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HTU is just over two years old and in that time we have really shaken up the hot tub market by giving nearly half a million people industry information and under the cover looks at what is really going into different hot tubs. Keeping this site up and running as well as all the days I spend answering questions, doing research and helping people out isn’t easy but I believe in getting this information out there and helping people. Staying unbiased is at the core of this website and I need you guys to keep the content and coffee flowing, Hot Tubs are major purchases so if we helped you out and saved you money or stress we would like your support so we can keep helping other people as well.

How HTU Makes Money

I never say anything for money, you can not buy me, I started hot tub universe to yell at the world, I never expected it to become something visited by hundreds of thousands each year. The prevalence of fake reviews, marketing misinformation, 80’s style branding, and marketing attacks have left the buyer in a no-win situation. I am genuinely trying to bring clarity to a muddled misrepresented industry.

I endorse a way of making spas and any brand making spas the way I know is sustainable and reliable and efficient that can demonstrate they are in fact doing these things will get my endorsement at no cost. Quality control, accountability and truth in advertising. 5 brands I know of hit my build quality mark… Master, Artesian, PDC, Coast, and Beachcomber. I can sell any brand, everyone wants me to sell and endorse their products because the reality is more buyers come here than anywhere in the world for information and I am determined to be true to these buyers. I sell Master spas in my local market and did long before this information site became popular. The reality is less than 1% of customers that come to my blog are in my little remote market so what you end up buying does not matter to me. What people buy in almost no way effects my money… I don’t really care what you buy at the end of the day and other than wanting people to get good products that are sustainable and well supported it really does not effect me. I do get money from my top 5 and have turned down way more money from brands I do not like. Here is my minimum criteria.. 5 things.