Artesian – Brand Review

Artesian – Brand Review

I like Artesian in general, they build good spas the way they should be built. I’ve had a behind the scenes look at these guys, I was allowed to visit and check out their main factory and I liked what I saw. Great self supporting shells, a quality part lists and the plumbing is clamped and set up to last without leaks.

It is always a good sign when a company is open about how it does things, they are a small factory but are doing all the right things and using the same build quality on all the lines. So I am comfortable with keeping them on the A-list.

Their high end is still built great but the performance at the upper end isn’t quite up to par with some others like the Twilight Series by Master. It all comes down to what you are looking for though.

As they are smaller and the factory doesn’t deal with customers directly it is also important to check that you have good on the ground service options near you.




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HI! long time lurker, time to ask a question! I’m lucky that there are a bunch of Hot tub dealers where i live on Long Island, NY. Looking at the Sundance Optima, TS 8.25, Bullfrog A8 and the Grand Cayman Elite. Which do you think is the best value of those? Leaning on the recreational side more than the therapeutic. Thanks!

Hands Down the TS 8.25 and Grand Caymen, The build quality, shell construction, and parts are far superior. Sundance is owned by a big equity investment group that snatched up a bunch of these brands… great marketing but the overpriced middle of the road products. Bullfrog heating and control system I am not a fan of and the shell is a less expensive plastic with pedestal supports, the Caymen and TS are hand-rolled self-supporting shells, hand clamped plumbing, and top parts and insulation. performance wise again the Grand cayman and TS have a lot more of the high flow therapy… Read more »

Ryne Gulliver

Hi! Thanks for all the info! I’m in Ottawa, Canada, and it seems like all the hot tub prices here are through the roof compared to what is posted on here. We’ve been looking at Beachcomber 700 (750 or 740) series and Artesian Antigua island elite. The Beachcomber would end up being ~18-20K after taxes and everything, as to where the Artesian is 11-14K. \ Bullfrogs I’ve been looking at are also in 15-18K range. Am I getting fleeced or is this just how it is up here? (not sure if you know) Or should I just get something from… Read more »

Ottawa is expensive.

Beachcomber is expensive 🙂

I do a lot of private buyers services there, I can save you $500 to $100 off any brand you are looking at.

Costco sucks for hot tubs and complex products they have no idea… I know I should couch that better but when it comes to hot tubs its the most accurate thing I can say… low-end products built to poor standards sold at more than they are worth…same with all the mass merchants…

Ryne Gulliver

Thanks so much for the info. I might get to that point once society gets back to normal.

How would I go about initiating private buyers through you?


Select the option from the pull-down menu


My fiancée and I visited a couple dealers in the Milwaukee, WI area today. Looked at Marquis, Artesian, and Jacuzzi. Might check out a Master Spa dealer this weekend, as well. Ultimately, looking for a high-quality, reliable tub that won’t have major issues from the beginning. Looking to spend $7500-8000.

We really liked the Artesian Antigua, but now concerned about reliability of the build and the cooperation of the company from a servicing standpoint.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Hi Rob The Artesian and the Master were the best built of that group for sure, the Jacuzzi is the best marketing company but dealing with a product made in Mexico with proprietary parts and a massive spend on marketing and advertising designed to make it appears like a superior brand is not really buying a great product it’s more like drinking the kool-aid 🙂 Marquis was in my top recommended group but after being denied access to their factory to confirm build quality standards and then buying a new one and finding a ton of issues they are on… Read more »

Carey Ryerson


My wife and I are looking at the South Seas Spa model 533 DL. We’ve not had a smaller spa before and don’t know much about this unit. Do you have any thoughts on this? We are both 6′ tall and were very comfortable when we sat in the dry model at the spa dealer. Should we get the extended warranty? I normally pass on these.


first off do you really like a lounger? have you had one? First time buyers buy loungers, second-time buyers rarely do. People buy loungers because we’re dry land creatures using dry land criteria. Sitting in your living room a lounge is awesome you can recline back, it supports your weight they’re lovely. In a water environment? Your floating!!! You’re not going to notice if there’s a lounger under your ass or not. Build wise Artesian is good. Extended warranty is really more down to you risk aversion level than anything else… I typically pass but every once in a while… Read more »

