Hot Tub Ratings Sites and Hot Tub Discussion Forums, Sorting the Bullshit from the Bananas

Hot Tub Ratings Sites and Hot Tub Discussion Forums, Sorting the Bullshit from the Bananas
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The ratings you see on a Rating site reviews can be anything from anyone and most of the time if it is really bad review or a really good review it’s either a competitor posing as a customer or a dealer posing as a customer, these fake reviews are not isolated they are rampant some studies suggest that as much of 50% are fraudulent.

The discussion forums are populated by hot tub sellers, they have a Bias and an agenda it is in their best interest to knock brands that are taking money from their local markets so any brand indruding heavily into dealers markets and selling at tent sales and events are public enemy #1 because they have numerous dealers who  travel the country selling at these massive sales taking money from local dealers.

When a company comes into a market, does an Expo or tent sale and sells Half a million dollars worth of hot tubs in a weekend the local retailers go bananas! Especially when they sell at thousands less than the high priced fancy showrooms. Local retailers see this as unfair competition and they vent their anger on the discussion forums and ratings and review sites by posing as customers, and bad mouthing the brand that is stealing millions from their local markets.

Forbes reported that even Amazon is suffering from a massive increase in fake reviews anyone can create a fake email and an account on Yelp, or any other rating site or discussion forum using a VPN and totally skew the real data concerning the reliability of a product…

So what are the review sites and Discussion Forums sites really worth?

Unfortunately in the Hot Tub world with the exception of regulated groups like the BBB, Consumers Digest, and Consumer affairs they are almost bullshituseless and the unregulated discussion forums are even worse, in fact the discussion forums are heavily controlled by certain companies, usually the same ones building cheap products and hiding behind high profile branding and marketing and are full of the very same guys who are losing millions to the Traveling road shows, expos and tent sales.

Remember the experts on these discussion forums are sellers of hot tubs, it is in their interest to band together against the guys doing expos in their markets!!! They have a BIAS.

Event saless are taking millions of dollars out of these guys pockets and they are furious.

While the advice and recommendations from the hot tub guys on the forum discussion sites is almost completely useless the reality is the discussion forums can give you a wealth of information on what tubs are working reliably and which ones are failing in the field if you know how to look at the data instead of listening to the half truths, spin and marketing…

On the forums they say Hot Springs is great because the forum is full of hot springs dealers, Hot Springs is arguably the best at the branding, spin and hype so it makes sense that part of their strategy is to have their dealers be prevalent on the discussion forums. The same experts will say Master Spa who is the biggest guys doing Expos and tent sales in their backyards is crap because they are all pissed off at Master because they keep coming into their markets and taking millions of dollars out of their local markets so it’s all heavily biased self serving information…

Look at the real data…

I went to the first 10 pages of the two top forums and only looked at who is needing help fixing their broken spas… this is a true unbiased snapshot of what is working and what is falling apart…

Guess what !!!

The Watkins group (Hot Springs, Caldera, hot spot etc) is arguably the worst with a whopping 34% of the posts asking for help fixing these midgrade spas with all the fancy branding and marketing… The Jacuzzi arguably the next biggest culprit of supplying mid grade spas wrapped in gorgeous branding and advertising is the second worst with 21% of the broken spas. These numbers are wholly disproportionate with their market share these tubs are failing again and again.

Meanwhile, there are 0 customers with Master Spas, and around 2% for the other brands I recommend asking for help because their hot tubs are working reliably… Yet the experts on the discussion forums will tell you that Master Spas are poorly built crap and in the next breath say that Artesian and Marquis which are built much the same way with the same parts are good because those two companies are not taking millions out of their local markets…

It’s not hard to see what the truth is and what is just more of the same hype and bullshit that is prevalent in the world today…

Check out the raw data without the input of all these pissed off dealers…

Number of customers requesting help fixing their broken hot tubs

Data culled from:

11:45 est 11/08/17
12:25 est 11/08/17,21789.0.html

forum Data


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Hi Kevin! This is a fantastic site. Thank you! We are trying to decide between a TS 7.2 or the LSX 700. It’s a $3000 difference. Worth the extra $3000 in your opinion?

