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I have 4 brands I evaluate to be doing all the right things or close to it. Master, Artesian, PDC and Coast. These companies are spending the money on building good reliable tubs instead of cutting corners and relying on marketing. If you are looking to buy a Hot Tub I suggest doing some research on these four and finding one that meets what you want. If you have any questions come talk with me at Buyers Assistance

Master Spas – Brand Review
These are one of the best brands out there, especially for high end therapy tubs. Watch me take a look at my own Twilight Series 8.2 hot tub! High flow therapy jets, Hand rolled self supporting shells, Balboa flow control systems and more.

PDC Spas- Brand Review/Factory tour
I recently toured PDC’s factory and they have a great manufacturing process, well designed tubs with solid shells, OEM parts and very high quality control.  

Artesian Spas – Brand Review
Artesian builds to a high standard and doesn’t cut any corners. These tubs are long lasting and reliable.

Coast Spas – Review Coming soon
Coast has been working hard the last few years and I like what I’m seeing from them. I’ll be out to check out their factory and spas soon so I can get you guys the inside info on how they build their tubs and different lines.

All the Rest

Arctic Spa – Brand Review
I’m not a fan of this brand, they make a good shell and have nice marketing but use proprietary heating and control systems as well as thin perimeter insulation. Too much spent on marketing and not enough on building a good tub.

Beachcomber – Brand Review
This brand is a mixed bag. I find it really overpriced by a long shot, that being said they build to the right standard. Balboa control and heating system, waterways jets, hand-rolled self-supporting shells, and glued and clamped plumbing lines. This is all the stuff I like to see in a Top Tub! I’ll look at some of the other good and bad parts of this brand inside.

Bullfrog – Brand Review
Bullfrogs, like most bands, are a bit of good a bit of bad and a bit of ugly. Those goofy pods really limit the area where the jetting can go. and are so expensive to replace. Pretty good parts list compared to some brands and decent performance on their upper end but the shell construction is another thing to be worried about with these guys, too many failures with the ABS pedestal supported build.

Dynasty Spa – Brand Review
Video Review, I rank the electronic and flow control system, check out performance, price, insulation and plumping. Cradle supported which creates stress points! Great appearance but we take a look underneath and show you what is really going on.

Marquis – Brand Review
I was recommending them for a long time based on a quick look and a lot of promises from the factory, but I’ve stopped thanks to the reasons in this review. Got a brand new Vector 21 tub, one of their upper lines and wasn’t happy with what I saw.

Strong Spas (Costco) – Brand Review
Video Review, one of my first videos and biggest hits, this one made the Reddit Front Page when it was posted! Check it out for yourself to see what we are all about.

QCA Spas – Brand Review
Break down on all the major parts and construction.

Due to increased demand we are running 5-10 days for comment responses, it sucks but its only me… I’m working to find a suitable co-writer but I’m currently running 5-10 days for responses 🙁 and 12-24 hrs for paid responses. It’s not a cash grab I just can not keep up with the numbers despite spending my entire life here 🙂 I am determined to keep this honest and true to its tenants and therefore it takes time to ramp up to the massively increased traffic over the past 3 years.

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Hi Matt

My name is Monique, I am from Sarnia, Ontario. My husband Tom and I are considering purchasing a MAAX 480 but are also looking at Sunrise 870. We like that they both have steel frames, natural fibre insulation, 56 frame pump, serviceability…your thoughts?


Monique and Tom

Hi Monique, Maax is a company that makes everything from doors to tubs and I never trust the jack-of-all-trades type operation. They’re no doubt great with acrylic but there is far more that goes into spa than the acrylic and steel frames always make me cringe because I’ve seen so many rust and rot over the years. A 56 frame pump is a size rating and has no bearing on the pump brand or quality so you want to make sure it is a Waterways pump. Too many questions there. Sunrise is a middle to low end brand with perimeter… Read more »

I sent in a long post several days ago that was marked as waiting for approval. I don’t see it now – did you get it? Do I need to rewrite the entire thing again? Please advise, thanks.

