Artesian – Brand Review

Artesian – Brand Review

I like Artesian in general, they build good spas the way they should be built. I’ve had a behind the scenes look at these guys, I was allowed to visit and check out their main factory and I liked what I saw. Great self supporting shells, a quality part lists and the plumbing is clamped and set up to last without leaks.

It is always a good sign when a company is open about how it does things, they are a small factory but are doing all the right things and using the same build quality on all the lines. So I am comfortable with keeping them on the A-list.

Their high end is still built great but the performance at the upper end isn’t quite up to par with some others like the Twilight Series by Master. It all comes down to what you are looking for though.

As they are smaller and the factory doesn’t deal with customers directly it is also important to check that you have good on the ground service options near you.




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So, I was originally sold on the Master Spa Twilight 8.25 after reading reviews and watching your video review. However, after looking at Artesian Spas online, I really like the look and the amount of available options. I wanted to get your opinion between the Twilight 8.25, the Artesian Elite-Piper Glen, and the Artesian Island Elite-Grand Cayman Elite. Your input would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Spencer All three tubs are great units, all built using very similar parts and the same build process & insulation type. So its just down to jetting and flash add ons. Looking at the jetting package, if we add up the costs of the types of jets, you can see where some of the extra cash is going. Piper Glen 65 jet – $2,160 Grand Cayman duel foot blaster – $1,430 Twilight Series 8.2 – $1,940 So it really depends on what you want, if its for therapy massage, then go TS 8.2, if its for looking flash in… Read more »

Hi Tim, I’m currently shopping for a hot tub, and decided on the Artesian Grand Bahama. Orders are backed up a year plus. I’m concerned about ordering my spa and then when it arrives be overwhelmed with malfunctions due to unprecedented times in manufacturing. What’s you’re insight on the quality control in the industry right now? Have you seen a trend of problem prone spas due to the upheaval from covid in the spa manufacturing world? I’m wondering if it best to wait until the dust settles or put down my deposit and wait out the year for delivery of… Read more »

Hi Tracey
Factory orders are backed up for all the decent quality brands, some have streamlined the options list to try and get on top of waiting times, whilst still maintaining build quality. Not sure how long the current under supply situation will continue for…. Waiting it out could be a long wait. Stick to the brands we stand behind and you should be fine. We could possibly help source you a tub in a shorter time frame via our Private Buyer Service.

Hi! Your a world of knowledge so let me pick your brain. I am looking for a therapeutic tub. My husband has Parkinson’s disease and I hope a hot tub will help with his constant pain. We are considering an Artesian Island Spa. It’s bigger but would allow room for kids and grandkids. How do you feel about their lounge and the size of the jets? It’s a big investment and I’m pretty nervous. I prefer stronger jets. I’m also concerned about quality. Are there other brands that you would consider in the larger size? I have Sundance,jacuzzi, American whirlpool… Read more »

Hi Martha Loungers, are goofy… first time buyers buy them because in our dry land world loungers are comfy but in a water world you float and do not notice the comfort and you float out of them (even the “no float loungers”) and they take up a lot of space… water environments are about space. I say no… 90% of second time buyers refuse to consider a lounger! Artesian build good solid tubs, as do Jacuzzi, I’d drop the others on your list. The best spa out there for therapy is the Twilight Series, by Master Spa. You don’t… Read more »

The info you guys provide is really helpful. We are new to the hot tub world, but based on your notes and our location (Knoxville, TN) we restricted our looking to Master and Artesian. Need your help, please. Looking at Master TS7.25 and HL7.5, and the Island Elite Captiva. We’ve gotten some “walk-in/just looking” pricing of $11,700, $10,700, and $8,500, respectively. Suggestions? Would you expect your Buyer Service to provide savings on these, or are they good prices? Thanks for all the info!

Hi Tim
Those prices are solid, we may be able to save you a little, but it would really depend on the exact delivery location in relation to dealers, delivery costs play a large part in any transaction. Also, would depend on delivery time, typically a fast delivery cost more than a factory order.

Great site for a newbie like me as a first time buyer. Should I go for a “floor model” Southseas 519P or go for something a bit higher end with more jets? Your site seems to like Artesian brand.

Hi Gary Jets For massage, the number of jets means a lot less than the size of the jet. little jets are cheap around $10, move tiny amounts of water and do very little for massage, 3.5″ mid flows are worth like $35 and start to flow much higher volumes of water and move the whole muscles mass and for long term do a lot more, the big 5″ high flow therapy massage jets again are $50-$60 each and are really where you are getting into a good therapy massage spa. the massive 10″ monster jets with a diverter are… Read more »

I’m thinking of buying an Artesian Tropic Seas rio 751L, anything important to know about this model?

Hi Lindsey
Good all-round tub, the only thing I would suggest you think about is, loungers are goofy… first time buyers buy them because in our dry land world loungers are comfy but in a water world you float and do not notice the comfort and you float out of them (even the “no float loungers”) and they take up a lot of space… water environments are about space. I say no… 90% of second time buyers refuse to consider a lounger!

