Chemical free hot tubs!!!

Chemical free hot tubs!!!
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Every manufacturer has a miracle system that will make owning a hot tub easier, and healthier and safer.

In this Video, we take a quick look at the different options like chemical systems, Saltwater hot tubs, Mineral systems, UV systems, Ozonators, and Enzyme systems and weigh the pros and cons of each.

I usually delete sales pitches and discussion comments, these sales pitches/debates are for the FORUMS NOT MY BLOG SITE… and should delete this one but I’m on vacation and feeling feisty so get the gloves on Boyo you don’t have a clue…

Salt is old tech being regurgitated as some new miracle system stay far away from it…

Salt just gets you to 1-3 ppm of chlorine or bromine, and the damn anodes need service yearly. you can get 3-5 times lower chemicals with aftermarket stuff… Remember you are breathing that chlorine in… its nasty carcinogenic shit

And the freaking salt is corrosive as hell say goodbye to the concrete, decking, and everything else around the spa from the over splash…

Hot tub guys hate the fact that the aftermarket stuff like spa marvel or AquaFinesse get you to half a part per million of chlorine and are easier and way way cheaper… They like salt (and all the other bullshit expensive ad-ons for chemical reduction) because they make a pile of cash off the up sell and servicing the stupid machine… stay away!!!

RD you are either misinformed or a dupe, or work for the marketing arm of the scum bags selling this snake oil, the science is clear this is not good tech and is riddled with issues and is high chemical and prone to failure, with health and property damage issues…!!!

Manufacturers are milking this the pitch now and a good pitch can close deals but what they don’t want you to know is the easiest most chemical free systems have nothing to do with the hot tub. In fact, the lowest easiest systems can be used on almost any hot tub…

Bromine and Chlorine systems toxic

levels of 3-5ppm of toxic chemicals

These high chemical old technology but beware a lot of brands private brand the chemicals to make them sound like something else and to trick you into paying more for these base chemical systems.

Salt water hot tubs – Read More

levels of 1-3ppm of toxic chemicals.

Salt water hot tubs are not chemical free, hell they are not even close the lowest chemical systems available, They are finicky, unreliable and have big failure issues, this tech was all the rage back in 90’s and most guys abandoned it and now some companies are re-introducing it as new tech!!! It’s a gimmick, all salt systems do is make chlorine or bromine!!

New info-On November 30th, 2018 health Canada finished a re-evaluation of hot tub and pool salt generators and the additive Sodium Bromide and determined that these devices were a risk to health.

The US is expected to investigate and would likely follow suit and even if they don’t this hit to the saltwater hot tub industry might thankfully be the nail in the coffin for this outdated water treatment option.
At this time they have not performed a reevaluation on Sodium Chloride systems.
The decision removes approval for Products Containing Sodium Bromide as well as Chlorine Electrolysis Devices


Every hot tub has one and you really don’t care about them, they do help but they only work well for about a year and frankly, it’s not worth spending the money to replace them your money could be spent in better places. They are a good helper system but nowhere near good enough to stand alone.

Enzyme systems – good –

These can be used in any hot tub and are far better than any of the onboard systems, they will let you get down to the same or lower levels of chlorine or bromine than the salt systems, for far less and you will have an easier time balancing the water. These work by breaking down inorganics like greases, oils, sweat and lotions freeing chlorine to deal with only the organics. You can order the Spa Marvel Enzyme system from us, Spa Marvel (US), Spa Marvel (Canada)

7028297-natural-water-dropsMineral systems -good-

Drinking water levels of chemicals These are arguably the best way to deal with your water, they are fantastic for your skin, in fact, Aquafinesse, the number one brand out there is used in hospitals in Holland to treat eczema on newborn babies! This system is by far the lowest chemical, easiest to use and best for your skin. hot tub companies hate it because you can use it on any tub and it is around the same price as the big onboard systems over time, and there are no parts to fail! Plus you can go 2-3 times longer without changing your water.

UV Systems – very good but expensive –

Probably the best onboard systems out there, this is the exact same system used to treat drinking water in large municipal water treatment facilities and in rural areas to treat well water to make it drinkable, Expensive and requires yearly service at around $300/year but in conjunction with ozone and a mineral pack can get to near chemical free.