Carey Ryerson

Thanks for the response! In our previous hot tub, my wife and I always fought over who got the lounger, which prompted us to look that the 533. We both work out a lot and are looking for something with the therapeutic relief capabilities. As the 533 was dry when we saw it, we don’t know how strong the jets are and if we will displace the water out of the tub every time we get in and need to refill. I have searched the web for reviews on this and cannot seem to find anything, which is a bit… Read more »

totally sent you the wrong referral 🙂 you didn’t list a location and your IP came up as Boston! Man, I get a lot of Dever peeps! I swear I can go live there and just pop from customer to customer who have offered me a bed and a beer 🙂 BTW yer weirdos 🙂 (JK) lol I come across a few fans of loungers but never 2 in one place 🙂 like I said south seas is a good spa, performance-wise the 533 is going to be middle of the road, its mainly the 1.5″ low flow jets which… Read more »

William Peterson

HI Chris,
First time buyer as well. Considering both the master Spa (TS 8.25) and the Artesian Piper Glen Elite and the Cayman Elite. After reading a bunch of reviews on the master spa, sounds like their customer service is not good. I do not have a dealer in my area, and again from the reviews, service is a real problem. We do have a local Artesian dealer which guessing is a good thing. Any suggestions on the comparsion of these models and the overall service issue?

Service is really more down to the local dealer or service center hen it is to the brand.

Both these spas are well made, they use virtually identical parts and fabrication.

Performance-wise the TS has a lot more of the expensive large 5″ high flow therapy jets and the neck jet system on the Artesian is just 2 of the little low flow 1.5″ jets so very little neck and shoulder therapy whereas the TS has 4 of the big 3.5″ high flow therapy jets in the neck and shoulder seat.

Michael Martino

I have looked at alot of Hot Spring and Jacuzzi tubs. Very expensive! I have now narrowed it down now to the Artesian Island Series Nevis or Santa Cruz. How does this compare to the previous two brands and is one model preffered over the other?

Hi Michael In my opinion, the first two are bad choices for a number of reasons, the least of which is they are charging way more than they are worth pretending they are some elite build quality when the reality is they are just elite branding and marketing specialists… That’s not even getting into the proprietary parts game they use that I think is just a bad decision for any end-user… On the other hand, the Artesian is reliable, well built well insulated and has a solid reliable OEM parts list so you have much better parts availability and it… Read more »


Looking at the Rio as well, would be my first hot tub so kind of hesitant. Is this a reliable tub? Is it a good tub for relaxation and therapy? Going to pay $5500 for 2019 model .

If you mean the Artesian South seas model Rio then its well built and in the middle for performance.


We are looking at the artesian fiji vs the grand cayman. There is a $3000 price diff. Is it worth it?

Hey Julie

both are well built but the cayman is a much better massage spa.

depends on what you want. if you are really gunning for a higher-end massage then it might be worth it.


I’m considering the Artesian Spas Azalea. What are your thoughts on that model? Also, what are you thoughts on bromine vs. chlorine?

build wise it is well made with good parts and good insulation.

The problem with tubs this size is unless you are two tiny people when you get in the water overflows and you need to refill it after use… its really not very practical.


Hi, I’m looking at an Artesian line Tropic Seas Rio with a Crystal AOP Ozone and UV system and a Frog @ease inline system both built in. My understanding is that with a UV system and mineral system that I should only need 0.5 ppm or less of Chlorine two maintain clean water. Does the Frog system allow enough control of the chlorine levels to maintain a low level? I read that the Frog system somehow detects when there are more people in the tub and releases additional chemicals…is this true? Does the Frog system take into account the sanitization… Read more »

Hi Michael Artesian is well made, the Model is a middle-performance model with the usual mix of a few large therapy massage jets a few mid flows and a lot fo inexpensive small low flow jets. AOP is decent tech but don’t buy it 🙂 The reality that all manufacturers hate is that nothing on any hot tub from any manufacturer is anywhere near as low chem, easy to use or inexpensive as the aftermarket stuff like Spa Marvel or a select few other enzyme products or mineral salt add-in products. I have never found that these systems really can… Read more »


Hi, my husband and I are looking to purchase our first hot tub. Based on your feedback we are leaning towards the Artesian. What are your thoughts on the St Kitts vs. Antigua 48 vs. 745L? What type of questions should we be asking / things to look out for? We are in Boise, ID so not a lot of local dealers.