Love your website! Great info! Unfortunately, there is no Master Spas retailer in my area, so I’m looking at 3 brands – Artesian, Marquis and MyLife (master company is Leslie Poolmart Corporation). My budget is no more than $10K (southwestern PA region). I want a spa that has from 350-450 or so gallons. I noticed that you didn’t have anything written about MyLife (made in Canada). Any comments about this brand? Given the choice of the 3 brands, which would you select for a well-built, durable, and dependable spa? I don’t need bells and whistles – just a reliable spa… Read more »

Hi Bruce
Never heard of MyLife, but it looks like either a rebrand of Dreamaker or a just a chinese white label tub.
From the other two, Artesian would be the better choice.

Thanks you. I believe you are correct about Dreamaker. Is that a good brand spa? One other question – does anyone who services hot tubs know what brand is the one that gets the least amount of service calls? I just wondered if there are brands more reliable. I’ve read a lot of horror stories online about spas leaking (even new ones) and wanted to steer away from ones that have a problem history. In my area and retailers, I have a choice of Jacuzzi, Sundance, Bullfrog, Marquis, Artesian, and MyLife so my choices are limited. This is such a… Read more »

Hi Bruce
Dreamaker is a solid roto moulded spa, right up there with the Getaway brand, I have no issues with them at all…

Out of your list, I’d suggest you stick to Jacuzzi, Artesian and Bullfrog, but not the Bullfrogs with the jet pac systems.
We could help steer you more accurately ,in the right direction with our Private Buyer Service

Hi Chris, We got our Tropic Seas Oahu Elite last week and so far it is awesome. Just curious what you suggest for settings. Factory settings appeared to have it set to be on 24/7 circulation with the ozonator and waterfall was on always. I entered the time and then set Filter 1. For 4 hours from 4am to 8am and now it changed how the ozonator and heater seem to run. Its now only turning on the waterfall, ozonator and circ pump i believe when its heating. Not sure what option is best. Under mode it doesn’t have a… Read more »

Hi Dan Did your model come with a circulation pump? Circulation Pump Mode If the system is equipped with a circulation pump, it will be configured to work in one of three different ways: 1. The circulation pump operates continuously (24 hours) with the exception of turning off for 30 minutes at a time when the water temperature reaches 3°F (1.5°C) above the set temperature (most likely to happen in very hot climates). 2. The circulation pump stays on continuously, regardless of water temperature. 3. A programmable circulation pump will come on when the system is checking temperature (polling), during… Read more »

Thanks Kevin! Yes it does have a circulation pump. There is not a circulation setting under mode, but I think it must be set for option 3. Since I have been in it when it does not have the ozonator, heater or waterfall going and has 2 filters. It changed when I did something to the filter cycles. It has 2 filter setting and the second 1 is off, so I’m trying to figure out if I should have it set up to run for 24 or 12 hour filtration or what is best. Right now I have it filtering… Read more »

Hi Dan
4 hours a day on a circ pump isn’t a great deal of water flow over the filters. Go for the reset and see how that goes.

Thanks for the help. So it uses the circ pumps in filtration mode? Makes sense now to turn up the filtration times if thats the case. I was thinking when in filtration it used the main pumps. Damn one manual for every model!

Hi Chris –

I have been looking at Artesian for a while. I was interested in one of their lower lines of spas, the South Seas Spas. Do they have the same quality as the higher end Artesian lines? Also, what are your thoughts on the Frog @ease inline Smartchlor and mineral system that’s an option on the spas? I’ve seen comments from people who love it and others that say it’s a big waste of money.

Hi Josh
South Seas are decent, good quality tubs, just not so flash as the higher end Artesian models. As for Frog and all the other water miracle systems, don’t waste your money! Go down the Spa Marvel route.

greetings and thanks for your service and experience!
Our first hot tub was an artesian Opal, that survived 19 years in New England with maximum enjoyment and minimal repairs. We are in process of moving to a new home and want a hot tub for sure. What is the replacement/next generation for the Opal and what other brands might you suggest that we consider that are equivalent in value, quality and reliability?

many thanks In advance for you assistance!


Hi Fred
Have a good read of our site and watch all the video’s, that will give you a good foundation to start your new tub search. Start off with this page.
Once you’ve had a good look into whats around these days, we can help you narrow down and find you a tub via our Private Buyer Service.

Hello, we have an Artesian Island tub; and we recently started using Leisure Time 1-2-3 system and immediately notice that we get sick after using the tub. In particular when the bubblers are used if forms a chemical mist and the next day your coffing all day. Does Spa Marvel rely on similar chemicals? and or do you still recommend Aquafiness or any other non-chlorine products?

Hi Andy
You shouldn’t be getting a chemical mist from your tub!
Spa Marvel is a different system, and we have never had any chemical mist coughs reported after people started to use it. You are still going to need chlorine to sanitize, but at much lower levels, even lower than saltwater systems can achieve. AquaFiness, yep, still on our good guy list, just we don’t stock it.

