Artesian – Brand Review

Artesian – Brand Review

I like Artesian in general, they build good spas the way they should be built. I’ve had a behind the scenes look at these guys, I was allowed to visit and check out their main factory and I liked what I saw. Great self supporting shells, a quality part lists and the plumbing is clamped and set up to last without leaks.

It is always a good sign when a company is open about how it does things, they are a small factory but are doing all the right things and using the same build quality on all the lines. So I am comfortable with keeping them on the A-list.

Their high end is still built great but the performance at the upper end isn’t quite up to par with some others like the Twilight Series by Master. It all comes down to what you are looking for though.

As they are smaller and the factory doesn’t deal with customers directly it is also important to check that you have good on the ground service options near you.




Due to increased demand we are running 5-10 days for comment responses, it sucks but its only me… I’m working to find a suitable co-writer but I’m currently running 5-10 days for responses 🙁 and 12-24 hrs for paid responses. It’s not a cash grab I just can not keep up with the numbers despite spending my entire life here 🙂 I am determined to keep this honest and true to its tenants and therefore it takes time to ramp up to the massively increased traffic over the past 3 years.

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Is 11500 including tax, waterfall, stairs, delivery etc for a New 2020 Artesian Cayman 33 DB good (Cdn) good?

It’s a good spa and a reasonable price.

Hi, Chris! Stumbled on your site, and I love it!! Looking at Artesian and Bullfrog spas. Which brand would you recommend for best hydrotherapy? I have a lot of medical issues and really need good jets. Thanks so much!

Artesian for both built quality and performance, Bullfrog is not a nightmare brand but they are a better at marketing than making tubs 🙂

Chris! You are amazing! You really bring a lot of good into the world helping people find a relaxing tub… especially right now…lol.

I am looking at a Viking 2 hot tub w Bluetooth speaker system at a local dealer for $5600 cash price. Is that decent? It seems like there is a bit of price gouging, do you think prices will come down soon? Anything better in that price range (near Louisville Kentucky)? Thanks for any help you can give me. It’s my first hot tub…. 💸💸

Its not a nightmare brand and that’s a good price!

also check out PDC here: its a better build quality

Geckler Pools & Spas
Details from Google Maps
11115 Hyatt Martin Rd, Greenville, IN 47124
+1 812-923-8358
4.7View in Google Maps

I purchased the South Seas 965 L and had a concrete patio extended. Where I’m placing the tub has about a 1/8th to 1/4 inch dip/depression down the center of length – 9 feet. It’s a gradual dip and width from edges varies between 4-5 feet. I’m wondering what I should to to avoid damage to the frame or shell. I assume the tub will settle into that dip but am I risking damage after long term use? I’m considering having the concrete guy level it out with a polymer based concrete compound, but of course it will not match… Read more »

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No id say yer right, a good spa will survive the flex but your cover won’t seat properly and it’s def not a best-case scenario. self-leveling concrete would be best but if you move the tub down the road it will look off.

Hello. Would I be crazy to buy a four month old used Artesian Elite Dove Canyon for 10k with no warranty since they don’t appear to be transferable?

The price is way too high for a four-year-old spa. but it’s easy enough to get parts for it. rule of thumb is take the retail then take 30% off for the first year and 10% off for every other year…

Three month old

well thats a whole different ball game, still steep but hard to find tubs right now…

Hello 🙂
We are looking at the Garden Spas particular the Forsythia model. I we need a smaller spa since it is going into a condo patio. Is this a good brand/spa? What other smaller spa’s do you recommend?
Thank you for your time

yep its a well made unit.

bang for the buck the getaway Ochos rios

I am in the Toronto area and looking for an affordable tub. Came across a Garden Spas (by Artesian) and wanted to know what you think of this sub-brand ($7500 including install for the Wisteria). I would wire it to be 240 anyway. thanks.

yep Its a good spa built by Artesian spas.

check it price-wise against the getaway hot tubs and clarity hot tubs its should land right at the top of getaway and just under Clarity price wise:

Master spa Toronto
Griffin Ryan
1 (416) 779-0563

We are looking at buying a preowned 2017 artesian island elite versus vs a new Calspa EC-867b. Cost wise the preowned is a higher end model but we are only really saving ourselves 1500 bucks buying a preowned (its a certified dealers personal spa) versus a brand new Calspa. I am hung up on buying new to have the warranty and i know exactly what I am getting on a new spa? thoughts? Are the Artesian far superior to the Calspa that a used one could be worth it over a new Calspa

