Reducing Chemical use with Enzymes

You can buy a years supply from us on the pages below.

Spa Marvel (US) Spa Marvel (Canada)

This article is to look at Enzyme systems and in particular Spa Marvel. This is the system I use on my own Hot Tubs and a lot of my customers have been using it for a long time as well, Spa Marvel makes a big difference in water quality and health and at 54.99 every 3 months is also more affordable than other systems.

So what do they do? Enzymes work by helping to break down inorganic contaminants like sweat, body oils, lotions and other contaminants, the kind of stuff that bacteria feed on and that foam and cloud up your tub. This process has a ton of benefits, enough to justify using a list later, but the main reason this is so important is that they let you heavily reduce the level of chlorine or bromine you use and expose yourself to.

Chlorine or bromine are used for water treatment because they are simply great at killing organics, which is perfect for bacteria or viruses but not great for people, especially since the steam from a hot tub gives it easy exposure to your lungs and eyes. This can cause irritation and other issues, especially if you use your hot tub daily like I do, safely cutting down on chemical exposure has always been important to me and right now this system is the best for it.

I know some people totally stop using chlorine or bromine in favor of systems like this but that is pretty risky. These chemicals do play an important role and it is safer to keep chlorine present in the tub even if this treatment lets you use less, Spa Marvel itself is not a sanitizer. Always check your local regulations or recommendations, most don’t take into account systems like this yet sadly but the Enzyme technology is growing popular even without it so hopefully they catch up soon.

Here is that list of other benefits I mentioned.

-Enzymes help prevent scale, bio-film and other buildup.
-By removing contaminants that bacteria feed on Spa Marvel reduces the levels of chlorine or bromine needed to effectively sanitize.
-These systems are non toxic and environmentally friendly, the Spa Marvel people even do a demo where they drink it.
-All these above parts keep your total dissolved solids count low which lets your water last far longer before needing changed
-By breaking down and removing these contaminants as well as reducing chemical use your water also becomes easier to balance and can be left for longer.

You can buy Spa Marvel and try it out at no risk, once you see how it helps your water I’m sure you will stick with it.

You can buy some bundles with free shipping from us on the pages below.

Spa Marvel (US) Spa Marvel (Canada)
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Can you tell me the difference between the product spa guard and spa marvel? Thanks for your help!

Hi Jill
Spa Guard is a range of Spa chemical packs, chlorine, PH adjusters, shock treatments and the like. Spa Marvel is an enzyme system that complements the chemicals used to balance the water, and allows you to run Chlorine at much lower levels, in fact not far off drinking water level…

Ok thank you! We are about to have our first hot tub delivered. They want to set me up with a bromine package. I told them I was looking to use spa marvel. They told me about Spa Guard. They are going to give us tutorials on how to maintain water because we are clueless and asked that we bring our water in so they can see ph balance and what we need. How do I go about learning how to maintain our water starting out if I use your product? Do I still need to buy bromine or chlorine… Read more »

Hi Jill
You will still need to use the standard chemicals; your dealer will advise on that when you take your water sample in. Spa Marvel is an enzyme, which will allow you to run far lower levels of Chlorine.

Hi Kevin, do you mind sending the tip sheet to me as well? New owner here and want to stay on top of water quality. Thanks.

Hi Casey
Have you purchased Spa Marvel from us?
The tip sheet is only applicable when using Spa Marvel products.

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the great site. I used your recommendations and recently received my TS 7.2 spa. I have started with Spa Marvel and like others I think i could use your tip sheet for maintaining the chemical levels. Could you please email me the tip sheet? The SM is working great, my cloudy water issues cleared up and no more scale at the waterline.
One quick question, how long do you recommend running the filter cycle?

