Artesian – Brand Review

Artesian – Brand Review

I like Artesian in general, they build good spas the way they should be built. I’ve had a behind the scenes look at these guys, I was allowed to visit and check out their main factory and I liked what I saw. Great self supporting shells, a quality part lists and the plumbing is clamped and set up to last without leaks.

It is always a good sign when a company is open about how it does things, they are a small factory but are doing all the right things and using the same build quality on all the lines. So I am comfortable with keeping them on the A-list.

Their high end is still built great but the performance at the upper end isn’t quite up to par with some others like the Twilight Series by Master. It all comes down to what you are looking for though.

As they are smaller and the factory doesn’t deal with customers directly it is also important to check that you have good on the ground service options near you.




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I’m looking at an Artesian South Seas 850B for $7200 or a 860B for $7500. Is one better than the other? Is the 3 pumps better than 2 pumps. Are the prices in line? Are they good tubs. Thanks for your help.

Hi Steve, I would way rather 2 big pumps with a diverter than 3 pumps, read this article here.

After wet testing 5 different hot tubs Of various brands (and not really loving any of them) we learned we definitely want a larger size tub with a lounge seat (which totally surprised us!) and strong jets. We are currently stuck between the artesian Isla Margarita elite and the Pelican bay. No local dealers have any to wet test, unfortunately, so we are going in “blind”. The quote for the pelican bay was around $3k more than the IME. I don’t mind paying more if it’s a better tub with stronger jets in the long run. Just wondering if there… Read more »

Hi Tracey, Unfortunately it seems that everyone wants a new hot tub due to being stuck at home and that’s driving prices through the roof and availability on most spas is 6+ months. The Pelican Bay is not only a lot of tub, but the concept of individual pumps for each seat means more potential points of failure and lower HP pumps. With a standard 2 pump system you can use the diverters to push the full power of the pump to one seat if you wish but with the multi-pump system you can never get more than the 3… Read more »

What is a good price for the Artesian South Seas Spa 748L Deluxe? I have seen some other post a price on here and I am getting quoted higher than that. Does location make a difference? We are in Minnesota.

Hi Nick,

Because of Covid and everyone staying home (and they all apparently want a new hot tub) prices are high and availability is low. We are seeing prices all over the map but check out our private buyers service and if we can’t save you at least the fee, we will refund it to you.

This site has so much amazing information. Thank you!!

We are looking at the Artesian Grand Bahama Elite and the Waikiki 864L Elite. The quote we received from the dealer for the Waikiki says it’s an Artesian spa, but when we go to their website it’s not listed. Google results told us it is a Tropic Seas spa, however we can’t find a connection between Tropic Seas and Artesian. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Is one better than the other? Cost is on $1,500 difference – Waikiki is less.

The main difference in the Grand Bahama is the DirectFlow jetting which allows each seat to have its own control with a dedicated pump. People like it but I worry about reliability with having 4-5 pumps as opposed to two larger ones. In my opinion the Waikiki is a better value

Thank you for your great site. Your reviews helped keep me from making a pricy mistake with a Dynasty Bahama Spas. The salesperson tried to sell us on it being made in TN. Living in Middle Tennessee and looking for our first outdoor hot tub (~8ft comfortably holding 6 people). Based on your info and a few other reputable sites, I am down to a couple Master Spas (TS 8.25, LSX 850) vs. a couple Artesian units (Grand Cayman Elite or Oahu Elite). I have been quoted $10-14K for the Masters and in the $8500-10K range for the Artesians. One of… Read more »

Hi Ty, Both Master and Artesian are great brands but Master wins for it’s jet package. The jetting in the Twilight especially is unequaled in the industry for muscle therapy. I’d swing towards the Twilight as opposed to the higher-priced LSX though. The LSX is a very beautiful tub with lots of bling but the only real advantage it has over the Twilight is a third pump and two 6 hp pumps are more than enough to push the volume of water in an 8 foot tub. If you’re looking for any form of therapy, go with the Twilight. As… Read more »

Need helped! Did I make the right decision??? I originally posted here I bought the Artesian Tahiti Elite, will be here around the second week in October, 9 seater. My husband and I ended up going back to the store over the holidays switching to a smaller size, Artesian Grand Bahama Elite, 6 seater, the price on this one is almost the same, but again going from a 9 to 6 seater and different functions and moters. ( just the 2 of us will mainly be using the spa.) The Bahama is fully loaded with 65 jets, laydown recliner, pillow… Read more »

Hi Rhonda, That Bahama is an incredible spa and you won’t regret it. One of the main criteria we use for evaluating hot tubs is it must have an OEM parts list. What that means is it uses standard and proven components in the tub such as Balboa control systems and waterways pumps and jets as opposed to some wonky proprietary system. That ensures you are future-proof since parts for those systems are readily available anywhere and will be available for years so even if a manufacturer went out of business you could still get parts for your hot tub.… Read more »

