Hydropool Hot Tub Review

Hydropool Hot Tub Review
6.9 Total Score

There does not seem to have been any major modifications to the shell designs in decades including the old pressure filter housings and even floor suctions (re-marketed as self cleaning). I noticed several Antiquated systems being used on this tub that they have rebranded as a “new and improved” way to do things when the reality is most of the stuff is obsolete tech that isn’t used in the mainstream hot tub Market anymore.


You see a lot of times manufacturers will keep an outdated system because the cost to update is too high and because a clever marketing guy can put a good spin on it and if it convinces the customer that it is new and good then all of a sudden they have what is called in marketing circles a “unique selling Point” Often times things are not really done because they are better, they are done because they are less expensive and they have a good “spin” to them which means you can make people believe in it, and if people believe it and you’re one of the only guys doing it then you have a unique selling point and that can close deals!


The first example of this is the filtration system, It is an old pressure filter systems and the “spin” Hydropool has put on it is great!! People love the sound of a “pressure filter” housing, heck it’s filtered under pressure! It must be good! The reality is almost all of the industry has moved away from this filtration system and moved on to “suction side” filtration.


There is one big difference between the two systems: On  older “pressure filter” systems the water is filtered on the pressure side of the pump and on suction side filtration it is filtered on the suction side of the pump! That means that on this older pressure filter system the water goes through the pumps and through the equipment before it gets filtered!!! The accumulation of debris in the pumps and in the heater elements can cause damage and it just makes sense to filter that water prior to it going through the equipment! That is exactly why 95% of the industry abandoned these old pressure side filters decades ago and moved to suction side filtration, it filters the exact same amount of water but it does it before the debris goes through the heater and the pump.


Another pitch they use is that when you remove the filter the debris from the filter won’t fall into your hot tub water. Its silly because the debris falls into the filter housing and when you put the clean filter in and turn it on half of that debris gets blown into the tub anyway 🙂 not that it matters, the little bit of debris that falls into a hot tub or the filter canister when changing the filters gets re-trapped in a few minutes…


The next bit of misleading craziness is that they say that it is 100% filtration! This is just using a buzzword to fool you… How all filter systems really work is the water goes through a filter which cleans all the debris out of the water, then that water gets dumped back into the tub so right away it gets mixed into the unfiltered water… over time more and more water is filtered and after a few hours, there is no debris left. The only way to really have 100% filtration is to pump the water through a filter into another container, then once it is all filtered you can put it back into the hot tub… This is simply dishonest and they should not be claiming it is 100% filtration it is marketing Spin all of it… 


The next issue is a big one, the whole “self-cleaning” pitch. Again when I was selling spas in the 90’s statehood and most of the industry had floor suctions that claimed to clean the debris out from the floor and “self-clean”


The two reasons they still use this tech are:  First, you have to retool each shell mould to accommodate the new filter technology and get rid of the old floor suctions and that’s $10,000 + per model!  Second because it is so old and no one uses it you can re-market it as “new” and claim a benefit 🙂


The reality is those “self-cleaning” floor suctions really didn’t do much! The truth is any debris small enough to get sucked into the floor suction typically was floating around in the water and caught by the filter system and anything heavy enough to actually sit in the floor is too big to go through the floor suction! Modern systems have so many jets and so much water movement and are using floor jets to stir the floor so that the debris never settles in the floor. The other reason why 95% of the industry has abandoned floor suctions is it causes a weakness in the floor both from a structural standpoint and especially from an insulation standpoint!!!


Underneath the floor of a hot tub is very little room so we’ve only got a couple of inches of insulation under there, with a floor suction you need to put a fitting in the floor and then put a pipe running under the floor.  There is no insulation now where that pipes running which means you are flowing all that hot water right across the cold ground and bleeding tons of heat through conduction!  Most manufacturers have gotten away from putting any plumbing under the floor of the tub for that reason,  also it’s the number one source of leaks because everyone is always stepping on the floor suction and it gets loose and starts to leak.