Hi Brian
I’ve emailed the water tip sheet. If its a clear and sweet, what ever your running now seems to be the number 😉

Just got our Master Spa (Twilight 8.25) somehow got lucky getting one quickly at an expo. Anyhow, 2 problems we’ve found; 1-can’t seem to keep the water from getting cloudy (already drained and refilled after first 5 days of having it) and maintaining chlorine levels (yet stabilizers are high) and 2-the heat dropped 5-6 degrees (from 101F to 95-96) after an hour with 4 people in, outside temp was 30 degrees and it was lightly snowing but I wouldn’t think that would happen. Can’t say I LOVE the jet situation, I need it for sore muscles and it’s just OK.… Read more »

Hi Amy Cloudy water, for new spa users is fairly common issue, and often caused by soap residue in your swim wear. Best to have separate swim wear for the spa, that you wash with extremely low levels of detergent. Consider using Spa marvel too. As for the heat loss, that’s a fairly steep heat gradient you have there, from 101 degrees water temp to 30 degree air temp. The spa when is use will be shedding heat from the surface area, and the bigger the temp difference the faster it will do that, start running jets, and you increase… Read more »

Hi, Kevin. Love the site. It’s been a life-saver for us new hot tub owners. We have a new nordic spa and are in the process of setting it up. I have the Spa Marvel system and am planning to start up fresh with it but I am confused about the chlorine amounts and testing. I understand I want to maintain b/t .5-1 PPM and I did the math on how much I would add for our tub (we’re using spa master granules). But in reading thru all of the q and a below you noted that the enzymes will… Read more »

Hi ya
I’ve emailed you our water tip sheet. That should point you in the right direction.

I am definitely interested in Spa Marvel and your tip sheet. Lowest chemicals possible is exactly what I want!

Last edited 1 month ago by Lance Stange

Hi Lance
I’ll email you the tip sheet – get your Spa Marvel here

We’ve had our tub for a week now and used the spa Marvel like instructed in the tip sheet. Only difference is we got the floating tablet dispenser vs chlorine granules. Well same soaking for all of us and I’ve developed hot tub rash. Neither wife nor 5 year old have it so I’m the luck soft skinned princess and the water are will have to be tailored to me. I’ve shocked with oxygen non clorinated shock as directed. Not sure how were supposed to read the chlorine levels (both total and free) if the spa Marvel throws the test… Read more »

Hi Kevin
Start off with and make sure your PH and total alkalinity are within range, adjust as required. If the Chlorine dispenser is kicking out too much chlorine, that could be your issue. You can burn off the chlorine by running the pumps. Give that a go and see how your skin feels then.

Hello HTU crew! First time spa owner here. Thanks so much for your ongoing support–so helpful! We just took delivery of a PDC Denali bought directly from PDC. It came with an Ecoone first 3-months kit. Not sure if I should use the Ecoone in tandem with Spa Marvel or just start out with Spa Marvel. Any recommendations are appreciated. Also, would you mind sending a copy of the water tip sheet? Thanks, appreciate you all!

Hi Mike
Congratulations –
Just run with Spa Marvel, following their guidelines. I will email you our water tip sheet right away.
Happy Hot Tubbing

Boy, Kevin, I’m in awe at how actively you respond to posts here. We installed a floor model Balance7 around a month ago (largely based on your high praise of Master Spas) and it’s been very good. I’m struggling with maintaining the water. They gave us a Spa Essentials package / trichlor dispenser, with Spa-Perfect enzyme. I’ve been chasing chlorine up and down, and alkalinity as well. I’m thinking at this point partially to blame is my reading of the 6 in 1 test strips and interference from the non-chlorine shock. As soon as it’s in the water, I lose… Read more »

Hi Jason One of the big issues with water chemistry is what you add to the water, not what chemicals you add, but other stuff. Things like skin creams / lotions, sun screens, residue soaps and detergents, even thing like fabric conditioners. First off, if you are going to wear swimming costumes in the tub, keep them separate from everything else, and don’t wash them with detergent, sounds strange, but that one thing will help you loads. Spa Marvel, not only is it highly effective at dealing with inorganics leaving the chlorine-free to do its job in very small amounts.… Read more »

Do you think a full cleanse/drain/refill is needed before switching after having used the tub for a month? If so, I think I’ll have to wait until spring. Not exactly a good time to be draining right now in Edmonton.

