Marquis – Brand Review

Marquis – Brand Review

I have always had this brand in my top 5 based on a quick look and a lot of promises from the factory, and the review is a bit harsh! But I’m a bit harsh and if you want to be at the top of my reviews you have to have these little things right. You cant buy reviews here folks!

Now I kept asking them to let me come to inspect the factory and kept getting blown off which was always a bit weird, half the buyers in North America come to me for advice before they buy a hot tub and my recommendation will affect where nearly a billion US dollars go this season so usually when I like a brand they are bending over backward to give me visibility but these guys, when I could actually get a person on the phone just kept blowing me off. Now at first I just thought they had no back end on their business and were crap at returning calls and keeping in touch with customers which they are, but it was really bugging me not having put my eyes on their process and their manufacturing quality control.
So I got ahold of a brand new Vector 21 Marquis. Now, this is not their cheap line so it should be indicative of what they are building and I have to say it was disappointing!
The quality control was shoddy there were so many little issues it was scary. Bad insulation with spotty application and loads of overspray on pumps and equipment, there was a plumbing leak that will be a pain to repair, the plumbing lines were not clean and efficient and there was a fault on one of the water features that literally dumped 50 gallons of water all over my garage.
I’ve since spoken to them and they maintain that this is an anomaly I do give them the benefit of doubt because most of what I have found does support that they are building good tubs but until i see it for myself I have to be cautious with my endorsement…
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I have a brand new marquis 2020 vector 94l and the lounger does not seem to have the same power as the opposite side back corner seats. The mid 2 seats are also weaker. I have closed all the diverter valves and only powered the ones in question, and still there is a lack of power. Any suggestions?

Hi Matt
Have you spoken to the supplying dealer with your concerns? The various seats, will all deliver a different experience, plus I’m not so sure that the Marquis can divert all the power to each seat.

Hello Chris,

I am looking to buy our first hot tub. I have watched some of your videos and read some of your suggestions to gain a good introductory knowledge to the hot tub ownership. I came across a 2016 Marquis Promise (blues) for $8995 and a 2019 e545 (silver) for $8495. They are both new, but I am concerned about age, quality, price, and benefit of hydrotherapy between those two. Could you provide some insight?

Thank you,

Hi Jorge
Those tubs are still 4 years old, even if ‘brand new’ things will still perish over time even when not being used. Have a look at the review Chris did of the brand.

Hi Chris ~

My husband and I are in the market for our first hot tub. We were considering Marquis, but now looking at Hot Springs. We live in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin and we are finding availability is stressed at best. There is a company approximately 30 miles from our home who sells Hot Springs & Marquis.

What are your thoughts on Hot Springs Hot Tubs?

Joanie ~

Hi Joanie
The best thing about hot springs is the marketing that makes you think this spa is high end, it’s just middle of the road priced like the top end brands. Depending on your budget we may be able to get you into a Master Spa from one of our ‘All Star’ dealers who are not a million miles away from you. Check out our Private Buyer Service

Hey Chris, Great website you have here. I live in Portland, OR and have been shopping around at the local stores looking for a hot tub (6 seater w/lounger) Based on your reviews I have ruled out Artic Spa and Hot Springs. I prefer something made locally or USA so that leaves me with Marquis (Oregon), Artesian (Vegas), and West Coast Spa (Oregon). Everything I’ve read on Marquis has been good except your review of the Marquis Vector. Likely we’d get something like the Hollywood Elite. Any other comments you have on the Marquis Factory Revamp? Also Any experience with… Read more »

Hi Dominic Out of the 3 brands you have chosen, the only one I would recommend is the Artesian. The West Coast stuff is gonna be middle of the road,. I really will not recommend a spa that’s not using the Balboa control and heating system, it’s solid system that really outperforms everything else out there. they also use a cheaper insulation system. Marquis check out our video Steer clear of saltwater systems in hot tubs, they are well suited to swimming pools, with their constant UV exposure, but not good in a hot tub. Go for standard tub,… Read more »

Thank you for you reply. Any thoughts on Artesian South Seas 748B @$6500 vs Artesian Island Spa Captiva @$9200? Is it worth the extra $2700 for upgraded Jets/Diverters, Circ pump, inline Frog Ease? Is the build quality any better?

Also Your other page recommends either Spa Marvel Enzymes or Aqua Finesse. Which one is better for lower need Chlorine PPM?

Any thoughts on Baqua or Nature2 Mineral pack? The local Artesian Spa store says those work great for getting <1ppm Chlorine.

Hi Dominic Basically the difference in the two tubs is the Captiva is going to be better for hydrotherapy, it has more of the larger therapy jets, and the plumbing behind to go with it, that’s what put the costs up. The circ pump, not a great lover of these, sound great on paper, but they are low flow, and its just another pump running to do the job that the main pumps can do in way less time. Plus, the 748 has the foot dome, pain in the back side, you will fall over it, or kick it as… Read more »

Marquis Broadway? From Ontario Canada, please tell me I will be ok with this tub.

Hi Chris. Love your site, videos, and all the info! Between the Marquis/Celebrity Vegas or the Artisian 735b. I like the depth of the Vegas but concerned from your recent video of their high end tub. Thoughts?

Hi Trey,

Go with the Artesian. From what we saw of the Marquis, it’s shoddily built and even though they swear it was a one-off they won’t send another one for evaluation but instead tried to dis-credit the review. That tells me they’re more concerned with brand impressions than tub quality

Do you have any updates on the marquis vector line?

Yeah, and it got worse from there…

The new video should be live soon if not now.

That unit had leaked so we brought it back and tore the base off, half the lines were missing clamps, and were leaking from several, also a misfit filter housing was leaking as well.

They claim its a one-off but refuse to let me see their facility and production…

Any thoughts to share on the Marquis Reward Hot Tub?