Hi Ronna
It really depends on what you want, the LSX is the “all bells and whistles” end of Master Spa, great tub, and really look the part. But, if Hydrotherapy is your main driver, save yourself the money, the TS range cannot be beaten if it’s a jet package to ease your muscles your looking for…

Are you using spa management software?

Hi David
We recommend SparStar to help with running your tub.

We have a hot tub at our cabin on Vancouver island, bc. Rarely goes below zero. We go every two weeks to check up on it as we’ve only had our hot tub since May of this year. We’re having difficulties figuring out how to look after our hot tub when gone for the two weeks. We balance chemicals prior to leaving, and we put chlorine in our dispenser, and we come back and water is cloudy. Our local retailer has not been very helpful at all besides trying to sell us stuff. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Melanie
It could be as simple as not having the pumps filtering for enough time, try cranking up the filter time to at least 6 hours and see how that goes.

What are you thought on the Jacuzzi brand?

Hi Tina
I actually am becoming more of a fan of the Jacuzzi, they have changed the build and parts and build a good spa now but it’s pricy… Honestly its better than a lot of options.

I received my new Marquis hot tub yesterday. I was surprised that it was really dirty. It had dirt and water dried in the bottom and under the new filters, there was more dirt. is this normal? My hot tub guy is telling me it is from the factory test. Worried I received a used hot tub.

Hi Ryan
The tub will be wet tested before leaving the factory, but I would expect it to be clean on at the time of delivery.

Hey Chris, I’m having trouble deciding between tubs… trying to decide between an Artisian Kona Elite vs. a local dealer, Royal Spas. Here’s the down low… Artisian – Kona ELITE (84X84X36): (1) Circ Pump Sales guy said it turns the water over 115x’s per day (2) 5hpr 1-Speed Pumps Cabinet: Synthetic (like Trex) Icynene Full Foam (Elite) (2) “Purge” cycles per day in addition to 24-hour circulation Can turn off one side of tub to make other side more powerful $7499 (including extended warranty) ________________________________________________ Royal Spa (74X83X33.25): (1) smaller Circ Pump – does size matter? Sales Guy said… Read more »

Hi Leah The Artesian Kona is decent Spa, and that’s not a bad price either. As for the Royal Spa, do not see those come up very often. I’d ask a few questions about how they are constructed. 1. Who makes the heating and control systems – you want Balboa, or at the very least Gecko. 2. Is the shell self-supporting? It should be. 3. Is the plumbing glued and clamped? It should be. Circ pumps, something, and nothing, I would never add them to an options list, the main pumps are more than capable of keeping the water turning… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by Kevin

Thanks for your response! It looks like some of your words were cut off? With insulation, Royal Spa wraps R19 around the perimeter and Artisian is full foam. Thoughts on these two different ways of keeping the heat in? Also, do you see any advantage to having the tub sitting on a fiberglass frame?

Hi Leah
Hi Leah
Yes, lost the end of my sentence on previous response, I’ve gone back and completed it now. Opps!!
Full foam is generally thought of as a better option, perimeter insulation can keep the heat in, but also around the pumps, which can get hot. Pumps have a label on them which is heat sensitive, and changes colour if it has had heat overload. Sitting on a fibreglass frame adds no real benefit.

Okay, have you ever heard of Spa Builders for heating and control parts? Thoughts? Thanks again for sharing your expertise!

Hi Leah
Yup, Spa Builders heating and control systems are a long way down the leader table of control systems. What tub is that you are looking at?

It’s the tub from Royal Spas. I reached out directly to Artisian and they claimed over the phone that they use Balboa. However, they don’t actively advertise this in their websites. If this is a selling point, why wouldn’t they mention it?

Hi Leah
Artesian, Do use Balboa heating and control systems, why they don’t promote it, no idea, does seem strange.