Hi Jason
You can cleanse the spa and components with the current water using Spa Marvel Cleanser, thus avoiding draining the tub.

I just purchased a band new hot tub, I’ve had it less than a week. I added the chemicals the set up people told me to. pH is good, alkalinity is good, but the chlorine level goes from 5 ppm – 0 ppm overnight. I cover the hot tub at night and reduce the temp to 100, then in the morning uncover and increase temp to 104. I have ordered the Spa Marvel. Any advice?

Hi Kim
First off, do not change the temp, just set it at your preferred temp and let it be. The chlorine reading can drop over night if you have used it before going to bed etc
If you have nailed the Alkalinity and PH, then the chlorine management should fall inline.
Once you get the Spa Marvel, things should become much less variable. I will send you via email a water tip sheet.

I’m sold on Spa Marvel. Any recommendations on water chemicals? How can I get the water maintence reference? Thanks for all your help! 🙂

Hi Peter
Spa Marvel, great choice, I will email you directly our water tip sheet. As for water chemicals, SpaBoss is a great quality brand.

Awesome reference guide. Quick question about the daily shock. I’m assuming you mean a chlorinated shock as you suggest the 20 minutes wait before closing the lid, or is a non-chlorinated shock OK as long as you keep to the guide as a reference?

Non- chlorine shock is all I recommend I might have misspoken 🙂

First problem. I left the tub for 2 weeks. Had spa marvel in on Sept 30, everything was good before leaving the tub. Followed directions to a T, water was good when we left. Came back and the water is cloudy and has a greenish tinge. What happened?

Hi Adriano
When you left the tub, how long had it been since you used it, then how long after use did you test the water chemistry? It sounds like it was left with insufficient chlorine present to deal with the bugs!
Download the Spa Star app to your phone, then run through the water issues tab.

Thanks! The Spa Star app worked well. Now, another question is about filtration times. I have a TS 7.25. How many hours per day should I run the filters? And do I need to split it between 2 separate cycles, or can I run it all during off-peak hours from 7pm – 7am here in Ontario?

Hi Adriano
Run it for 6 hours and see how it goes, run it during the night on your off peak tariff.

Chris – Gone through my first year with my Master Spas Twilight series (on your recommendation) and I have been very pleased with the purchase. I have begun Spa Marvel treatment of the water (just bought another year’s supply from you) and that has been a great experience as well. My question has to do with winter care of the spa water. I have the spa at my summer home in northern Michigan. I visit maybe once in the winter months, and so I kept the spa running last winter and enjoyed it during my winter holiday visit. For this… Read more »

Hi Chuck, if you have someone to pass by and check on the tub, and make sure the water is balanced, you could just run the temp down to minimum. The risk with draining the spa, in your area is the low temperatures, if there is any water left in the pipes, pumps etc, that’s going to freeze and expand, and possibly burst the pipes and or cause some fairly expensive damage to the components where residual water has been left behind.

Hi Chris, Well I found this website too late… We just took delivery of a Caldera Utopia Florence w/Fresh Salt Water system a couple days ago. After finding this website I feel like I have egg on my face. So I’d like to know the best steps to take to make the best of the current situation. From reading on this website and watching a few videos I assume I should at minimum, do the following: Start using Spa Marvel Set the Salt system to a low level that produces 0.5 ppm Chlorine What additional steps should I be taking?… Read more »

Hi Josh, For your water chemistry you’re on the right track. Go with Spa Marvel and lower your chlorine level to about 1 ppm and you’ll be good. As for the tub, yes a lot of tubs are made to poor standards but a good dealer can make even a lousy tub great so cultivate a relationship with the dealer – drop in and make friends with them and support them by buying chems and any accessories from them. That will mean a lot when it comes to any problems you may encounter and remember one thing – a large… Read more »

Thanks for the quick response. I receive my Spa Marvel tomorrow. Currently all my water measurements are normal. Would I be ok adding a bottle of it right away since my tub is so new or should I start all over again?

