One of the most important things a Dealer can offer you is timely and useful information, when you have questions you need to get the right answers.

I have been working personally with thousands of you over the last few years since starting Hot Tub University, our Buyers Assistance page is on fire with people asking for help and I want to make sure everyone gets the assistance and answers they need.

So I am building an app for all you hot tub owners out there, with the goal of making owning a hot tub as relaxing and enjoyable as it should be.

  • Water Chemistry math and tracking, see what your numbers actually mean and what to do about them. Spot trouble before it gets serious. Balance easily and keep your water healthy.
  • Troubleshoot, we put all our expertise into building dynamic walkthroughs of common hot tub problems and how to diagnose/address them.
  • Schedule filter and chemical delivery so you always have what you need on hand.
  • Request service through the app and get our support, no playing phone tag or missing information.

Email for demos and info or to be notified when we launch.