If It helps in the rec, this guy (certified dealer) wants 6500 for the pre-owned Artesian i mentioned bc he says its a 14k Spa and then the Calspa dealer wants almost 9k for the Calspa 867b which seems a bit crazy to me but we are less experienced in spa costs so maybe that normal…we went to a Master spa expo last week and they wanted 9500 for the twilight series 8.2…. these prices just seem HIGHER than what we expected. originally we thought 7-8k out the door would get us a good spa and now its just climbing

see the other post for comments on the artesian and cal (BTW the artesian is better build)

but $9500 for a TS 8.2? that’s a crazy good man that’s pre COVID prices…

In three years if it hasn’t had service yet it will mean heater, pump rebuild, and cover. in the next 3 years. yer around $1000 to $1200

It’s you’re call if it was poorly maintained water it will be faster if it was meticulous you will be longer.

You need to analyze your risk aversion 🙂

Hi Chris!
Trying to decide between Coast or Artesian. Have you visited their factory and would you be able to update your brand review for Coast?

Nope… they invited me in with open arms then COVID sidelined my visit 🙁 as soon as things open back up we will revisit.

Hi Chris,

Love your site and really appreciate the no BS approach. I live outside of Philly and am looking at an Artesian Grand Cayman with two foot blasters and 51 jets and the PDC Barbados. Got a price quote of $10.3k installed with the fabric cover, steps and install on the Artesian and $9.5k on the PDC. Which would you recommend and are those good prices or am I getting COVID gouged?

Thanks for the advice!!

It’s not a bad price for either of those tubs

Hello Chris! We just bought a tub from American Sale and it’s a Tropic Seas Spa. I can’t find any information or reviews outside of the company. I also read a review making me believe this is the Artesian Spa brand? Did they get bought out? If not, what do you think about this tub? We bought the Kona Spa. Thank you.

its a good tub built by artesian no worries dude happy hot tubbing

Chris we found a dealer selling Artesian about 70 miles from us and have a bullfrog dealer about the same distance. Looking at these two models both about the same number of jets and same features. I have been leaning towards the Artesian for reasons like a difference of about $5000 and I like the attitude of the artesian dealer better. My question is that I’m finding a lot of bad reviews of the Artesian online.

forget reviews, Forbes says like 70% are fake I bet its a lot more… trust me the corporate asshats are using reting and review sites as gorilla marketing playgrounds its 90% bullshit…

the Aretsain is far and away the better tub on every front.

Hi Chris, I am Interested in a tub for massage primarily. So far Iam looking at the Captiva 33 and wonder if there are enough jets and the pumps are powerful enough. With the captiva 45 and elite version, I note that the pumps BHP are higher. Or course this comes with an extra cost. Any guidance you can provide?

for massage focus on the jets on the pumps… you want big jets 3.5″ and 5″ high flow the little 1.5″ jets don’t do much… I would go to the footballer option with 45 jets if you want massage.

Chris – question about pump noise. I was at my sisters place tonight and they have a south seas 965L. Great tub and seating arrangement. I’m thing about getting one as well but tonight I noticed the fairly loud hum coming the pump when it was running it’s clean cycle with no jets on. It was quite noticeable. Is that typical? What can be done to quiet that humming vibration?

Hey, steve! Great question, id be more than happy to help out. You’re definitely not alone in hearing that humming sound, we’ve heard it from quite a few people with that tub, but there is a super easy fix you can actually do yourself! Literally all you need to do is unbolt the pump from the frame of the tub and put some kind of vibration barrier underneath it before screwing it back on again. That should silence the clean cycle for you.

Hi Chris, Debating among: Master Precision 7 or 8 ($7K and $7.8K OTD) Tropic Seas Fiji ($6.6K OTD) South Seas 850B ($6.1K OTD) We like the Tropic Seas Fiji, but it is unclear if it is the same build quality as the other Artesian Spas, and I can’t figure out where it fits in relative to the other Artesian lines like the South Seas. It seems like it is a step up from the South Seas, but then why is it not listed on the Artesian website? The dealer said it was a step up. Any suggestions on the above… Read more »

Not sure 🙁 haven’t had time to look at this line. typically May manufacturing builds good spas but the owners are getting old and not paying a lot of attention to what’s going on anymore.

Sorry about the dumb asshats bashing each other… if they were a little bit smart they would handle it differently but the US political scene has made beating up your opponent instead of pointing out your advantages the norm it seems 🙂

Good point, depressing but good point about the US political scene.

