Hot Tub Warranties

Hot Tub Warranties

This video is called fine print and hidden costs for good reason, here are some of the things you need to know when looking at hot tub warranties.

1. A long warranty does not automatically mean a good tub.
When you get offered a 3 or 5 year warranty you assume that the company behind it is confident in their product, not always the case!

the industry average for a warranty is around $200 a year… Some manufacturers give you the option to buy the warranty that fits your level of comfort some build it in to give the customer the impression that it’s a better quality product…

Hot tubs with cheap parts or planned obsolescence will crunch the numbers on expected costs and just pad the initial cost of the tub to account for the repairs that will be needed during that time.

2. Call out Charges
Now a call out charge is normal, it depends on the dealer but after 6 months or a year there is usually some call out charge if they need to come look at your tub to cover the cost of getting someone to your house, it’s not like you can bring it in for us to look at like your car. That said look at it or ask about it and make sure it is something reasonable usually somewhere between $50 to $100, I’ve seen some way higher though.

3. Pro Rated Warranty.
Something else to watch out for, these have you paying a portion of the cost based on how long you have had the tub, maybe you don’t pay anything the first year but year two could be 25% of costs and year three could be 50%
That barely counts as a three year warranty and can leave you paying for things you didn’t expect to.

So keep these things in mind if you see free or cheap warranties on a tub that seems expensive, those costs have just shifted around.

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Am I required to have the same dealer that I purchase the tub from service the tub? You mentioned that parts can be proprietary is there an easy way for the consumer to identify this prior to purchasing a tub?

Hi Ed
You would need to check the warranty details, assuming you are still in the warranty period. If not, then any decent hot tub tech can help.

Should I schedule annual maintenance with my dealer and what would they be doing during this call?

Hi Geoffrey Stick to this schedule. DAILY Keep your spa covered WEEKLY AND BEFORE EACH USE Test the spa water, balance as required. MONTHLY Deep clean your spa’s filter. TWO TO FOUR MONTHS, If you are having issues keeping the water chemistry balanced, change the spa water. How often you change the water depends on how much you use the spa. You can certainly extend the life of the water and reduce your chemical costs, by using a product called Spa Marvel, have a read of the link. If you are keeping on top of the above schedule, and everything… Read more »

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