Right now that’s the hot button so

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Love the idea of Spa Marvel but in our soon to be installed 2100 gallon swim spa, we’d be looking at a bottle or more a month? Aquafinesse looks to be about the same for a swim spa. Does the economic advantage disappear when it’s a bigger tub like this?

Thanks for all, I’ve learned 90% of what I know about this stuff from you.

I am looking at available options in hot tubs, information is confusing,probably by design?We have well water with ; water softener,uv light,filter etc. . Not a big fan of the super reactive chemicals ,chlorine etc. Can we run a hot tub without these chemicals in a safe and healthy way ? We have our well checked twice yearly by province and shock it yearly.
It seems that saline run tubs are high maintenance .
Any thoughts or suggestions?

Hi Chris -I am about to drain and clean my tub – when I refill should I use the city water or my well water (had a well installed for irrigation system)? When I have had my water tested at local dealer in past I always have to add calcium and used the regular water to fill in past not well water -so wondering if it makes a difference or even if the pre filter for garden hose is worth the $60?

Hi Chris, just wondering what you think of the Nature2 Spa Mineral For Cartridge Filters and if its compatible with spa marvel? My hubby’s excema is still reacting to the hot tub even though we switched to Spa Marvel. Would you recommend Aquafinesse with a silver insert instead? We only shock once a week now as the shock seems to be the biggest aggrevating factor and he still cant go in every day or he gets a rash. We cleaned the hot tub and tested it so fairly certain it isnt folliculitis. Any advice would be great as he uses… Read more »

Sure, do you sell it individually or just in a set of 4? Also it says 1 bottle a month but I thought one is supposed to add a bottle every 3-4 months.

Love your website. After an exhaustive search and based on recommendations from your website, we have decided to purchase a Master Spa TS 8.25. Our unit has the Mast3rPur water purification system am I am thinking about using Aquafinesse. Do you see any issues? Thank you.

Thank you for your response. The Mast3rPur system was a free upgrade 😀. Wondering if supplementing the Mast3rPur system with AF or Soa Marvel would be overkill.

Love the website, lots of information. I have told my dealer and many friends about Hot Tub University and how helpful it has been. We purchased a PDC tub based on your recommendations. We found a dealer within 5 miles of our home. Installation next week.
We are going to use Spa Marvel, my question is, would using a mineral system with the Enzyme be a good idea as we are trying to reduce chemicals as much as possible. Mostly 2 users, birthday suits, daily use. Not sure if its overkill or would they interfere with each other.
Thanks again.

Is one type mineral system better that the other? I see sticks that go in the filter and floating styles.
Again, thanks for the Wonderfull videos.

Just heading off to see Portland, OR hot tub expo. Looking for a 2-3 person tub, hubby is 6’3″ so crawling in is a must. Have been reading your info and am totally lost now on what brand to get. We want low maintenance. Only 2 of us using, no parties. We are not regular users, mostly will only use after yard work or strenuous days. So more like on the weekend for under 1hour. Again low maintenance and minimal chemicals with a hard plastic type cover that is easy for 1 person to open. Semi quiet would be nice… Read more »

Thanks for the info, Yacolt is like 8 mi away, so good to know about the service people nearby. So we bought the twilight series 6.2. I will look at your links tonight. I appreciate all your help and the same day response. I was not expecting to find the best ones so easy, figured I would find a couple but mostly the ones on your not so good list. Was surprised they were all the good ones. So we sat and my hubby stretched out and we found the one that met all our needs and your recomendations so… Read more »

Hello, have been following this thread and love the info presented. Thank you for what you do. We just purchased a neighbor’s Cal Spa and moved it over this past weekend. Getting electrical hooked up this week and want to get up and running as soon as possible. Have some questions regarding this process that I wanted to run by you. Number one, the spa hasn’t been run in probably six months. The previous owner did his best to winterize it and drain all the water. Even still, we’re seeing temps in Indiana this time of year ranging from the… Read more »

Awesome. Really appreciate the feedback, will give that a shot. Thanks!

