Mass Merchant Hot Tubs

So, there you are, shopping for a toilet at your local Home Depot, Costco, or even Walmart store; and there they are... Hot Tubs! They look great! The price is decent! Next thing you know, you are thinking of spending your hard earned money on a hot tub from a Mass Merchant.

" While I am sure there are exceptions... somewhere... in a galaxy far far away... the truth is, you should run like hell. "

Folks trust me here... I supplied the largest mass merchants in the world with hot tubs for over a decade. I went through the whole deal from negotiating with buyers, to finalizing a line, to setting the build specification. Here is the real scoop on mass merchant hot tub programs...

Mass merchants do an abysmal job at these specialty products, they always have and they always will. The internet is full of stories of cheap poor quality hot tubs dumped on the poor unsuspecting buyer, and equally full of a litany of issues from abysmal service and back up, to an inability to offer even the most basic level of advice and after sales care.

The truth is the poor bastards don’t have a hope in hell. This is a specialist product. It requires specialist knowledge and the mass merchants just do not have a clue when it comes to the hot tub industry. Because they don’t have a clue and they know it they are reduced to the lowest common denominator... They have to try and be the cheapest, and here is where it all starts to go horribly wrong.

" Despiste what you may think, mass merchants do not get good prices on hot tubs "

Mass merchants simply do not sell enough hot tubs, and they are a high risk, high maintenance contract for a hot tub manufacturer. Consider that one good dealer will sell more hot tubs in a year than any 200 or 300 store mass merchant. For every hot tub sold through a mass merchant the manufacturer gets hammered with big overhead costs. They range from up to ten times the shipping price because they are shipping individual units, to having to use sub contractors for the service work. Because of these and other factors mass merchants just don’t get a good price on hot tubs.

" Because mass merchants pay too much, they have to cut corners to get the price cheap enough "

When a mass merchant buyer buys a line of hot tubs they come in with their big money chest and and tell the manufacturer “You need to build this hot tub with these features and you are getting this amount of money” Because the manufacturer has to build with all the features the buyer is demanding into the hot tub the only thing they can do to get the price down to the level that the mass merchant buyer demands is to cut the price of the parts. So the manufacturer cuts a couple hundred dollars out of the insulation package and uses cheap Chinese made parts, and maybe does not put as much fiberglass on the shell. The spa looks great! Specification wise it reads great! But the truth is it is no longer a good price on a good hot tub, it is just a high price on a cheap hot tub.

" The mass merchant price is not competitive... "

Its not... do some comparison shopping and you will find out I am right. You need to price compare the mass merchant hot tubs against the cheap internet spas, at the end of the day they are all the same ilk. Cheap no name parts, cheap perimeter insulation systems, and no back up or support. If you take the time to compare the spas to this end of the market you will find that most, if not all of the hot tub direct suppliers sell cheaper than the mass merchant. Hell a good local warehouse direct supplier can usually beat the mass merchant price, and offer a better quality of build, and an infinitely better back up and support structure.

" The product description is often utterly misleading "

This goes back to the mass merchant not having a clue. Right now on three of the biggest mass merchant sites in North America there are spas with really misleading information like spas listed as having 2 pumps while the reality is they have one pump and an air pump (basically a blow dryer that blows bubbles into the tub) The mass merchant has no idea because the manufacturer told them there are two pumps… They just didn’t bother to mention that one is a water pump system system worth a thousand or more dollars and one is a cheap air pump system worth $200. Another one of the mass merchants is selling a line that says “Made in Canada with Chinese parts” on a line of hot tubs that us 100% made in China, with the cheapest junk parts you can buy. Others have specifications saying 100 jets because they counted every single nozzle in the hot tub whereas everybody else in the industry counts the main fittings, which contain up to 20 nozzles each! It goes on and on and it isn’t even the mass merchant lying to you, they just don’t have any idea about the complexities of the product they are selling.