Thanks. On one of your other threads (from about a week ago), you indicated that from a build standpoint the Tropic Seas shouldn’t be much different from the Artesian Island line? If that is the case, the Tropic Seas seems like a good option. Are these prices reasonable? And any suggestion on which way to go?
Master Precision 7 ($6700), Precision 8 ($7500)
Artesian South Seas 850B Elite ($6100)
‘Artesian’ Tropic Seas Fiji Elite ($6600)

Right now I’m seeing prices jump dealers are starting to charge a lot more than they were pre COVID, some are valid, currency fluctuations, transportation cost increase, supply issues so right now those prices are really good… im seeing TS 7’s going to 10k some places and similar bumps on Artesians. I think artesian right now is 8 to 12 weeks out on stuff and master 6-8 I know both factories are telling dealers shorter times but I think there is going to be a big drought on hot tubs, the levels of sales are not sustainable and the production… Read more »

Are these reasonable prices?

the upside is this… with your 6 posts when I finally found you you got me to only 76 posts left 🙂


Hi Chris! Can’t thank you enough for pointing us in the direction of Artesian and away from some of the others we had been looking at (Jacuzzi, Caldera, Hot Springs, Costco (gasp!). We are open to Master (8.2 or 8.25 models) but don’t have any dealers close by and are slightly worried about long term service if we go that route. My question is about pricing for Artesian. My wife and I are looking at either the Piper Glen or the Grand Cayman Elite. The vendor we visited was quoting the cash price of the Piper Glen at $16,999 USD… Read more »

Wow high prices for sure, but we are seeing some retailers gouging taking advantage of the COVID rush in the hot tub market 🙁 Bad…

Shit just bought 🙂

get my private buyers service, I will save you a ton…

Thanks for the response, Chris. Just found the chain of Litehouse in north central Ohio that looks to have transparent (and sensible) pricing. Am going to give them a call this morning to see whether they’re a viable option. If that doesn’t go anywhere, I’ll be giving you a call for sure. Thanks again!

Hi Chris, hello from New Zealand! I am reaching out hoping that you can give me some genuine advice. We are trying to choose between the Artesian Grand Bahama or Hot Springs Relay. If you could please confirm which you would buy and why that would be awesome. I truly wish there was someone independent and knowledgeable like you to deal with in NZ. Thanks in advance for your time. Cheers, Kelly

Chris great articles!! We are in the metro Detroit area by Waterford MI. Looking to get a spa but stay 10k and under. What would you recommend as the best value by far? We are a family of 6. 2 adults 4 kids. Thank you

Chris, several years back bought a Maui Elite based on your reviews. We are moving and will need a new tub. We’ve had no problems and would look at the same unit without the lounger. In line Frog system. Do you like that system? . Thoughts between lounger no lounger? I don’t see the Maui Elite on the Artesian site. What is the current equivalent?

Hey Scott

Good to semy first return customer 🙂

glad to hear my help helped.

send me yer zip for the new home ill see what i can find

Did you find the equivalent model now?

HI Chris, great site and interesting reviews.
I am also a first time buyer and i now i reached a point where I don’t think I can get any further with my decision.
Big question ist Grand Bahama 61 or Dove Canyon?
I had no chance to try a artesian elite and I’m really worried that the 5 single pumps don’t deliver enough power for a good hydrotherapy?

Another point is, i am about 6′ 3″ tall so the elite is maybe the pool that fits better.

Could u help me out?

Greetings from Germany.

Damn I miss Germany.

it’s much like Canada we say what we do and do what we say 🙂

Also, miss the cold Kolsch on the river at the blues cafe in Cologne 🙁

Damn yer asking questions that are more about what you want than what’s good, I’m not goods with human just good with machine 🙂

Ask yer wife or get in the damn thing and see how it fits you 🙂

Ok Chris, looks like u have no idea what types of Spa dealers we have here…
Since 4 weeks i get no chance for a wet test in an artesian elite, no matter which model, no matter how far i would drive.

Maybe this is a more technical question for u, are 3bhp per seat, in your opinion, enough for a mens back massage?

Hi Stefan

I’m swamped 🙂 I’m running 5 days behind on help.

No idea of dealers there 🙁

the pump size is one consideration but for good massage look at the large hi-flow therapy massage jets, the bigger the jet the better the long term muscle relaxation, little jets feel like they do a lot but they don’t move enough water…

Hi, I really enjoy your videos. I have a question about which spa is better. The garden leisure 753L or the artisan 748L? I would greatly appreciate your insight. Thank you in advance.



Definitely the Artesian for sure, no comparison.

Hi Chris,

Love your site. 1st time buyer with many questions. However, is there any location or dealer that you can recommend in Michigan (I live about 20 minutes) outside of Detroit

Hi Chris thanks for all the good information. I was looking at tropic seas models at a warehouse near me which looks like are under the artesian brand. Any thoughts on those? Specifically the Waikiki & Rio builds?

