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Chemical Free Hot-Tubs

Every buyer shopping for a hot tub wants the same things, and one of the big things everyone wants is to hear that their tub is going to be low chemical, safe and EASY!!! It's the hot button and if you can convince a customer that your brand of hot tubs is the easiest, lowest chemical system, then you are going to sell your hot tubs.

So, no wonder manufacturers are spending millions on marketing to convince you that their system is the best.

The truth that they don't want you to know is that although all of the technologies for onboard systems are ok, none of them are fundamentally next level. None of them do anything significant to make your water easier to manage (like stabilizing your pH significantly). None of them are as good as the natural additives you can put in any hot tub.

Lets take a look at some of these onboard systems...

With 30+ years of balancing hot tub water, I can tell you now that my hot tub is easier to manage, lower chemical, and more reliable.
That being said, not all enzymes are created equally. I have tried dozens of products & systems over the years, but my money goes into this simple, inexpensive product called Spa Marvel. Not only is it amazing at stabilizing your pH and breaking down contaminates, but it is so good for the plastic that if you use it on a new tub as directed, it will give you a lifetime guarantee on your jets!
All for $55 every 3 months, OR by purchasing a bundle package.

To get my personal routine, order Spa Marvel in one of our three bundle packages, and if you don't agree with me 100%,
I'll refund every penny including shipping!

Spa Marvel Enzymes

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