Hi. We have a 2 year old Master Spa hot tub with ecopur filter. For the first 18 months we used chlorine granules to sanitize weekly, and non-chlorinated shock after each use. Last spring, during isolation, we were unable to get chlorine locally and started using bromine instead. After a couple months I developed a rash. Not sure if daily hottub use may have contributed. In any event, we’ve decided to go back to chlorine try Spa Marvel treatment. Do we have to drain the tub to switch back to chlorine? Anything else we should do before adding the Spa… Read more »

Hi Shelly
If the water has been in a while, take the opportunity to start fresh with Spa Marvel, its not an absolute, but good practice.
Here is the link to everything you need to know about spa marvel. Not sure where you are, so the link takes you to both USA, and Canadian information.

Just put the Spa Marvel Cleanser in with jets on high. Should the tub cover stay off or on during the 24 hour cleansing period?

Hi Shelly

To cleanse your tub

1. Remove Filters
2. Pour the full bottle of Spa Marvel cleanser in your tub
3. Run your jets on high for 1-2 hours, then allow it to circulate for 23 hours. (with cover in place)
4. Drain and rinse thoroughly, clean the covers underside.
5. Refill the tub

South Seas Spa 860L
Pump 1 (on heater) clicks and nothing happens on Prime Mode. It worked for 2 days, and now I don’t know what is wrong. Any advice?/

Hi David
First thing to try, is the good old fashioned IT support tip. Turn off the power wait 30 seconds, turn the power back on, then see if it resets. If not your going to need a service tech.

Fuses blown and I need a new board (spa pack)- from tech service! So weird since Artesian triple checks everything:(

Hi David
Just unlucky, at least you have the solution in hand.

Looking at Master Twilight, Arctic Mustang and Artesian Island Grand Bahama. Artesian is about $3000 less than the other two. What do you think ? Weekend home and used mainly for relaxation. Want a tub that is easy maintain and will last. What do you think ? Thank you !

Hi Ron
Just for relaxation, go with the Grand Bahama, the Master Spa Twilight series is head and shoulders above the competition if your in the market for a true hydrotherapy massage experience.

Thank you so much. You guys are awesome ! Last question: The Grand Bahama is probably the right choice for what I need but the dealer won’t service it because my home is too far away so I think I am going to opt for the Twilight even though it is significantly more expansive. You think definitely the Master over the Arctic all things being equal ?

Hi Ron
Master Spa over Artic is a no brainer…
Just before jumping in, do a search of your local area for a service tech company, often you will find local guys who will be far better at looking after your tub, than a dealer who just wants to sell units.

Hi, I recently wet tested Caldera Geneva and Artesian Captiva at Offenbachers in Fairfax VA. I found the Caldera seats a lot more comfortable and more powerful jets. So, I was leaning towards the Geneva quoted at $13.5 with all the extras thrown in. Is that a good deal and what is the reasoning for steering clear of the Caldera brand? I was thinking of wet testing a Artesian Grand Bahama at a different dealer in MD to see if that was more comfortable/powerful that the Captiva. Looking for a tub mostly for hydrotherapy and a lounger. Would the Artesian… Read more »

Hi Chris The hot tub brands I consider to be in this messy group that IMHO is your worst options are: HotSprings, Caldera, Limelight, Endless pools, Arctic spas, Dimension One, Sundance. Their business model is this: • Create very expensive Branding, marketing, and advertising campaigns that are seamless and harmonious and make the products appear to be a cut above the rest. They are super good at this even knowing what I know when I get immersed in their marketing I’m even impressed. • Go to a cheap to build places like Mexico, or china and get parts made that… Read more »

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your response. If I am going with Artesian now, do you have any input on the Grand Bahama vs. the Elite series such as the Dove Canyon? Again, looking mostly for hydrotherapy benefits.


Hi Chris
On the Artesian Elite you are getting a longer warranty but read up on warranties on our website. Then the next big thig is the flow control system, which is more advanced and flexible than the Grande Bahama. Then its down to just looking like a nice flash unit

Good evening!

We went to our local NW Artesian dealer and were quoted $12650 for a Grand Cayman Elite with delivery 5 months from now. I found a dealer on the east coast advertising the same model online for $11000. Also considering Marquis Vegas (was considering V94 or Hot Springs but not after your reviews). Your opinion on price and model?

Hi Ya
Nice tub decent build quality, with quality parts used.
As for price, we are seeing this all the time, variations of 1k to 3k on the exact same products. The deciding factor is often is it available now. If its now, then I would expect to see the higher price, but on a 5-month lead time, I think it’s over what a price would be considered fair.
I would steer clear of Marquis, have a look here.

hello kevin, cool site! what do you think about an artesian 729L for $6,800 from a dealer in Orange County? Thanks for your input!