It is part of May Manufacturing, but Im not sure if the build is the same…

HI Chris, We are sold on Artesian Spas and are about to pull the trigger on a Antigua from Dolphin Pools & Spas in Tulsa, OK. We are thinking about an expensive option called MicroSilk so we can “Revitalize Refresh Restore” all at THE SAME TIME! Are the “oxygen rich micro bubbles that give a luxuriously silky feeling” worth thinking about in your opinion? And any feedback on Dolphin Pools and Spas as a dealer?

hey Scott

Microsilk is marquis spas, never heard of it on artesian and there is no science behind it… they would need an oxygen source for that its just air… does nothing…

don’t know the dealer.

Thanks for your reply… The Artesia catalog shows the MicroSilk option and I also wondered about the source of the oxygen. it would a really hi-tech machine that could take the oxygen out of air and put it into a pump to be propelled in to water! One more question, is it worth it to go to the Antigua Elite with the individual controls? And the foot blaster looks different.
Thanks again!

individual controls are not really a big deal i find…

Hey there. We are also looking at the Artesian at Dolphin pools in Tulsa (Grand Cayman). Did you end up buying one? How do you like it?

Hi Chuck, have not pulled the trigger yet but will this week. We are building a new house that is not finished yet so not in a big hurry. We have worked with Chris at Dolphin. He seems knowledgeable but the shop itself seems a bit run down. I hope the install and after the sale service is as good as he says.

We are dealing with Chris as well. He’s very knowledgeable. We still haven’t pulled the trigger. We’ve Already poured the concrete purchased all electrical components. Like you, we are concerned with service after the sale. The price quoted was good $9500.00 for 52 jet Grand Caymen, (Includes tax, cover w/lift, & steps). You can respond directly to my email:

We are looking at the Artesian 735 South Sea bs the Celebrity (Marquis?) Broadway. There is a 1500 difference in price. Is 6000 for the more basic Artisan a good decision?

yeah, the Artesian has a solid build and good quality control, I’ve had issues with marquis.

Can you say more about ‘issues’? I was debating the same brands, of South Seas Spas Deluxe (748L) vs. Marquis Broadway Elite model. I was worried about the “ArcticPac” insulation on the South Seas vs. foam on the Marquis. I’m not sure how to compare jets/motors/etc. between the two. Seating wise, I had a slight preference to the Marquis, because it seems to have different seats at different levels.

I supported the brand based on their claims, then requested access to the factory to verify and got stalled again and again… then I got a new one and here is the review…

whats the arctic pac on the south seas… I haven’t had time to look at it?

Hi Chris, stumbled upon your great site. Just getting started on researching the possibility of adding a smaller swim spa to our small urban backyard. We are previous pool owners and miss it. We thought a swim spa might be economically doable and gives a hot tub and pool like experience year round. We went and visited our local Artesian dealer this past week based on your recommendations and saw the Activeplus EP-12 and we also liked the semi-inground cabinet Artesian offers. I liked the dealer and he seems to get good reviews here locally but not sure on price.… Read more »

On a side note, I’m interested in spa water chemistry and how it differs from pools. Bromine vs. Chlorine? I did all chemicals to maintain our pool. The three B’s are all you needed (Bleach, Borax, and Baking Soda). All the fancy branded pool chemicals are gimmicks for the most part. Does this translate to the spa world?

yep… except alkalinity increaser is cheaper than baking soda for the most part… and I would add an enzyme, like spa marvel... it reduces the about of chlorine and stabilizes the ph.

hey John

we can get you into that price I’m sure, My buyer’s service on swim spas always saves more than the fee.

look at the Therapool line as well from http://www.h2x

Hey Chris. Great website and nice niche-lots of propaganda out there. Thinking about an Artesian DTL-6 or 8 for our family in CT. Any thoughts on this swimspa model? Other suggestions to consider. Thank you!

Build quality its a solid tub for sure, performance-wise the massage jetting is fairly low end and the propulsion is run of the mill..

what is your zip code?

Thanks. We are in CT small townn 06804. Thank you

Its a good swimmer for sure, build wise they are in my top end for sure.

I would check out the Coast at Del Mar Pools and Spas In Danbury
the PDC at Trading Post in Newtown
and my buddy Ben at Factory Direct sales Cheshire

Thanks for those helpful suggestions. I spoke with someone else who used to rep Coast and now reps Wallis. Rio Grande model. Costs an arm and a leg-what do you think of that?

