Beachcomber – Brand Review

Beachcomber – Brand Review

Beachcomber :

This brand is a mixed bag. I find it really overpriced by a long shot, I saw the summer saver deal for 2017 and laughed so hard I almost cried.  Some of the suggested retail prices are literally 2x what they are really worth.

That being said they build to the right standard. Balboa control and heating system, waterways jets, hand-rolled self-supporting shells, and glued and clamped plumbing lines. This is all the stuff I like to see in a Top Tub! Performance wise they top out at the mid-end, their top performance tub has a few of the expensive hi-flow therapy jets some mid flow and a lot of the inexpensive small jets… pretty standard to most brands top tubs but nowhere near the performance of the really high-end massage spas.

I don’t know if they still do this but one terrible thing they did for a long time was to make the tub with a non-removable skirt! We have one we just took on trade, it leaks and there is no way to get into it without draining and flipping the spa over and tearing it all apart… It’s crazy, you save a lot of money by making an integrated skirt because you just build the skirt into the spa whereas if you do it right you build a subframe then build a skirt to attach to it so you can get it apart if you ever have an issue.

I also really dislike the way they count the jets… The whole industry counts each jet as a jet… to make it sound better they count every hole in every jet so they quote like 120 jets for a 28 jets one pump tub 🙂 but I guess when yer trying to get mad margins you need a healthy dose of spin…

Also, I am not a fan of the hybrid system, This is a classic example of old tech being regurgitated and rebranded as a new technology. When I started selling spas in the 80’s lots of companies had the pumps outside but you can’t reclaim the motor heat with this arrangement and this more than offsets the little extra foam around the bottom corner where the foam is twice as thick as the other 90% of the hot tub. It also leaves you in danger of quick freeze damage in a power outage, and you are always pumping your hot water out of the insulation envelope in the winter… It’s bad tech done for a Unique selling feature more than any advantage.

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Brian M

I’m considering buying a Beachcomber 720 Hybrid4 or something relatively close in size/seating configuration (possibly 300 or 500 series). I love the option to place the “guts” in the steps and build it to the configuration of our choice. There are no other known quality hot tubs where the control panel and inner step (cooling seat) are not along the same wall. Because of our backyard design, we want to push the tub against our deck and step down into it. Buuuuuuut, we want to avoid having the guts closed off and inaccessible (without having to drain and move). So… Read more »

Hi Brian You are correct beachcomber is only guys still doing this equipment under the step. I remember in the ’80s there were loads of guys doing this. First off you can put any tub against a deck without having to drain and move it, it is a simple matter to frame in a removable trap door in the deck. The trade-off is big… You lose the ability to reclaim the waste heat from the pumps, big deal on an integrated system you can disconnect the heater and stay warm with just the waste heat from the motor, you are… Read more »

Kim Vincent

We just purchased the Beachcomber 740. Can’t wait to receive it!

Good buy you will have years of reliable performance.

Make sure you download the app SpaStar it makes everything easy.

Also, buy spa marvel… beachcomber is so behind on water care they remarketing their chemicals under goofy names to fool you… its standard high chemical chlorine and or bromine systems.

Pool Maven

Hi Chris, Beachcomber water care certainly does not have any product that contains carcinogens. All Beachcomber products are approved to be sold by Health Canada and the PMRA. Your professional opinion is respected and it would be appreciated if you kept to the facts when advising your audience, Thank-you kindly

Corrected sir, my bad. it meant to say high chemical I was mistaken in referring to chlorine as a carcinogen. NUt just barely… I should have said these high chemical systems create more byproducts and that the by-products ingestion into the body has shown to cause an increase in cancer rates… High levels of chlorine and specifically inhalation as occurs in steam from hot tubs are dangerous and some of the by-products of the chlorine interaction with organics create other chemicals some of which are classed as a possible source of cancer. When chlorine mixes with organic matter (such as… Read more »

Hi Hot Tub University, sorry to hear your dissatisfaction of how Beachcomber prices their tubs and the advertising methods used (such as how they count their jets). There has been certain improvements made to the brand over the last year though, and although some of the issues you raised remains valid, we invite you to revisit the brand and give them another look.

Hi Guys!

I have always liked beachcomber, build wise they do the right things… Hand rolled self-supporting shell with a vinyl ester resin barrier layer, glued and clamped plumbing lines, good full foam insulation… Hybrid is old tech everyone went away from it decades ago, and yeah the jet count thing is annoying but the non-hybrid model is in my top 5. good solid built spa. Performance wise they could use a higher-end therapy line but for build quality its right up there.