The insulation system is simply bad tech, all you have to do is a little bit of research on mylar and reflective installations and you’ll see that there’s just nothing good about these reflective insulation systems when it comes to containing heat in a system.  On a hot tub where you have all kinds of space it makes zero sense to use this cheap low r-value product except it is cheap to put in. There was all kinds of crazy hype in the 90’s with these systems in the building industry. Since then most governments in the northern US states and in Canada have either banned it as a primary insulation or put out official warnings with the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Authority going so far as to state that it was the worst insulation they had tested!  The reality is Mylar has an R-value of about 1  where an inch of expanded form is an R4 or 5.


On the plus side, they did, however, clamp the joints on the pressure lines which is good and the component list is Balboa and Waterways which is great!
There is just too much wrong with the construction and insulation on this tub to take it seriously, despite a great marketing campaign the reality is it is poor, outdated technology rebranded as new and it should not be on your short list.

6.9 Total Score

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Hi. I am in Canada and own a Hysropool swim spa. From the beginning I have had filtration issues, pump issues. Their service is horrible. Takes 4-5 to get someone to come look at the issue.

Greg Duerksen

Hi, I bought a Hydropool Self cleaning 770 last October and it’s been a nightmare. I bought Hydropool because it was the brand the only local store sold, so figured “shop local” was a good idea and also they’re close if I have any questions. So far I’ve had no structural or electrical component issues, but readings your other reviews makes me uneasy! My problem is it’s been impossible to keep the water levels balanced despite following the local dealer’s guidelines. It’s always foggy, takes 3-4 weeks of non-use and constant tweaking to get levels right and the water clear,… Read more »


Hi there,

I’m here in Moncton and looking forward to owning a hot tub that seats 5-6. Looked at the Hyrdopools Self Cleaning Model 670 and 720 Beachcomber. The price difference is 4k more for the Beachcomber. Seems we have a limit of options here in Moncton area. Do you have any suggestions on these 2 hot tubs or other places/kinds to look in this area?

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon,



Living on a northern gulf island just off Vancouver Island in BC. Looking to buy a new 4-5 person tub after my original tub with outside pump/heater finally has to go (after 30 years) due to gelcoat blistering and heater failure. I will go with the fully enclosed type now which most seem to be. I have a 40 amp GFCI circuit available for power. I am not into any bells and whistles/electronics as we are right on the coast with salty air. Just a quality basic system easily serviceable. After reading most of your material, I’m thinking you would… Read more »


Live in Windsor Ontario, narrowed it down between a Beachcomber 750 or HyrdoPool 720. Also looked at a American Whirlpool. Thoughts? Or anything else we should be looking at? Master Spas?


Interesting read
What about a Serenity model of Hydropool
It doesn’t have the bottom self cleaning system that you have mentioned as basically meaningless. For a 4 to 5 person hot tub with two pumps it looks like a good choice for the money (around $8K CDN)
appreciate your thoughts.


Hey Chris, I’m new to the world of hot tubs and have enjoyed reading through your honest and candid feedback. I am currently looking at 2 hot tubs that are on sale as per seasonal clear outs. The first is a 2017 hydropool platinum 5500 with an extended warranty and the second is a caldera 2017 palentino. Both are within the same price range. We are generally looking for something easy enough to maintain (given we’ve never owned one before), durability, energy efficient and with the main objective to relax and ease our muscles (which is why the hydropool became… Read more »


Hi Chris, In my area (New England) I can purchase a Hydropool (but after reading your insight, it doesn’t look good), a Hot Springs or a Sundance. I had a Sundance in the past and was happy. My local dealer is trying to convince me to purchase a mid-level Hot Springs – the Beam in the Limelight Collection. I don’t want to spend more than $10,000 and only need a 4 seater. What’s your thoughts on Hot Springs tubs?

Dustin Atkins

Hey! I was considering the Hydropool self cleaning Model 570. Floor model priced at $9,959 CAD + tax. I’m from London Ontario and I know that Porky’s sells Marquis & there is a Beachcomber in town as well. Any direction I should take? I do see that you are not a big fan of the Hydropool line. If you know anyone In the London, ON are I should go see I would really appreciate it! Thanks for all your help!


Hi Chris, I’m in the Vancouver area. Have a choice between 110V entry level hot tubs. Hydropool SE 5 and Cal Spa’s Patio Series. Which entry level would you choose?


