Hot Tubs and Arthritis

Hot Tubs and Arthritis
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How Regular Hot Tub Sessions Relieve Arthritis Symptoms


Arthritis affects upwards of 350 million people worldwide, around 40 million of which are located within the United States, so by no means are you alone.arthritis

While we cannot offer you a cure, here we will inform you of 5 ways in which something as simple as a hot tub or sauna session on a regular basis can vastly improve your quality of life and allow you to better deal with the symptoms of arthritis:

Alleviation of pain

By far the simplest benefit of regular hot tub use is the alleviation of pain, this is due to the higher temperature within the sauna or tub, which allows for an explosion of chemicals such as cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline and human growth hormones due to the higher levels of stress placed on the body from the increase in heat. The reasons behind the pain relief are due to the release of one of the bodies reward chemicals known as endorphins, which itself acts as a natural painkiller.

Increased joint mobility

joint mobilityA notable improvement in the level of joint mobility also occurs due to this increase in temperature. The high level of heat causes many tissues within the body to become more flexible, allowing for a temporary reprieve from a degree of the stiffness experienced by those who suffer from arthritis. The reason for the improved flexibility is due to an increase in blood flow to the muscles and tissues caused by the body’s natural reaction to higher-than-average temperatures, this, in turn, allows for a higher level of elasticity within the joints which leads to the higher level of joint mobility.

Release of Toxinstoxins

The release of toxins caused by regular hot tub use will greatly benefit you in many ways when it comes to arthritis. As stated above, your blood circulation will improve with hot tub use, this allows for a more efficient level of toxin removal from your body, and while these toxins are not the only cause of pain for those that suffer from arthritis, it does add a considerable amount. Hot tub use allows for this pain to be subverted considerably both during the actual hot tub session and with consistent long-term use, in everyday life.

Increase in energy, decrease in fatigue

increase energyMany athletes enjoy regular hot tub use for this very reason. Due to a combination of the increase in blood flow and the fact that hot tub use burns up to 600 calories per hour, regular hot tub use allows for a higher level of energy and a decrease in the bodies recovery time. While this is highly beneficial for athletes for obvious reasons, it also can help those who suffer from arthritis greatly at the same time. The boost in energy will allow for a lower level of fatigue when carrying out the day to day tasks which arthritis can make extremely difficult, while it will by no means act as a miracle cure, this increase in energy will impact your ability to handle simple tasks with great effect. The lessening of just a fraction of the fatigue experienced on a daily basis will likely be a highly welcomed benefit for anybody who must endure the lack of energy that comes with arthritis.

Psychological Impactpsycological impact

Though not as directly effective as the benefits listed above, the psychological impact of regular sauna use should not be ignored. The combination of the previous reasons and the increase in relaxation caused by hot tub use can have a strong impact on not only your ability to handle the overall ordeal of arthritis but also your ability to utilise perhaps the greatest asset you have at your disposal. Your own state of mind. When your mental state is strong, your body will follow suit and while by no means will this diminish the physical impact of arthritis, it will allow for an improved quality of life through the fact that the symptoms will be easier to handle from a happier state of mind. All this is to say that the stress relief gained from hot tub use, while it may not diminish the side effects directly, will allow for you to indirectly benefit from regular hot tub use both in regards to arthritis and your ability to tackle the demands of everyday life.

This article was written by Nina Wells from Steam Shower Store. She has over 10 years’ experience in writing health related topics and specialises in the health benefits of saunas and hydrotherapy.

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Hi Chris, I have arthritis pains and its really difficult for me to work these pandemic days. I went through entire your website and learned many things from your experience and knowledge. Finally I decided to buy Twilight Series 7.2 from Master Spas in Toronto. I went to the Mississauga Office but they told me these days it may take 10 to 18 weeks to deliver it; as a result because of my pains I can not wait too long and may go to other brands. Do you think there is way to deliver TS 7.2 in a short time… Read more »

Hi Hossein, Sorry to hear about your pain man but I can relate. 28 broken bones in my lifetime means therapy is key for me too. You’ve picked out exactly the right tub with the Twilight because there’s really nothing like it in the therapy category and the sad fact is that the market is so damn hot right now with everyone wanting a tub, that delivery times have gone insane. 10 weeks right now is actually not bad but if you want to try our private buyers service maybe we can twist some arms for you. In any case,… Read more »

Just bought Clarity Precision 8 by Master Spa …in town, checked em out…walked away buying one. Came he me to do more research….thanks for ending my near buyers remorse panic attack. Articles very helpful!!!

I am looking for a therapy hot tub. I am 6 feet tall and have RA and cancer. Looking for pain relief. I live in Michigan. First time buyer and confused by all the options. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you, kathy

Hi Chris, I live in NY. My wife has arthritis (poss RA) and I am looking to buy a 2-3 person tub. I like models with a cool off/step down seat since it makes it easier for her to get into. Currently I am split between the Master Spa HL628L and a Hot Springs Jetsetter NXT. The master is around $6,000 with some upgrades and the Jetsetter is around $9,000. Can you give me your opinion please?

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