Ok, good to know. I was confused because it was listed as “waiting for approval” but now I don’t even see it. Will wait, thank you! 🙂

Hi Chris,

Trying to decide on an artesian or Coast hot tub. Do you have a preference? The artesian dealer is more big box – American Sale, and Coast is a smaller dealer although much further away, but they are reputable. We’re looking in the $8000-$9000 price range. Thanks in advance.

Hi Matt,

Both good tubs but, personally, I would always go with the best dealer. If you cultivate a good relationship with a reputable dealer (buy your chems from them etc.) then even a poor tub becomes good and a good tub becomes great

Any experience with the Radiance 8L hot tub?

Hi Chris,
What do you think of Cal Spas?
Thank you!

Hi Chris,
Thank you for the helpful information! After considering your reply/reviews, we ended up with the Artisian Tropic Seas Rio, $7500.

We contributed via the ‘Funding Page’!


Hi Sean,

Cal Spas are middle of the road units with lots of fancy marketing. There are better (and worse) options. If you go with the Cal stay away from anything with the U-Select and pay close attention to air vs water jets. Air jets do nothing for massage other than create bubbles

Hi Chris. My wife and I are from Burlington ontario. We’re looking at the marquis euphoria and the vector series and would like your thoughts. Was also maybe considering sundance aspen or jacuzzi series.

Thanks Matt

Hi Matt,

I wouldn’t seriously consider any of them. We thought Marquis was a good brand until we tore one apart, check out this review. Call up Premium Wholesale in Kitchener. They are an amazing group of people and take good care of their customers and they sell the Master Spa line

Trying to find a swim spa in Memphis, TN. It looks like PDS, Coast and Master are not in my area (Memphis, TN). It looks like I am left with Endless Pool (I’ve read your thoughts), Dr. Wellness (I’ve also ready your reviews) and Artesian (by way of Family Leisure). I’m not sure where to go from here. I guess I live in the wrong city for swim spas.

Hi Kim,

Hice’s Pool, Spa and Patio in Tullahoma is your closest dealer that sells of the good brands (and they are a great dealership) and I believe they will sell and service the Memphis area so I’d suggest you look them up first and check out our private buyers service because we may be able to get you something factory direct or help you save some money locally

Thanks so much! I talked to Gerald at Hice’s. Great guy, he really knows his stuff. I thought his prices were a little high, but I don’t have enough data points to really make that claim. I would be interested in factory direct. I’m not that far from Indiana!

What about the J235 JACUZZI?

Hi Nick,

It’s sad what happened to Jacuzzi. They used to be great years ago but big money bought them and now they’re at best a mid grade brand with a lot of glitzy marketing. Check out this video

Hi Chris, Thank you for this site and all that you bring to the table; huge appreciation for you. I feel like I’ve been researching Swim Spas forever now lol. As a previous competitive swimmer, current is important to me. On the flip side, my wife and kids would prefer the spa options. I’ve narrowed down to the H2X Challenger and SwimEx, but I’m having trouble justifying the $30k expense, even if it does include delivery, placement, set up, etc. Are you aware of any brands that I could look into that would be more easily justified price-wise? Debating the… Read more »

Hi Chris,

My wife and I have been looking in London Ontario for our first hot tub. We have been looking at the Bull Frog R8 and Beachcomber 590. Wondering which one you would suggest. Also, wondering if the transducer audio system in the beachcomber is worth the extra value?

