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If you work in the hot tub industry I want to talk with you.
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Hot Tub University with Chris Wheatley has become a source of major market influence in the past two years.

We have become the number one stop when someone is getting ready to buy a hot tub this year we will see nearly half the buyers in North America not only come to us for advice but on average they will return over 5 times spending around 25 minutes not including watching our videos!

We have 3 of the top Hot tub review videos with views 5 times the average and engagement is off the charts, just look at the comments section, people are watching and learning.

Not only are we read by hundreds of thousands of hot tub buyers each year but our traffic is skyrocketing. These people will spend a billion dollars in the US this year, and they will come to Hot Tub University before they spend it.

We also directly engage with over 5000 of these buyers yearly who want us to help them make good buying decisions in their local market, they will spend 40-50 million dollars and our survey results show that 70% of them will spend it where we advise them to.

We consistently have some of the most viewed hot tub review videos in the industry with our most watched review seen 235 000 times

What you can do

The major thing that I care about at HTU is building reliably and getting the customer good quality. Having the right information is critical if your company is building great spas or products and doing things right I want to know the details. We try to base all our reviews and information off hard science and fact, so if you think we are getting anything wrong or missing a side I want to know.

Send us a detailed package about your current hot tub or product standards beyond just the marketing info, or give me a phone interview with your people so I can ask the questions myself. Or better yet send us your best hot tub for a review!

We are committed to putting good customers together with good brands and good products!