Hi Josh,

You’ll be ok to add it now

We will be getting our first hot tub (TS 7.2) in 2 months. You were a huge influence in that decision. Being a hot tub newbie like several others, I come to this website to get most of my info. I know all of you at HTU are very busy answering a ton of questions which is GREATLY appreciated but I noticed an error and a change. You say in the weekly maintenance checklist to add 2-3 Tbsp (tablespoon) of chlorine, however, in recent responses you said to use 2-3 teaspoons. Can you clarify please? I dont want to add… Read more »

Hey Jason,

It should be 2-3 TABLESPOONS. We reply to hundreds of comments and sometimes the details get over-looked. Thanks for pointing it out.

Spa Marvel recommends that it be added to your tub before anything else mainly because it helps to balance the water which means less chems to get it in balance. It doesn’t matter huge amount but since it makes the water easier to balance it makes sense to put it in first.

I just got my first hot tub – a 2 year old used Artesian. The local Artesian dealer recommends using Leisure Time Calcium Booster and Leisure Time Spa Up, in addition to Renew (a shock oxidizer), plus the in-line Frog system of a mineral cartridge & Smartclor cartridge. Would you recommend adding Spa Marvel into this mix, or would Spa Marvel replace any of these? I don’t want to use any toxic chemicals that are overkill but I also don’t want anything funky brewing in my tub either. Thanks! And I really appreciate your site – I learned SOOO much… Read more »

Hi Anne, Congrats on the tub. Artesian is a good brand!! The Cal booster and Spa Up are good. Cal-boost is only needed when you first fill the tub and Spa Up will keep your alkalinity up. Renew is a standard non-chlorine shock which will work fine. The Frog system is a slow-release chlorine system much like standard chlorine dispensers. There are tow types of chlorine – Dichlor and Trichlor. Dischlor comes in granular form whereas Trichlor comes in both granular and tablet based (hence the slow release) forms. The problem with Trichlor (and why I don’t like it) is… Read more »

Chris –

Previous donor and just ordered the X10 package for my new hot tub. This is my first one, so wondering if you recommend a certain brand(s) of chemicals to use along with the Spa Marvel treatments? Assuming I still need all the staples to balance the water along with it, just will need to use less, right (Chlorine, PH Rise/lower, Shock, Cal-rise, etc)?


Last edited 5 months ago by Greg S

Hi Greg, Thanks for the business and the support! It helps us keep this train rolling. You will still need the regular chems (Alk Rise, ph Up/Down, Cal-Rise and Shock) but you will use a lot less to balance the water and you’re going to use a lot less chlorine. Make sure you heat your water and put the spa marvel in first and let it circulate for an hour before balancing your water. Also, check out an app called SpaStar that will help you balance your water and diagnose any water issues. It’s available on both the App Store… Read more »

Thanks Bill. Do you guys recommend a specific brand/brands for the chems?

Hi Greg

for the basics like Chlorine, Ph, and alkalinity any brand will do. but for the specialty add-ins Spa Marvel is the top and beats not only all the other add-in products but all the onboard systems like Salt, AOP, UV, Ace etc…

Chris, I purchased the Complete Marvel Pack (from your site) and was wondering what brand of chlorine tablets to use in the floater and what brand of shock do you recommend, I have a Master Spa 67.25…Thanks, Brian

Hey, Brian, we have a line you can get right on Amazon prime: If yer using tabs you want the disp3enser almost closed, you wanna burn 2-3 tabs a week. be careful with tabs, if left right on the shell they will damage it, the other option is the powder, you put a teaspoon in every 3 days or so… I’ve used the tabs for decades and have hu8ndreds of customers on them as long as you keep the levels low and don’t put a tab right on the surface of the shell yer fine. Also, download this app It… Read more »

Hi Chris – I got the Spa Marvel but am still getting biofilm. Do I need more sanitizer? And if so, do you recommend bromine or chlorine? I was looking around for the ‘tip sheet’ you mention but haven’t found it on your site….