Hello, so just a follow up to this discussion. Got electrical hooked up today. Filled spa and turned on breaker as manual said to do. Control panel went through its paces and then displayed Pr for prime. I then pushed “Jet 1” button as instructed and…….nothing. Waited the 10 seconds and pushed it again and still nothing. Pushed “Jets 2 & 3” button and they fired right up. Pushed “Jet 1” button a few more times, but just get a clicking sound each time. So only half of the jets in the tub are working. Waterfall doesn’t work either. “Light”… Read more »

Hi there, We bought a house this past March that happened to have a hot tub in the back yard. It is a Marquis/Celebrity brand Napa model. (i know this is not the optimal brand, but it is what is here) At first I used it a few times but then got distracted by various life issues, and so it has been sitting barely used for months with the heat up at around 90 and nothing being put into the water. It currently has a sprinkling of some brownish(slightly greenish tinge) residue on the surfaces and fittings under the water.… Read more »

hi there, so do you think it is worth also getting the hose filter for when i refill the tub? also i looked at the filter and it does look pretty terrible, so also should i run the spa marvel cleaner with or without it in there??? i looked up marquis site online and found the filter number, and apparently maybe i can order it from a dealer in Klamath Falls.

Ok, so I ran the cleaner through, drained the hot tub, cleaned it rather thoroughly, got all the supplies including the spa marvel. Now i am filling with fresh water. Wondering how to get started with adding in whatever to have good balance to start with. and i already have chlorine granules that the previous owners left, not tabs.
thanks much

also i am confused about balancing alkalinity vs. balancing ph …?

Chris, regarding the amount of chlorine the SpaMarvel folks suggest to add above. Does this amount get you down to the 1ppm level? Will the amount vary depending on the size of the tub or the type of chlorine granules used (dichlor or trichlor)? I’m trying to calculate how much to use initially and ongoing to get to the .5ppm level for our 250gal tub. The comment that test strips will no longer be accurate for chlorine levels makes me wonder how I can calculate how much chlorine to add to hit a target ppm. The formula I’m using to… Read more »

Are you using Trichlor or Dichlor granules. Do you think it matters? I came across some long discussion that the cyanuric acid CYA) in these products initially protects the chlorine from UV breakdown but eventually it builds up and makes the chlorine less effective. They discussed avoiding the buildup of CYA by switching to liquid bleach after a week or two of using one of the granules. But you are certainly running your water a long time and don’t seem to be having any issues with it so I think that says a lot… Being new to the scene I… Read more »

I purchased a home with a Marquis Hot Tub. How do I determine which model it is, as I need a new readable Control Panel, since the original C/P is mostly unreadable. Any thoughts for getting and installing a new C/P are appreciated, as well as the best chemicals to use. Thanks!!

Hey Chris,

We’ll be buying a Master Spas tub this weekend, any chance you could email us the tip sheet on how to maintain low levels of chemicals? Thanks for everything you’re doing!

Matt & Masha

I too would love the tip sheet. I am getting conflicting messages from different dealers. I bought the hot tub Twilight Series 7.2 and was told I would not need any chemicals. Then I was told no you decide if you want bromine or chloride. I picked bromine as I am told it is easiest on the skin. I am sold Bromine pucks and floater. Then I am told the EcoPure Charge is for Chlorine only and the insides of the filter pulled out and sold more producsts….I need help!!! Where do I go from here?

Thanks for all the great info Chris! I’ve recommended your site to a few friends and coworkers who are looking for new hot tubs. We just bought a Master Spa (Precision 7) this past weekend. Any chance I could get a tip sheet as well?

If I have a frog in line system, can I use spa marvel along with it? What would the chemical schedule look like?

Hi Chris, We have bought and installed a second hand Arctic Spa Ocean swim spa in good working condition. I am feeling overwhelmed by the choices in maintenance. From your site, and others, I gather that Aqua Finesse is recommended for low chemical water quality, which is my wish. I see that they have a special swim spa kit. I would like to get this right from the start, so I would appreciate your detailed advice of what to do. I am about to fill the spa with water, which is from our well, and likely quite mineralized. Can you… Read more »

Hey Chris,

We’ve been enjoying our Twilight 8.2 for nearly a year now – thanks for sharing all your knowledge and recommendations!! We’re considering taking the Spa Marvel plunge. Can you please email me your cheat sheet and tips? Also, do you have any recommendations for good/affordable shock and chlorine tablets? Thanks for all your help!

Thanks, Chris! Can you please email me your Spa Marvel cheat sheet?

Chris, one last question! Your instructions refer to a ‘capful of shock’…. are you using a chlorinated shock or a non-chlorine shock (MPS oxidizer)? Thanks, Chris!!