This is a great site. I’m wondering if you have any experience with Saratoga Spas and specifically their Luxury line. We have our choice narrowed to Artesian 853DL or Saratoga Luxury Line Empire (actually their new double lounger model Beekman, which is the same as Empire but with the second lounger). I’m sold on Artesian being a great brand but the Saratoga SEEMS very good as well. However, since Saratoga is a very small, local company, I can’t seem to find much about quality, etc. We do like the features and look of the Saratoga Luxury better as they seem… Read more »

Hi Chanson,

Saratoga is not terrible as long as it has the Balboa control system but I’m still not a fan of the shell (possibly causing the poor warranty on it?). It’s what they call “3 layer ridgidized” which is a fancy way of saying cradle supported ABS or glass (you want hand-rolled fiberglass self-supporting). For that reason the Artesian gets my vote

I was shopping a variety of tubs but found for the money that Viking and Artesian have the best reviews. I can get one from Litehouse (Artesian) cheaper than Viking? Any comments?

Artesian is abetter spa for sure especially the shell.

Oops! In my excitement I forgot to pose my question…which one would you recommend? Hotspring or Artesian?

Hi Stuart,

Artesian all day every day over Hot Springs. HS uses a wonky proprietary control system that I’ve seen way too much trouble from

Hello Bill,

I live in Scotland where it rains…a lot…I have narrowed my hot tub search down to Hotsprings Limelight Flair and Artesian Antigua with extra foot blasters (only because the foot blaster version can be in stock quicker).

Thank you for your time.

hello!! thanks so much for this site. I had no idea buying a hot tub was this……………difficult. We were down to hot springs, bullfrog & tropic seas. Leaning towards the RIO 751 L for 7500 including the usual cover steps etc. Any feedback on the price is appreciated

thanks again for the great site & no BS reviews

Hi Kevin,

The Rio for that price is a good buy and it’s a great tub. Stay away from the Hot Springs, Bullfrog is better but mid-grade, the Tropic is the best of the three

thanks so much for the quick reply. I tried to convince myself I had done enough research but still felt unsure and appreciate the vote of confidence. Buying from Nashville dealer & will be a factory order. They told me 10 weeks but would not be surprised if it is longer. Will post back when it shows up

hi chris
we went to look at a artesian Nevis 45 today and while we were there the sales guy showed us a vita prestige 500 series that he said has a new insulation technology using copper in the base, cover and in the insulation shell rap northern exposure , he said its as good if not better than full foam and if there is a problem easier to fix.we live in the uk and are now so confused about what tub to buy any help would be very much appreciated

Hi David, That copper based insulation is the same as the cheap mylar blankets that some spa manufacturers use as a cheaper alternative to full foam. If these blankets and films were so effective we would be insulating our homes with them but the truth is nothing can give you close to the R value of full foam and all the “new tech” systems are just marketing spin of cheaper alternatives. Vita are made by Maxx Spas with all the downsides of the Maxx. Thin, cradle-supported shell, no clamps on the plumbing, poor insulation. Basically a mass merchant quality tub… Read more »

Hey there, we looked at a Hydropool 17′ elite (or something, not the sport) and Artisian Tropic Pool 14′ swim spas today. We’re just looking for leisure at a good price and good quality.

The Artisian was around 20k USD delivered. Was hoping for something a little bigger, but we’re thinking we may pull the trigger on this. Thoughts?

Also, what’s the cheapest way to cover this when swimming in the cold Seattle rain? A couple crank umbrellas like they use for hot tubs?

Hi ben,

The Artesian is head and shoulders above the Hydropool. The hydropool use a cheap mylar blanket insulation, not to mention then sub-standard shell construction and other issues. That’s noteven close – get the Artesian.

As for covering a pergola is likely your best bet with maybe a clear plexiglass over top of it

Hello and thank you for all the great info! 🙂 We’ve been quoted 7K for a South Seas 850 and 7.5 K for a South Seas 860…I think that’s a good price from what I’m reading here. Is the 860 worth the extra $500 in your opinion? Also we live in NH and wondering if you recommend the Full Foam Energy Efficient Package they sell as an upgrade and what it should cost? Thanks so much!!!

great prices1 and yeah id pay for the extra full foam, although i thought it was standard…

Thanks…turns out you are right the full foam is standard…we went for the 860 and it will be here in November. Super excited. Thanks so much for this site, I was going to spend over 10K for a Hot Spot Relay before I found Hot Tub University 🙂

We are looking at buying our first hot tub, and I was REALLY attracted to the neck and shoulder jets of the Twilight model you reviewed. However, there is only one dealer in my area (Manitoba) that carries that line. Is there a planB brand I should consider that offers a similar feature?

Ive not found any other tubs that have a good neck shoulder jetting package, Plus the krevco guys I know and can handle you anywhere in the province.