Hi Jenny
Prices right now are all over the place, hard to say what is good or bad. There was a dealer listing that tub at $5999, not sure on the lead time, that is the biggest factor right now. If its available for immediate, or early delivery, then you pay a premium.

hey kevin, thanks! can you point me to which dealer that was? also what is your opinion on the Artesian South Seas 729L vs the Coast Spa Element for $8499? We are a family of 4 adults but at any given time only 2-3 of us are home. Hot tub usage will probably be few times a month at most and probably none during the summer months. Just looking for a hot tub to relax in, none of us are dealing with any major health issues.

Hi Jenny
Without having a real good search, I can’t recall which dealer it was. It might be mentioned in the comments here somewhere.
As for the two tubs, difficult to put one over the other, both quality units. I’d say its down to price, and how well you get on with your dealer. Ow, and lead times, unless the dealer has one in the pipe, Coast are out till sometime in 2022.

Gotcha appreciate it!!

Hello Kevin. Hope you had a nice holiday. I’ll be in touch shortly through your buyer service.
Should I be looking for a black friday sale or a holiday sale? Is this a god time of year to buy a spa?
Thank you

Hi Nellie
Black Friday will have zero impact on deals for Spa’s this year. It might be a good time to stock up on accessories and chemicals, but that’s about it.

Hi Kevin would appreciate your opinion on two spas we are considering. Either the Sundance Ramona or the Artesian 850L. They are within $150 of each other. Which would you say is the better choice (factoring in reliability, quality and cost to operate expenses)?

Hi Jeni
Sundance is a large corporate, they build mid to low end stuff, use proprietary parts and up sell via a great sales and marketing dept. your buying 70% tub and 30% glossy sales and marketing.
I’d stick with the Artesian.

Hello! Looking at getting either a South Seas 748B or Island Series Captiva 52 in Toronto. From my research, I understand that the Captiva adds the ability to adjust the jet pressure and 2nd filter. Is that correct? It also has an option to add a circulation pump but I recall reading here that reco is to go for a model w/o one due to maintenance issues. Is that still the case? Pricing is CAD$10.5K (~USD$8K) and CAD$12.7K (~USD$9.7K) respectively. Both of these include the full foam insulation package. Does that seem about right given current market conditions? Was reading… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Ron

Hi Ron
The Captiva gives you a little more flexibility, with the control of water flow, but bot tubs are very much the same. Circ pumps, we still don’t think they are a great idea, an extra layer of complexity, to do a job that was already being done perfectly well.
The less complex the tub, the less there is to break or fail…
As for the price, in the current market, that look about typical.

Hello, need some help. I am looking at a Tropic Seas Oahu Elite for $10,995 or a Coast Apex B classic for $12,980. Each includes steps, cover, cover-assist, free delivery and start-up chemicals. Both meet my criteria of Balboa Controls, full-foam insulation, glued and clamped hoses,and hand-rolled fiberglass shell. Coast uses Trillium stainless steel screw in jets which I have not heard of before. Any good? Prices seem high to me even in this pandemic environment. Which one should I go with? Can I do better with your service?

Hi Tony
The stainless steel screw in jets are decent… Both the tubs you have shortlisted, as you say hit all our points for inclusion on our good guys list. As you have prices, I’m guessing the units are available, so prices right now are more based on availability, than any other sensible criteria. Private buyer service is always an option.

Thanks Kevin. Do you know if Waterway manufacturers the Trillium jets? The sales person thought that they did.

Hi Tony
I believe they do…

looking at getting the Tropic Seas Oahu Elite 864B. Did our research and seems to be a private label or another name for the Artesian line and a lot of high quality features for the money. Anything to know about this tub? Was lucky enough to find one that could be delivered in the next couple weeks. Looked at hyrdopool, caldera, bullfrog, viking and hot springs. This tubed seems above the others. Like Ron below said awesome service thank you for all the communication and feedback.

Hi Dan
Form your options list, Id go for the Tropic Seas, as you say its part of the Artesian group, and a decent unit. If you’ve found one available, then snap it up, it won’t be around for long!

Thanks Kevin! Never knew hot tubs could be such a huge decision. Lots of factors and so many brands who all claim one unique thing about their products. Artesian/tropic seas seem built to last and a high quality tub.

Mike, What an awesome service you are providing the spa buying public. Thank You!

My wife and I are in our late 70’s and want to purchase a small 2 person hot tub. We live in Bluffdale, Utah just 2 miles from a Bullfrog factory.From your comments, it may be one we want to avoid. What would you recommend we “old folks” buy? Not top of the line expensive but well built. I have Restless Leg Syndrome and Neuropathy in my legs and feet so decent pressure would be good for circulation. Your thoughts please…

Hi Ron
The Bullfrogs are not all bad, just the ones with the Jetpack systems are to be avoided, but that said their small tubs are not going to be giving you the best hydrotherapy experience that you are looking for.
For that you need to be looking at Master Spa Twilight Series. I have attached a link to a tub that I think will suit your needs.
We could help your source one via our Private Buyer Service too.

Hi Again Kevin,
I ended up buying a South Seas 735L Artisian In Springville UT., on sale for $4,999 including a cover and steps.. They just got in 3 of them. I know with it’s 35 jets it’s not as therapeutic as the Master Twilight series, but could’t resist the price. The lounger has 3 jets for each leg, and 6 for the back. Thanks for leading me to Artisian!