Hey Chris,

Great you tube videos. Looking at the dimension one brand hot tub. Meridian series. Have you herd anything about them. Was looking at the vector 21 and you talked me out of that one. Thanks


I am looking and buying a 5-6 person hot tub, hot in the summer and cold in the winter can go into the teens for alot of the winter what brand would you recommend

Hi Chris! Thank you for all the information on your website. We are looking at a Passion Hot Tub. I have not found any information on Passion on your site so was curious what you think of it as a brand of hot tubs? The specific one we are looking at is The Malta. The insulation it comes with is High Density Urethan Insulation. Is this a good insulation to have that will be energy sufficient? Also, I loved your video on Chemical Free Hot Tubs. This really helped me understand we are not missing out on the “natural” salt… Read more »

Chris, I was going to get a hot tub last year, and balked. This year, I am flirting with the idea. I am being contacted by a company called Hot Springs. Of course, they think they’re the best. I look at reviews on Consumer Affairs, which were mixed at best. What are your thoughts on that manufacturer? They are having a “truckload sale” and offer a salt water free system, 7 seater, for $9K. Normal price $16k. When something sounds too good to be true……..

Hi Rick, The fact that they still want to sell at that price difference is telling, Hot Springs is one of those brands that sinks more money into branding and marketing than into building a good hot tub. They have lists of features and everything on it will sound good but there are corners being cut on the shell and beneath the skirting. Closed cell foam that turns to rock and makes service a nightmare, a thin cradle supported shell that is hard to repair and easily damaged, plumbing with no clamps etc… They also get you trapped with Proprietary… Read more »

Can you email me your cheat sheet for how you maintain your water with the low Chlorine reading as well? I bought a twilight series 6.2 after finding your website and I am so grateful for your wisdom. I will have the eco pure system but I didn’t add any upgrades. Thank you

Hi, Chris. My husband and I just bought a used Master Spas Twilight 8.2. Am ordering Spa Marvel thru you, but could you tell me what chlorine system you use in addition, with the little floating gizmo I see in your video? Also would love to get a few names of independent technicians in my area, as well as the tip sheet for doing maintenance (chemicals, cleaning, etc ). We’re near Boone, NC (northwest part of the state).


Chris. I am just doing my research before I embark on purchasing my hot tub and I stumbled on your excellent website. As I am in the UK I am limited on the choice of hot tub, although I was looking at Vita Spas, you have changed my mind and I am currently looking to get an Artesian Spa (Island Spa). So the question is because these use a continuous filtering pump do you recommend using AF, Spa marvel or can both be used?

We are operating a new Hydropool swim spa (1700 gal) and a new Sundance Hot Tub (425 gal) – they are both currently bromine systems. We are researching your sites and would like to know where to go to to learn about converting to a healthier water/tub maintenance system. Having listened to and read a bunch of your videos and replies my first question is are you recommending AquaFinesse or Spa Marvel ? Again, can you direct us to your site that will provide us with details of starting up a new tub (our Sundance hot tub is being replaced… Read more »

Hi Chris, I will be getting my first hot tub delivered this week, and I am so confused as to what I should be using to keep the water clean and sanitized. I have been watching many of your videos and they are very informative so I am hoping you can clear things up a bit for me. What I am planning to do is use aquafinesse and blue something (I for get the name but it is copper ion based). Will this suffice or will I still need chlorine? At what levels should I keep everything? I really want… Read more »

It is a used 2010 hot springs sovereign. I purchased from a dealer and the tub is coming with a warranty.

Thank you

One other question. With spa marvel what should I set my alc, ph, cal, and chlorine levels at?


Great fricken website and information. My bride and I are getting ready to buy a two person hot tub and would like to know if you have a favorite brand that I can add (if need be) an AquaFinesse system. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help. Gracias por total mon.

Chris this is Terry Britner I just wanted to let you know that your suggestion to lower my chemical level of Chlorine switching to Aqua Finesse was a great suggestion. I had trouble With the chlorine level of 3 to 5 ppm and change to Aqua Finesse which allowed me to take the chlorine level down .5 ppm. Because I have asthma are used to have to wear a respirator to filter out the warm chlorine gas of the hot tub. Now using Aqua Finesse and carrying a .5 ppm chlorine level I don’t have to any longer. The side… Read more »

Hi Chris
We just ordered a new hot tub and want to go with a more natural approach to keeping it clean. I have been watching your videos on YouTube about Aquafinesse and wonder if there is any difference in the Aquafinesse vs the ClearChoice is one more reliable than the other. I couldn’t find many videos on YouTube in regards to the ClearChoice and not many reviews so not sure if this would be a good company to work with. Would you recommend one over the other? Thank you for all your help.