Hi Chris, Great info. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Artesian Elite Dove Canyon demo floor model $13,500 or Master HL8 that is 1 year old for $8900. Any other recomendations for top brands in our area would be appreciated. Thank you Darrell

Wow big spread…

Both are well built but if I was gonna spend that cash it would be a MP LSX 850 or TS 8.25

Hey there. My wife and I are deciding between south seas 748L or the 850L. Is the extra 6 inches that much more for a family of 4 adults. Will the 748L feel small. I say we will rarely all 4 be in it at the same time. The 850L fells so much bigger in the store for only 6 inches.

its a big difference and I like the room in an 8′ spa even with just a few people. the problem with a lot fo 7-foot spas is the footwell is so damn small especially with a lounger.

Hi Chris, great site. Have it narrowed down to the Artesian Island Antigua or Nevis. The pad I have in place fits the Nevis perfectly or is it worth expanding the pad to accommodate the slightly larger Antigua? Also, thoughts on the std ozone vs the Crystal Propure? Thanks again I’ll be buying from Bend Spa and Hearth!

Hi Ty Size is up to you, the Antigua will offer a lot more foot room so if you are going to have 3 or 4 peeps it will be a big difference. Ozone on hot tubs is pretty much useless it would need a big system that would cost $2500 to really matter the $150 ozone systems on hot tubs are nothing. No Matter what brand you buy don’t buy any of the miracle chemical reduction systems like salt or UV or AOP or Ozone, just buy this stuff… its lower chemical easier to manage healthier and less expensive, plus it extends the life… Read more »

Thanks Chris. Appreciate the feedback on size. I think the Antigua is the right call. Lastly, do you like the foot blasters as an option. Foot therapy is definitely on our list but I won’t have the opportunity to try it locally before I order. Thanks again!

yeah, the foot blasters are an awesome addition not only because they rock but also because the foot domes suck! you trip on them all the time, they make the footwell crowded and with those piss ant little 1.5″ jets they don’t do squat anyway…

I have narrowed down my search to Sundance Montclaire vs Artesian Nevis 44 jet with foot blaster. Prices quoted are within a coupe hundred of each other so not an issue.
The Nevis has 14 more jets so leaning towards that.
Overall quality is what i’d like your opinion on. Does the Nevis compare more to the Sundance Marin 880 as opposed to the montclaire 780 in features/jets. If so it would seem that the Nevis is the better buy as it is several thousand less than the Marin quote I revieved.

Ok, so Sundance is a corporate mess with great branding wrapping up the middle of the road overpriced product with fancy marketing.

Artesian is a super well-built spa…

Thank you so much!

Hi Chris, looking for a 4 person therapy tub, live in CT. Very important that the jets hit in all the right spots with excellent results. What brand and who do you recommend in the area?

check out PDC spas they are sold at All American Custom Pools & Spas, Inc in Norwalk, try Coast at Del Mar Pools and Spas Inc in Danbury and hit up this wholesaler and see if he has service in that area Factory Direct sales

Hey Chris. Great site. We were about to purchase a VITA spa, but now looking at Artesian. Got anybody good in ATLANTA, GA for me to call? Thanks

yeah call me buddy Adam

Atlanta Spa & Leisure
Adam and the gang are great we spend a few days going over their business and they do a great job, good service, knowledgeable, all the right things…
Details from Google Maps
4305 Northeast Expy, Doraville, GA 30340
+1 770-939-8000
5.0View in Google Maps

Chris, I met Adam, I’m in ATL too, Adam seems like great guy. I am looking at a buying a Vita from him, but now you have me sold on Artesian. I don’t think Adam carries those? I am concerned about maintenance.Thanks for your insight!

Hey Kim, he carries master as well which is my top brand overall.

Evening Chris, My wife and I are looking at hot tubs for the first time, and I ran across your site. I have watched several of your vids, and have learned a bit along the way about what makes a good tub; thanks for putting these all together. While we have a few issues to work out with breaker panel size and load capacity to add the hot tub, which is clearly a very important aspect to understand before purchasing a hot tub, we have narrowed down to an Artesian Isla Margarita, or potentially the equivalent Tropic Seas Tahiti, both… Read more »

No Matter what spa you buy wire 6-3 copper cable with a 50 amp GFI then yer good for anything down the road.

Buying wholesale only works out well if you have good local independent service guys, give me yer area and ill see what you have there for resources.

The pricing is high if yer talking USD

Denver, CO area. Website indicates 60A circuit for either of the two similar tubs. Yah USD. Wouldn’t warranty work have to be done through the local dealer when one is available? That’s my concern if bought wholesale that we’d be shut out or treated poorly for not buying from them.

Also, I’m not opposed to the buyer service when we get to that point, but do you know what price one should expect on the Isla Margarita tub from Artesian?

