Any dealers you know of in West Virginia or across the river in… Read more »

Hi Diana

I recently took marquis off my good guy list, they told me they were doing a lot of things that ended up not being true, I got a new 2018 and it was a mess.

There is a bit more work to maintain water in a smaller tub its all down tot he amounts fo contaminates per gallon (or part per million) but use this stuff and you will have a much easier time and can run a lot lower chemical levels.


Hi Chris, my wife and I are looking for spa options in the 98275 area. It looks like the closest Masters dealer is more than 50 miles away, but there is an Artesian dealer fairly close by. If there’s a dealer that you can recommend in the area, that would be great. We’ve looked at a lot of the video and articles that you have here and we probably want a mid-range spa from either of those two manufacturers. We received a quote for the Twilight 7 and it was a little above our budget. Do you have a recommendation… Read more »

Hi Joey Not many retailers there because a lot of spas are bought from out of state, the west coast is expensive to do business in and you can save a couple of grand by buying from out of the market. I know this because there are literally 10 independent service companies there fixing hot tubs, you see this in areas where big event sales have been the primary sellers of hot tubs for a long time. I know Master, Dynasty and other brands do a lot of big shows there. Locally you have the regular crap from the big… Read more »

Gina Di Genova

Hey Chris, I’d like to look into a Master Spa. I’m not sure which model yet. I’m a family of 3 ( myself and 2 kids). Do you know of a dealer in my area? Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.
Cheers !

Man yer the second kawarthian in 2 days 🙂

You have nothing out there anywhere so you almost have to go out fo market hit this guy up he does a lot of out of market stuff.

Master spa Toronto
Griffin Ryan
1 (416) 779-0563

Details from Google Maps
1535 Meyerside Dr #16, Mississauga, ON L5T 1M9
View in Google Maps

Gina Di Genova

I went to visit him today. He was great. I’m considering either the clarity or healthy living spas (still trying to decide), but I worry about mice as I live in the country. Is the “vac formed ABS pan bottom “ something I should strongly consider ? Cheers !

Hi Gina

it here nor there really, they don’t get in through the bottom, especially if you have it on a patio stone base they get in through the little gaps in between the skirt and the shell or the skirt and the base.

Mice and rats and vermin, in general, hate steel wool!!! if you take a little steel wool and stick it in any little gap you see and around under the lip of the shell and tack it in place with a bit of expanding foam they will leave it alone…

Gina Di Genova

Great thank you !!!!

Gina Di Genova

Great thanks ! Iwent to visit them today. Definitely going with Master Spa . I live in the country and mice are a worry. Is the ABS bottom something I should strongly consider ? Cheers


Hi Chris, have you ever heard of West Coast Spas? They are an Oregon based company. When we spoke to a dealer, it sounded like the only thing they don’t do from your check list is clamp the joints. Their insulation is sprayed open foam. Is that the right kind?


I have never heard of them.

The no claps is a deal-breaker, its expensive to do but critical, leaks cost $300-$500 each to fix.

From the jetting, they are going to be pretty mid-range for performance, mostly the small low flow jets


Hi Chris,

Your site is so helpful. I had decided on the Artesian Antigua Elite but now I’m wanting to take a look at a Master hot tub. Can you give me 2 or 3 dealers in my area. I have tried to google it but cannot find any. Thank you.

Hi Michelle

There are no dealers there for master, but there are tons of service centers. I think master does a show there every couple of months.


Chris, great site and thanks for all your help. Just purchased a MS Twilight 7.25 from local dealer in WI and based on your advice, the delux Spa Marvel package from you. Can you share your water care information for first fill and use thereafter? Tub will be filled with hard (well) water and worried about getting PH down.

Yep Ill email it to you.


Hi Chris, close to purchasing a Balance 8 hot tub, is $7,500 US a fair price? Thanks!

Hi Jeff

I don’t really get into pricing, its too hard to track


Just looked at a Balance 8 over the weekend at a spa show. Price offered was $7280 in stock and if i waited and he had to order would be $8000 so your $7500 is a decent price.


Hi Chris, looking at a balance 8 from Master spa. I really loved the MP LS 900 as this was my dream spa and at 18k CAN dollars, i thought it was a pretty good deal. Im looking at 9k for the balance 8. It seems to be a good price. Just wanted your thoughts as my body is breaking down and I really needed something to help me on a daily basis. Lounger would be the option for me on the balance but im worried that it would be a little crammed for 6-7 ppl. Do you think the… Read more »

$9k is a cheap price. Get it it’s a good solid tub with good performance and insulation.