I’ve not found any other tubs that have a good neck shoulder jetting package, Plus the krevco guys I know and can handle you anywhere in the province.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your time and expertise.

No worries 🙂

Happy hot tubbing!

Great info! Based on your suggestions we tabled the hot springs we were thinking of buying and looked at the artesian Antigua and master spa twilight 7.2. The prices we were quoted seem high based on what others are reporting on this site. $10,500 for the Antigua with dual foot jets and steps/cover/chemicals and $13,500 for the twilight. Also, the master spa dealer was a bit high pressure which was a turn off. We are in the Denver area.

get the private buyers service we will save you money for sure of these prices.

We stumbled across the artesian brand when a dealer picked up our old (came with the house) hot tub when we posted it on offer up. In chatting with him we learned about the artesian brand. He said he had a 735b that was coming in and we could get in November. I had him send me over a quote, it was 8999.00 for the tub. Extra for the frog ease system and the diamond aop system. We are very new to hot tubs and not sure if that is a good price. It is much lower than the quote… Read more »

it’s very high but everything is right now especially tubs available in this time frame, If you order for 6 months out you should be able to save a grand. pre COVID we saw them as low as $6k with an average of around $7k

They are well built but this is mid-end performance line

Thank you for the info. We are moving to a new dealer with better prices. Is the island series a worth while upgrade over the south seas. We are looking for good massaging jets. I’m looking at the grand Bahama 45

Honestly the jetting does not get much better and neither of them has a very good neck and shoulder jet package just the little 1.5″ low flow jets and both are well built. The biggest thing is the island foot domes suck… foot domes are the worst thing ever put on a hot tub with the possible exception of TV’s 🙂 – Big tripping hazard, the number of people that tripped and fell on my foot dome on my old tub was insane… they are a hazard and a pain in the ass – No real advantage. the only have… Read more »

This is my second, I ended up with their Artesian Tahiti model, put down 900 and will be here in a few weeks bc of special order . My first I bought, had all the bells and whistles, never really used, hated it. The Artesian I do like the fact it does exactly what it states. It is comfy, It basically come with everything without a steep price. Their warranty is unbelievable awesome. I am glad! I dont need the bling to impress, still feel Tahiti model looks classy! I need a hot tub for therapeutic from back surgery, and joints.… Read more »

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Good tub, good deal. Well done!

Hello – thank you for your great site. I am a first time hot tub owner and can testify to how hard it is to get a hot tub right now. I was able to put a refundable deposit down on an Artisan Antigua 33 that I could get December 1 (all others are out until May) $6900. I also had opportunity to get a 735B for $5877. Now wondering if that was a good decision to pay the $1000 more? A hard cover, steps, starter chemicals and thermal blanket were included in both bids.

Hi Melanie,

The 735 is a great tub but the Antigua is a better tub and that’s a great price, especially in this market. In my opinion you made a great decision!

Hello, thank you for a great site.
Our local artesian dealer have a trade in Antigua spa with the model year 2012.
It should be renovated and working well.
The price is very fair compared to a new tub.

How are your view on buying older artesian spas?
Do you think it is a ticking problem bomb?


Hi Rickard,

Used spas are always a crap shoot and I’d be very wary of something that age unless I got it for next to nothing. There are just so many variables in what the seller replaces (do they put new pumps in, new pack, updated control system, etc.) and different people have very different definitions of “refurbished”

Hey Chris,

We have decided to go with artesian from our local dealer here in Ottawa Canada. Can’t decide between the 850b (9500$) or the Grand Caymen 33 (not elite for 10750). Thoughts?

Hi Andrew,

I like the 850 better because it has all the good quality of the Artesian line without the bells and whistles so you’re paying for less frill and more function

Chris – I am in Ottawa as well – looking at Artesian. Where did you find the 850b for 9500?

we do a lot of private buyers sales in Ottawa, we have good deals through the Coast and artesian retailers there.

Greetings: quote on a 735B $6,389, stairs and chemical starter kit included, just noticed it’s only 35 jets and not on the Artisan site, should I get the 748B instead more jets? Put refundable $500 down, delivery November TBD. Thank you

Hi Bart,

The 748 not only has more jets, it also has more high-flow massage jets. I’d go with the 748 unless the price difference is insane

Thank you, actually I can get the 748 for the same price through another dealer, however, I will have to wait longer January likely ETA. I was surprised the 735B is not cheaper feeling like the current dealer is not being honest with me. Appreciate you.