I can’t find an Antugus 48 jet there is a 44 jet version with foot blaster with no foot blaster and with one-foot blaster… go here and narrow it down. scroll down to the bottom

likewise, I can’t find a 745L there is a 748L

Hi Tara, The St kitts and Antigua 48 are very similar, they’re both in the island spas line which feature silent circulation pumps, dual filtration, touchscreen controls, tranquility waterfall and full foam insulation. The Antigua 48 seats up to six people, the Saint kits seats five and is a little smaller but is 110 V or 220 V convertible. The 745L is in their Southseas line, it features two jet pumps, pillow falls, seating for six, and is also a very nice tub but it doesn’t have all the features that the St kitts and Antigua 48 have. I am… Read more »

Hi Jasyn

dude you should register with us 🙂 we like Artesian and would be happy to review your business and refer your business if yer good 🙂

Hi Chris! Man I am so thankful I found your site. We are first time hot tub buyers. Been to three different dealers and came home more confused and feeling overwhelmed and very unsure about which product would be a good choice and investment. I love the salt spas at one of our local massage and spa places. So considering the Flair by HotSpring. One dealer said salt is corrosive and the pumps and tub will eventually corrode. The other tub we are considering is the Grand Bahama Elite by Artesian. (No salt) Your advice on salt spas? Which spa… Read more »

Ginger Horton

Oops, just found one of your articles discussing the HotSpring brand. Totally leaning towards the Artesian for sure now.

Yeah, Hot Springs is one of the best at old school marketing, branding, and advertising, they spend a ton on this end of their business but I really feel the product overall is middle of the road but sold for top buck on the back of the marketing.

I really like the brands that fall into the sweet spot… they build top-end don’t spend too much on branding bullshit and Use good OEM parts.

The Artesian is a better built tub for sure…

Hi Ginger I would stay away from salt. the one at your massage place is likely a mineral salt that they add, the second dealer is right, the one on the Hot Springs is highly corrosive and all they do is make chlorine out of the salt… its old tech and in my opinion a gimmick. There are much lower chemical systems and easier to maintain. In light of the recent Ban last month on a huge range of salt systems in hot tubs by health Canada that found they can make a toxin as a by-product of the generation… Read more »

Steve Sawyer

Looking at. south seas 735B model for $5919, with cover, Byron ultra lift (that seemed cheesy).
Do you like the Frog and ozononator? How much extra should that be.
Lastly how do you like their entertainment system (Bluetooth music experience et al)? And if so what would be a fair price for this option?

Thanks Professor

Hi Steve I don’t really do too much pricing but it seems reasonable. I do not like the foot domes, they are big tripping hazards and a pin in the ass all for a couple fo low flow jets that don’t move enough water for any real foot massage anyway… plus you have to now plumb under the floor which is not only a heat loss but also a nightmare for repairs if they ever leak and because everyone is always stepping on them they are more prone to leaking… bad item and most companies don’t do them anymore for… Read more »

Kellon R Obrist

I just purchased the South Sea Spa 748B by Artesian. I’m curious on what the chemical levels should be and what levels to test on a regular basis. Thanks

Hi It depends on what system. typically you balance hardness when you fill it. Then weekly balance Alkalinity and ph and make sure you have sanitizer in. If you use the Spa marvel that I recommend you will have easy to manage low chemical water. you can buy it here and if used as directed it will give you a lifetime guarantee on the jets and super low chemical levels plus it makes the water very stable and easy to balance. Manage your hot tub chemistry without hassle, diagnose and fix water issues, troubleshoot any problems and even request service… Read more »

Matt P

Hi there,
We are looking at the Antigua 45 jets versus Antigua 33. It is 5.0 BHP versus 3.0 BHP and 2.5 HP versus 1.5 HP. Is there much of a difference with quality and what you will get from the jets for. $1000 difference in price? We’re looming at $8,126 versus 9,089. Do you think that is a reasonable price? Thoughts?

pricing seems high on the 33 but about right on the 45 jets.

The actual jet pressure will be higher on the 45 jet version they add a few of the big hi-flow jets and up the horsepower with the bigger pumps, you will flow more water and it also adds in two diverters which means you can steal the pressure from other seats and flow even more water… there will be a substantially better massage in the 45 jets version

David Whittington

I am looking at the Artesian South Seas 748B – Deluxe. $6200, delivery, steps, cover, hydro cover lifter. I have a few questions i’d really appreciate some help with. – The inline system by frog. Do you think its good? The SmartChlor? How expensive is this going to be to maintain? – Do you have an opinion on darker vs lighter colors. We are looking at their new color (Smokey Mountain) – We’ve decided to go with the non Lounger. Do you think we will regret this? – We live in NC, not very harsh winters. How do you think… Read more »

Hi David The inline frog system is good, there are a few options, the first is the ion system its good but not as good as the aftermarket stuff like spa marvel… I would buy the inline smart chlor system and dial it down to its lowest setting them use this stuff… Lighter colors for sure. darker colors make the water muddy and uninviting and the lighting looks crap in the dark shells. Nope first time buyers buy loungers the second time buyers know better 🙂 It depends on usage… count on a buck a day for regular usage (2-3… Read more »


Hey! We are first time hot tub buyers and I wanted to get an expert opinion. I am looking at:
Jacuzzi J335 $9500
Twilight 7.2 $9800
Tropic Seas Waikiki Elite $9000
Tropic Seas Maui $7700

I am wondering if those are fair prices, and how they compare to each other with quality of build, reliability, longevity, and therapy. I often have tight muscles and look forward to a hot tub to help out with that.