Hey Chris, great review. We were going to purchase at the expo in Dallas a few weeks ago and did not pull the plug. We instead reviewed many others in the area from Hot Springs Grandee to the Bull Frog A8. For the price and quality (like the fact they use the Blaboa pumps) we keep coming back to the Twilight 8 series. I was quoted $9500 fully loaded which includes stereo. My only reservation is that it seems Tyler, TX is closest to me as I live in Fort Worth, TX. Anyone closer or parts online a good resource… Read more »

great price

the local guy is right there…

Atlas Spas & Swim Spas
Details from Google Maps
4801 W Park Blvd Unit 448, Plano, TX 75093
+1 469-209-6989
4.6View in Google Maps

Dave D

Tim did you end up getting it for that price. I am looking at the same model now here in Dallas with that dealer.


Hi Chris,

Great review and I appreciate how you lay out the information. We live in Massachusetts and looking at the MasterSpa – 17’ Michael Phelps Swim Spa, do you have any insights into these models?

Thanks for any info!

They make a good swimmer for sure. the VIP plate is good tech, it basically backfeeds the exit from the volute with water to stop the vacuum created when the water is compressed through the volute, its flows a ton of water. the design got a lot of tech from the program they went through with Phelps and Bowman designing the MP line and they are deep and have great massage jetting, its my number one for sure.


Thank you for your insight! Great info.


We have the Master spa. H2x 19′ Deep.We are disappointed in the quality of the spa, the outside skirting is cheap and flimsy….they do not fit properly. It is supposed to have a great insulation, but it does not seem to be super efficient in colder weather. Our Master Spa dealer has just been okay at address the issues with the skirting…..Master spa itself does not want to deal with customers and wants you to go through the dealer. Overall we like having the large swim spa and hottub, but I would not recommend Master spa to my friends…..of course… Read more »

HI Wendy So from a build standpoint, these three guys build the same, they use the same parts, the same insulation, construct their shells the same and even their plumbing systems are similar. however the one thing with both Coast and Marquis is they are smaller firms and there are quality control issues, both those factories need to improve their processes and consistency. From a performance standpoint, the Marquis will be the lowest of the three, there are no real neck jets system just a couple of the little low flow 1.5″ jets and these just do not cut it… Read more »


Chris – could you help me understand the Masterspa filters? Looks like the water that goes into the bottom intakes does not get filtered. I guess that is a common design (two suction returns, only one filtered). But also, when I remove the filters, it seems like I should have an attachment for a garden hose, that connects to the bottom of the filter, so that I can BACK-wash them, instead of “hosing them off” which would seem to push dirt further INTO the filter. TIA!

Hi Stephen. its a great idea and we looked at that but… the volume of water needed to flush them out like this would be massive 🙂 using a good tool like the dishwasher or a filter flosser cleans them really well and easily…

Scott Heyer

Hello Chris. I am in the market for a hot tub in Central Oregon (Bend). I came across your site & found it extremely helpful in educating me on what to look for in a tub. Great info. Based upon your reviews I would like to purchase a Master Spa but it appears there is not a Dealer in the general area. Looks like Master may come to the Deschutes County Fairgrounds (Redmond OR) on occasion to hold a special sale, but I worry about service down the road if needed. Is there another quality brand having a local or… Read more »

they must have been running that Expo for a while because there are three independent hot tub service repair centers within 20 miles of you so service probably is not going to be an issue. there Is also an Artesian dealer at Bend Hearth & pool they’re a pretty good brand as well

Scott Heyer

Thanks Chris. And thank you again for the product education you provide on your site. Great stuff. All the best to you.

Thanks, Scott, happy hot tubbing!


Hey Chris thanks so much for your reviews, they are definitely clearing the muddy waters of buying a hot tub! I have read most of your comments below, in particular the ones regarding Master Spa as that is the brand I am looking at here in Calgary at Empress Hot Tubs. I read and watched the video you did of your Master Spa and with regards to the insulation, I understand that the Icynene is great stuff and having the tub and lines covered is great for heat retention, but what about the pump? I’ve been given a few different… Read more »