That’s an excellent price for a 748. It’s about right for a 735 but a great deal on a 748

GoodMorning, First off, thanks very much for such an excellent resource that you have created! I live in Toronto, ON (suburbs), and am a first time potential buyer of a swim spa. As you can imagine, has been a very steep learning curve. My yard has ample space, if that matters. I would like your opinion on the Artesian Pro EP 15. I used to swim semi competitively 20 years ago, and would like to get back into it. Exercise is a primary goal for us, and some entertaining would be nice too. I know you said a dealer is… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by TheQuietOne

Hi Brice, If you are looking for true swimming exercise then your first look should be the Master line. The Artesian lineup is good, no doubt, but the Master line are not only well built but cover the entire gamut of leisure to triathlon training. The H2X series is the leisure/ occasional exercise model, the Challenger is more exercise oriented with more and stronger jets and the Michael Phelps Momentum line is the true triathlete level trainer. The Artesian is a great swimmer but it would compare to the H2X and it doesn’t have the swim quality of the H2X.… Read more »

We have made a decision to purchase the Artesian Antigua Elite Spa. We are excited…have to wait until December for that is ok 🙂 These reviews have been SUPER helpful as we were also considering the Hot Springs Flair Limelight.

We live in Northern CA (Bay Area)and have mild temperates year round (55 night lows-80 degrees) . What should we expect as far as electricity costs per month to run this tub? Thank you for your time 🙂

Hi Tami,

You’re gonna a run about 2-400 a year depending on your electricity costs and how much you use the tub but it’s well worth the cost – good choice of tub!

Hi there,

Which Artesian model would compare to the master twilight 7.2 model without lounger? The reason I ask is the dealer close by has several Artesians in stock right now and he says a couple compare to the Twilight models.


Their high-end island and elite compare if you order the dual foot blaster options but they still lack the good neck and shoulder jet system as they only have the little 1.5″ low flow jets and the TS has 4 of the 3.5″ high flows but other than that they are similar

Thank you..the dealer who I spoke about also deals with CalSpa and has almost convinced us on the CalSpa Costa EC-740L.From what he has told us it will meet all our needs. Great jets, OEM parts, clamped and glued hoses and connectors. Also we have a bit of a rat situation where we live and the unit is sealed to protect from rodents..insulation isn’t foam but because we live in a milder climate (BC) the foam wasn’t as big an issue..the dealer also told us that they are very easy to access for any repairs. He compared it to the… Read more »

Cal Spas are a mixed bag with things we both like and don’t like. They use the cheaper Gecko control systems which are just not at the same level as the Balboa systems and the insulation is an issue even in a slightly warmer climate like BC. Any temperature lower than the water temp is going to lose heat and there’s simply not a better method of insulating a tub than full foam. They also use too many of the low flow high pressure pin jets as opposed to true therapy jets. The Artesian is a better built tub but… Read more »

I know you said MIRA hot tubs are mass merchant quality. As I understand it they are made by Dynasty Hot Tubs. I am looking at a brand new M800 for about $6K. (I know the owner of store). If it has Balboa and Waterway controls/jets, is it worth it? I know the insulation is not there but I figure I may be able to add some. I also believe the shell is not hand-rolled fiberglass. I would love to get a Master Spa or Artesian but the prices are sky high and current availability is almost none here in… Read more »

dynasty spas review says it all man. nothing against your friend but most peeps do not know shit from Shinola when it comes to hot tubs.

Hi Tony, Dynasty are trouble man. It’s not just the insulation, the joints are not clamped and the shell is not self-supporting which is the most important aspect of a good shell. We’ve seen way too many issues with the Dynasty brands. In Detroit you have some options but my first visit would be to Bluewater Pools and Spas. They sell the entire Master line so ask them about the Getaway series. It’s as well-built as any other spa by Master but is made with a Rotary Molded shell instead of the standard fibreglass. We always recommend fibreglass but the… Read more »

Can you recommend another dealer. That one is in Windsor. Not sure we can cross border with this Covid thing. Thanks for your help.

Hi Tony,

Sorry but having been so busy lately I’ve apparently forgotten how to read a map……..

LeisureWorks in Ann Arbor are on your side of the border

Just looked at four winds with waterway controls. These controls any good? Had them remove panel. No supporting sticks under seats. Shell looked at least half inch or more thick. Needs insulation.

Hi Tony, Waterways is a company that has primarily made pumps and jets and they make very good units. However, they only recently started making control systems and there’s just not enough data yet as to how good or long lasting they will be. One thing I’m not a fan of is the way they use jumper wires to external connections for the pumps, etc. This is the same method Gecko uses in their packs and I much prefer having the pumps, etc. plug straight to the board like the Balboa systems. Having said that, as I said, Waterways makes… Read more »

What do you think of Four Winds? The shell looked solid with no supporting crutches under seats. Insulation will need to be added and I will need to add clamps to the hoses. But I like price at $6K even if I have to add some insulation and clamps.

last I saw the shell was a plastic shell with rigidity spray, we had around 15 shell failures on that brand in our local market.

