Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy
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Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy


Hydrotherapy or water therapy refers to a series of exercises involving the use of heated water in a pool to relieve discomfort and promote the physical well-being of the body muscles. Although it has been an integral part of the traditional medicine practice, this practice is still unfamiliar to many people.

Only a small percentage of people know exactly how this process can benefit our health and overall well-being.  Without going deep into this exercise, the therapeutic treatments work on a simple approach where it draws on the healing properties of water at different temperatures to relieve discomfort.  

Well, let’s delve in and learn how exactly these therapeutic treatments improves our overall well-being.

It relieves muscle tension, pain and encourages relaxation

When you jump into the pool, you’ll feel a sense of weightlessness that supports your aching muscles, provides an ease of movement and relieves tension in your muscles particularly the limbs. On top of this, this exercise stimulates the release of endorphins which is a natural pain reliever.

Warm water is known to increase the flow of blood and this lessens stress and relaxes the muscles thereby alleviating pain. Hydrotherapy is, therefore, an important part of your fitness routine that will help you recover from a tiresome day training.

WomanMusclePainIt helps in rehabilitating injured muscle

Immersion in water under varying temperatures affects the flow of blood around the body. For instance, warm or hot water raises the body temperature thus increasing blood flow. Rapid circulation of blood around muscles helps in alleviating pain. An increase in the rate of circulation helps the body to reabsorb fluids faster and this speed up healing and rehabilitation of injured tissues and muscles.

It enhances the immune system

As mentioned earlier, the warm sensation improves the circulation of blood around the body. This flow also speeds up the circulation of the white blood cells (bodyguard) around the body. This allows for the lymphatic fluid to be moved through the body more efficiently thus improving the immune system of the body. Hydrotherapy treatments also help the immune system to function properly. A strong immunity helps the body to fight colds and forms of illness.

It aids in detoxification of the bodyimune system

Therapeutic treatments also involve saunas and steam rooms which induce considerable sweating. Sweating is a metabolic function of the skin. As sweat comes out, it carries with it metabolic wastes and toxins from the body thereby improving health and wellbeing. Hydrotherapy is a great way to flush out toxins and to cleanse your body.

It relieves stress

Stress has been ranked among the top killers in the world. Stress increases blood pressure and other health complications. But hydrotherapy treatments are the best-known ways in fighting stress it is known to stimulate the production of endorphins which is a natural stress fighter. Also, the hydrotherapy treatments slow down how the body reacts to anxiety.

Helps in clearing respiratory infections

Therapeutic treatments that involve inhalation of steams medicated with menthol products helps in alleviating constriction of canals in the lungs and in the bronchioles. It also clears the respiratory tract allowing mucus, fluids, and gasses to exit the lungs at a more adept rate.

When the body fights respiratory infections, dead cells are moved out of the body through mucous. That said, by clearing mucous and fluid found in the lungs, we help the body in clearing any infections as soon as possible.

headacheIt prevents headaches

Headaches are often triggered by an accumulation of pressure in the arteries of the skull. Warm water dilates the blood vessels thus increasing the gap that the blood needs to cover. This lowers the person’s overall blood pressure.  The lowering of blood pressure, therefore, prevents headaches.

Besides, hydrotherapy treatments help in alleviating stress. Since stress is caused by a limited flow of blood to the head (brain, specifically), these treatments can help reduce stress-induced headaches.

Controls blood sugar of diabetics

According to a study featured in the, patients with type 2 diabetes are more adept at managing their plasma sugar levels by soaking in warm water for about 30 minutes daily. This should be done 6 out of the 7 days in a week.

The increased blood flow mimics regular exercise and lowers the bustle of the endocrine system. It, therefore, plays a major role in maintaining blood glucose levels.

Other health benefits of hydrotherapy treatment include:

  • Hydrating cells and improving skin and muscle tone.
  • patients with neural and muscular diseases experience reduced symptoms

This article was written by Nina Wells from Clearwells. She has over 10 years’ experience in writing health related topics and specializes in the health benefits of saunas and hydrotherapy.

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