Thank you,


Hi Jeff, Of the two I’d definitely go with the BC. It’s a better tub then the Bullfrog and at least with the beachcomber you’re getting a well-built tub although I’m not as fan of the non-removable side panels and external pump idea. There’s a great dealer in Kitchener that serves your area as well and they sell the Master line which is far superior to both the BC and BF. Check out our private buyers service and we can find you the right deal regardless. As for sound, I have yet to see a sound system in a hot… Read more »

Thank you for the reply. The BC rep showed us the tub with sound and mentioned the transducers are under the shell of the tub and the tub acts as the speaker. Because there are no physical speakers, I was wondering if this may be a more reliable sound option. My wife tried it out and really liked the sound quality, whereas physical speakers on another tub we wet tested seemed to get drowned out by the jets running. It is a pricey option and I am having a hard time finding more information about the reliability of the transducer… Read more »

Does anyone have a spa from the Canadian Spa Company? I can’t find may reviews, but the ones that are out there are mostly positive. The value seem to be there, I’m just not sure about the long term reliability. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks

Can you fill a hot tub with softened water since we have a softenen on our home. Think of a Master Spa

Hi Cassi,

Water softeners won’t cause an issue as long as you use enough calcium hardener. You will likely need a little more than usual but it’s one time thing when you first fill the tub

and is calcium hardner one of the usual items in the chemicals that we get? – Getting a Twillight 7.2 for 4500 used.

would the Spa Marval cover this? is a years supply good to start with or do I need a different package?

Also the Twllight 7.2 do they have the same pumps as the 8.2 like the 2016 video on You Tube that Chris did?

Hi Chris. We are looking to purchase but are baffled by our local options. Seems that Sunrise Spas and Canadian Direct spas are quite reasonable but we are really overwhelmed with all of the options would you recommend these brands?

Hi Paula,

Most people are baffled when they start looking for a hot tub because there are so many poor quality units with glitzy marketing that look good on the surface but are not at all well-built. Both of those brands are your middle of the road mass merchant tubs with some good, some bad. Have a look at any Master, Artesian, Coast or PDC dealers in your area and we can help you buy if you’re interested with our private buyers service

Thank you very much Chris – we are going to review your top 4

We also have 12 yr old Cal spa that needs to have leaks repaired – we don’t want to put any more money into it. Do you have any contacts of people who might be interested in tubs for refurbishing. 90 x130 with a new cover

Just want it to end up in the dump

Best regards 

**NOT end up in the dump!!! 😊

Hi Paula,

There are people all over who buy tubs and refurbish them for re-sale and since the market is so hot right now, these guys are jumping at anything that comes available. Put an ad on your local classifieds to give the tub away and you’ll likely have people fighting over it

Hi Chris, How does a Masterspas Therapool Deep compare to Thermospa and Endless Pools? Thanks, Leslie

Thanks so much for your PROMPT reply Chris. Your website is a terrific resource for Hot Tubs and Swim Spas. Keep up the great work, Leslie

Thanks for the great site and helpful information. I eventually want a full size in ground pool, but I am tempted by a swim spa for year round use (I’m an average speed lap swimmer) here in Northern NJ. Does anyone on this board have both? If I bought a 12-15 foot H2X, Coast, TidalFit, or PDC now and left above ground, could I move it in-ground/recessed next to or in front of a full sized in ground pool in a couple years? I have the space for both, and patience to save up the right amount of funds. I’d… Read more »

Hi Chris, If you’re a lap swimmer, you’ll want a 15 footer at least and personally I’d look at the H2X Challenger series. The standard H2X is good as are the Coast and PDC but for a decent swimmer, the Challenger is only topped by the Phelps Momentum series (which is way overkill unless you’re a triathlete). The extra jetting and variable speed pump on the challenger is more than worth the cost premium. If you do go challenger, I’m willing to bet you may reconsider the pool unless you want it for fun and lounging because for your swimming… Read more »

Thanks Bill. I appreciate the specific advice on the swimmer. While I haven’t been to my YMCA since March, I was doing around 20 laps per visit at a leisurely pace. I never really timed myself, but I think I was in the water for 40 minutes or so including little breaks here and there. I wasn’t the guy blasting back and forth with flip turns, but I definitely don’t want to skimp on jets to save money and then be disappointed in the work out once I’m back in shape. I know East Coast spas sells the H2X’s and… Read more »

yeah. I hear ya (and you definitely know your shit). That’s what the little voice in the back of my head says too, but see my reply to Bill. Unless my wife overrules me, a swimmer WOULD come first chronologically (I know that’s not what you meant, but I’m seizing upon the wording), but again just wondering if anyone has had both at the same time. I can’t find any pictures anywhere that would help others (especially my wife) visualize what I see in my head.

