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Hot Tub Shells

Is the most important part of your tub strong enough?

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Hot Tub Shells

Shell construction can vary vastly and the way a shell is built will affect how long your spa will last…

Almost everybody uses the same shell materials but the manufacturing technique can make a drastic difference in the cost and the reliability of your hot tub. It is worth spending more to make sure this is done right, or making sure that you are actually getting good quality when buying.

  • Hand rolled self-supporting shells are rare, most use a band aid approach of props, supports, and steel re-enforcing to try and keep cheap shells from falling apart.
  • One of the big misconceptions is that extra supports under the seats and for the shell are good, what they really mean is that the shell is cheap and thin and needs supporting to hold up.
  • Thick edges do not mean the whole shell is thicker, it just means they make the edge thick to give you that warm fuzzy feeling ?

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