Chris Wheatley Biography

Chris Wheatley is the founder and CEO of the world's largest hot tub and swim spa advice platform, Hot Tub University.

Chris spends his days helping thousands of consumers navigate through the difficult task of finding good reliable hot tubs and swim spas at fair prices. Cutting through the fog of insanely good marketing and branding brilliance is a full time job for this tech savvy geek who produces around 10 mid sized novels of original content every year on the subjects that affect the hot tub and swim spa industry.

With nearly forty of experience starting and running numerous successful industry related businesses, Chris’s advice site Hot Tub University sees around 200,000 hot tub buyers a year come to him for advice generating nearly a million views. He will interact one on one with nearly 7000 hot tub buyers a year on what hot tub they should buy in their local market and through his private buyers company TrueTub which is 100% consumer funded (he does not take commissions or referral fees from retailers or manufacturers for this service) he will be hired by around 2000 hot tub buyers this year to buy them a hot tub in their local market. It is estimated that he is directly responsible for over 5000 hot tub buying decisions a year making him one of the largest controllers of hot tubs sales in the world.

His passion for for truth and honesty in what he refers to as an industry full of rogues, rascals, and outright crooks fuels everything he does and his disdain for what he calls "This bullshit world where flashy marketing trumps over truth and science” And where “Consumers are tricked into buying unsustainable products that are filling our landfills as we rape and pillage the environment to keep producing the same shitty products” infuriats him. His eventual goal is to have legislation put in place that prevents building things with planned obsolescence and ensures right to repair by limiting proprietary parts, and to move money from irresponsible corporate mass merchants back to local community based businesses.

“We have the power, the technology and the ability to build products that last 4x longer than they do but it's more profitable to build disposable shit that we can sell again and again using slick marketing, pseudo science and smooth sales techniques to trick consumers who every year have fewer and fewer options for buying sustainable products this practise while filling corporate coffers is destroying our environment and costing consumers millions of dollars”

When not fighting the good fight Chris can be found sailing his J-30 race boat, pounding down MTB trails, or surfing down ocean waves in his surf ski. He dedicates a month a year to helping athletes in his local community by chaperoning dozens of kayak racers on spring training in Florida every year... "It's a madness that I love, feeding 15 athletes is insane, I cook 35 eggs 4 pounds of bacon, 3 loaves of toast and 3 bags of hash browns then they walk through the door and descend like locusts and devour it in minutes, repeat for dinner and do it for 30 days... it's exhausting but I love it".

Chris resides in rural Nova Scotia on the North Atlantic where summers are short and winters are long. He is often found playing board games with his kids, sipping a pint at his local pub or strumming on his guitar. His next goal is to sail around the world and with his non stop appetite for adventure and his willingness to fight the good fight I have no doubt we will see him tackle that in the near future.