Oh. And there’s also the question of whether the swimmer can be sunk AFTER I’ve used it above ground for a couple years. The endless pool dealer said yes on theirs, but I’m skeptical. Thanks again and again and again. Assuming I move forward, I will make sure to utilize your buying services.

Hey Chris, You can sink the swimmer at any point even five years from now provided it’s done properly and personally, I’m with you – go with the swimmer first. It’s gets you in water MUCH faster and we use ours all the time for “pool parties” so wifey can be happy (being twice divorced I can attest to the importance of that….)). You will probably actually find that your kids enjoy the swimmer more – most do. Tie a rope on a knee board and tie it to the far end and turn the jets on – happy kids… Read more »

Thanks Bill!

Hi Chris I’m a first time new hot tub purchaser and was leaning towards a Coast spa from a local dealer in Mississauga can’t remember the model but it was the near their top of the line for the size, 4-5 people didn’t have a waterfall but they spoke highly on this brand. Having visited this site I’m confused. Hot tub wasn’t cheap I just have issues with pricing or how it’s kinda made
up and quality. I don’t know much about hot tubs hope you could help out thanks

Hi there, My wife has rheumatoid arthritis and I’m looking to purchase our first tub. I was at a Sundance dealer here in Hamilton, Ontario today and was looking at a couple of models (Ramona – 11K, Hamilton – 15K). I didn’t feel pressured and the two salesmen seemed pretty good. I made the mistake of filling out a form on Jacuzzi’s site and they will not leave me alone. Locally, there are quite a few shops, but I can’t seem to find anyone that’s local selling the brands you have recommended. All I can find in my city are… Read more »

Thanks for the reply! Small world, My sister went to OP, but I ended up going to Saltfleet on the mountain!
So, I contacted Premium in Kitchener and requested pricing on a handful of models. I’m still awaiting a reply. I’ve got my eye on two MP legend and also inquired about pricing on a few Twilight series models.

I’m speaking with a guy from a Mississauga dealer as well.

My main concern is finding a tub that’s going to last a reliable 15-20 years.

Have a good day and thanks again!

Hi Chris, Just came across your site today. I am a first time hot tub buyer in the New Hampshire lakes region (Central part of the state). I’m looking to spend 10-11k and if I limited my search to the brands you list in your top choice bucket, what would my best option be based on my location?

Hi Steve,

You’ve got options in your area but a lot of mid-grade fancy marketing out there as well. Check out our private buyers service and if we can’t find you the right deal we’ll refund you the fee.

Hi, the brands available close to us in Kingsville, Ontario is beachcomber and cal spas. We saw a 720 Anniversary edition beachcomber in Kingsville, but has not been able to view a comparable Cal Spas tub. Do you know what Cal spas model compare with the 720 Beachcomber and retail at CAD15000 before tax? Which brand do you recommend between beachcomber and cal spas at that price point?


Hi Tom,

You’ve got Bluewater Polls and Spas about 1/2 hour away and they carry the Master Line. For that kind of money I’d be looking at the Twilight which is gonna give you much better neck and shoulder massage and the two 7 inch master blasters are gonna blow away any standard jetting in the foot well. Have a look at our private buyers service and we’ll save you some money (and if we don’t I’ll refund you the difference) on a high end Twilight.