Hi Ron
Your welcome… Great price by the way!

My wife has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and we have read online hot water hydrotherapy can help with her muscle and joint pain. We are considering purchasing a hydrotherapy spa from a local dealer in town to help with her discomfort. We are looking at a South Seas Spas 748B, I believe Artesian makes them. Would you recommend this spa for our needs? We have been quoted a price of $4,600 and this includes a 3 year warranty, spa cover, delivery and a chemical starter kit does this price sound reasonable to you?

Last edited 2 months ago by Dustin Luke

Hi Dustin
Artesian do make that spa, and it’s a decent product, not top of the range for hydrotherapy, you’d need to be into the Master Spa Twilight series for that. But they are going to be much more expensive.
As for the price you have… If that is a new unit, and available now, go buy it, before I do!

I purchased an Artesian 748 in August with wiring and connection done by certified electrician. I had been using almost every day, loving the tub – and a couple of days ago the spa pack caught fire. I sent pictures to the dealer who is not interested in looking at it in person, and basically said – loose wires, not a warranty issue. He did send me a screen shot showing he spoke with Artesian, but he seems minimally interested in having any more to do with this. There is so much charred spa pack and wiring I’m not sure… Read more »

Hi Jay
As far as we are aware, it’s not a common or ‘known’ issue. I think you are probably going down the best route right now, with getting your electrician involved and dealing directly with Artesian. Keep us posted on how its resolved.

Looking at an Artesian island series grand cayman 51 with dual foot blasters, frog and led… Is this a good spa for massage?

It has 2 6hp pumps 1- 3hp pump and a circ pump.

Is $8800 US a good price for this spa?

Hi Mike
It’s a decent enough spa for massage, and the price is about right in the current market.

I have narrowed down my choice for hot tubs between the Grand Bahama 51 or 61 jet with Dual Footblasters or the South Seas Waikiki Ellite hot tub with 64 jest and dual aqua foot jets? Which would be the better choice? Thanks for your response

Hi Norm
Artesian group, make the Grand Bahama and the Tropic Seas range, many companies take this strategy to increase market exposure at differing price points. Both use much the same tech. But both do the same thing, just the Grand Bahama is a bit fancier…

Hi Kevin, Great, thanks for the response. Ok,I was leaning to the Grand Bahama. One more question. I am pretty sure I am going with the Grand Bahama with 51 jet duel footblaster, but wanted your opinion on the Grand Bahama vs the Sundance Cameo? Thanks, Norm

Hi Norm
Sundance is a large corporate, they build mid to low end stuff, use proprietary parts and up sell via a great sales and marketing dept. your buying 70% tub and 30% glossy sales and marketing.

I’m brand new to the hot tub world, what makes it middle for performance??

Hi Dan
I could write for ages on this question. Its just a case of its all ok, nothing is outstanding, nothing is horrendous. You can get better or worse pumps with more or less power, you can have better or worse insulation. The shell, whilst its decent, it could be much worse.
Have a look at this page and the videos on it, it will give you a feel for what’s what.
If you would like further individual advice hook up with our Private Buyer Service.

Looking to buy an artesian south seas 860l. Is this a good model? Any issues or problems with this model that I should know of??

Hi Dan
Artesian South seas model 860l, its well-built and in the middle for performance. No real obvious recurring issues.

I am considering the Bahama Spa Radiance hot tub, new for 2020. Any insight into this hot tub. I am brand new to the spa world. Any insight or information would be appreciated.

Hi Al
Bahama Spa’s is just a rebrand of Dynasty, basically it’s a sideways jump to try and leave behind the poor reputation they enjoy as Dynasty Spa… if we had a league table, they would be in top spot on our complaints leader board

It’s hard to physically see tubs right now since the industry is all on back order. I’m considering the South Seas 748L. I am 6’2″ 200 lbs. Do you think I will fit into the lounger comfortably? I’m not sure I am going to be able to find one to actually sit in before I have to order it.

Hi Lloyd
It’s a big tub, you should be fine…

I’m looking at an Antigua Elite ($10,665.15) vs a 748L ($7,755.15) vs a 860L ($8,725.15).

This would be for a sunroom we’re building in Upstate NY. I’m 40 and my use for this would be relaxation and to help with sore muscles after working out. My girlfriend seems to have more soreness/muscle pain, so her goal is hydrotherapy.

Would the increased cost of the Antigua be worth it? What am I really getting for that over the 748L? How are those prices in general? I should mention that they include covers and other upgrades.

Hi Nick
The Antigua has full foam insulation which is a step up from the others which use Artic Pac and ABS bottoms, generally a less efficient system. Then, its down to more powerful pumps, and bigger and better plumbing and jets, including the duel foot blaster system. A more flexible control system for water flow, and the warranty, It’s a longer warranty in all respects.
The Antigua is going to be the best Tub, certainly for therapy massage, but the 748 is probably better value.
Pricing sounds fair with the extras thrown in.