Thanks for your reply.


depends on the area for sure, In markets where there are a lot of out of state purchases there will be loads of independent service companies… Denver has 9 service companies that just fix hot tubs… with the SpaStar app all the help and info and troubleshooting is in your phone as is the request service feature which puts you in touch with us and we will get a service guy out.

Hi Chris…. Boyoboy, I’m so grateful that I happened on your website, just by accident! Wow! So generous! Thank you! We’re an older couple, not big people, and we’re looking for a good solid 2-person tub. We’re in Fort Bragg, CA, so we don’t get too much frost during the year. We’re looking at Artisian South Seas 519-R, and also at the South Seas 521-L. Both of these have “arcticpac” insulation, which I understood from your site to mean bubble wrap of some kind……so I’m presuming we’d be going for the optional full foam. Both of these models have a… Read more »

Hey Robert! Don’t get the sainthood out yet man 🙂 I started this because I was pissed off at the fake world of marketing being a substitute for quality but I make a lot of money off this site 🙂 I do stay true to my values and genuinely say what I would say even if not being paid but the reality is this world is a shit show… We need to stop this damn rollercoaster of wrecking our environment for disposable crap that ends up in landfills and screwing hard-working people out of their money with bullshit promises… OK… Read more »

Hi, Thanks for the website and all the great information. I’m trying to decide between the Master Spa TS 7.2 at $8500 and Artesian Antiqua Elite for around the same price. Is one better than the other? Thoughts on the price? Thanks!

It really depends on which version of the Antigua you are looking at. No Footblasters 52 Jet larger view 45 Jet larger view 33 Jet larger view Single Footblaster 44 Jet larger view 32 Jet larger view Dual Footblasters 51 Jet larger view 45 Jet larger view 33 Jet assuming yer looking at the top one then they are both great spas but the TS beats them both for the sheer number of the large hi-flow jets and esp in the neck and shoulder area where the Antigua has 2 of the little low flow 1.5″ jets and te TS… Read more »

1st time hot tub buyer. Don’t need the fancy radios or 138 preset lighting options. Want a tub that can hold 7-8 and be reliable. I’m in Austin, TX so cold won’t be a problem.

Hey man

Yer getting the lighting anyway 🙂 They all have it lol

have a look at the lines from these guys.

Master-Paradise Spas & Outdoor Living
Dave Mac and Jason Neslon
Details from Google Maps
12332 Ranch Rd 620 N building a, Austin, TX 78750
+1 512-614-4090
3.8View in Google Maps

Hi Chris. I am thinking about purchasing an Island spa. Would you mind if I emailed you a link to the ad, and get some feedback from you? Reading this page, it’s obvious you have expertise w/ spas, so I would love to get your thoughts before pulling the trigger. Thanks buddy.

fur shizzz me nizzz ill email ya

Chris –

Looking at the Artesian South Seas 850L Deluxe @ $7000 or the Master Clarity Balance 8 @7500. Can upgrade to the Twilight 8.2 @ $9500 but I think that will be over our budget. Do you have a recommendation between the two lower priced options?


Build quality wise they are all good spas with good parts and good insulation.

I don’t like the old school foot domes int he artesian.. they were all the rage in the ’90s and they were a bloody tripping Hazzard, I hated the one I had plus those shitty little 1.5″ jets won’t do anything for tough old dogs like your feet…

Clarity has great space and is a modern shell layout reflecting the wants of most second-time buyers… space…

twilight is the next level from a massage standpoint.

All those prices are sup[er good, what area are you in?

I’m northwest of Chicago by about 45 minutes. Artesian is through a department store (American Sale), which is a red flag to me, but I do most maintenance and repair work myself so not a major issue. Artesian I’d have to pay to upgrade to the Full Foam. Master Spas I’ve been talking with Tom at Master Spas of Southern WI and he’s been very helpful. I’ve watched your Twilight review and according to Tom it sounds like all the components are the same? Can you confirm if this is the case (heating, electrical, pumps)? I know the jets are… Read more »

Hey Greg! Are you my buddy Greg I used to drink beers with by the train tracks??? Likely not 🙁 ahh the good old days, when you could go outside… BTW what the hell is with northwest of Chicago by about 45 minutes. is that at rush hour? middle fo the night? as the crow flies???? how about a zip code man!!! Damn… now I have to do an Ip address search to help you, man… Common… Give me some low hanging fruit will ya 🙂 Alright, Im back… So It looks like you bounced through a Comcast server in… Read more »

Ha – good read and yep, I’m in Barrington. My wife and I just got back from Master Spas of Southern WI and ended up purchasing the TS 8.25. Decided to go with better seating for family vs lounging. I liked the space of the Clarity/Precision 8 but I want those (Winnipeg) Jets. Able to get if for 9k all in, delivered in place since we ordered through the factory and can wait on getting it until after they open production back up. I went to donate before but got distracted by thoughts of hydrotherapy. I’m going back to do… Read more »

Me too…

Wait what are we talking about???

