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Just saw a spectacular looking 7L today. I am looking for the best head/neck shoulder massage possible as heavy duty on the computer and it’s killing me. This looked like my hot tub! But then I see you say the brand is crap. So sad. So confused. What else would have good massage but isn’t a Dynasty? Bullfrog? Those are a 7-10 month wait now during COVID. COuldn’t even see one today. I am near Tampa/Orlando/Crystal River. What a crazy world.

Hi Lizzy,

If you want good neck and shoulder massage then you have one option in my opinion. The only tub that has the high-flow therapy jets in the neck area is the Twilight series from Master Spas. Every other tub has the small low flow high pressure jets that feel good on the skin but do nothing for the muscles underneath. I’ve had a broken neck and know the value of high-quality neck and shoulder massage and there’s really nothing like the Twilight

I see that now in your other pages. What a great resource you guys are! I will go hunt those down.

Is the Signature Spa – NS6 good value?

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg LeBlanc

Hi Greg,

Signature is one of those middle of the road brands that are, in my opinion, overpriced. At the same price point you can get much better quality from someone like Master Spas or Artesian. They use terms like hydro-lock plumbing which means they don’t clamp their plumbing joints. They do use full foam insulation but have a cradle supported shell so it’s a mixed bag. It would be a better deal if it was a few thousand less

Looking at purchasing a used 2014 Dynasty Spa model GL754L-9M2. Current owner is a friend of mine who’s had no issues with it. Any thoughts?

no issues so likely not a nightmare… some of these can be good buys

Looking at a Dynasty hot tub. Currently I am seeing tubs for $8,999 & $9,999 CAD. Sales guy was good, showed us a few differences between the models. I saw your review video and I’m concerned about the insulation and fittings or leaking. Has thisnissie gotten amy better with time since you made that video, I cant referenced when you posted it. Any insight would be helpful. Thank you and these videos are great. A sales person suggested your site to me.

Greg Halliday

Hey Greg,

I’d stay away from Dynasty man. They haven’t changed and are still poorly built and over-priced. There are much better options. Where are you located?

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