We are first time hot tub buyers looking for a large hot tub for 4 tall teenage boys and ourselves. We want a 6-7 adult size. Primary use will be therapeutic but will entertain now and then. We have two local dealers we trust and have narrowed it down to the Master spa Clarity series Precision 8 and a Bahama Spa paradise bay II/III. The price difference is substantial 8.5k for the Masters and 11k for the Bahama. We were impressed by the depth of the Bahama (39 in) compared to the 36 in Masters, but will we notice that… Read more »

Hi Carin, This is an easy one….:). The Clarity all day every day. The Precision 8 is a huge spa with more room than. almost any other 8 footer on the market and the real beauty of it is the huge footwell so you’re not knocking toes with others. Be careful of depth measurements too because different manufacturers measure depths differently but the biggest issue for me (other than build quality which is not even close) is the moulded layout of the Bahama versus the barrier-free seating and big footwell of the Precision so for more people or tall people,… Read more »

Hi Chris, what is your outlook about the endless pool ? We are looking to purchase a therapeutic swim spa pool for my husband. My husband has been suffering of chronic back pain and left side leg numbness since his car accident. We are looking at the endless pool because they offer a treadmill in one of their E-series but, it’s quite expensive. Would you recommend another brand that would help my husband to exercise his full body ?

Thank you kindly


Hi Jennifer, For therapeutic use, I’d take a very close look at the H2X 19D from Master Spas. It has a large swim area AND a spa side with all high-end therapy jetting so your husband can use the swim side for aqua therapy and the hot tub side for higher heat muscle massage with the high flow jets – best of both worlds. Endless pool was recently bought by the Watkins group and they fall into the same category I keep preaching about – mid grade units with high-end marketing. As for the treadmill, in my opinion is waste… Read more »

Hi Chris,

Do you have any suggestions for Hot Tub dealers in Nebraska? Particularly Lincoln or Omaha? I’ve visited with Home Innovation and they are a dealer for Master & Cal Spas. They seemed to push the Cal Spa over the Master.

Hi Shaun, they are the best in your area. I’d stick with the Master brands though. How were they pushing the Cal spas over the Master ones?

They were pushing them in the sense that the warranty was not as good on the Master vs the Cal Spas. They have been in business for quite some time and I have visited with a service tech for them who said he has had good experience with working on Cal Spa with minimal major issues. When I told them my budget they just seemed to steer me towards a Cal.

Hi. We are deciding between an Artesian Grand Bahama Elite, and a Cal Spa Avalon EC867L. What do you recommend?

Thanks a lot

Chris, have a dealer recommendation for Master Spa, or manufacturer of equivalent or higher quality, in the Stamford, CT area? Thanks in advance. BTW – I was looking at Jacuzzi and Sundance before I found your site.

Hi Keven, no dealers unfortunately but we could get you set up for a factory direct sale if you are interested, go for our private buyer’s service and we can get you a good deal. We will do a refund if it doesn’t meet what you are looking for.


Thanks for the help on your website, it’s been really helpful on our search! We have finally narrowed down our search for our first hot tub. We are comparing the Coast Apex Bench Curve vs Marquis Vegas Elite. What would you recommend in terms of reliability, build and replacement part costs (filters, pumps, jets, etc)?

Thanks for any input!


Hi Tim,
I would go for the Coast, I used to like a lot about how Marquis built but they did a big factory shift, I bought one of their tubs to get a look at it and there were a lot of quality control issues. They might be getting that back under control but I can’t recommend them until I see that for myself.

Hi Chris Thanks for all the information. I am looking for the Sunrise 880 model. I get a mixed reviews by going through some websites! Whats your opinion about that model? Thanks

Hi, Shankar, Sunrise is in my mid group. There are parts of how they built I dislike but they aren’t in my nightmare run away category.
Biggest issue is the cradle supported shell, it isn’t as sturdy as a self supporting shell and the supports create stress points on the shell that can weaken it over time. The insulation is also on the lower end for r-value and heat retention.

Super glad I found this site. Really pulls back the curtain on these things. Can’t thank you enough!