SPA MARVEL QUICK AND EASY DIRECTIONS Cleanse your tub (not necessary for a new tub) 1. Remove Filters 2. Pour the full bottle of CLEANSER in your tub 3. Run your jets on high for 1-2 hours, then allow to circulate for 23 hours. 4. Drain and rinse thoroughly, clean the cover. 5. Refill the tub Spa Marvel Startup – BE SURE TO PUT THE WATER HOSE IN THE FILTER HOLES WHEN FILLING!!! 1. Heat water to desired temp 2. Prime pumps after turning on power(turn both pumps on high speed) 3. Pour in full bottle of Spa Marvel Water… Read more »

Thanks Chris!

Hi Chris, I own a Master Spa TS 8.2 and I am changing from chlorine to Spa Marvel. I had skin reaction to the chlorine based water (that might have been due to PH imbalance, but it doesn’t really matter), and I’ve gotten a good understanding of how to use the Spa Marvel enzyme method and am very excited about the potential. I’m just now realizing that my filter has the EcoPure Charge (mineral) stick that I believe I’m not supposed to use. If that is true, is there a replacement that I should use that would cover up the… Read more »

no problem, its a zink copper ion its fine with spa marvel just don’t use bromine with it…

you can buy the spa marvel here and You get a lifetime guarantee on the jets!

Chris! I just got my Marquis Resort spa installed, I bought it last year, but it took 18 months to get it installed (had to crane it to the roof as part of a remodel). My kid has eczema so I got the microsilk, and ended up getting sold a saltwater system and didn’t know much then. the dealer installed the blu fusion system . It’s been a few days now, I’m wondering if i should disable that system and just use aquafinesse or spa marvel? I didn’t realize the 3-5pm of bromine was bad? I didn’t know how… Read more »

HI Peter

In light of the recent re-evaluation from health Canada that has determined these bromine systems create a toxin and have now been banned in Canada (I’m assuming the US will re-evaluate soon and follow suit)

I would highly recommend disabling this system, and I would be looking to the retailer to refund the upgrade…

go Spa marvel, safe, healthy, lower chemical, easier to maintain water, longer water life, and lifetime extension on your warranty for your jets…

Buy it here:

Hi Chris!
I’m a bit confused on which products I need to buy for our Artesian hot tub. I want to go as low chemical as possible (due to health issues), but wasn’t sure whether to go with Aquafinesse or Spa Marvel. Thoughts? Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Amanda! I used to be a big fan of Aquafinesse but I’m converted to spa marvel, works just as well at 1/3 the price… No Matter what brand you buy don’t buy any of the miracle chemical reduction systems like salt or UV or AOP or Ozone, just buy this stuff… its lower chemical easier to manage healthier and less expensive, plus it extends the life of the tub and gives you a lifetime guarantee ion the jets. Also download this app It lets you Manage your hot tub chemistry without hassle, diagnose and fix water issues, troubleshoot any problems and even request service on… Read more »

Ok, after reviewing the Spa Marvel packages I think I’ll be ordering the one with the filter (our water here is rough!). Do I still need to do the chlorine tab floater when not in use? Can you recommend what type of test strips work best with your app (I’ve already downloaded and installed it😊). Sorry to ask so many questions, but I’m a hot tub maintenance newbie. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

You still need a residual low chlorine level, either the floater or sprinkle some chlorine powder in every 3 days or so, typically a teaspoon but depends on bather load.