Hello. Any advice for a first time hot tub buyer? When I say advice … I really mean, what should I buy? $10-15K price range. Location: Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA area. We gave up on the Hydro pool purchase about a year and a half ago due to all of the reviews and advice we found on this website. Looking back, it was the best thing. Thank you for any advice. We have space and would like a large tub to help our family. We originally were considering ARCTIC spas but didn’t like the jets and fast talk we… Read more »


I was so set on hydropool model 770 and now I’m confused. I live in a suburbs of Toronto, Canada. Which tub would you recommend for our cold winters? We also looked at coast and jacuzzi. Is there any other ones we should consider. Which one is more energy efficient as well? Thank you

Rami J Turner

I have never posted a review before but please read. I purchased a hydropool in October 2017 and by January 2018, it was finally installed. Little did I know that I was also suffering from a rare progressive neurogenerative disease that was causing muscle spasms and the spa has been a lifesaver even though at this time I am now disabled. UNFORTUNATELY, the computer board went out and I keep getting the run around for over three weeks now and the part I need is on “backorder” per the local repair company. This seems to translate to me that I… Read more »


I m looking at buying a Hydropool Serenity 5000 both my wife and I like the tub when we sit in it really comfortable. Is it a good tub to purchase?


Hi Chris I live in Falkenberg Sweden with my family and have been watching Hot Tubes for a long time. Don’t get wise when I call different salesmen, everyone thinks their baths are the best and no one can really tell what to think about when buying baths. I have an American Whirpool 480 which turned out to be demolished in the frame and that will be taken back. What I have noticed during the time I had the bath is that it draws a lot of power, in other words it is not energy efficient. I have read in… Read more »


Hi Chris thanks for your reply. I’m stuck for these 2 baths:
Coast Spa Apex 82 Wellness Curve.
Master Spa Michael Phelps LSX800
Both can I buy for about the same money, 15 470$, which should I choose?
Best regards



I am looking for a hot tub. I live in St. John’s, NL. There are a few places to buy a tub here, and the bigger ones sell Hydropool, Beachcomber or Artic Spa. Given that our winters are a mix bag, and I want electrical efficiency, what is my best bet with this being my choices?


looks like we are on the same path and in the same area did you pick out a spa in town yet?


Did u find one yet Corey ?! We are looking now for 7seater comparing all 3 . Lighting, good leg room on the list:) didn’t really want to pay 18k for hydropool but so far my favourite.

Amanda Northamptonshire UK

Thank you so much for your explanation of the Hydropool Hot Tub. I am looking for a new tub having moved house (I’m in the UK) and I had been totally taken in by the marketing but couldn’t understand why no other manufacturers had anything similar. Hydropool is now off my list and I’m relieved I’m not missing out on something special! My previous spa was Arctic purchased in 2004, my local supplier no longer supplies Arctic for the reasons you mentioned in one of your replies. They now mainly recommend Wellls, if you know this manufacturer and can share… Read more »

Dan Eng

Hi, I’m in the northeast, US.(NJ) I was looking into the hydropool aqua sport 14. Mainly to substitute as a small pool and hot tub in the fall & winter. I see you don’t recommend this manufacturers Or the Dynasty. Out if theses 2 , which is a better swim spa? And what swim spa would u recommend in my area ? Keep in mind, I will not be using this for swimming or exercising. I like the Vegas style fountain and lights. However, I’m prety sure u described these as “putting lipstick on a pig”… Thanks


I really feel you are mixing apples and oranges when talking brand recommendations for swim spas versus a hot tub, which are very different beasts. First of all, the swim spa currents, including how they are generated and how strong they are and how much turbulence is created, are not mentioned at all in your reviews, which makes me feel you are not quite informed on making a sound critique on a swim spa. A swim spa is much more than insulation and filtration (which it does sound like you know a lot about), but I did not get a… Read more »


Hi Chris,

first off, this is a great website, thank you!

I’m in London, Ontario Canada. I can’t find a master spa dealer close to me. do you have any recommendations for my area? also, is the serenity line that doesn’t have this self cleaning gimmick by Hydropool ok?