Fantastic site! My husband and I have been spa shopping and need to choose between a PDC Figi with Allure lighting, steps, stereo and upgraded cover with pivotal lift for $12,635 or an Artesian Grand Bahama with microsilk, pillow falls, tranquility falls, Brite LED, BBA stereo, insulated cover with cover lift and steps for $11,995. The Artesian will be delivered in September and the PDC not until end of January. Are either of these options good deals? We are leaning toward the Artesian because of the availability and it does have features we like or should we continue to shop?… Read more »

Hi Rachael, Those are two good tubs and equally well-built. With Covid it seems that everyone has suddenly decided to buy a hot tub and that has pricing high and availability low so those prices are in line with what we are seeing. The only advice I would give you is to drop the stereo from whichever model you purchase. I have yet to see any stereo in a hot tub last more than 18 months and it is an expensive option. A better solution is to pick up a good quality waterproof bluetooth speaker. It will last longer and… Read more »

Thank you Bill! I think we are going with the Artesian. We are limited to what comes on the truck in September and the spa does come with the stereo so unfortunately we will be paying for that option. However, they did throw in two additional 3” patio speakers. It’s going to be fall/winter before we know it in Northeast PA so we want to be spa ready to deal with the Covid winter. Thank you again for the feedback and for providing such a great website!

We were offered the same Artesian deal today for $12,300, including tax. That didn’t include the stereo though – which we don’t want anyway. Delivery might be as late as March, though it’s a minimal down. High price, I’m sure! Just thought I’d share.

Did you go with it? We are so excited. Our Artesian is being delivered Friday. We will close our pool and have the spa. I do think we are paying a bit more than we would like, but at least I know we are buying a quality spa that will help us get through winter. That is worth the extra cost for us. If we had to wake until March…we may have passed on a spa for this year.

We are starting to look at hot tubs for our poconos house – where did you get your Artesian?

Aqua Leisure Pool and Spas

Great Site…My wife and I have been looking to get a hot tub for awhile and we finally have everything set up with electric and patio, then covid hit. We want to make the best choice given the lead times and we’re looking between a few spas. Looking for any advice you can give between the Vita Envie, tropical seas Waikiki, or comparable bullfrog. Thanks

The Tropic seas are better built than either of the others by a long shot, Bullfrog would be a distant second and the Vita is mass merchant quality.

Thanks for the advice. We live in Chicago area and to me insulation is a concern are there any upgrades to that part or any other you recommend?

No Matter what brand you buy don’t buy any of the miracle chemical reduction systems like salt or UV or AOP or Ozone, just buy this stuff… its lower chemical easier to manage healthier and less expensive, plus it extends the life of the tub and gives you a lifetime guarantee ion the jets.

Also download this app It lets you Manage your hot tub chemistry without hassle, diagnose and fix water issues, troubleshoot any problems and even request service on your tub. Spa Star will do all that and more and best of all IT’S FREE!

Where are Artesian hot tubs manufactured?

las vegas by May manufacturing

Hi. We are looking for a large hot tub to maximize fun for a big family. We are currently looking at the Artesian Sps island Bimini 72 or Bullfrog A9L. There is about – $2000 difference between the two at our local dealers. We are willing to pay the $2000 if the Bullfrog is worth it in the long haul with repairs/running costs. Opinions or information would be appreciated. Thanks

Bullfrog is way better… At marketing…

Artesian is way better… at building quality hot tubs.

The Bullfrogs cheaper ABS plastic pedestal supported shell and gecko control and heating system keep it out of my top group and the marketing hype about better flow rates is not grounded in good science.

Thanks for the advice. Now for the “options”. Do you recommend any of the offered water purification systems? AOP or ozone or frogease?

Last edited 1 month ago by Rebecca Page

No Matter what brand you buy don’t buy any of the miracle chemical reduction systems like salt or UV or AOP or Ozone, just buy this stuff… its lower chemical easier to manage healthier and less expensive, plus it extends the life of the tub and gives you a lifetime guarantee ion the jets.

Also download this app It lets you Manage your hot tub chemistry without hassle, diagnose and fix water issues, troubleshoot any problems and even request service on your tub. Spa Star will do all that and more and best of all IT’S FREE!

Thanks for the advice on the spa marvel, I watched and read some reviews and it’s definitely something we will use. We live in Indiana between Merrillville and Indianapolis, 47905. Up north (American Sale) they gave us a price of 10,800 and Indy (Family Leisure) gave us a price of 13,000 for the Bimini 72 jet. We are out of both of their service districts. Is either one better to deal with long term?