Hi Chris,

I’m trying to decide between an Artesian Grand Cayman 45DB and Masterspa TS 8.25. The Grand Cayman is being quoted $3,500 cheaper than the Masterspa. Also, in the mix is a Bullfrog R7 which is inline with the TS8.25 pricing. What are your thoughts, looking for help deciding?



Hi Steve
I’d rule out the Bullfrog X7, until they have fixed the issues we have seen with mould growing behind the Jet Packs. The Grand Cayman is a nice big, well built tub, the price increase for the Master Spa TS 8.25 is all to do with the powerful therapy jets. If your main concern is massage therapy, then go TS 8.25, if its more to just soak and relax, then go Grand Cayman.

Would you recommend a PDC spa, looking at the Reno or the Fiji models, if they are in PA and we are in central FL? Also like the Master twilight spa but there is a $3000.00 difference. Not sure it’s worth it.

Hi Ann Both good quality tubs. As for service support. Any Dealer more than 50 miles away might as well be a thousand miles away!!! The effective range for a local dealer is 40 – 50 miles max. The reality is the idea of a local dealer is kind of dated, what you need after delivery is timely information, apps like SpaStar put that all on your phone, then you need accessories and chemicals, all available cheaper online delivered to your home and soon the spa star app will have that right on your phone. the last thing you need… Read more »

Hello, We looking for a smaller 3 person lounger plug and play. Any thoughts on the Artesian Garden Spa, Forsythia? We are not big into jets and our winters are mild. We’ve done the fancy tub in the past and decided we didn’t need so many bells and whistles this time around.

Hi Susan
Good little tub!

Hi and thanks for the great discussion board/site and your great advice. It has really helped me navigate this purchase. I am in Ottawa and recently put a deposit for a Feb./March delivery of an Artesian South Seas 735L with full foam, cover, delivery, etc.. They have it on sale for $8500 CAD and the delivery is 2 months earlier than most other deals. I am off to meet them tomorrow to finalize. Does this price also seem fair?

Hi Mike
I’m guessing you are going to see Chris from Pure Water? If you are say hi to him form me…
Decent Brand, decent Dealer, decent guy… Enjoy your tub!

Thanks. I did meet with Chris. He was very helpful.


Been going back and forth on options for several months now. Just got an offer on a a new Artesian 735L for $6995 that includes Ozone, Dynapoint LED lighting, Deluxe cover, cover lift, steps, @Ease sanitizer and delivery. Would this be a good option?

Hi Michael
Nice spa, and a decent price in the current market with those options included. I’d go for it.

A dealer in my area (Fairfax County, VA) called Offenbachers carries Artesian (Elite, Island & Island and South Seas). I know that you like the Artesian tubs for various reasons and I’m looking at Elite Quail Ridge and Island Antigua or Island Nevis. I’m assuming Elite is better made and the better value, but interested in your comments. Also, do you know of any other dealers in my area of Northern Virginia that carry brands you recommend, like Balboa, PDC, Master, Twilight,or Clarity?
Thank you,

Hi David
Offenbachers are on our approved list, selling Artesian. They also sell the Caldera Spas range, stay clear of that brand…
Other brands are a little thin on the ground in your neck of the woods, however we do have an alternative. . We have a direct relationship with a wholesaler that covers your area and has the logistics in place to not only sell you a tub, but also offer post-sales support. Check out our Private Buyer Service, it is a no risk service.

I am researching our first hot tub purchase and the deeper I go, the more overwhelmed I am feeling. I thought I had settled on the Beachcomber 654 from Costco but after reading the review here I am having doubts. I am now looking at the Artesian Garden line (maybe Hydrangea or Camellia) but am unsure about going with a plug and play. What are you thoughts on plug and plays? Is it a big step down in terms of efficiency? We are looking for a smaller tub (4-5 seats) that will fit comfortably in a 10×10 ft alcove. We… Read more »

Hi Robin Plug and plays can be ok if… you do not want a lot of jet pressure (there is only so much available power in a plug) and you live in a milder climate or do not plan on soaking for extended periods of time. For your neck of the woods your going to have issues in the winter for sure. Also, most plug and plays are cheaply made spas there are a few exceptions and the good ones are dual voltage so you can hard wire them if you find you can’t stay in them long enough in… Read more »

Just for kicks… We recently bought an Artesian Spas Island spa series. We had nothing but trouble with it from day one! The large central “volcano” jet would not stay in place for anything, replaced it with the same results. Then there was the temperature control.. you could not set the temperature and it keep anywhere near that temp. I would set it at 102-103 and come back and the temp would be anywhere between that 102 and all the way up to 107. The dealer kept telling me “great insulation” so if on a warmer day I wanted the… Read more »

Hi and thanks for the feedback, we have had a few issues reported for this brand, I think they have too many lines and options they really should have reacted to COVID and sales increase by eliminating options and lines and focus on building a few spas with clean reliable production, we always see lower quality control from these brands that build bespoke spas and that seems to be getting worse with the demands of COVID. The players that seem to be dominating now are the ones that always had limited skews and options with clean production lines and the… Read more »

Hi we are looking at purchasing a 3 year old Artesian hot tub
it is a 752L but it says resort spa on the label I am confused 🤯can you help me sort this out

Hi Debbie
Artesian have differing names for their tubs in different markets, for instance currently an Artesian 743D is called an ‘Avea’ in the European market. So, I would suggest it’s a discontinued model with a slightly different name on the label to suit a certain market or territory.