The color charts are universal for all chlorine strips but the Aquacheck is my preferred brand.

Hi Chris
Interested in your opinion of daily sanitation with an enzyme approach VS enzyme and simply shocking with 1-2 tablespoons of di-chlor granules every 1 or 2 weeks depending on usage. Do you feel that there must be chlorine in system every day all day when using an enzyme system or can you just get by with shocking only? I really don’t like idea of sitting in any amount of chlorine each day I am in tub. Thanks very much.

Hey Todd

Yeah, you should keep a residual chlorine level but I keep mine at around 0.5ppm (i recommend however you follow local gov guidelines even if they are bat shit craze and 20 years out fo date:-)

You can go no chlorine but its tricky and you need to shock every few days with a non-chlorine shock but again I don’t recommend it.

I am a new Master Spa owner thanks to you and your great info. I am ordering a full start up Marvel package. We have been using the tub for a couple of weeks now with the start up chemicals from Master Spa. I will use the cleanser and start with fresh water. On the instructions it said to use a floater for the chlorine tabs. Is that a 1 inch tablet or 3 inch? As a functional Medicine doctor, I am glad to use less chemicals and will definitely promote this product system to my patients. My main question… Read more »

Hi Dale

its a one-inch tab and set the dispenser almost closed.

Also, download the new Spa Star app, we wrote it to make chemical and troubleshooting easier. on apple now on android in a few days under “SpaStar”

as for the goo I use nail polish remover or goo gone just try and not get it in the water.

Thank you for all the information on this site! We are thinking of switching to an enzyme system, we have the Jacuzzi J-345 (it came with the house we bought). For the past 2 years we have struggled with water maintenance. We used bromine tablets and non-chlorine shock then after my husband developed a skin irritation, we switched to a mineral stick and non-chlorine shock. We discovered that my husbands skin irritation was from the non chlorine shock. We switched to minerals and chlorine. That worked great, no skin issues, for 3-4 months. We drained, filled and started up with… Read more »

Hello – love the site, tons of great information. I have just purchased a Master Spa TS 8.25, awaiting delivery in the next few weeks and want to get into a “Proper” Maintenance routine right out the gate. In my research (mostly through your site and other YouTube videos) I have run across Spa Marvel, AquaFinesse, and the local dealer where I bought the tub sells “Spa Solution”. The local dealer claim all three are the essentially same which I don’t buy, so I went to one of the largest spa shops in the area which carries Spa Marvel. They… Read more »

Hi Chris. So first off Aquafinesse (and minerlux and several others) are not Enzyme systems they are mineral systems, for a long time I refused to endorse anything but these systems because they worked the best and I had tried spa perfect and other enzymes and they simply did not perform anywhere near as well. Spa Marvel pestered me for a year to try their… I refused because my experience with enzymes was just not positive and I did not have time. Finally, I relented and tried it… it’s awesome and worked every bit as well as the mineral systems… Read more »

Thanks, I’ll be putting my order in today…

We have a Calspa hot tub. Previous owners used Bromine, and we just started the hot tub with the clorine. This is an indoor hot tub and the clorine smell is REALLY strong, even with the cover on! Would the Spa Marvel work in this hot tub, and would the horrible smell be mostly gone?


Right now yer running 3-5ppm of chlorine with the soap marvel you will run 0.5ppm like the water put of your tap.