Hi Rebecca,

Family Leisure is on our approved list but are those prices for the same tub? If you’re out of the service area for both dealers then check out our private buyers service and we can see if we can get you a deal on something factory direct and/or make sure you have somewhere for ongoing service

dont know the dealers 🙁 the spa is good though 🙂 and the price is good

Ok I’m running out of ideas and I wanted to know what other people thought. After coming to this site and reading a lot I bought a grand bahama elite. Showed up 6 weeks later and immediately leaked. Dealer came out and took all 4 sides off and they were dry (after customer service rudely kept telling me it was just a unit on that needed tightening.) They then filled it with blue dye, immediately blue on the cement. They then missed their first appointment to come flip it cancelling that morning, came out 3 weeks later (now one month… Read more »


definitely an issue although rare on this brand they have good QC I would assume that they have a small micro crack in the suction fitting, insist that they replace the entire fitting.

In this case in the normal world, they and most retailers would likely replace it, but the reality is You would be 6 or 7 months for s new tub so in COVID days get them to fix it.

Hi. We live in Maine. Interested in the Artesian brand. Looking for the best hydrotherapy model for deep muscle massage. Price not a concern availability is.

Hi Mike,

Artesian is a great brand and availability the THE issue right now in the industry because it seems that everyone and their mother wants a new tub since they are stuck at home so there are 4 buyers for every tub out there. Check out our private buyers service and we can see if we can get you into something in a reasonable timeframe and we’ll make sure you are taken care of after the sale as well.

Thanks. Do the Artesian Elites (like Dove Canyon) provide a deeper/better hydrotherapy massage than the Grand Bahama elites? Or do the Elites have other features to warrant the additional cost over the Island elites.

Hi Mainer,

The Elite series doesn’t provide anything more in the way of massage or hydrotherapy. They have more bells and whistles and are “prettier” tubs but nothing extra in the way of therapy that’s really worth mentioning

Moving to the Fort Collins area, and looking at an Artesian Grand Bahama Elite with lounger feature for 6ppl. The quote is for $10,200, which includes delivery, set-up, cover and steps. Is this a good deal and a great tub for this price point?

which jet package?
what options?

Mira Hot Tubs

mass merchant quality same as most of the hot tubs

Hello. We recently moved and are looking at hot tubs (previously had inground pool). Right now, we have the Tropic Seas Tahiti 965L and Master Spas Legend LSX 900 by Phelps on our list. The former with some upgrades (bluetooth, enhanced ozone, Aquaglow LED, full foam, etc.) was quoted at just under $12.5k. We are still waiting on numbers for the Master. My wife was concerned with the cleaning ability of each (she thought Master probably had better cleaning ability (grass & sand, as we live on the water), and chemicals in general. Also seems like the Master is better… Read more »

Hi Rich, The Tropic Seas is not a bad tub when you add the full foam but I don’t like the cradle supported shell. The Master is a much better build with a self-supporting shell. As for other options here is my take on them: Sound – Waste of money. I have yet to see any sound system in any tub last more than a couple of years. A much better bet is a high-quality waterproof bluetooth speaker system. It’s cheaper, better sound and you can take it to the beach! Ozone – That’s primarily a marketing ploy. An ozone… Read more »

Thanks Bill. As it happens, the Tahiti was sold within hours of us looking at it – LOL. We were leaning toward the Master as likely a better build, and thank you for confirming that. The only worry we had was the usage of non-pressure treated wood because we live on a saltwater canal, but it seems the wood isn’t a supporting structure, which you also confirmed, so I think we may consider ordering one of them. Delivery dates are already into Feb 2021 (there was also one with an Oct delivery but that too was sold w/in hours). Can’t… Read more »

Sorry to butt in- all Tropic Seas spas are built with a self supporting, fiberglass backed shell. Balboa electronics, Icynene foam, pressure treated wood frame and clamped plumbing too. Thanks

yeah, Bill…

thanks, Luke… want a job?

Hi! Awesome site. I am based out of Maryland. My deck is becoming finished in October, so I went to my local dealers to order a hot tub. My Masterspa dealer says 200 day wait and Artesian dealer says ~150 day wait. I have found only Artesian’s Grand Cayman (~$10,500) and a Pelican Bay (~$14,500) available for purchase for October. Is this the best I can do? Are these COVID based delays and so if I want an October tub, then I am at their mercy? What do you think of those prices? Thanks a ton! (also, any water maintenance… Read more »

HI Tania, Unfortunately it seems that everyone wants a new hot tub because they are stuck at home and that’s driving prices through the roof and availability on most spas is 6+ months.Those are both good tubs but I would personally go with the Grand Cayman. The Pelican Bay is not only a lot of tub but the concept of individual pumps for each seat means more potential points of failure and lower HP pumps. With a standard 2 pump system you can use the diverters to push the full power of the pump to one seat if you wish… Read more »

I have an Artesian Elite Grand Cayman spa. I’m wondering what is the optimal setting for the filter cycle – like setting filter cycle 1 at 3 am to 4 am. Thank you.

Depends on usage but typically I would set for 3-4 hours every 12 hours.

Trina I don’t have the answer to your question but I just purchased the same
Spa you own. If you don’t mind how do you feel about it are you happy?