Can you use the spa marvel enzyme combined with a frog products mineral filter?

Hi Chris. Getting our tub delivered this week and want to set up right from the start. Will do a full clean and drain before filling again for use. I’m leaning toward using the aqua finesse, however only 1 place in our city seems to sell it, so not sure if they carry the full product line or not. Does it matter what product you use for the cleaning, if they don’t carry the AF cleaner? As well, our tub has the uv system; any tips or anything we need to be mindful of with using the AF? Thanks!

Thanks Chris! Can AF be used with bromine, or strictly with chlorine? Is there a benefit to using chlorine over bromine in general?

Awesome, thanks for clarifying. And funny you say that, as it is a dealer that does both hot tubs and swimming pools! haha I look forward to seeing your review on Coast Spas. After doing a bunch of research and leaning heavily on your expertise (you had barely any mention of them on the site when we started shopping beginning of last year), Coast is ultimately the brand we went with. So will be interesting to see if I actually asked the right questions, and understood your advice. We looked at every hot tub brand available in our city (about… Read more »

Thanks so much

Chris, i’m looking for the video on Aqua Finesse. Do you have one? I have a jacuzzi j230 that was given to me from a family member….it is getting ready to get fired up after being winterized last year. I was going to go with the control o matic unit and use dead sea salt…..but you have me thinking twice.

is there a video? would you send back the contol-o-matic and switch to the aqua finesse?

Please share the video to me too, thank you

Alright, you get second peek at it.

3rd peek? I really need to know how to do this stuff…

1st tub ever, got an artesian, looked up a ton of videos, ready to just go with AF, but am a complete newb when it comes to getting my water right…

Hi Chris, we got our twilight 8,2 this week and are just loving it! Thx so much for your site info. Do you have a tip sheet for using the marvel spa enzyme? I called them to better understand how to balance my water before I added the bottle and it seems their ranges are a little different from what I see in your posts below for aquifinese. Also a little unsure how often to add chlorine and shock. My bather load is 2 to 4 people about 5x week and they suggested 1 tspclorine after each use and shock… Read more »

Hi Lisa,
It sounds like there was some kind of miscommunication, in particular with the shock use, you want to be using roughly 1 capful of shock after each use or 2-3 capfuls if you have 3 or 4 people. Chlorine you want to be using between one to two tablespoons per week, if you can smell it on your water that is generally too much. Local regulations will probably suggest higher though.
I’m sending you an email with a tip sheet and a few points of my own.

Hello! Love your site.

So, we purchased a TS 67.25 Master Suite and we are loving it. Thanks for the advice on checking them out. We are spa newbies and hadn’t thought much about chemicals and proceeded to us Master Spas right away. Upon reflection, we would like to use Aqua Finess (we just purchased their granular sanitizer water care system) Now that we have already started using Master Spas stuff, do we have to wait until we drain the tub before starting with this? Please say no!! (thanks in advance!) Stacey

AquaFinesse seems to be a starter kit with chlorine granules, aims for 1-3ppm. This is not what is said on video, how come you say it’s your favorite?

Thanks for that…I don’t mind the price. Just tell me the exact product combo recipe to buy and I’ll buy it today. You have this stuff down and I trust your advice. I don’t have any flexibility on hot tub itself since I already have one, came with house…Hot Springs Aria (?). It has ozone. Thanks again.


Do you have any experience with Orb-3 Spa enzymes by Great Lakes Bio Systems? Website states a 16oz bottle treats 8000 gals and sells for $12.

Hi Chris, I am SO happy to have found this site and your videos. I almost fell into the Hot Springs trap since it is what is sold locally. However, I found a Master and an Artesian dealer within an hour away. My question: In the Twilight brochure, in the fine print, under water management systems, it states you must have the QuietFlo water care system (24/7) if you want the MasterPur system…but isnt that a circ pump, which you say is not a good thing to have? Also-if I consider the 8.2, what ‘extras’ are a MUST add on?… Read more »

I bought a preowned legend masterspa after watching your video and i am using the ecopur system. Im ready for a water change and reading this post makes me inclined to use the aqua finesse that you recommend. How do i make that change?