Buy it off my site and hit me up for the tip sheet. If it does not work for you I’ll refund it. It’s the best shit out there. Just use the search bar on the site

Chris, Thanks for all the great info. I’m planning to go to the Portland show this weekend and but either the 6.2, 7.2, or 87.3. It is interesting that the 7.2 and the 87.3 have almost the exact same water volume (305 vs 310 gallons) although the 87.3 is much larger and has 3 pumps instead of 2 for the same amount of water. I’m guessing that the seats must sit higher in the 87.3 in order to have the volume the same in this larger tub. I plan to use Aqua finesse and/or Spa Marvel from you but I… Read more »

Hi Michelle

No don’t order AF order spa marvel here:

No Do not order any of the upgraded chem reduction systems

No do not order quiet flow

Biomagnetic is good and it’s free and standard.

ill send you a follow link 🙂

Thank you so much for all of the information! We are taking delivery of our Master Spa Twilight 8.2 today! We have never owned a hot tub or a pool so I’m very nervous about the maintenance and adding the right chemicals. We did purchase the Mast3rPur system. Which chemicals do you suggest for that spa? Any advice or cheat sheets are greatly appreciated!

Hey Bill. Im interested to see what they recommend and if it works 🙂 My experience is that they oversell these upgrades and you still need chlorine if that turns out to be the case get spa marvel… its idiot proof and keeps your water clear and low chem and gives you a lifetime guarantee on the jets. i would love you to stick with their routine and send me updates 🙂 then if you have issues try my solution and see how it works. but if you want i can jsut set you uo with it off the bat… Read more »

We’re also looking at the 8.2. So would you not need less chemicals overall with the MasterPur upgrade? Thanks!

Hi Debbie Yes, you would and the Master Pur is UV tech with ozone so its one of the better on bard systems but… The one thing that no hot tub manufacturer or retailer wants you to know is this: None of the systems on any ho tub of any brand is anywhere near as good as the aftermarket add-ins 🙂 I would never order any of the chemical reduction upgrades, Just buy this shit… its cheaper, lower chem, healthier, natural, makes your water way easier to manage and the water stays clean and clear 3x longer… It also has… Read more »

Want to congratulate you Chris on a great site. So informative ! Ttuely helped us choose the master spa 7.25. Got a great deal on close out. Can’t waut to get it here and climb into RELAX mode. Again Thank you. I’m coming to you for chemicals! Regards Ron

Let me know if you need any help!

The best system to run in that tub is the Spa marvel… gets you to drinking water levels of chems with the eco pure system… buy it from me!!! its how I make my money and its the guaranteed best price with a full money back guarantee!!!

Can you outline the maintenance schedule for your system above using the spa marvel product? Right now I have weekly shock with “renew” and the spafrog floating system, along with weekly filter cleaning with the hose. That’s about it. I’m new at this and like you chris, would like to enjoy this daily for many years and would like to support your informative site.

SPA MARVEL QUICK AND EASY DIRECTIONS Cleanse your tub (not necessary for a new tub) 1. Remove Filters 2. Pour the full bottle of CLEANSER in your tub 3. Run your jets on high for 1-2 hours then allow to circulate for 23 hours. 4. Drain and rinse thoroughly, clean the cover. 5. Refill the tub Spa Marvel Startup 1. Heat water to desired temp 2. Prime pumps after turning on power(turn both pumps on high speed) 3. Run pumps for 20 minutes 4. Use test strips to test water 5. Balance alkalinity to 150 (turn jets on for a… Read more »

Thanks for the info on SpaMarvel. Water out of tap tests ph 7.3, alkalinity 150, 0 hardness, total chlorine 0.1. My dealer said that if I use chlorine tablets in the hot tub it would cancel the warranty because they are so acidic, is that correct? Recommended bromine tablets instead. Also would stain and scale control be used? Should I worry about calcium control? Can you clarify that for me? Thanks much!

yeah Tri-chlor is hard on the spa for sure bromine is fine, I find with tri-chlor in these low dosages it’s not an issue but best to stay with approved sanitizer. you dont need scale control with Spa Marvel

Good info. I will order some.

When you shock the spa after use, do you recommend chlorinated shock, or the non-chlorinated variety?

Non-Chorine for sure! and leave the lid open for 15 to 20 mins after

Download the new app for water care we rote on apple now and android next week, it makes water care a breeze its called “Spa Star”

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