Thanks for your time

Hi Andrew From a build and parts quality standpoint, I would have the Twilight and the Tropic seas at the top of my list and the Jacuzzi not on it at all, Jacuzzi is owned by a US equity investment firm that is awesome at old 80’s style marketing and branding, but the tub is not in my top end, especially the proprietary parts which from what I’m seeing online are overpriced and hard to get ahold of… You always want to stay away from proprietary parts they are just a bad idea, stick with brands that spend the money… Read more »

Janis Light

Just Paid the $10 – look forward to chatting…

Janis Light

I am SO HAPPY to have found your site!!! I am purchasing a vacation home in Breckenridge, CO that I plan to rent in the winter. It is pretty much mandatory to offer a hot tub for the skiers. The hot tub will be out in the elements, and it is C-O-L-D AND SNOWY in Blue River. I want to get a hot tub that seats 6ish people that will stand up to the elements and offer my renters a nice experience. A local dealer is offering a Artesian Island Spas Captiva for about $8k, Also a South Seas 748… Read more »

Hi Janis.

on the Artesian spas, you need to order the insulation upgrade to the full foam package. but all in all they are a good well made spa.

also hit up the guys at aqua spas in Denver. they have local service guys im sure

Aqua Spas
Details from Google Maps
5050 Factory Shops Blvd #1010, Castle Rock, CO 80108
+1 303-663-9922

Brad Bennett

Hi Chris looking at a South Seas spa 748l at a state fair.Price quoted by rep $5995 + tax. Includes full foam insulation, cover, lights, steps,cover lift , easy inline chemical system choice of color and delivery, Your thoughts on price , quality ,good choice for a northeastern state with cold winters and overall bang for the buck? Thank you!

Good price, but the South seas standard insulation is crap, you need to order the upgraded package.

David Whittington

Isn’t the 748L the deluxe series?

not sure its listed as regular ss

Lynn S.

Hi Brad. Hoping you’d lmk what state are you in. I know location can impact price and I’m just wondering why the spa I thought I was getting on sale (same model & features) is $1200 more! (Clearly you are the better negotiator). I’m in western New York area.


Read your input on insulation so I’d really like the best I can get within my price range. I specifically asked my local Artesian dealer about price for the full foam upgrade on their South Seas. They claim it’s included with the current “sale.” Just worried this may be a gimmick to close a deal. Any idea what the full foam upgrade usually costs and is this something that is usually included in promotions from Artesian? Looking at the South Seas 860 for just shy of $8,000 in western NY. Any reviews on that particular model? Thanks Chris !

its a likely scenario that the local dealer is throwing it in.

ask to look at a full foamed higher-end spa take a quick video, make sure its on your invoice and open yours to see that it was done.


Looking at the Artesian 533DL – $5400 out the door with cover steps 3 month chemicals delivery. Can’t find much on pricing. Sound like a good deal?

Price seems reasonable but rethink the double lounger… I know you are a first-time buyer because second time buyers almost always do not buy loungers… its dry land thinking… they take up a ton of room, and they are hard to stay in, you always float out of them and because you are floating you don’t appreciate the lounger


Hi Chris, can you tell me how you feel about Arresian’s South Seas Line? Specifically the 850; and whether it is worth $8500.

Thanks in advance.

Build wise it is great, performance-wise its middle of the road, mostly low flow jetting with very few of the high flow therapy jets, almost no neck jet system or foot system, those little 1.5″ low flow jets don’t move enough water for good therapy massage… Price-wise its okish… I hate the foot domes, the jets are too small to do anything and the damn things are tripping hazards, I swear the number of times people fell in my hot tub with a foot dome was crazy, they are flat out dangerous most people got rid of them a decade… Read more »

Bryan Westerhouse

Hi Chris, thanks for putting all of this information together for us! it’s awesome as a first time buyer trying to figure out what to get. Having said that, we are in the Phoenix area and trying to find a good dealer. We are looking at master spas this weekend at Phoenix swim spas and hot tubs. I have seen good reviews on here about them. We are also looking into the artisan Antigua. The only dealer I have found in our area that carries artisian is AZ spa world, do you have any experience with them? The artisan spas… Read more »

Hi Bryan Sorry for the delay I missed this one! The Artesian and the Master should be fairly similar in pricing… But sometimes its hard to compare the right lines because there are just so many variables… In general, I would expect the prices on these to be similar… starting from lowest to highest Getaway Hot Tubs (Master) similar to Garden spas (Artesian) The Garden spas are all single pump units The Getaway single pump models should be less than the gardens and the double pump Getaway models a little more than garden spas single pump units) Clarity spas (Master)… Read more »


Hi Chris- I am looking into buying this hot tub… novice here. Thoughts on tub and price?