Hello there! Awesome info and site. Thanks Chris!
I’m in Smiths Station, Alabama zip:36877
Looking for a 7/8 person spa including: hydrotherapy, chemical free/Aquafinesse, somewhere between $10-15k. After reading a fair bit of info on your site and elsewhere I’m considering Marquis or Master. Do you have a recommended model and dealer?

I have a lead on a Marquis Epic which the dealer is very motivated to sell. Thoughts?

Thank you Chris. I had an email from John Blomquist re: a lead on a couple Master Twilight models. Is that your guy? Also wondered if Atlanta had any good dealers. We aren’t that far from there.
Many thanks for your help and expertise.

Hi Chris – thanks for all the sharing – I purchased a MasterSpa TW 8.25 with the EcoPure filter and have been very happy with the purchase over the past month. I am struggling with the chemistry. I am still using the starter pack MS provided, primarily Spa Boss Spa Plus product to add Cl. According to the distributor, the Spa Plus chemical acts as a sanitizer (34% Cl) then transforms into another chemical as it reacts with the residuals in the tub – so my free chlorine reading go from 5 ppm to 0 in just a few hours.… Read more »

Chris…if his twilight 8.25 is like mine…it has a circ pump. So the scheduled filter cycles don’t run. I learned this after asking Master Spa. I also asked about getting a 2 stage pump for pump 2…just because the single high speed pump is so loud…

Hi Chris, Love your information and knowledge that you share and thank you immensely! I have a 2017 Master Spa Legends LSX700 and would definitely love to find something other than the standard chlorine chemicals that i have been using. I’m interested in switching to the AquaFinesse system, but since being a newbie to hot tubs, I’m not well educated enough to know if this is possible. My tub has the ozone, UV AND EcoPure mineral filters. Can you offer some guidance on what i need to do to convert to the AquaFinesse? It’s time for a drain and change… Read more »

Thanks for all of this great info. I have ordered the hot tub kit, but I think it comes with the chlorine granules instead. Don’t know if I can get the tablets. I would really rather have those.

Hi Chris! i’ve been using the Aqua Finesse for a few months and began having a problem with water staying cloudy. i did some research and found out it was my test strips. i sent you an email this morning. hope to hear from you soon.

I have a hot tub that always makes me itch and usually I get a rash on my torso and lower legs. I shower and use lotion after being in the tub and I still get very itchy. I feel getting rid of the chlorine can only make it better. Does the aquafinesse require much chlorine? BTW, I have a smaller tub 250gal that my wife and I use once a week for 1-1 1/2hrs. Our previous tub was about larger and we could sit in it all day on weekends with no problems if I took a shower after.… Read more »

Hi Chris, Thank you so much for this site which has a wealth of info! I just received delivery of my 14-ft swim spa (1700 gallons). It sounds like you highly recommend Aquafinesse. I was looking at their site and they have a swim spa specific product that are disks that you put in weekly. Do you know if this product line is as good or have you had any experience with it? I love the idea of being about to keep a lower chemical level. Also, I was deciding between bromine and chlorine and had kind of settled on… Read more »

Any opinion on Bullfrog Spas?

Hi I appreciate your website thank you so much. My husband and I purchased a refurbished hot tub last year and just a few months ago finally finished getting it installed. We’re ready to get it filled and start using it. I really am not a fan of chlorine or bromine and would like to go with something natural currently were looking at the ahh natural (which is a pad I believe) and clarity. What are your thoughts on either of these? Or is there a better choice. Our hot tub is a Phoenix with all new balboa components. Thank… Read more »

Thank you! Aqua finesse sounds like it may be the way to go. I will give it a shot!

Chris, First off, thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and expertise. I think I’ve watched every video and read every post. I just ordered my twilight 8.25, and should have it by the end of November. The dealer I purchased through are very nice people, but really don’t have the experience you have. I’m looking to start off on the right foot, and going to use Aquafinesse from the start. Just have a few questions… 1. Should I use a purge luck on a brand new tub, like Aquafinesse’s website says? Or is that a bit of a… Read more »

I just ordered a twilight 8. With the uv and it has the circ pump am I up for disappointment now ????