Hello. Thank you for all of the detailed info. I did not see(but may have missed) your opinion on plug n play models. I am looking at a used 2016 Masterspa TS120. I live in Rhode Island so I am concerned that a 110v can keep us hot in the winter, so to speak. Thank you in advance. Erica

Hi Erica
You have hit the nail on the head, a 120v system can only supply so much power. It will heat the tub, but when using it, it may not keep pace with the heating requirements, as most 120v units can only run heat or pumps, they cannot run both at the same time. So, it can be a bit of a trade-off. But for sure it will be able to get up to temperature when the lids on, so ready for you to jump in and a have a hot soak…

what about the inflatable hot tubs like if thats all one can afford under $1500.00?

Hi Kari
To be honest, they are all out of china, and will at best last you a year, and if you are in an area prone to harsh winters, then it’s not even going to stay a decent temperature, and burn a huge hole in your power bill. Delayed landfill to be honest, but if you keep it in a sheltered area, then its nice place to spend an evening with friends.

We owned a Jacuzzi J-435 And after almost a legal battle (we kinda won) we are ready to pull the trigger on another tub. We are really looking for either COAST Element Curve Elite or the Masters Spa T7.25. I’m looking for good hydrotherapy, but I’m also installing a salt water pool – so the Coast dealer is massive in southern Ontario vs two location for Masters.

I know you have been pending a site visit to Coast – are they all still a top pick?

Hi Joe
The Coast is still a top pick, pending a factory visit, just not been possible due to Covid etc. One-point worth mentioning is with Coast, a factory order is going to take well over a year to arrive. If the dealer tells you different, ask him to show you the factory build details for the tub you are buying.
I’d go with the Twilight 7.25 stunning therapy tub!
I’m sure you have found these guys, they feature on our ‘All Star Dealer’ list, highly recommended. Mention us, you might even get a little sweetener on the deal.

Thanks for all the great info. We had money down on a Bullfrog but because COVID halted their manufacturing, were able to get our money back. Went to a different local dealer and they suggested a CalSpa Costa. Can be delivered much sooner but it’s also $2k more expensive than the Bullfrog. Don’t want to make a bad decision just because we want a spa before the cold weather, but it does seem the CalSpa isn’t a bad option. I’d appreciate your thoughts though.

Hi Rebekah
CalSpa its, not a terrible brand but it depends what you have been offered… they do two heating and control systems you want to make sure you have the Balboa system not the Waterways one. Also make sure you order the full foam upgrade, if you are in an area with harsh winters.

So what do you know about the Catalina Luxury line of spas?? Lightning killed our 5 year old Baja spa a couple months ago, got an Artesian Island spa that was in stock but the main foot jet kept popping out and it would not maintain temp so they are coming to get it next weekend and I’m shopping again. The Catalina dealer out here out here has some nice ones.. what do you think of them (looking at the Berkshire)
Thanks, Scott

Hi Scott
The Berkshire is almost entirely tons of cheaper mid and low flow jetting which gives you a high pressure low flow, it feels good but it isn’t as good for massage, high flow jetting costs more but is one of the most important things that separates a tub for massage and therapy from one for relaxation. Gecko controls which again, a negative.
Catalina are a mass-merchant mid-grade tub with a cradle supported shell, no clamps on the plumbing and poor insulation. There are far better options available

Thank you, while doing a bunch of research I came to the same basic conclusion… so… I have switched gears and am looking at a Cal Spas Escape Series tub, in particular the Cancun EC-867B. Looked at a bunch and looked at reviews here and else where and unfortunately you don’t actually have a review on one so I’d like to hear your opinion. I looked at Master spas but the closest dealer is 2 states away. Nice site you have here by the way.. still looking over it.. lots of info thanks! I’ve had hot tubs for 30 years… Read more »

Hi Scott To be honest, there are just so many hot tubs out there now, its just not possible to review them all, in fact we are not even going to try, there are thousands of variations. Things to look for, self-supporting shell, Balboa heating and control Systems, Glued and clamped pipe work, top rated insulation, look for the R rating. Avoid crazy gimmicks, anything to do ‘special’ things to your water, avoid Wifi, its not going to work anyway. Stand alone circ pumps are troublesome too… Chris, toured cal spas factory and they are right on the edge with… Read more »

Yeah, I special ordered it with out the gobleygook on it, didnt need/want the salt system, exterior lighting, fancy exterior shell, bluetoot/speakers yada yada.. saved about $2500 doing it this way.