Its a quality tub but its expensive, 12k is high retail its worth around $6k if its mint and the cover is light and in good shape, if the cover is waterlogged (you should be able to lift one side with one hand for a regular fit person.


HI Chris – great site and very helpful in helping us . We are new to tubs and your reviews open a few things .
In our area Moonstone , Ontario weve looked at Hotsprings , Bulfrog , abd Hydropool I wish we had others .
Looking for a 6 person tub its cold here in the winter and we want a long lasting midgrade unit , any suggestions of a good dealer and brand .

Hi Pete Not much out there including service guys, sometimes in areas if the customer is handy (can use basic tools and understands how to use an electrical meter we can get spas from anywhere and with our new app and a good dealer that is used to dealing with long-distance care like us you can get a great spa at a great price, but there are almost no resources on the ground there in terms of service so unless you want to do basic work yourself local is a good idea! Of those choices I would not even consider… Read more »


Hello Chris, I’m looking to buy a used hottub and there a guy who is selling his Artesian Grand Bahama year 2001.
He asking 2500$ (Canadian) , the price is decent price but could you let me know what to verify on it ? And do you have some tip about how to move it, manipulate it, transport it to my place. Should I install it on a cement base ? Crushed stone ? Fuzion base ? Thank you Sir !

Hey Dude, that’s a good price for that tub. Make sure it is running and open the side and make sure there are no leaks… (you will see water inside in the bottom if there are any leaks. look at general condition of things look for rust other signs of water it should be bone dry under there. A good patio stone base is the best. easy and reliable. download my app it will help you a lot for water care and troubleshooting, it will also put you in touch with us for service and parts. Manage your hot tub… Read more »


Hi Chris, thank you for sharing your knowledge. We have looked At artesian rio 100 (751L) they said they are having a huge sale. But we have no idea if they are blowing smoke. It will be our first spa. Delivered. Installed. Lift on cover, steps, hand rail. Taxes $6400. Looking for therapeutic. Would it be good and is it good price ? Kinda maxed out budget too. Thanks.

Hi, Brenda, I don’t do too much with pricing but its a pretty basic spa performance-wise. It looks like an okish price but don’t drink the kool-aid… sales are mostly bullshit, events and promoted sales add extra costs and therefore make the product more expensive… guys doing events and sales will say things like “we got a special buy” or ” the factory helps us out with these event costs” or ” this is an end of line, demo, etc etc” these “Sales are all about creating urgency… the easiest way to get real pricing is to call a few… Read more »


Thank you

Ryan Brown

Hi Chris, My Wife and I have narrowed down our hot tub choices to the Artesian line. We are looking at the 735L for 6,000, the 748L for 6800 (both with full foam, frog ease, cover, lift and steps). Or the tropic of the seas (artesian line) RIO for 7500, full foam insulation, cover, frog ease, ozonator, UV treatment. Are the fit and finishes of the tropic of the seas worth the extra cash? Seems like better components. Just looking for an honest opinion as all sales guys seem to all have the best stuff money can Thanks Ryan

They are all built similarly and should be similar in reliability. the main difference would be performance more of the large jets the better the therapeutic massage and the more you spend.


Hi Chris,
I love reading your reviews and watching your videos. I am looking for a hot tub in the 6 person or so size range. I liked your review on the Master spa twilight series 8.2 and I am also considering the Artesian Grand Cayman Elite. Do you still like the Twilight 8.2? its been a while since you reviewed it. Do you also still suggest East Coast Spas? They are my closest dealer. I spoke with them today and they have a 7.2 and 8.2 one display. Thank you for any advice you can give.

Hey Rob Yeah, there has been very little change tot he 8.2 since my last review, they improved the skirt and went to the CMP pressure fit jets which I also like its the same jet system the grand cayman uses. I have sent a pile of customers to east Coast spas and not had any issues. Both brands are very similar in build quality but I prefer the Twilight from a performance standpoint mainly because you can flow more water through the main captains seat, it has more of the expensive high flow therapy jets and the neck jet… Read more »


Hi Chris. Thanks for your site and insights. I’m looking for a hot tub for a tall family of 6. The height range is 5’10” to 6’5”. I’m considering the Master LSX800, which is 38” deep, and the Artesian Elite Pelican Bay, which is 42” deep. They both have a lounge and the LSX800 fits 5/6 and the Pelican Bay fits 7. I live north of New York City. There is an Artesian dealer nearby but no Master dealers. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks very much.