Hi Chris, I’m considering purchasing a spa when I get back from being deployed. I live in Boise, Idaho, 83709. Would you be willing to refer me to any good local dealers + brands? The 7.2 TS is the type of spa I’m looking for. I reached out to master spas and talked with John Erickson who I’ve seen is based out of California. He said the master spas would be made in Indiana and there’s local help if I need maintenance one day. He quoted me 9.5k for a 7.2 TS which going through the comments sounds really high… Read more »

Hi John,

Have a look at our private buyers service and we’ll see if we can twist John’s arm a bit on the pricing. He’s a good dealer and we have a great relationship with him so maybe we can save you some money and if we can’t we’ll refund you the difference

Hi Chris! Thanks for all the great information!
Pretty sure going with Masters Clarity Spa for quality and great price but another vendor is pushing Wellis?
The vendor is likening these as the bmw or mercedes of hot tubs in lieu of a chevy.
Any thoughts?

Hey Chris. Really great site and YouTube channel. Super informative for a first time hot tub buyer doing their research. I have been struggling to find a dealer that I can actually get in touch with in my area that sells the the brands you recommend, in particular Master Spas. Looking into the Twilight 67.25 or the Clarity series… cost dependent once I can get actually get a quote from somewhere. Who would you recommend as a dealer in the lower Westchester NY area? Looking for something for ~4 to 5 people that is easy to care for and will… Read more »

Hi Lauren,

If you’re looking to put 4-5 people in a tub then the Clarity is gonna shine for you. It has barrier free seating and a massive footwell so it works great for not playing footsie with others in the tub. It’s a no-frills but very well-made tub that checks all the boxes. Check out our private buyers service and we can find you the right deal and save you some money too (and if we don’t we’ll refund you the difference) and we’ll make sure you get taken care of after the sale!

Hi Chris! I thinking of buying a Dr. Wellness G-7 Tranquility Series Hot Tub. Any Information/Review on how good this type of Hot Tub is?? Thank you for you any info you can supply me!

Last edited 1 month ago by Russell Wolff

Sorry…or other recommended entry level plug and play spa dealer in 01810 zip code. Thanks so much!

Hi Chris,
Do you have some Nordic spa dealers you could recommend in the 01810 zip code area?

Hi Barb,
Nothing too close to you but Crocker Sales carries the Getaway line of tubs which are great value entry level options.
They have been around forever and take good care of customers.

9 High St, Woburn, MA 01801
+1 781-933-2006

Hey Chris,

I know you vouch for Master a lot, and they are made in North America but I came across this recall. More concerning to me was that it says the diverter valve cap is made in China. Is it possible that they have other parts made in China since you’ve toured their factory?

Hi Chris! My wife has her heart set on a round hot tub and wanted to get your thoughts. With my research from your site and the market, we are down to the Bullfrog, Nordic Crown XL or the Artesian South Seas. I’m leaning towards the last 🙂


Hi Chris, Great website!! I just purchased a Crocker Series (they told me it is made by MasterSpas) Cape Cod model (seats 6-7) at an expo in NH. I can’t seem to find any info to confirm that they are produced by MasterSpas… I’ve been reading a ton of reviews and can really only find ones based on the seller themselves, rather than on the tub… Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks again for this great website!!

wondering if anyone knows anything about Stellar Spas? I’ve been researching spas online to try and find the best value in a quality spa, and I can’t seem to pass by Stellar. But, there is no information that I can find on here about the company. Anyone have any input? thanks!

Thoughts on Costco offering Beachcomber 655 for $7499? I know you’re not a fan of big box retailers but Beachcomber is in your top group of brands and pricing seems to be your biggest knock. This price seems like a good deal on a quality brand if I have the support of a local dealer. Thoughts? If you’re not a fan what would be a better alternative for $10k or less in the Burlington Ontario (L7N) area?? thanks!

I’m looking at the Bullfrog A6, what should I expect to pay? I’m being quoted roughly 13k from the dealer.