Hi, do you know anything about the Bluewhale spas? I have been looking at their Huntington Beach Hot tub but I have not heard you mention this brand. We are in the UK and I have been looking for a while now but it is so hard to know what is a good hot tub.
We did also visit a showroom last week and the sell Wellis spas but again I have not heard much about these either.
Thank you!

Hi Karen
I can’t help with the Bluewhale Spa brand, not one I’m familiar with. As for the Wellis, it’s low-end euro trash with proprietary parts and low-end fabrication, best keep walking by…
Not sure where you are in the UK but check out our brand reviews here. Then search for your nearest dealer online for our recommend brands.

Hi Kevin Thank you very helpful. We are in Leeds. I am going to contact master spa as they are in Blackpool 1.5 hours drive away so not too far. So glad I didn’t go for the wellis. Blue whale are sold by Costco and the reviews are all good but i would rather go on recommendations.

Hi Karen
Don’t buy a tub from Costco, It’ll end in tears, that they can’t help with… Better to buy from a specialist dealer, rather than a huge cash and carry type of business.

Thanks for this site! I live in Utica, NY. First time buyer looking for a 4-person tub. My primary criteria is powerful jets, especially for the hips, legs, and feet. Is bullfrog the brand with the most powerful jets? I’m open to any brand. Thanks again!

Hi Albert
Master Spa, Twilight is the go too range for a therapy biased hot tub – nothing on the market can touch it for therapy. With it being a Master Spa, you also know its going to be built right, and serve you well into the future.
We can get you the very best price, with some models available on reasonable lead times too, via our Private Buyer Service.

Hi Chris! Thanks to the information you’ve provided, we have looked at Master Spas LSX 800 and Twilight Series 8.2. That dealer is about 1 hour away from where we live.
We also visited a Jacuzzi dealer which is only 1 mile from our home. We liked the J475 and J375.

I didn’t see any of your reviews on Jacizzi and would like to get your opinion.

Hi Alina Jacuzzi is in a weird place with us right now, they used to build low to mid-grade tubs but over the last couple of years they’ve changed a lot of how they do things and now they are (on paper anyway) doing a lot of things right. The only reason we do not have them on our go-to list is that we haven’t yet been able to get our hands on one to tear it apart and confirm that. We don’t want to go to them, and them show us a preprepared tub. We want to see one,… Read more »

Good evening. First time buyer using this site for some guidance. Wanted to say thank you as this is giving me a wealth of knowledge. So I’m looking at used units as for my first tub I want to stay in the $2500-$3500 range. I have come across a 2014 (w receipt) Martinique Paradise Series Tub (Caldera I believe) and the seller is asking $2800 obro. It comes with a cover and appears to be in excellent condition. Any tips or things to look for that might not be obvious? Is this model respectable? From what I’ve read it’s a… Read more »

Hi Mike, The Caldera brand is really not the best, they do a decent job of building them, but use loads proprietary parts, which can make them an expensive nightmare to repair. Buying a hot tub in the second-hand market, with little or no experience is a bit of a jungle. I’d suggest maybe getting a local service guy to give it the once over, and the money you pay him, could well be a worthwhile investment. As a by-product of this route, you’ll find out if your local service guys can or will want to maintain and service it… Read more »

I found a Nordic Retreat MS for 8k. Is this a standard price for this unit delived?

Hi Mollie,
Nordic Retreat MS, at 8k, seems on the high side, there was one in Florida earlier this month at $4800, admittedly from an outlet dealer, so big that up a bit, still not getting to $8k in my mind… I’d be aiming for a bit of discount on that 😉

wow that is a big difference. We are in the Los Angeles area. I also got a quote for a Master spa TS 6.2 $9299 without a cover or stairs. Is there any room on these prices? Or is there a good dealer to actually speak with?

Hi Mollie,
Prices are sticking at a high level, due to covid -19, Its still a sellers’ market… There are not so many dealers in your area that we have direct experience of, but, you could try these guys, Who sell direct from their factory, with excellent after sales service.