Both are well-built spas but the depth is often misleading, sometimes they just have the spa raised 9n the skirt to give a bigger number 🙂 measure then from inside floor to water line.

Tall people love the contoured spas more than the open ones, it folds them up into the seats. the LSX performance-wise will be better and the 900 is the size of the pelican but there is no local dealer.


Hi chris I saw 2 months ago someone else asked you about the artesian piper glen elite model. He was quoted 12,999.00 before tax. That’s what I was quoted today also. You mentioned that was a bit high. I live in Minnesota and This was their sale price as the state fair is going on right now. Do you know what the regular price of this tub runs usually? Or if this is a fair price for my area?

Hi Karen

it’s just High period btu that market is high prices… not much you can do a lot of times it just what the market will bear…


Hello Chris, First of all, I’m glad your site and informational videos are around. I’ve had to take a crash course in spas in the last couple of days and I’ve picked up a lot of valuable knowledge. My cousin lives in Boise, ID and he’s in the market for a new spa. The choices around here are a bit limited (no Master Spas dealers as far as I can tell), but the Spa & Pool Center is located close to his home and they deal in Artesian and Coast spas. I’m hoping he can score a good Labor Day… Read more »

Both tubs have good insulation and really all spas reclaim motor heat unless they have the pumps outside of the cabinet.

Monica Fournier

Hi Chris My husband and I are in the final stages of buying a hot tub. We are definitely budget conscious however we also want a tub that will provide good hydrotherapy. We are both fairly tall and wide lol. With that said we are looking at the Artesian Captiva 46 (10,500) and 748 (8,000) as well as Hydropool 695.(10,000) I am feeling completely overwhelmed with all the marketing gobbly gook. Like filtration, self cleaning, freeze protection. I just want a no frills (no souns sytem, crazy waterfalls etc) system that will stand the test of time and offer good… Read more »

The Artesian for sure, Hydropool is nowhere near as well built or as well insulated. Artesian is a top spa with mid-grade marketing Hydropool is a mid-grade spa with Top Marketing.

Gary Wilson

Hi Chris, I have recently purchased an Artesian Island Spas Antigua 52 jet version. 3 pumps, 1 being for the foot blasters. The diverter valves make what I consider quite a loud hissing noise when the jets are on and the valves are turned to both extremes and not so much noise when somewhere in between. It is quite annoying and I wondered if this was a fault or wether this is common/normal with most spas or something Artesian Spas just seem to do more than others? Wanted some great advice before hassling the dealer. A loud hissing noise in… Read more »


its the sound fo the water going through the diverter all diverters on all tubs do it.


Hi Chris, first off thanks for the great info, it’s super helpful for clueless hot tub shoppers like myself! I am shopping for a simple budget friendly hot tub for a vacation rental in Big Bear Lake, Ca. I spoke to 2 dealers in the area, the first one recommended a Freeflow spa for around $3,500 and the second dealer was very negative about the Freeflows and suggested an Artesian Spa for $4,999. The second dealer basically said that Freeflows are basically impossible to get into to fix should there be an issue and I would probably end up having… Read more »

Yeah, he is dead right The artesian is a far better spa.

Julie Buzanko

Hi Chris, Had our Artesian Elite Eagle Crest delivered a week ago, first time we have ever owned one, purchased for health benefits. Couple of days later our neighbors popped by to let us know that the noise level coming from the hot tub is keeping them up at night and vibrating their house. They are probably 30 feet away from where the tub sits, it is on a concrete pad we had laid specifically for the tub. So I checked the decibel levels at night several nights in a row, when just the circ pump is running, and it… Read more »

so 60-70 Db is about the level of a normal conversation at 3-5 feet. I would say its a bad harmonic, I would unbolt the pump from the frame, its only bolted down to stop it moving during shipping and its actually better to have it free-floating for both the plumbing and for sure for the noise. then you can put some vibration mitigation under the motor, don’t bother bolting it back down. ideally a thick piece of rubber suspended between two small pieces of wood so the pump is sitting on a “bridge” but even a mouse pad doubled… Read more »

Julie Buzanko

Hi Chris, Sorry not sure if it has a steel frame, do Artesian use steel? Since I wrote they have tried a circ pump from the showroom model, and now have ruled that out as the culprit as it did not help. They tried some thing to baffle the noise (my husband said they did something similar to what you indicate above), but it just made it worse – up to 78 dB for the sound, and the vibration seems to be worse as well. Today a rep from Artesian called us directly, he said it is not something they… Read more »

strange but it sounds like they are being proactive in finding a solution, work with them, if you run into resistance then hit me up and ill bash them with my big stick 🙂


Hi Chris! I am looking to purchase my first spa. Really interested in the therapeutic benefits. Looking at the Artesian Elite Class Eagle Crest Model vs. Vita Spa 500 Series Prestige Model. I am also wondering about the difference between the steel frame vs. wood frame construction and also the difference between the foam insulation vs. the premier insulation in terms of accessibility to the motor, leaks etc. Finally, if possible- the cost difference of both. TIA!