Hi Chris,
thank you so much for all the great info. You convinced me on Masters. just comparing models and wondering what you thoughts main difference is / pros/cons for
Precision 8
balance 8
Twilight – debating 7.25, 8.2, 8.25 not sure if it is only size/water capacity difference.

Sorry actually forgot to ask one more question:
for the Twilight, they wanted to sell me the following and not sure if you think it is worth it:
UV bulb – 1000
speaker system – 1000
extra warranty – 700
There is also the Mast3rPur System (not sure if that is the same as the UV bulb they wanted to sell me) and QuietFlo Water Care System upgrades online on the Masters Website and not sure if there is any value there.

Whats your thoughts on H2o spas manufactured in British Columbia… we found a dealer in our area who sells them. I have not been able to find a lot of information on them other than it sounds like they are a small manufacture that appears to provide good support and service.



So glad I found this site. First time buyer in the Hudson Valley of NY. Marquis and Hot Spring dealers locally. Looking at the Marquis Signature Series Epic vs. the Hot Spring High Life series Envoy. Marquis has Balboa components and the dealer seems very knowledgeable about the brand and tub, seemed honest about what was made in US and what was imported. I did read your comments that you removed Marquis from your top 5 due to some shadiness. What exactly is up with them? Dealer for Hot Spring not as engaged or as forthcoming so I don’t feel… Read more »

Hi Chris,

Any master spas dealer near Montréal, (Québec, Canada) ?

About to purchase Artesian Santa Cruz. Do you have a preference for which purification system to choose: • Water Purification:
1) Diamond AOP™
2) Crystal AOP™ ProPure Advanced Oxidation
3) Crystal ProPure™ Ozone Mixing Chamber
4) Ozonator
5) FROG® @ease™ with SmartChlor™++
6) Nature2® Cartridge

Thanks, I appreciate your help!

Great site here. Can you point me to a solid dealer near Charleston, SC? First time hot tub buyer. $6k budget. Looking at South Seas or Garden Spa. Possibly a plug and play that can be converted to 220v,

Hey Chris thanks for all the great info on your site. Just purchased a Clarity Balance 8 $10,995 CAD does the clarity line still have all the good points you talk about (ie) clamped lines, hand rolled shell ect does that price seem fair?
Thank You

Hey Chris, we just got quoted about $23k CDN for a Hydropool Aquasport 14 Swim Spa. All in with the roll away cover, the delivery via crane, electrical, chemicals and tax (in Ontario) we’re at $31k CND. It’s for my wife and I and our 2 young daughters to enjoy. What do you think?

I’m looking into the H2X. How do you feel about Vortex Swim Spas?

How does the Coast and H2X compare? Both in build quality and value? Have you dealt with international pool and spa centers as a dealership? I notice that you recommend Griffin a lot.

Hi Chris,

How do the H2X and Coast swim spas compare both in quality and value? How is the rec warehouse as a dealer? I noticed you have mentioned Griffin a lot for Master spa. Thanks.

My Master dealer told me the Therapool13 wasn’t really for any swimming…I’m not Phelps or anything, just want a leisurely swim. It has 2 swim jets…but surely would be decent, right? Comparing against Tidalfit 14, which has separate pumps for quad swim jets and massage seats vs. diverter system in Master.

Hey Chris,

I’m actually looking to pick up a used Coast (2011) that’s functional with some “minor” leaks”. Do you have a mover/repair technician that you’d recommend in the Toronto GTA area? Thanks and keep up the great blog reviews.


Didn’t see Garden Leisure Spas in your list, seems like they might be good, they glue & clamp fittings and use Icynee Foam , and I think the controls are not proprietary What do you think? They are close to home , that’s why I am asking. I know there is a master spa dealer about 2hrs from me, but closer would be nice. I am in Cicero, NY 13039

Hey Chris,

My reply to the comment below wasn’t working. Wondering if you know anything about West Coast Spas: I’m looking at their DESCHUTES 3.0 model.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x