Very happy with it. We use it almost daily. I love having the individual control on two seats. It’s been almost a year having it now and I’m very happy I went with this brand and model. So far this model is a very good hot tub.

Hi Chris,

My apologies- I forgot to mention the other spa we were considering was the Coast Element L 50 Elite.

A well-built tub from a reputable manufacturer.

Hi Chris,
My wife and are deciding between PDC (Monterey, quoted $8700) and Artesian (South Seas, possibly 748L or 853L, but flexible). We would ideally like to stay under $7500 so I was wondering if you have any input on comparing the two brands/options within Artesian line to stay under $7500.

Thank you very much,

The two tubs are very similar, PDC’s quality control is the best I’ve ever seen.

You would likely need to go to the Garden spa line and the massage quality is gonna go down drastically.

You should get the private buyers’ service we can save you money in that market for sure.

See if you can find a 735L or 735B. I got the B and I love it. It’s my first hot tub, but it seems very well made and was under $6K. Good luck! I waited about a month to get mine, but I’m hearing wait times can be 6 months or longer now. 🙁

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Wow that’s a great price. My dealer is quoting me $7250 which includes lid, chemicals, steps. Nevertheless seems high compared to your price. COVID-19 pricing? Is yours 120V or 220V? I can’t seem to find much info online regarding the South Seas 735? Anyone know why?

Hi Denny,

South Seas is made by Artesian but they have their own website here. The line doesn’t use names but numbers to signify size and jets which is why the numbers seem to come and go. The 735 is the same spa as the 729 but with 35 jets instead of 29 (7 foot spa, 35 jets makes it a 735). Good quality tub at good prices.

Chris, I have an older J330 I’m thinking of replacing. I never loved the power of the jets and now the FLO error is showing and it’s not the filters. I was looking at The South Sea line of Artesian Spas. They seen=m to be 7900-8900. If you have any suggestions and if I join your service how will it benefit me?

Hi Jeffrey,

That’s a good tub and Artesian is a good brand. As for the buyers service, we go to bat for you on price, delivery, extras (cover, lifter, steps, chemicals) and if we can’t save you at least the fee, we will refund you the difference. Plus, with our influence, dealers really don’t want to get on our bad list by not servicing our buyers properly

Hi, We’re in Canada and currently deciding between the Grand Cayman or Piper Glen from Artesian or the Tundra from Arctic Spa. We’ve read through your site thoroughly and really appreciate all the insights into the pros and cons of the guts of the operations. For those reasons were strongly looking toward the Artesian line. Can you speak to the power and comfort of the jets, though? With COVID we can’t do wet tests, but we stuck our hands in front of running jets on a Piper Glen yesterday and we were sadly disappointed. However, it’s hard to imagine what… Read more »

Hi Amanda, The thing with jets is that what sells well is not what’s best for you. The tiny low-flow jets push a lot of pressure but not much water which feels good on your skin but does next to nothing for your muscles. The larger high-flow jets don’t feel nearly as “strong” but the volume of water they push will get down to the muscle tissue (unlike the high-pressure ones) and actually massage the muscle. It’s counter-intuitive and salespeople often tell people to “feel that flow” when they’re actually feeling pressure, not flow. Both of those Artesian tubs are… Read more »

Hi, could you give me the positives and negatives on the South Seas 852L with the half lounger? Our local pools and spas place is selling it for $6595 same as cash. Never owned a hot tub before…… is it a good deal and model?

Good tub at a good price. Check out our Artesian reviews for details but it’s a well-built tub and Artesian does all the right things.

Hello Chris,
Thanks for having this great site. It’s super helpful. I see that you recommend the Artesian brand tubs over other like Bullfrog and Vita.. it turns out that where I live (Atlanta) the best deal I can find right now is on Artesian 735B Deluxe. My only concern is that it is not listed on the Artesian website… Looks like they have a 748B Deluxe instead… is it just a matter of 2019 model vs. 2020 or are there some issues w/ the 735B that were fixed in the 748B?
Thank you

  • Carlos

Hi Carlos,

The 735 is a good tub but is a special edition tub. The 748 has a few more jets but if you can get a good deal on a 735 you won’t go wrong

What does “special edition” tub mean? Is it a stripped down version of a more expensive model?