Kevin, do you know much about the 752L resort spa it’s 3 1/2 years old anything I should be looking for that may be a red flag ?

Hi Debby
To be honest, with a tub that’s 3 ½ years old I would pay for an experienced service technician to give it the once over. At the end of the day a hot tub is not really designed to be moved around too much. If there are any weak stress points in the shell just moving it could cause it to crack.

I am looking at the Artesian South Seas 735B for $6,900 with free delivery, free steps, free deluxe cover lock, free ease floating sanitizing system and $40 for a hydraulic cover lift. Live outside Tucson, AZ. Will not receive it until March 2021. Local dealer is highly reputable with great reviews and many of them. Is this a good deal?

Hi Michael
Great deal, I’d buy it 😉

Thanks Kevin! I was also looking at a Master Clarity Precision 7 for $8,995 including all the accessories above, however, didn’t think it worth 2K more for what it would give me. It is the same size as the Artesian 735B but did seem to be more roomy and had cool cup holders and LED lighting and 2 5hp motors. However, I hear Master is not as well built as Artesian and can be overpriced due to its marketing? Any truth to any of that?

Hi Michael
Both good tubs, I would say the Master Spa tips it. They tend not to offer loads of crazy options, so the build process is kept relatively simple, without the factory having to keep on switching set ups etc. The 8,995.00 is a fair price for that spa too…

Hi! Was looking at getting a viking royale plug and play but it is on a long backorder. I spoke with someone and they mentioned Artesian Spa plug and plays. Would you recommend the Artesian Iris?

Hi Brian,
The Artesian Iris, is a good little tub, it runs a digital control, electronics and heating systems, all supplied by Balboa – World leaders in their field.

Thanks for getting back with me. The dealer has it in stock and is quoting $5k for it. Does that sound reasonable? Thanks again! Your site has been so helpful!

Hi Brian
For an in-stock unit, that’s a decent price for an Iris in the current market.

HI, really doing my research, we have a 10 yr old 7 series Beachcomber, 1 lounger, 6 seater, water and led lights but we’re moving and the new house has crap One Dimension brand so Im looking at Master Clarity Precision 7 or 8 or Twilight 7.25, even looked at some Artesian, problem is who is a dealer in Nova Scotia (Halifax) ? What model would you suggest out of the Master ones? Thanks

Hi Kelly
The only recommendation I can make for your area is :-
Hot Tub Universe – Fall River Location
3 Holland Road
Fall River
Nova Scotia
B2T 1J3
Speak directly to Theresa, she will take great car of you, for sure.

My husband and I are considering between a Artesian Antigua or Bullfrog R6L. We really want a powerful hot tub that is focused on hydrotherapy. Which would you recommend?

Hi April
Steer clear of that Bullfrog, it has the ‘Jet Pack System’ which sounds like a great idea, but they tend to leak behind the panel, that leads to water quality issues, and in the worst case, Mould.
Artesian Antigua – would be my choice, but watch our for the lounger, they look great but you will tend to float out of it when you turn on the jets.

Looking at either a south seas 748l or 850l for $6200 or $7200. Wondering how these tubs compare to Healthy living as far as jets, low chemicals, pump hp and comfort?

The HL spas are 8 months out and I can get the artesian in feb or early March.

Hi Michael
The Healthy Living tub is going to be a better option. As for jets look out for high flow low pressure for therapy, and high-pressure low flow for fun. The former being more expensive, its not just the jets, it’s the plumbing required to supply high flow water that costs considerably more.
As for chemicals run Spa Marvel that will get you excellent quality water with chlorine levels near to drinking water! Its affordable too. Only around $55.00 every three months.

So is the 748l not going to be powerful enough for therapy? I thought that the south seas had good high pressure plumbing. And the 5hp pumps would be be powerful enough. I put a deposit down because on the 748 because I didn’t want to wait 8 months. 6200 felt like a good price with ozonater and full foam. Will I be happy with it as a first hot tub?

Hi Michael
That’s a decent tub, with the full foam and ozonator, your going to be happy with it, I’m sure. The only other thing I would recommend is Spa Marvel, for your water chemistry, check out the link.

Last edited 3 months ago by Kevin

Hi Kevin thanks for the response. I wound up putting a deposit on a 784l as they only had one left coming in for February and the price was $6200 including tax, full foam, and ozonater… good price? The HL were at least on the 8 months out and the 7 was $9500 plus tax.