Oh yeah, Hot tubs…

Good price and I hear they will be in production on the 6th of may…

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happy hot rubbing!!!

Hey Chris, Love the site. It has been a great resource to start my hot tub purchasing journey. I’ve read your reviews and narrowed down to Beachcomber, Artesian, or Master. The problem for me living in Kanata, ON, is that there is no Master Spas dealer in town. The Twilight 7.25 or 7.2 (not sure if we want the lounger yet) is my first choice for several reasons you have mentioned. I have Purewater THL nearby that carries the Artesians and Beachcomber has a dealer out in Orleans. My budget for a hot tub all in is approximately $13k. What… Read more »

I do a lot in the Ottawa area and I have 3 local service companies there.

Get on my private buyer’s service in this market I will definitely save you more than my fee regardless of what you want to buy.

Hello, thanks for all of the information. My wife and I have been shopping around for some time here in Long Island. We finally made a decision to purchase a Bahama Spa, Palm Island II 92x92x39. We couldn’t find much online but after hearing all about the tub from the authorized dealer we felt comfortable with this specific tub. He explained the problems the tub had in the past (hose connections and angle of the hose positions that caused leaks)-he said the fixed all those plumbing issues.

Hi Guys

Bahama is a brand built by Dynasty, I can’t say I’m a fan they have a long history of problems. read the comments under the review.

HI! long time lurker, time to ask a question! I’m lucky that there are a bunch of Hot tub dealers where i live on Long Island, NY. Looking at the Sundance Optima, TS 8.25, Bullfrog A8 and the Grand Cayman Elite. Which do you think is the best value of those? Leaning on the recreational side more than the therapeutic. Thanks!

Hands Down the TS 8.25 and Grand Caymen, The build quality, shell construction, and parts are far superior. Sundance is owned by a big equity investment group that snatched up a bunch of these brands… great marketing but the overpriced middle of the road products. Bullfrog heating and control system I am not a fan of and the shell is a less expensive plastic with pedestal supports, the Caymen and TS are hand-rolled self-supporting shells, hand clamped plumbing, and top parts and insulation. performance wise again the Grand cayman and TS have a lot more of the high flow therapy… Read more »

Hi! Thanks for all the info! I’m in Ottawa, Canada, and it seems like all the hot tub prices here are through the roof compared to what is posted on here. We’ve been looking at Beachcomber 700 (750 or 740) series and Artesian Antigua island elite. The Beachcomber would end up being ~18-20K after taxes and everything, as to where the Artesian is 11-14K. \ Bullfrogs I’ve been looking at are also in 15-18K range. Am I getting fleeced or is this just how it is up here? (not sure if you know) Or should I just get something from… Read more »

Ottawa is expensive.

Beachcomber is expensive 🙂

I do a lot of private buyers services there, I can save you $500 to $100 off any brand you are looking at.

Costco sucks for hot tubs and complex products they have no idea… I know I should couch that better but when it comes to hot tubs its the most accurate thing I can say… low-end products built to poor standards sold at more than they are worth…same with all the mass merchants…

Thanks so much for the info. I might get to that point once society gets back to normal.

How would I go about initiating private buyers through you?


Select the option from the pull-down menu

My fiancée and I visited a couple dealers in the Milwaukee, WI area today. Looked at Marquis, Artesian, and Jacuzzi. Might check out a Master Spa dealer this weekend, as well. Ultimately, looking for a high-quality, reliable tub that won’t have major issues from the beginning. Looking to spend $7500-8000.

We really liked the Artesian Antigua, but now concerned about reliability of the build and the cooperation of the company from a servicing standpoint.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Hi Rob The Artesian and the Master were the best built of that group for sure, the Jacuzzi is the best marketing company but dealing with a product made in Mexico with proprietary parts and a massive spend on marketing and advertising designed to make it appears like a superior brand is not really buying a great product it’s more like drinking the kool-aid 🙂 Marquis was in my top recommended group but after being denied access to their factory to confirm build quality standards and then buying a new one and finding a ton of issues they are on… Read more »


My wife and I are looking at the South Seas Spa model 533 DL. We’ve not had a smaller spa before and don’t know much about this unit. Do you have any thoughts on this? We are both 6′ tall and were very comfortable when we sat in the dry model at the spa dealer. Should we get the extended warranty? I normally pass on these.