Hi Marla First off the Artesian is built to a much higher standard than the Vita, the shell is stronger, the plumbing is better and the insulation is way better. I do not like steel frames, its a gimmick they are cheap and rust out and hare noisy, timber is the way to go… Guys using cheap insulation like a bit off bluemax or another batton type attic insulation with some foil on it will tell you that leaks are hard to find on full foam tubs, but that’s old school, they are just scaring you to justify the cheap… Read more »


Hello! I am new to the hot tub works and I do not have a large budget. Having said that, I was looking at the artesian wisteria. Any insight would be appreciated

performance wise it fairly basic but build wise it is good. the other one to check out is the Getaway hot tub here:

East Coast Spas

When you buy from a Hot Tub University approved retailer we will stand behind you if you ever need help.
Ben and the guys at East Coast spas have helped out a ton of people coming to this site. They do it all, Great Spas, great price, good solid customer care and experience.

John sales manager
Owner Dan Henry
Email :
Details from Google Maps
1424 Easton Rd #300, Hatboro, PA 19040
+1 877-755-7727
3.5View in Google Maps

Michael Henry

Hi Chris, I am so grateful for the information and expertise you have been sharing here. We are getting ready to replace our current spa — it’s about 14 years old, and it’s time to go. Looked at the Artesian South Seas line today, based on your suggestions. (No Master Spa dealer anywhere near us in Woodstock, NY) Seemed fine. We’re not interested in bells and whistles. It did not have a whole lot of jets, but that isn’t as important to us as reliability/ robustness and energy efficiency. (Also, we like to soak in deep hot water – so… Read more »

Hi Michael

sales guys say this because its easier 🙂 easier than getting into the whole explanation and frankly most don’t know the difference 🙂

yes, they use the good foam on the upgrade and yes get it!

Vicki Ryan

Hello, I am having issues with my Artesian Island Spa. From day one, my spa keeps a water temperature of 106-110 degrees. One day it just completly shut off because the water is too hot. I have talked to the dealer many times znd they gived suggestions but nothing they tell has worked. I keep the temp set at 98 degrees, I prop up the cover and I have reduced the filtratuon to run only in the morning. My spa is constantly hot and I cant use it. I just got it 3 months ago. The dealer tells me it… Read more »

What is your filtration rate set to?

sometimes if a tub is set to filter too long it will overheat from the thermal waste heat of the motor…

set your filter time to 4 hours a day


I had a similar problem and it was because the temperature probe (RTD or thermocouple) was not protruding far enough into the tub. The tip was back in the recess and it caused the temperature to read at least 5 degrees lower than actual, depending on the circulation. I pushed the probe an inch farther into the tub and voila, problem solved.

Very cool never heard of that!

Makes perfect sense though.

That particular tub has two temp probes and if one reads lower than the other it gives you an error and those probes cant be not all the way seated or they leak but good point for sure!


Hi. I live in New Zealand and am looking to buy a spa. I’m currently looking at the Artesian Hawaii or a Hot Spring (not sure which yet). Which do you think is a better brand?

Hi Joanne

The Artesian for sure, the best thing about the Hot Springs is the marketing, branding and advertising the actual spa is mid-grade build and performance. I’m not a fan of these brands that spend more on the bullshit than they do on just building a great hot tub.

Loren Lyon

Chris, what do you think of the Hot Tubs sold at Costco? Aquaterra specifically.

It’s middle-of-the-road thin cradle supported shell dodgy installation.

I may be funny but I never in 10 years have seen a high-end hot tub at a mass Merchant. Mass Merchants are arguably the worst place to buy a hot tub.

Daniel B Gansereit

Hey Chris I live in Central Washington state and there is only one Artesian dealer close to where I live. That being said I was quated a price of $12,999.00 for the Piper Glen Elite with cover,step included. With tax it would come to $14,064.00 Just want to make sure I’m not getting ripped off. Any feedback would be appreciated.

yeah, that’s a lot of money man I’m gonna send you a link to a guy in the area.