Looking to buy my first hot tub and I don’t know which brand to choose. I looked at a Coast spas Curve model. But I found a website, which indicates their product is not good quality and their customer service is almost non-existent. I live in Hamilton Ontario. A friend bought a Sundance spa today. She knows someone used to work in the industry. His opinion on Coast is that they are super low end quality with generic waterway jets. He said that Coast is definitely not a high end brand.

Hi Sean, We haven’t been able to visit Coast (or anywhere else for that matter lately) but they use a hand rolled shell, full spray foam and a good parts list. Coast is definitely a solid tub.

Hello – terrific site! First time tub shopper and this site has been so valuable! We’re considering a Master Spa TS 8.2 (I think), we’re just north of Toronto, Ontario – do you have a preference between Premium Wholesale (Mississauga) or Master Spas Barrie?

Hi Shannon,

That’s a great tub and they are both great dealers and they’re actually from the same family so you’ll be good to go with either

Terrific, thank you!!

Hi. I am planning to buy a hot tub. I was going to get a new budget spa from Dreammakers or Masters (Getaway line) which is around $4000. However, I also found a guy nearby who is selling his used hot tub. It is well maintained and he hires a spa company who cleans it and adds chemicals regularly. He does not know who the manufacturer is and how old it is as he bought it with the house. It uses a Balboa control system and has wooden cabinet. He would be willing to sell it for around $1000. I… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Magnum

Hi this is our 1st purchase for a spa…we are in St Donat, Quebec…it’s already hitting temps of 0 degrees so we definitely need something to make it through our cold Quebec winters. I would like to have enough room for 6 people. Thanks!!!!

Hi Stef,

You’re in a bit of a tough area as there are not a lot of good options for brands or dealers in your area. Check out our private buyers service and we may be able to get you something good on a factory-direct unit

I’m looking for a small 2 to 3 person hot tub with a lounger.
I live in Virginia
Efficiency, the environment, and non chemicals are important to me.
What would you recommend.
Thank you

Check out the Getaway lineup as well as the Master Clarity line (budget) or the Twilight series (higher end massage). Look up Innovative Spas in Virginia Beach. Great dealer that knows how to take care of customers

HI Bill/Chris

We just purchased a marquis celebrity vegas, it comes in February! I feel pretty confident with this brand after going through your reviews. I noticed that my dealer uses bromine for disinfecting. I am a little confused because I thought I read that bromine was discontinued due to health regulations? Is there a better option for keeping our hot tub water clean, we are hoping to stay as gentle as possible regarding chemicals due to a skin sensitivity in my daughter.

Thank you for all of your expertise!!

Thanks so much!! The hot tub specs say it has a In-Line feeder system that uses bromine. Can I completely bypass this, and use only the spa marvel?

Yes, leave the bromine feeder empty, add a bottle of spa marvel every three months and give it 3 tablespoons of chlorine granule a week

so 34%ish of people looking to fix their hot tubs bought hot springs…. In order for this statistic to mean anything at all, we need to have an idea of what percentage of the market they comprise.

What is quality and insulation like on a Be Well Canadian hot tub compared to Master Spas

Hi Paul,

Be Well is a mid-grade brand, gecko control system, cradle supported shell and sub-standard insulation. Not a terrible brand but they can’t compare to something like a Master, Artesian or PDC

We live in rural NY. Our closest dealer at 13 miles is Marquis. Then 40 miles is Bull Frog. The closest Master Spa dealer is Philly, PA at 3 hours. From your forums and videos we selected Master Spa, however doesn’t seem possible due to distance. However with 0% needing repairs, is drop shipping to our home even a possibility, or would we be better off purchasing from a local dealer for the “relationship”. Confused… Thank you for any advise you may give. PS. So glad we found you. Thanks for talking us out of Hot Springs and Sundance.

