Circulation Pumps

" Is there really an advantage? "

Circulation pumps, also known as "Hush Pumps" and "Silent Flow Pumps", are sold as an advantage and often as an upgrade on Hot Tubs.

The pitch is that they are small efficient pumps that clean your water 24hrs a day and are quiet and efficient to run. It's usually about a $500.00 upgrade and in my opinion, they are not as good as the alternative which is a high flow circ system.

Although they use a small amount of power, they run 24hrs a day whereas the high flow pump only has to run about 4 hrs a day to clean the same amount of water, and both systems use about the same amount of power per day.

Because of this 24hr constant running, they tend to wear out more quickly and the tiny energy savings against the increased cost of replacement parts, make them more expensive in the long run.

These pumps can only filter so much water a day. If you have a heavy bather load or a party or busy weekend of hot tubbing, it can take them a while to recover, whereas with a High Flow system you can change how many hours the pump runs. So after a party, you can throw it on 24hr mode (or any other amount) and it will filter up to 6 times more water than a Circulation pump can over the 24hr period.

Circulation pumps are also low flow and this means you need to be very regimented with filter cleaning. If the filter gets too dirty they go into 'flow error' easily, High Flow systems don't unless you are truely negligent. The new anti-vibration mounting systems make the good High Flow 2-speed pumps almost as quiet as the Hush pumps, there is very little difference.

I'm not a fan of these systems. I think they are sold to add margin into a deal, or for added value perception. It's all marketing spin!