first off do you really like a lounger? have you had one? First time buyers buy loungers, second-time buyers rarely do. People buy loungers because we’re dry land creatures using dry land criteria. Sitting in your living room a lounge is awesome you can recline back, it supports your weight they’re lovely. In a water environment? Your floating!!! You’re not going to notice if there’s a lounger under your ass or not. Build wise Artesian is good. Extended warranty is really more down to you risk aversion level than anything else… I typically pass but every once in a while… Read more »

Thanks for the response! In our previous hot tub, my wife and I always fought over who got the lounger, which prompted us to look that the 533. We both work out a lot and are looking for something with the therapeutic relief capabilities. As the 533 was dry when we saw it, we don’t know how strong the jets are and if we will displace the water out of the tub every time we get in and need to refill. I have searched the web for reviews on this and cannot seem to find anything, which is a bit… Read more »

totally sent you the wrong referral 🙂 you didn’t list a location and your IP came up as Boston! Man, I get a lot of Dever peeps! I swear I can go live there and just pop from customer to customer who have offered me a bed and a beer 🙂 BTW yer weirdos 🙂 (JK) lol I come across a few fans of loungers but never 2 in one place 🙂 like I said south seas is a good spa, performance-wise the 533 is going to be middle of the road, its mainly the 1.5″ low flow jets which… Read more »

HI Chris,
First time buyer as well. Considering both the master Spa (TS 8.25) and the Artesian Piper Glen Elite and the Cayman Elite. After reading a bunch of reviews on the master spa, sounds like their customer service is not good. I do not have a dealer in my area, and again from the reviews, service is a real problem. We do have a local Artesian dealer which guessing is a good thing. Any suggestions on the comparsion of these models and the overall service issue?

Service is really more down to the local dealer or service center hen it is to the brand.

Both these spas are well made, they use virtually identical parts and fabrication.

Performance-wise the TS has a lot more of the expensive large 5″ high flow therapy jets and the neck jet system on the Artesian is just 2 of the little low flow 1.5″ jets so very little neck and shoulder therapy whereas the TS has 4 of the big 3.5″ high flow therapy jets in the neck and shoulder seat.

I have looked at alot of Hot Spring and Jacuzzi tubs. Very expensive! I have now narrowed it down now to the Artesian Island Series Nevis or Santa Cruz. How does this compare to the previous two brands and is one model preffered over the other?

Hi Michael In my opinion, the first two are bad choices for a number of reasons, the least of which is they are charging way more than they are worth pretending they are some elite build quality when the reality is they are just elite branding and marketing specialists… That’s not even getting into the proprietary parts game they use that I think is just a bad decision for any end-user… On the other hand, the Artesian is reliable, well built well insulated and has a solid reliable OEM parts list so you have much better parts availability and it… Read more »

Looking at the Rio as well, would be my first hot tub so kind of hesitant. Is this a reliable tub? Is it a good tub for relaxation and therapy? Going to pay $5500 for 2019 model .

If you mean the Artesian South seas model Rio then its well built and in the middle for performance.

We are looking at the artesian fiji vs the grand cayman. There is a $3000 price diff. Is it worth it?

Hey Julie

both are well built but the cayman is a much better massage spa.

depends on what you want. if you are really gunning for a higher-end massage then it might be worth it.

I’m considering the Artesian Spas Azalea. What are your thoughts on that model? Also, what are you thoughts on bromine vs. chlorine?

build wise it is well made with good parts and good insulation.

The problem with tubs this size is unless you are two tiny people when you get in the water overflows and you need to refill it after use… its really not very practical.

Hi, I’m looking at an Artesian line Tropic Seas Rio with a Crystal AOP Ozone and UV system and a Frog @ease inline system both built in. My understanding is that with a UV system and mineral system that I should only need 0.5 ppm or less of Chlorine two maintain clean water. Does the Frog system allow enough control of the chlorine levels to maintain a low level? I read that the Frog system somehow detects when there are more people in the tub and releases additional chemicals…is this true? Does the Frog system take into account the sanitization… Read more »

Hi Michael Artesian is well made, the Model is a middle-performance model with the usual mix of a few large therapy massage jets a few mid flows and a lot fo inexpensive small low flow jets. AOP is decent tech but don’t buy it 🙂 The reality that all manufacturers hate is that nothing on any hot tub from any manufacturer is anywhere near as low chem, easy to use or inexpensive as the aftermarket stuff like Spa Marvel or a select few other enzyme products or mineral salt add-in products. I have never found that these systems really can… Read more »

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