Hey Ed

Marquis was in my top 5 for a long time, they have been going through some factory revamps and other changes and we got a hold of a new vector that was a wreck, serious issues on so many fronts that we have suspended them until they have finished and we can get in and do a factory tour and verify what they are doing.

I do anticipate them returning to our recommended list but right now I simply can’t endorse the product.

Looks like you forgot to add the full foam option

Great video. Thanks…

Hi was wondering what your thoughts on the Marquis Signature series Spirit model vs the Jacuzzi 400 series or the Bulfrog A5L?

What would be the best spa to go with?


Of those lines, the Marquis is the only one on my good guy list then the Bullfrog.

Also check out the these guys.

Aqua Haven
11083 South Memorial Drive , Tulsa, OK, 74133
11083 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa, OK 74133

Just started researching my first hot tub…and I’m very glad I found this site. I’m leaning towards choosing between a Marquis celebrity series (affordability) or Bull frog (the local dealer has the support to install the Blu Fusion salt water system) from a local dealer, or going the full box store route with a Divine (made by Clearwater) Langley model from Costco. Given your posts it seems that my best would be the Marquis celebrity line, but I wasn’t sure if it was more vectorish than signature…and if your positive brand review extends to the line or not. Thanks for… Read more »

Hi Mike

The Marquis of that lot for sure and stay away from salt its old tech…

also stay away from the vector, goofy parts, and no real innovation just new words for the parts 🙂 and if the line flops you might be screwed trying to find parts later

Hi, Chris. Thank you so much for all of the help you give to everybody. This site truly helped me narrow my search. I love the marquis brand, and the celebrity elite line. Can you give me your opinion on this line, and if it checks the boxes of the 4 big things you look for. Thank you!

Hi Michael

The brand is well built and ticks all the right boxes.

Performance wise it is going to be upper mid to lower high. lots of the small inexpensive jets but a few hi flow therapy jets. there is really no foot jets and the neck jets are the small ones and really don’t put out enough water for real massage.

Hey Chris, Thanks so much for all the work you do. I continue to watch your videos and all of your posts, and it has helped me greatly. We are looking at 2 tubs from Marquis. The Vector21 V84 and the Celebrity Elite The Broadway. I know you are not too much of a fan of the vector line, but I was wondering your thoughts on how these two stacked up against each other. The only main difference is size 7’x7′ (V84) vs 77″x77″ (Elite Broadway). The Elite Broadway we would do the 2nd pump upgrade, so it would be… Read more »

Hi Sal I went to look at the Marquis website to compare them but the site is giving a warning about security 🙁 The truth is the vector is a dumb tub all those goofy sharp angles look cool but they will date the purchase, its cool now but will be lame in 2 years, It will also cause problems down the road for replacement parts and once you fill it with water you won’t even see it plus moving around in that tub will be a pain bumping into all the crazy angles, water world is about open spaces,… Read more »

Thanks so much. Yeah, i am getting that warning, too. That is weird.

We are hesitant about the looks of the vector. The wife thinks it may be too masculine. But there really isn’t much info at all online about the celebrity elite line.

Do you think the island series captiva is better, or just stick with a marquis?

Both lines are well built, and neither have factory support so in both cases you need a good dealer.

I like the monster jets in the Island and overall i think it will be a slightly better performing spa, and I have toured the factory and know first hand the build.

Hello, I’m in the same situation you were in a couple months ago. Please let me know if you went with the Broadway, and what are your thoughts. I’ve been quoted $6,890 for the basic Broadway including all taxes, cover companion II and step. The Vector 21 is $9,600 with tax. Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


I was about ready to buy the Marquis Resort for right around $11k + tax. I guy from ThermoSpas came out to my house today and made a great pitch for his Concord platinum for $12.6k + tax. I am trying to determine which is the better value. A couple comparisons that I thought were interesting: the Marquis tub has two pumps and 60 jets whereas the ThermoSpa has 99 jets and 5 pumps. Should I be impressed by all of the additional jets and the three extra pumps? The ThermoSpa guy insisted that his filtration system was the best… Read more »

I am really surprised no one has mentioned their “whitewater 4” jet. I wet tested that thing and was impressed. Do you have any thoughts on this high powered jet?

cool jet but man I hate floor domes… you trip over the damn things they are a big hazard that’s why everyone ditched them 20 years ago, dangerous and makes the spa an annoyance i swear when i had a foot dome in my tub it drove me nuts and hurt me twice.

Chris what concerns do you have on the vector other than the parts? Is the quality still there? Also is the MicroSilk system a clever marketing tactic or worth the upgrade?

Microsilk in my opinion is a gimmick. But everybody has their gimmicks 🙂 My biggest problem is that the parts are going to be problematic down the road. They’re not a big enough player to sell enough of these to afford to keep making those parts if that brand doesn’t catch on. It’s a big risk I would never put a brand on my floor that did not have a simple compliant parts list that I know I can get parts for ever. Plus I hate this proprietary Parts idea it’s all about Prophet down the road it’s all about… Read more »

Hey Chris, what are your concerns regarding parts in the e-series? I just picked up one of their e-series 545 and it’s got all the Balboa controls and whatnot. I believe the jets are CMP, is that a problem? I picked up a Marquis based on your blog by the way. Thanks!

I don’t have concerns with the parts list on this spa. I might have misspoken… its a good tub

I bought the Marquis Spirit in May 2018 and have had nothing but issues – had to replace the control board, and 8+ times the touch screen controller despite a well-sealed installation.

Hey Scott what other issues?

Since that post on the Marquis Spirit another controller and then needed a new heater and all in <2 years. I did speak with the manufacturer again and receive different excuses for the failures each time I call. Not a fan.

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