Hey Chris, I live near Phoenix and am leaning towards a Caldera Silina at the Hot Springs store, mainly because of it’s low maintenance. Between the ozone and two cartridge or packet system- one is replaced every month for $15 and the other every 3months at $25- the upkeep is fairly low. We had a hot springs Classic F with an 24/7 circ pump and i only added extra chemicals when we had a few people in. When it died i got a Divine Nature but it had a ozone pump that only worked when the main pumps were on… Read more »

Any advice for a spa novice? We purchased a new BeachComber spa less than 2 weeks ago. I broke out with what the doctor says is Hot Tub Rash after only a few uses. As instructed we used the Spa Marvel cleaner, drained the spa, then used Spa Marvel Conditioner. 5 days later I have the rash. What could we have done wrong? I know you might not be able to answer, but I highly respect your advice!

Have you heard of ‘Natures Hot Tub Treatment’? A non chemical enzyme water treatment.
I am in the process of buying my first hot tub (possibly a Bullfrog, Caldera or Master Spa) and want a chemical free water treatment solution.
What is your opinion? Also would like your opinion on the 3 hot tub brands I mentioned. What is important to me is quality of components, low energy cost, ease of use and ease of maintenance.

Just got my master spa on the web site it said to use a pre filter and put some metal x stuff in our spa marvel good enough thanx

I see how you highly recommend the Aquafinesse mineral system over anything else. But I am wondering (as I am in the process of buying a spa) how you would feel about a combination of the Aquafinesse and the UV light on a twilight or HL series tub.

The first part says stay away from bromine but the last part recommends aqua finesse but their solution uses bromine as well. Can you clear this up?

I am deciding between a master spas twilight series and sundance chelsee. I want low levels of harmful chemicals and don’t want to spend a lot of time and money doing it. I don’t mind paying a higher up front price for extra features like UV and Ozonators if it means lower total cost of ownership over 5-10 years. it seems your suggesting using minerals in combination with chlorine. I understand this extends the water lifespan, but the mineral products sound expensive month to month (aquafinesse runs close to $40 per month alone?). What is the best combination of TCO… Read more »

Hey Chris-

This site is great and has been very informative for us as we are looking at buying our first hot tub. We have narrowed it down to the Master Spa Precision 8 and the Master Spa Legacy Whirlpool Inspire. Any thoughts on the pros/cons of each? We like the Precision 8 because of the size and the Legacy because of the upgraded features. Both are priced around $8k (good price?), so that isn’t helpful in breaking the tie. Some guidance would be greatly appreciated.


I have almost decided to get a Twilight 8.2, but I don’t have a dealer in my town. The nearest dealer is a little oven an hour away, & has only been selling Master Spas for a couple of months. They carried Hot Springs for 20 years, before switching to MS. I have a D1 dealer almost in my back yard. Should I get the 8.2 without a local dealer, or get a lesser quality tub with a local dealer? Also, if I order the Twilight is it worth getting the UV system…considering the up front cost & the yearly… Read more »

Hi – Why don’t you recommend the UV and circ pump system? My master spa dealer was pushing this hard.

Thank you… should have my twilight 8.2 soon! Master should love you. You are the reason I changed my mind. Pouring concrete tomorrow. Does it matter switch corner the electrical conduit should come through? I want it as near as possible to where it connects. I suppose that is on the front? Also, I haven’t purchased a lift yet, and wondered if one could be installed on any side? I don’t have much room, and I don’t want the cover to block my view.

I’m loving my T8.2! Thank you so much for the great recommendation. I’m going to which to AF when I drain the tub, but I sure could use that tip sheet you have! It’s been easy to keep the water clear, but I want the water you talk about it. I’m a little nervous about the unknown… and the chemicals being lower than the test strips say it should be. I use my tub almost every night…. if I can’t, my body tells me about it! Thank you so very much for the help you’ve provided us newbies. Wish you’d… Read more »

Hello, I just purchased a new spa, HotSpring Grandee NXT. I was hoping that you could help me with determining which products from AquaFinesse to purchase. The spa gets delivered this Wednesday and I’d like to start it up on this system from the beginning. There’s 3 options from Amazon in regards to the AquaFinesse product; di-chlor, tri-chlor and bromine. If I have to choose, I think I’d rather go with the bromine system, but I can be convinced otherwise. Is there anything else I’ll need? The folks at the showroom want to sell you everything under their roof so… Read more »

Is it worth the master 3 pure water system on the master spas as a option thanx

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