Ron Becker

Hi Chris. I like what I see here with Artisan, but from what I see so far for therapy the Master LSX is the tops, period. Is there anything else worth seeing?

yeah look t the Twilights as well


Hi Chris…simple question…Marquis or Artesian Island Series? From everything I’ve read these 2 brands seem like good ones but we want to make sure we go with the choice that will be best for us in the long run. Thanks for your time as we are looking to finalize our decision this week!

hey Melissa

Artesian only because I have visibility fo the factory (I toured it last year) and they appear to have better quality control


Thanks a million Chris I appreciate your prompt response!


Artesian vs HotSprings? The Hotsprings I am looking at is used. Artesian would be new.

Artesian is a great hot tub company building reasonably priced well built tubs.

Hot Springs great marketing corporation making mid grade spas and selling them at twice what they are worth on the back of massive advertising, marketing, and branding campaigns… in my opinion…

Chalk and cheese… Buy the arteisian

Pamela Litka

Hello Chris, I am currently comparing the Tidalfit Pro EP 15 swim spa by Artesian and the Hydropool 17fx AquaSport or the 19EX. Can you advise which of the two are the better brands and if it’s the hydropool, which product you’d recommend? I would greatly appreciate your advice as we’re looking to make our decision this week. If it’s neither of these, what would you recommend for a family fun swimspa that can be enjoyable for adults too. Thank you in advance.

Hi Pamela

Artesian is a well-built swim spa with good performance, great build quality, OEM readily available top parts, and good Quality control.

Hydropool is a great marketing company that was bought recently by an equity investment group that typically builds mid-grade products with loads of proprietary parts so they can hold you to ransom for parts, substandard insulation systems.

Artesian is in my top 5 Hydropool is not even in my top 20.

Honestly, there is simply no comparison the Artesian hands down is the only one I would consider out of that group.

Pamela Litka

Thank you very much. Very helpful. Who is in your top 5 and why?

ivan haggins

I am considering the HL 8 by Master Spas and the and the Grand Cayman by Artisian. I like both. However,the Grand Cayman has 4 pumps (1 6hp and 3 3hp) and has 65 jets. On the other hand,the HL 8 has 2 pumps (I am not sure of total hp) and only has 54 jets.The HL 8 is about a $1,000.00 cheaper. What are your thoughts regarding which tub is the best buy?

I thank you in advance for your assistance.



Hi Ivan They are both very different spas. first off more pumps is a bit of a gimmick. The Hl is all custom molded seats and the cayman is wide open seating… they appeal to different customers but I know taller people love the molded seats. performance wise they both have a similar number of the expensive high flow therapy jets and they are both running 1.5″ neck jets. not massive differences on either. I do not like that old school foot dome on the Cayman, they really need to redo that mold, those things are a pain in the… Read more »


Hello Chris, I have been searching for a hot tub and was looking at getting the Vector 21 and saw your review and video. We decided to go another direction. I went to look at spas today and really liked the Tropic Seas Rio Elite. I know you have answered similar questions on the lines but mine is specific to this model. Other than Artesian is a parent company or makes them, you really don’t see too much information on them. Perhaps were not paying for the marketing? I am picky now thanks to all the great wisdom you give… Read more »

HI Gabe I’ll be honest I am not sure and while I love Artesian from a build standpoint, they are a tough bunch to get any information out of… I hit up their Marketing manager and got a copy of their brochure 🙂 I asked her a pile of real questions and we will see how that goes… From a cursory look, the tub is going to be mid-grade performance wise and certainly not in the class of a high-end therapy massage spa it’s mostly the inexpensive low flow therapy jets. the neck jet system because of the design is… Read more »


Thanks Chris for getting back to me, I appreciate it. When I looked online and at the brochure as well, seemed very simple with information. There really wasn’t any information or reviews. We will take a look at beachcomber, I have heard of them and think I visited them a while back. We also have a floor model sale going on now at a dealer and there is a Captiva Island Series available, not sure if that is right in line with the Tropic Seas. Will check back if you get response from marketing dealer from Artesian. Thanks again Chris.

I did!

She is awesome, I wish I had of gotten ahold of her before.

It’s built by them to the same standard in the same factory with the same parts but!!!! you need to order the full foam package as an addon!


Thanks Chris! Just confirming we are talking about the Tropical Seas Spa still. I mentioned the Captiva as well in my previous email. If so, this puts the Tropical Seas back in our sight as the number one choice because it appears to be a good deal overall out the door. I value your input and this gives me peace of mind that I didn’t settle or over pay. It is also from a family owned dealer so that makes me feel good on the purchase too.

glad to help dude.