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I’ve been in this industry for so long and seen so many crazy things. After talking with so many people who buy the wrong tub or pay too much for a one I started HTU to help as many as I can avoid this. I spend tons of hours each week answering these and I’ve personally helped thousands in the last few years to get great deals on tubs that leave them satisfied and taken care of.

I work for you guys and I’ll keep tearing down the spin and bad marketing out there as well as showing you which companies are playing it straight, taking care of their customers and building to last. If HTU has helped in your hunt give us a tip to help keep the content and coffee flowing, visit our funding page. I also have our Terms page and Financial page for transparency

Whether you just want advice on what to buy and where to buy it in your area or if you want me to hook you up with a super star dealer nearby, this is the place to be! Don’t worry if you don’t see your submission at first, it won’t appear until I reply.

Whichever route you want to go, fill out the comment form below and I'll get on it!

- Chris Wheatley

I’ve been doing this off donations for the past two years and I want to express my thanks for everyone who has made this possible. We are now offering both Consultation and Private Buyer Services for people who want a greater level of assistance.

Hot Tub Evaluator
$24.95 US

Get a detailed evaluation for any model you are looking at

Learn More About the Hot Tub Evaluator!
Consult With Chris
$99.00 US

Receive a scheduled call from Chris Wheatley for a consultation

Learn More About Consult With Chris!
Private Buyers
$249.00 US

Our Premium service consultating, sourcing, securing, negotiating...

Learn More About Private Buyers!

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