Hi Jeff,

What’s your zip? We can find you a good brand and dealer. Also check out our private buyers service and we can take care of the entire process for you whether it be through a dealer or factory direct

I listened to a ton of your vids on Youtube. It came down to Bullfrog (40 miles away) and Master Spas (180 miles away). After speaking with East Coast Spas in Horsham, PA they affirmed they are the dealer for my area… and for the first 3 years of the warranty they will service the tub at my home for no additional charge as that’s included in the warranty. The Bullfrog A7L came out to $12,932 (steps, delivery set up, cover) The Twilight Series 7.2 came out to $10,195. (ABS bottom pan, set up chemicals, steps, delivery set up, cover).… Read more »

I neglected to ask in my previous response about the Mast3rPur system. I did not add this as an upgrade. Should I have? I’ve heard a lot about the UV-C light. There are only two of us (adults) that will use this tub. Is it worth the price (which I do not know)? Thanks for guiding and directing me.

Hi Jeff,

Pass on the Mast#Pur system. It’s a UV based system that requires a circ pump and I’ve seen way too many problems with those circ pumps. The TS comes standard with an EcoPure cartridge in the filter that you replace every 9 months ($50) and add a bottle of Spa Marvel every three months and you’re at drinking water levels of chlorine. That’s a far better solution than any UV or Ozone system

Hello! I was looking on your site for any details reviews or feedback on either the Aspen spas hot tubs or Sundance hot tubs but haven’t seen anything? Do you have any thoughts on either of those brands?

I’m in Nashville TN southern Kentucky area need a good reputation dealer installer

Hi Andy,

Look up the folks at Hice’s Pool, Spa and Patio. They are great people and sell good quality units

you are absolutely awesome ,,I’m going to do my due diligence then when I get ready I’m going to use you’re services and buying service glad I found this site

I think I owe y’all dinner, at minimum. I was so close to buying a sat tub by Caldera or Hot Springs last week until I stumbled on your site and watched all your videos. THANK YOU.

So it feels like Master Spa is the best. Why is it so hard to find an actual DEALER who sells them instead of the big showroom people? Do master spa dealers actually exist? This is kind of a red flag for me.

Hi Brianna,

There are a lot of Master dealers but if you are on the west coast then you are covered by a dealer that operates from expo type shows. He is the biggest spa dealer in the world and is backed by a great organization and factory service. You won’t go wrong buying from them but have a look at our private buyers service as well

Hello! I’m in Maryland, have never owned a hot tub before, and am looking for something under $10K. What brands would you recommend, and can you recommend dealers/showrooms in the DC-MD area? Thank you so much for this website – it’s really helped me understand what I’m getting into.

Last edited 4 months ago by Virginia

Hi Virginia,

Give Kevin a call at Hot Tubs Inc. in Owings, MD and ask him about the Getaway and Clarity line from Master Spas. They are a great dealer and Master is one of our top brands. He’ll get you into something good for that price but beware – the hot tub market is crazy busy right now so you’ll likely be waiting 4-6 months for one (and that applies to any decent tub out there right now)

Thank you!!

Hi there… just wondering what your thoughts are on a 10 year old jacuzzi 470 model? Is it worth $8-$10k and how long do u think it could last?

Hi Jenn,

You can get a new spa for that price and paying that for something 10 years old would be insane. A mint condition 10 year old tub should go for 30-40% of a new tub at the most

We are looking at a Catalina hot tub at a tent sale. 7×7 for 7500. Is that a good buy?

I am in Pueblo CO. Who here (Pueblo, Colorado Springs) would be good? Which tubs at Costco and Home Depot would you consider?

Hi Kenneth,

I wouldn’t look at anything from Costco or HD. Mass merchant tubs are simper awful, see here.

Look up Aqua Spa in Castle Rock – good dealer and they sell the Master line. An alternative would be Colorado Custom Spas also in Castle Rock and they sell Artesian

I realize you are Chris. sorry i misspoke below. We do have a Masters dealer 1 hr away – which would you recomment

I live in Tuscaloosa Alabama and own a Masters, Inc – Twilight series hottub. We bought at a trade show in 2014. This was our first hottub. We are building a new house and will need to purchase a new hottub. The local dealer hear sells HotSprings. I see from your reviews in 2017, this might not be the ideal product. We would like a tub to be at least 7′ square, but we really don’t want to spend over $10,000. What would you suggest?

