Hot Tub Jets and Fittings Explained

Published Aug 27, 2021
by: Chris Wheatley

The jets and fittings in a typical hot tub vary wildly and there is a right way to plumb a hot tub. Learn what to watch for to make sure you’re getting high-quality as opposed to high-class marketing

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Artesian Brand Review

Published Jan 1, 2021
by: Chris Wheatley

The artesian line of hot tubs was, for a very long time, one of our top tier brands. They are one of the few companies that used to do everything right when building hot tub's and they still do almost everything right.

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In-Depth Hot Tub Water Chemistry

Published Sep 4, 2021
by: Bill Shea

Understand the fundamentals of hot tub water chemistry and make it easy to solve any issues that you face

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