Hot Tub University All Star Dealers!

So tons of you guys have been asking me where the best dealers to buy from across the US and Canada are these last two years, I want to make sure I’m sending you to good people with the right products, good service and good deals. I’m doing a ton of research, travel and followup to investigate these guys and make this rating mean something. If I rank a dealer as an All-Star it means they are doing all the right stuff and have earned it.

If you have any issues with an All-Star let me know and I’ll make sure you get taken care of. Too many people get caught up in marketing spin or buy gimmicky hot tubs that need constant service. I have always been about countering that, cutting through all the spin issues and bad marketing, it’s about letting you guys know what really matters when buying a hot tub.

Have Chris answer your questions and help you find All Stars dealers near you.