Do you think I will be happy with the 748l performance? It’s hard to find a comprehensive review of south seas deluxe line. Thanks Michael

Hi Michael
Sure, you will be happy with it, you’ve paid the right money in the current market. Even with the ozone system, I would still recommend Spa Marvel to get the very best from it in terms of water chemistry and hygiene.

I second the comment about having “on the ground” service” options. We bought an upper end Artesian Spa 4 years ago. In less than 18 months the spa began to leak (significantly) and the only company who was referred by the business we bought from to service the spa stated that it was simply evaporation and would not dig into the issue any further. Mind you this spa was covered 90% of the time. No warranty back-up because of the stated “evaporation” issue and the business we bought from could really care less. They had gotten their money. We live… Read more »

That makes me extremely nervous…we just spent 10 grand on an upper end artisan waikiki… hopefully we don’t have the same issues 😟. I’m worried also because before I put my deposit down it was “in stock” and would be contacted to set up delivery within 3 days. After 5th day I called and was informed it was in fact NOT in stock and is supposedly on a truck from Las Vegas. I know this is more of a dealer issue than an artesian issue, but I’m getting some bad vibes based on your review. Good luck!

Hi Brian
Ask the dealer to see the paperwork from the factory, it will show shipping dates, along side the tub details. We see it all too often right now, an in stock tub, that then turns into an on the way tub.

Hi … we’ve narrowed it down to two options for our family of 6 (youngest is 5) .. both artesian spas and not sure which to go with. The GrandCayman51 or the South Seas 965L. Any thoughts on either? we like the extra space on the 965. … the Grand Cayman has the foot blasters and the tranquility falls. Are the Helix jets much different than the standard jets? Thank you.

Last edited 3 months ago by Doreen

Hi Doreen
Both great tubs, Helix jets, nar not much of a difference. But Id recommend the Grand Cayman for one reason only over the South Seas 965, and that’s the foot dome in the middle of the 965. You will be forever kicking it, and or falling over it, getting in and out of the tub.

We recently took delivery of our Grand Cayman. Our dealer recommended the volcano and we have been very happy with it. No one has tripped or slipped on it. We like it, it acts as a footrest, a foot support and the jets provide a good massage. Guests also like the volcano. Our household would highly recommend the volcano. The grand Cayman is 91 x 91. Perhaps in a smaller tub the volcano might be in the way

Hi Ya
Thank you for the feedback, pleased its working out for you guys. They still sell well, so horses’ for course as they say. Enjoy!

Hows the Jet pressure on the Dove Canyon? I want to buy for hydrotherapy, but can’t get a wet test. Thank you!

Hi Dean
The dove canyon is nowhere near the performance of say something like the Twilight 8.2 is. It has six of the high flow jets then the rest are inexpensive low flow jets, and the neck jets are 1.5″ low flow vs, the twilights 3.5″ jets… Huge difference. The twilight has a dual flow control and 30 of the expensive high flow jets, these two tubs are not in the same class for performance. You have probably guessed for Hydrotherapy I’m a huge fan of the Twilight…
Right now they are in short supply as all quality tubs are.

Hi- Considering an Artesian South Seas 748B tub after reading your opinions on Hot Springs and Dynasty. Insulation on the 748B says ArcticPac Insulation with ABS Bottom on the spec page for this model yet the home page on the website mentions Icynene. Anything to be concerned about? Also, regarding purification, what comes standard on the Artesian? I see as optional features they offer Frog @ease with smartchlor, Diamond AOP, and Ozonator. Any thoughts on these? I plan to use Smart Marvel per your recommendation. Trying to be mindful of eczema, sensitive skin issues in the family. Thanks!

Hi Jessica
Articpac insulation, is the standard fit, the full foam is an optional upgrade, depends how harsh your winters are. The saving on energy tends to be negligible.
As for all those other water purification systems… your best saving the money on any further upgrades and run Spa Marvel. That will get you down to near drinking water levels of chlorine and will certainly benefit family members with sensitive skin.

Thanks! So the Icynene would be an upgrade? I am located on Long Island in southern NY. Winters can be cold for sure so would the upgrade be a worthwhile buy in your opinion? Also, my local dealer has mixed reviews on service so it’s making me leery. Any dealers you are aware of in the vicinity of zip code 11735 that sell brands on par with the Artesian?

Hi Jessica The Icynene is often an upgrade, especially if it s a full foam option. It can get cold where you are, so it will save on energy for sure. Local reviews can give you a very skewed view of a local dealer, some suffer from other dealers in the area posting fake reviews. We have one of our All Star Dealers’ close to you, Suntek Pools & Spas. 1282 Broad Hollow Road (Route 110 Opposite Home Depot & the Airport Plaza, Farmingdale, NY 11735 +1 631-249-7727 Coast is a brand that we are happy to recommend., and… Read more »

Thanks- I will check it out. I notice you don’t have a brand review for Coast pending factory visit. Has that changed since you are recommending it? Just curious

Hi Jessica
Still waiting to do a factory visit, but what we are seeing, we are comfortable in recommending them. Only thing to note, is they are swamped with orders, so lead times are going to long, and little in the way of discounts!

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