Thanks again,


So I am in the process of purchasing a swim spa, I want a 17-19 foot one (I live in Ohio). I have found local dealers for Cal Spas and Hydropool…thoughts on these swim spa or others I should consider?


Okay after reading many of your posts…..I am guessing I should look at Master and Marquis. I am curious your thoughts on Cal Spas. I have ruled out Hydropool based on further research.



So I just did some research based on this guys blog. For all of us that came to this site for information, he is a dealer that bashes the competition for any tub that he does not sell. This is by no means an unbiased blog. But simply one man trying to present himself as an expert, to sell his own tubs. I guess you really can’t believe everything you read online.


Hi Chris!
Would you recommend Ochoa Rios SE by Getaway to be used in Denmark, Europe/ Should I consider buying it?.
Best Regards


hello admin I’m just wondering what you think the better choice is in hot tub?

Im looking at the j385 from jacuzzi and a hydropool 720


You like Artesian Spa, can you talk more about the reasons why. What options would get or not get? WiFi, stereo, Abs pan, better cover, better warranty? Other things? It is an expensive spa 12,500 w options ?

We were looking at the Barbados model ?
Thank you,


Interesting review. Maybe you should have called it a Critics instead. I would like to state that I don’t sell or work in the Hot Tub industry, instead I’m a potential buyer, that is doing my research on the net to find out what technology, company and local supplier to pick based on reviews and feedback on the net. Firstly, I didn’t manage to find a Hydropool model 750 – so not sure what you have reviewed. You then talk about what they do is ‘old ways of doing things – just given a marketing spin’. But just to balance… Read more »

Connie Smart

Hi from southwest Virginia. Thank you for your sharing of sunspaces site. I have decided on a Hydropool aqua sport swim spa and their site you shared…helped me greatly in making my decision!

I’ve found in life sometimes those things bashed the worst by competitors are the ones of choice….obviously this was the case this time!

What did you end up purchasing?


Hi Connie, I ended up buying a hydropool 770. I did visit four different dealers, and did see a lot of different models -> and a number of the dealers were very focused on selling me their brand and often a particular model, even without asking about our needs. Ended up buying from a dealer that spend quite some time to understand what we where after, and they also provided a much more balanced view of the models and market. (they did have most of the major brands in store). I.e. there is no perfect Hot Tub, nor is it… Read more »

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I live in Alberta. What would you consider the top brands for this climate?

Edwin Enns

Hi Chris
I am in the Vancouver B.C. Canada area. Have looked at Marquis, Hotspring, Arctic, Hydropool, Bullfrog. There is a Beachcomber retailer near as well. Your critique has got me questioning what we thought were good bets. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Thanks for the review! Its interesting to me because my wife and I are looking at swim spas and we looked at the Hydropool AquaSport 14fx today. It seemed nice and the salesman pushed the pressure filtration and self cleaning floor. Im assuming these “features” are equally as old of an idea on a swim spa as on a hot tub? Any swim spa brands we should be looking at? We live in Vancouver, WA which is basically Portland, OR. Also looked at Artic Spas Ocean 14 foot model today. Going to take a look at TidalFit tomorrow.


I feel like I have no clue what I am doing. I have gone from one sales shop to another – Arctic, Hydropool and Beachcomber. I live in Ottawa, Canada and am desperate to get a hot tub that will survive the brutal Canadian winters, not blow my electric bill and be relatively easy to maintain. I was sold on Hydropool until I read your site. Any suggestions on where to go now? Greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Hwy Mary! Which tub did you go with. I’m in a toss up between Vector 21 V94 and the Hydropool 695. Amazed at how much room you have in the Marquis and obviously plenty of positive reviews online. Unfortunately the Hydropool wet test today was the best fit….poorly reviewed. Less advertising perhaps?

MicHael Moore

I am also curious as to opinions on the Tidalfit line, I believe a subsidiary of Artesian spas. Looking specifically at the Tidalfit EP14 in a semi-inground installation as it would be under our outdoor patio area. Appears to be an entry level swim spa but we are recreational swimmers only anyways and it would be for basic exercise and swimming for our young kids. The semi-inground setup uses a Quad Swim Jet System (4) Directional 6.0 in. Swim Jets and (2) 4.0 HP 1-Spd Swim Pump (with Speed Control). Also features 28 Helix Jets for seating, 6.0 BHP (3.0… Read more »


Hi Chris,

My husband and I live in Seattle and are considering purchasing a Coast Omega Microsilk Spa. Any opinion on that brand or Rich’s for the Home store where these are sold? Thanks for all the great information!