Hi Chris! Great website, I really appreciate all the reviews and info on what to look for in a quality tub. Recently looked at a Master Spa HL628L. Including the cover, steps, initial chem, and delivery they quoted us $7k US. No way to comparison shop around our area, so I’m wondering, is this a decent price? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Sorry for the delay I’ve been volunteering all month for a bunch of kids at spring training.. damn near killed me 🙂

good price man

Jeffrey f. Kelaghan

Does anyone know if Crocker Portsmouth is a good spa…They say its Master Spa but dont see the crocker portsmouth on the site?

crocker for some reason private brands the line… but yeah its the same spa. it’s a CLarity Balance 8


Chris I came across your site while researching for a new hot tub and it is awesome! Funny thing is my wife and I went to one of those hot tub expos you mentioned in your video. Their sales staff were very easy to work with and we left there happy and with a new Twilight series spa! We opted against the Fusion Air Stereo as it was nearly $700 but had them throw in the WiFi module (which I hope will eventually have a skill for Alexa soon). In looking into other sound options such as Bluetooth speakers, I… Read more »

Andrew S

Hi Chris,

I am looking into getting a Master Spa Clarity Balance 7— is $8400 + tax Canadian a reasonable price for a 2018 model, including steps and delivery?

Yeah good price doesn’t get any better it should be ~~$10k ish


Can you share where you got that price? I just purchased one from an Ontario dealer and paid more.

$10k US so around 13500 cdn plus extra shipping etc should be 14k range on a good deal

Amber Kuettel

I bought a Bar Harbor SE 110 system. I told the salesperson that I was looking for a hot tub that I could use in the deep winter in central Oregon as I am a firefighter and the whole family is and we wanted a nice hot tub for after we have been on car crashes for hours. I got the tub and was shocked at how long it took to heat up and how fast it loses temperature. I also didnt realize we would not be able to all the jets on all 5 seats at the same time.… Read more »

Hi Amber

the problem with all 100v plug in tubs is exactly that there simply is not enough available power to keep up with the heat loss…

yes, it is easily solved by hard wiring it. and will remedy you problem.


Chris, Looking for a great hydro therapy hot tub. Would like lounger but not a deal breaker, if there is a better tub with good seating. I have an Island Artesian now and I put all the power to one or two seats. It has 2-4.5hp pumps and its ok, but looking for a lot more if there is such a thing in hot tubs. Looking for a 7 to 8′ tub. What model do you recommend in the Master Spa? or other brands. I am in Northern IL north of Chicago.

Hey Paul All tubs do good Hydrotherapy (hot water therapy) but for massage therapy, you need to look for the big jets not the number of jets 🙂 read this on what makes a good therapeutic massage spa. Personally, I sit in a Twilight spa every day, for long term muscle tension relief it rocks. Go see these boys.. they do a great job. Master Spas of Southern WI 2242 W Bluemound Road Suite A, Waukesha, WI, 53186 Phone 414-607-8827 Fax :414-607-8826 Email Remove Details from Google Maps 2242 W Bluemound Rd Suite A, Waukesha, WI 53186 +1… Read more »


Chris, I did not know the term that I was looking for, but it is Massage Therapy. Thanks for the reply and the great site. Great information in helping us lay people figure out what spa will work best. I was very close in purchasing on either a Bullfrog A8 or the Hot Spring vanguard until I read through this site. I ended up getting a Master Spa TS 8.2 and its set to be delivered this week. I did not see the post and recommendation for the dealer in WI till late last night so did not get from… Read more »

thanks, Paul I’ll email you over some info. this sheet will take into account the eco pure filter and the chems and give you an easy solution.

You can buy the spa marvel here: the rest of the chems any local spa shop will have.


Hi Chis,

Thanks so much for your site… it was very helpful in sorting out the good from the bad in the crazy hot tub sales process. We are about to pull the trigger on a Master Spa 7.2. Can you explain the advantages of the Master twin filter system relative others in the industry particularly the canister style that Coast Spa puses?


Hi Kevin All filters filter really well. People love the sound of a “pressure filter” housing, heck it’s filtered under pressure! It must be good! The reality is almost all of the industry has moved away from this filtration system and moved on to “suction side” filtration. There is one big difference between the two systems: On older “pressure filter” systems the water is filtered on the pressure side of the pump and on suction side filtration it is filtered on the suction side of the pump! That means that on the pressure filter system the water goes through the… Read more »


Chris do you recommend slipcovers as a second skin for the existing cover. I have a twilight eight footer

It’s always a good call on any cover. All hot tub covers suck… The regular ones fail because fo water ingress or snow load and the FRP covers are too heavy and fail because they destroy the vinyl Pro tip: 1. Take any new hot tub cover and unzip it and remove the cores 2. Take a roll of Tuck tape (The red tape they use when they build a house to seal the vapor barrier, or any tape used to tape seams in vapor barriers on houses) 3. tape around all the edges and all the seams The manufacturers… Read more »

Jim Griffin

We are considering purchasing a used Caldera spa, Geneva model, 2013, From the second owner. It is set up inside his garage and is currently drained but looks a little grungy. The price is $2500 which sounds like a great price. Would you take a chance on this, not knowing the history? what do you think would be the most costly repairs I might anticipate? I suspect that the spa has not been maintained and the water has not been properly treated. Appreciate your comments.

