Enzyme Systems in Hot Tubs

" Reducing Chemical Use In Your Hot Tub With Enzymes "

This article is to look at Enzyme systems and in particular Spa Marvel. This is the system I use on my own Hot Tubs, and a lot of my customers have been using it for a long time as well. Spa Marvel makes a big difference in water quality and health and at $55.99 every 3 months is also more affordable than other systems.

So what do they do? Enzymes work by helping to break down inorganic contaminants like sweat, body oils, lotions and other contaminants; the kind of stuff that bacteria feed on, that foams and cloud up your tub.

This process has a ton of benefits, enough to justify using a list later, but the main reason this is so important is that they let you heavily reduce the level of chlorine or bromine you use and expose yourself to.

Chlorine or bromine are used for water treatment because they are simply great at killing organics, which is perfect for bacteria or viruses but not great for people; especially since the steam from a hot tub gives it easy exposure to your lungs and eyes. This can cause irritation and other issues, especially if you use your hot tub daily like I do. Safely cutting down on chemical exposure has always been important to me and right now this system is the best for it.

I know some people totally stop using chlorine or bromine in favor of systems like this but that is pretty risky. These chemicals do play an important role and it is safer to keep chlorine present in the tub even if this treatment lets you use less, Spa Marvel itself is not a sanitizer. Always check your local regulations or recommendations, most don't take systems like this into account yet but the Enzyme technology is growing popular even without it so hopefully they catch up soon.

Here is that list of other benefits I mentioned:

  • Enzymes help prevent scale, bio-film and other buildup.
  • By removing contaminants that bacteria feed on, systems such as Spa Marvel reduce the levels of chlorine or bromine needed to effectively sanitize.
  • These systems are non toxic and environmentally friendly; the people at Spa Marvel even do a demo where they DRINK it.
  • All these above parts keep your total dissolved solids count low which lets your water last far longer before needing changed.
  • By breaking down and removing these contaminants as well as reducing chemical use, your water also becomes easier to balance and can be left for longer.

You can buy Spa Marvel and try it out at no risk; once you see how it helps your water, I'm sure you will stick with it.