Glad I found your helpful site! We’ve been thinking about a swim spa for about 5 years and are ready to pull the trigger. I looked at a few different brands at the Minnesota State Fair and did like the Hydropool, but that was based on features (I did buy into the self cleaning…), the dealer and the warranty they provide (5 years full parts and labor). Would your comments extend to the Hydropool AquaSport 14fX? I’d like a swim spa for my home in rural Minnesota. About 2.5 hours from Minneapolis and 1.25 hours from Fargo ND. Would you… Read more »


Your site is awesome- can’t find any good information anywhere so thanks. Looking at Celebrity(Marquis I think) Hollywood model- Thoughts?

Cheryl Neme

My husband and I are beginning our shopping for a hot tub. We live in Michigan Sterling Heights) so it needs to withstand our temperatures. We’ve only looked at two dealers carrying either hydropool, lazyboy and hot springs. I know nothing obviously because they all sound good to me. Any recommendations on a brand that would meet cold weather criteria? Also, hot springs has a “salt system” which is said to be gentler and more economical, have you heard of that and what are your thoughts?


Hi Chris,

I am looking to buy a swim spa. I live in central California. Any suggestions?

Bill O'Reilly

What are your thoughts on Rotospa made in Peterborough Ontario?
Plug and play takes longer to heat I would think but good pricing?

Justin Atherton

Hi Chris,
Saw a TidalFit EP-15 at the San Diego County fair. Looked and sounded really good, but not sure after finding your blog. Salesman was really good with information and promises. Can you give me the lowdown on this maker. We are looking at a total therapeudic spa mainly.
Thanks for any info you can give us.

Carol Emanuel

i’ve got a question for you…
i recently purchased a hot tub after my old one kinked out after 17 yeas.
i loved it.
i bought a saratoga spa and it has a buzz which gets louder as i get into the tub..
i can hear it now from my deck.
this is terrible for me because i am a musician and have no tolerance for buzzes..
any idea about this.
it has this continuous filtration thing…
should i be able to find a hot tub like my last one..that has no sound until you turn the jets on…or until its heating thing turns on.


Rats, why did I browse to this site 🙂 I was considering the Bullfrog A8 and the Hydropool 1038. I had convinced myself they were higher end, and honestly, one of my most important factors is legroom. I don’t want to fight for legroom. I may have to keep looking.

Give your 3 best brands in eastern canada and worst to stay away from thanks for your expertise sharing

Nicky Long

Hey Chris,

My husband and I are thinking about moving to Florida but I’m terrified of snakes, gators or anything else creepy crawly. I’ve heard horror stories about people finding snakes and lil gators in their pools which either came in through the lines or climbed in.

If my swim spa will be covered, do you have any thoughts on me having to worry about them coming through the lines? Are there mesh covers or anything to that effect that can ensure that no rodents or vermin will make their way into my pool?

Thanks in advance!


Sounds to me like you have a dislike for Hydropool.
All you did was bitch about the tub. Without reviewing you further than Thai article, I’m guessing you work or sell for a competitor.
Oh the joys of having an internet blog.


So I have been considering the purchase of a hot tub and found this site informative. I am looking for a brand that you would recommend so I can begin to look for a dealer. So far I have found local dealer for Bull Frog, Sundance, and Hot Springs. Are any of these worth taking a look at or should I keep digging.

Wow great! This is the first time I read it. Thank you so much, for sharing your good information.


Hi Chris. I’ve been watching your videos and reading all of your helpful information. I do have a couple of questions. You seem to highly rate Max Spas but when I went to there website I couldn’t easily find a dealer. I filled out the form for dealer locator in my area. It came back and referred me to a Spa show, then when I clicked on link it was for 2 spas shows in Colorado and Oregon. I’m in Southern California. So if there aren’t Max dealers near me, could you please suggest comparable brands for me to review… Read more »