Hi Shannon,

I’d stay away from Hot Springs – proprietary parts, cradle-supported shell and inferior control system.

Check out All Star Pool and Spa in Birmingham for the Master line and look at the Healthy Living or Clarity series for under 10k. A new twilight will be right around 10k plus tax so if you can stretch that budget just a bit you can be back in a twilight.

Another option is Family Leisure in Birmingham – they sell Artesian Spas which are a much, much better option than a Hot Springs tub

Hi Chris, I live on Vancouver Island and we have only three dealers in the city in live in (Duncan). The brands they carry are Artic, Jacuzzi, Beachcomber and Coast. I know you like Coast of the bunch but because of Covid they cannot give me a date for delivery which is sometime next year! We would like to get one sooner then that. Another dealer further upisland sells Passion, Clearwater, Bullfrog and H20 not sure about those brands but was impressed with how many options the Passion had for the price but likely for a reason and found out… Read more »

Hi Jack,

With everyone staying home and buying hot tubs during Covid, the market has gone bananas and delivery times with most dealers are getting to 6+ months so that’s not surprising. Don’t be tempted to buy something you’ll regret just to get it sooner.

If you’re on Vancouver island check out Fraser Valley Hot Tubs. They’re off the island but do cover it and they’re on our all-star list. Good people, greta service and high quality tubs

Cool the Hot Tub in a hot summer! Hey Chris; thanks for the great advise on our latest hot purchase. After owning 5 hot tubs our last tub gave up the ghost and developed a leak that we could not locate. The wife finally had enough of nursing it along. (Nordic brand) So we were in the market for a new tub. We finally found a hot tub shop close to us and as it turned out, they carried the Coast Spas. The wife wanted to buy it right away but I held off until I saw that it was… Read more »

Hi Steve,

Online you can buy a cover-cover which is basically a fitted sheet type of tarp to put over your tub and protect your cover from the elements and we had a user use a white one to reflect UV radiation which worked fairly well but I’d be curious to know your results so please keep us updated

Hi Chris,

Thank you for all the great information you post on your site. I have seen in multiple posts and videos that you greatly prefer Balboa controls to Gecko controls. How do you feel specifically about the Gecko K-1000 since I am seeing it in a lot of hot tubs locally?

Hi Bruce,

The K-1000 is an evolution of the Gecko system (now the in.ye5) and they’ve made some good changes to it mainly making it far more serviceable. Balboa is still king but that’s not a bad pack

Hello gentlemen, Working with two dealers in my area (Northern VA) and am down to one offering to price match the other but not seeing a lot of incentives one way or the other on who to go with. One is much more local than the other. Do you have any recommendations on incentives for me to ask for that might sway who I decide to go with? Basically what is a realistic ask? Wondering if asking them to throw in the Axis cover to seal the deal might be a good ask or something along those lines? We are… Read more »

Next time around on that drink 😉
We went with Hot Tub INC out of Owings, MD.
MP Signature Deep – $38,495 w/axis cover $3,800
LSX900 – $13,495
No other incentives were offered. Even tried to see if we would save anything on delivery since we were buying both units. Once we got them on the phone they were great to deal with though.

Hi Butch,

In this market those are fair prices. Dealers right now are not offering a lot in the way of incentives simply because they don’t have to – there are 4 buyers for every unit and dealers have no trouble moving tubs

Hi, I was quoted $17k on a master spa swimspa therapool 13. Does this seem like a good price? If not do you know of a similiar swim spa in that price range or less?

Hi Keisha,

That’s a great swimmer and, considering the crazy hot market right now where there are 4 buyers for every tub, it’s a great deal too. Well done!

We had a Catalina spa for 20 years and did great but finally failed. One of the repair guys said Nordic would be his suggestion. What do you think of them? We have a local dealer which is nice.