Hi Denny,

Special Edition tubs are units that a manufacturer produce for a short period of time and usually have extra features or more jets or something like that. They are used to entice people to the brand and are almost always great buys

Awesome site! I realize no case is the same. I’m having a difficult time making a decision on first hot tub purchase. Have been focused on Hot Spring brand because of reputation/ranking and have a friend who has one. Initially focused on the Flair, but began considering what I might be missing with Highlife Collection and am now looking at Sovereign. Flair price is $9830 (delivery, steps, cradle, excludes tax). Sovereign is $12,130. Just not certain a $2,300 difference is there between the two. Today I looked at Artisian (Tropic Seas line) and was impressed with what they offer. Price… Read more »

Hi Brandon, I am not a fan of Hot Springs at all mainly because of the weak pumps, proprietary parts list and perimeter insulation. Keep I’m mind that most user hot tub reviews are written right after the sale and lots are done because of incentives from the dealer and/or manufacturer. With a low to mid-grade tub, often the issues don’t start to arise until the tub is few years old. Given a choice between Artesian and Hot Springs I’d go with the Artesian even at the same price! To answer your question directly – yes, the Hot Springs is… Read more »

Thanks for the feedback. I really do like the 864L (Tropic Seas Waikiki) as it seems to be the size I need and the foot blasters to take care of my feet! Just curious if the listed sale price ($8,999) is a good deal or if they will negotiate. Guess nothing is lost for me to throw them a cash number and see if they take it? Thanks!

good price but for sure see if they will take less 🙂

hello Greg i’m looking at a artesian spa 852Lor 748L both south seas at 6500 0r 5900 for the

They are well-made spas and those are good prices but order the insulation upgrade.

Hi Chris: My husband and I were looking at the Tropic Seas Oahu hot tub. The price we were given, $10,600, includes the cover, steps, delivery, ozenator, dedicated circulation pump. I am having a hard time finding reviews of this model. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Hi Elisa,

That’s a mid-range tub with some good, some bad. They use name brand components but a cradle supported shell and perimeter insulation system as opposed to full foam so I’d be wary. Depending on your market, for that price I would expect you can get better.

Where are you located?

We live in New Jersey, but the seller is in PA. They ordered truckloads of hot tubs at the beginning of the pandemic anticipating the demand. We can get it in late September as opposed to the 6 months other stores are telling us it will take.

Hi Elisa,

You have two dealers close enough to you that are rated as all-stars with us and sell the Master line of tubs and you can get a very well-built Master for that price.

Check out our private buyers service and maybe we can get you a better deal on a better tub

Hi! I’m really liking the Artesian south seas spa deluxe class 748L. Dec 1 delivery for 6900 with 12 min financing . I think it’s a good deal . What do U think Chris ?

Hi Jennifer,

Good tub, good deal. In this market jump at that one as long as the dealer is a good one

Hi I am looking at the same tub, just curious if the was USD or CAD pricing and if it included tax? Just trying to compare pricing so any help would be appreciated.

USD before tax

Thank you so much for your help!

If you dont mind me asking, is that Canadian or US pricing? If Canadian, which province?

That would be US pricing before tax

I’m super confused… From Toronto area (specifically Markham) and torn between Beachcomber 720 LEEP, Coast Element Elite (50 jet) or Artesian Captiva Elite. Any recommendations? Looking for something fun for kids and great hydrotherapy for my wife and I. Thanks! Great site, btw…

Hi Shanker,

Out of those, I’d lean towards the Artesian. The Coast is good but the Artesian is better and the beachcomber comes in third mainly because of it’s non-removable sides which make it a nightmare for servicing. If you’re in the GTA area we can also get you connected with a Master Spa dealer through our private buyers service

Hey all,

I’m in the Denver, CO area, and have done some negotiating with a dealer here on the Artesian Antigua Island spa. I am torn between the 33 jet, dual foot blaster config for $8550, and 44 jet, single foot blaster config for $9550. Both are over my budget already, but are the extra jets really worth the extra $1000? Any other comments on the price that I’ve negotiated?


Hi Brent, Both are good tubs but for that kind of money we can get you into a twilight tub with the big 3 inch shoulder massage jets instead of the tiny 1 inch ones, two foot blasters and fully divertable jets so you can pump a full 6hp into the shoulder massage chair and a full 6 into the foot blasters. The best therapy tub on the market. Sign up for the private buyers service and we’ll get you into the twilight (or get you a better deal on the Artesian) and if we can’t, we’ll give you the… Read more »

Thanks man! If I decide to stick with this model, how sad would I be without the 11 extra jets?

Hey Brent,

The truth is the only way you’d be sad without the extra 11 jets is if you let your mind dwell on it. We all have a tendency to focus on what we didn’t get instead of enjoying what we did get.

You’ll be happy with the 33 jets and they’re plenty for a good massage

Hi, I am currently deciding between an American Whirlpool 250 and a Garden Spas by Artesian Spas Camellia model which I would have wired at 240 V. Any input? American Whirlpool priced at 5,300 and Camellia priced at 4,700. The Camellia is 70% foam filled and the American Whirlpool has Thinsulate Bluemaax insulation.

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Hi Tarah,

The Artesian is a far better tub (which might seem weird because of the prices):

Glued and clamped plumbing vs just glue

Foam insulation vs cheap mylar based

Hand rolled self-supporting shell vs cradle supported shell

This one’s a no brainer – go with the Artesian. Good price too

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