Hard to say.

I’m not a fan of the brand to start with, the little dicky low flow circ pump fails a lot, and they murder you on those bloody mid grade proprietary parts, the heater relay board failures are epic the Invensys system again has never been a great reliable system funny enough they now sell a balboa replacement for that tub but they sell it at twice what you can buy it for anywhere else… I would want to see it running first.

Jim Griffin

We took your advice and bought a Master twilight. You are very convincing. Thanks a lot.

I hope I was convincing for the right reasons. There is a small group of 4 or 5 brands I really like because they spend the money on the tub instead of the spin, marketing, and bullshit… if you have issues hit me up.

Happy Hot Tubbing

John F Donnelly

My wife and I just bought a Twilight Series 240. The sales guy said that with the EcoPur system we would not need any chemicals. I am new to this, but your video you even say that you use a half a part per million of chlorine and I Googled a care guide from Master Spa and they even recommend 2-4 parts per million. Having never owned a pool or spa, I want to make sure I am doing the right thing in maintaining the water. Can you help me out?

Hey John.

In my experience that is simply not good information.

Master is right with eco pure alone you should run around 2ppm about the same as a salt water hot tub, but if you add an enzyme like Spa Marvel you can get down to a lot lower.

Order it from me, its the best price, you help support the site, you get my support for questions and it has got a 100% money back guarantee if you buy from me 🙂

You can buy it here:

Ill email you over a tip sheet.


Hi Chris, we are planning to purchase either a Masters tub (TS 7.2 or 8.2) or a ThermoSpas tub (Park Avenue line). I’ve scoured your website, but don’t see any reviews or comments on ThermoSpas. They get very good customer reviews, and have a unique direct-to-customer model, but I would love to get your take on ThermoSpas as we weigh which brand to purchase. Thanks for all you do – you provide the most helpful, unbiased information about hot tubs I’ve found anywhere. – David

Hey David I like the direct to customer deal. I had to do some digging around on this one, haven’t really come across Thermospas too much 🙂 First off the shell designs made me smile, there are right out of the 80’s all the sharp angles and terrible use of space 🙂 Water environments are all about space, and the footwells on most of the models make them no good for anything over 2 or 3 people. Jetting wise again this is right out fo the 80’s all the cheap low flow jets so you can quote mad numbers of… Read more »


Hey Chris, I really like the way you layout how great Master Spas are. Thank You. In the video you mention there are other companies that are doing all four things that you feel make a perfect tub. I was curious if you could tell me those other companies. Simply because Master Spa while perfect for my therapeutic needs is quite expensive. Just wanted to do some more research into other companies and make sure I am not missing a tub that is equally as good but cheaper. Thanks again for your invaluable service you provide here.

Hi Lauren There are 5 in my tier one group. Master is my top because they have the best factory direct to customer support system so its less dealer-centric, and their quality control and consistency is solid. They also do a massive range from entry-level to crazy therapy massage models. Artesian is my second choice, small little outfit but built well and consistent, no factory direct support though at all so you need a good dealer. Beachcomber Leep models (stay away from the Hybrid models its bad tech) the only downside is they do not do any high-performance models and… Read more »


Hi Chris –

We are comparing the Master Spa 8.2 and the Hot Springs Envoy. They both seem similar. Any thoughts?


Hey Marty Tons of difference. The best thing about Hot Springs, in my opinion, is the brochure and the marketing. The reason I started this forum was these hot tub makers that are owned by big equity investment companies making these mid-grade spas and selling them as a top end with massive spend on marketing, spin, branding and advertising. Shells: HS – thinner shell supported by sprayed on rigidizer then prop supported with high-density foam and pedestals, inexpensive. MS – Hand rolled self-supporting Fiberglass shell with vinyl ester resin core, expensive and strong. Parts – HS – Proprietary parts made… Read more »