Hi Jackie,

Nordic is a decent tub, made well and they focus on the right things. You won’t go wrong and if you have a good dealer in your area that makes it all that much better because a good dealer can make a decent tub great

Looking at a used Twilight 6.2 for $4500 and a Clarity Precision 7 for $5500- Master Spas -are the magnetic therapy any good in the Clarity that is touted??? – Live about an hour from South Bend and they seem to have a few people that handle Master Spa used spa sales on FB. I assume that if in good condition these would be good deals (if they are not already sold). Thanks!!!

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Hi Cassi,

The magnetic therapy does have benefits but the larger massage jets on the twilight are better. The price on the Twilight is good assuming it’s in excellent condition. The Clarity price is high (but with Covid and a shortage of tubs on the market, the seller may get it)

Any experience with the hot tubs sold by Aqua Living Factory Outlets? Their brand Hudson Bay is priced fairly cheaply compared with many other brands and are within my budget. I just don’t want to buy something that cut corners everywhere.

Hi Ryan,

Stay away from them man. They’re priced cheaply because they’re built cheaply. A bunch of tiny high-pressure low flow jets in a cheap shell so yeah they cut corners everywhere. Stay with the good brands (Master, Atresian. PDC, Coast) and make sure you get something you’ll enjoy for years

Thank you Bill, that feels like the smarter investment. We have a Coast dealer very close to my house.

We are looking at the bahama spa serenity cove from the dealer or Master spa 2018 twilight series 7.2 used from a couple for $6000.00. Any advice on which you would pick and in general thoughts on the brand Bahama? I can’t find much info on them. Our dealer only sells jacuzzi, sundance, and bahama. Bahama is the only one that is in our price range.

Is there something to look at to figure out what fair prices are for used hot tubs? Also if we buy used from private party do you have advice on moving it if it’s over an hour away?

Hi Mike,

Used tubs are all over the place in terms of pricing and quality. There are some deals to be had but there’s a lot of overpriced junk out there as well. Every one would have to be looked at individually. Moving a tub is not hard with a small trailer and 4-5 people. You can also check tub dealers and repair shops because they often offer moving services

Just purchased a used 2014 twilight 8.2 from an older couple. Tub looked in great shape and didn’t have any leaks when we saw it but he told me he hadn’t had anything done to it. Kept up on chemicals but still had the original filters, which he said he cleaned regularly. Had it moved to our house and when I removed the sides to hook up the wiring I noticed a maze of mouse tunnels throughout the foam. Local dealer says that is common and refoaming the tunnels isn’t necessary. Powered everything on and noticed concrete is staying wet… Read more »

Hi Pat,

I’ve seen great results from Fix-a-Leak so I’d definitely give it s shot. There’s also a little trick you can use to stop the rodents from getting in – get some coarse steel wool and stuff it into the gaps at the bottom of the corners of the tub (that’s primarily where they get in)

what about the costco brands. aquaterra, evolution and beachcomber?

Was quoted 6995 in Milwaukee area for masterspa clarity balance 7. Curious on Your thoughts with price. 150 for previous tub removal andb150 for cover lift.


I have a 2001 hotspot jacuzzi in the manual it tells you on the adjustments to hit the light hit me up button at the same time I get a reading 1 through 12 I do not understand the settings on that is there anyway you can help me with that seems like I said it on one and it’ll kick on five times a day 6 times a day and so on I need to find some Conformity on this

Any thoughts on Life’s Great brand hot tubs? Not much info out there?

Unfortunately, this is one of those brands we don’t really trust. There a generic mass merchant tub and as far as I’m concerned they’re chilling on the same tier as Costcos hot tubs. If you want more specific info on why we don’t tend to support brands like this, here’s a great resource for you to check out

thoughts on tropical seas brand hot tub?

Hi guys…have s all.round metal flakes at bottom of older hottub…what’s it from? Leaving little spots of rust…

Bought a home with a sundance (15 years old) don’t want to put more money into fixing it any more than I already have. Now leaking. It’s had its run. Place down the road sells Tropic Seas and/or Artesian. Any insight to that? Do I run away? or are they ok? Also – I think I want a bigger tub, maybe 91×108…. will that end up costing me more in the future?Chris in Kansas.

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