Arctic Spa – Brand Review

Arctic Spa – Brand Review

Arctic Spa

In general, I like the shell, it’s hand-rolled self-supporting with a vinyl ester resin core. They also have really impressive brochures, advertising, and marketing, unfortunately that is not what I look at here.
The control and heating system are mostly proprietary and here is why I don’t like that option:
The insulation system is about 2″ of closed cell foam nowhere near what the building code would be in a cold climate, I like to see a lot more R-value and a lot less talk about how air gaps contain heat, here is an explainer of insulation systems.
I also like to see clamps on the plumbing lines, and the plumbing to be supported, it seriously reduces leaks and that saves you a ton down the road.
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I live in Northern VT. Am considering a hydropool swim spa or arctic spa all weather pool. Anyone familiar with those – reviews? It would be for winter swimming at intermediate level. I hear PDC swim spas are good, but can’t tell if there are dealers in VT or NH. Any recommendations appreciated. Ideas of prices also helpful

Hi Laura not really a fan hydropool or Artic, a lot of really old outdated tech that they try and spin as new, and the insulation is simply the worst. in the 80’s when reflective foils came out, there were warnings issued by most of the northern US states. if you tried to build a house with this as your insulation it would never get a permit… the shell is a cradle supported shell and the only good thing is the Balboa control system on the Hydropool. PDC is a better option, and you can buy in Canada. Here is… Read more »

Good Evening Brian, your site has really shed some light on the buying process and given us a lot to think about including the importance of buying from a local dealer. That said, we live in Vermont with not a huge selection. We are not in a huge rush to buy as we are just building a house now but would love your advice on some dealers who you might recommend in the area and/or hot tubs that we should be looking at for our climate. Thanks again for all the excellent information.

Hi James
Who’s Brian? LOL

Vermont is a huge area to recommend a dealer. Hook up to our private buyer service and let us find some options. Not being in a rush is great, as many brands are booked out till next summer and beyond right now, some even out till 2022!

Any reccomedations for NW Montana for a good swim spa? Was looking at Arctic

Hi Brian I’d steer clear of Artic, they drop into our ‘messy’ group of manufactures. Build mid-grade products, with lots of fancy gimmicks, that don’t really add any value, but give the sales guys loads of angles to sell to you. Great advertising and marketing, for a mediocre product. In your area, you are not spoilt for choice! But we have a couple of options via our private buyer service for you. We can deal directly with the PDC factory, or Master Spa via a large wholesaler. Both brands offer great swim spa’s have a look at the links below.… Read more »

Thanks for the information. I was about to commit to an arctic but after reading on your page seems overpriced. What would you suggest for the Quebec Canada climate. It seems we only have hydropool, trevi, bullfrog and arctic. Any specific suggestions of better brands like master, coast and WHERE to buy them ?Thx

Hi Krisha
We have some factory direct contacts, that service your area for both Master Spa and PDC, we can offer pricing that is not available to the public, via our Private Buyer Service. Both brands are top quality, and via our service, we can ensure you get the support you need in the future.

I live near Edmonton Alberta and as you know winter here can be brutally cold some times. What company would you recommend here for the weather and pice? Looking for a basic 6 man tub no larger then 7’X 7’.

Hi Jim When we talk about energy efficiency ignore all the dumb ass sales pitches and look at the regulated industries like Homebuilding… you can’t just make a brochure about some miracle insulation system that no one ever thought about and build a house… it has to meet code which is R-Value… in your area R-25 minimum so why in the hell would you think some hot tub sales dick head knows more and can guarantee you good efficiency with R-8 perimeter insulation??? or freeking Mylar which was basically banned in any regulated industry 30 years ago??? Get a beachcomber,… Read more »

Thanks for the info

Wondering if you know much about sunrise spas. We have looked at coast and like the looks but concerned about the spray foam for insulation. We are in the fraser valley in B.C. and looking for a 5 seater with lounger around $10,000 any recommendations? Also considering jacuzzi. Thanks

Hi April Sunrise Spa, Middle of the road cradle supported shell and low R-value inexpensive insulation system good parts and the clamp the plumbing. Like most brands, they do a couple of things right and cut a couple of corners but not a nightmare brand for sure. As for Coast, unless the dealer has one, you are looking at factory orders not being fulfilled until 2022… that’s not a typo, you are looking at well over a year to get the tub. Better option would be a Master Spa, we have a great relation ship with an ‘All Star’ dealer… Read more »

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the reply. Coast has quoted luxury apex L 50 for March 2021 delivery $13800
I’m still trying to get an appt to look at master spas but no luck yet.
I’ve also just discovered H2O spas…never heard of them….Are they worth looking at?

Hi April
To be honest, H2O spa’s are not a brand I know anything about… But I’ve had a quick look into them, and the first thing to note is the Gecko heating and control system, which are second tier, the only reason to be using those is to cut costs. Balboa has key patents that really make a difference in reliability and function.
Then the insulation, is Roxul, which is not the best either, So would expect them to be way cheaper than Coast or Master Spa.

So looking to find a good but basic 6 seater hot tub. Arctic Spa is promising delivery sooner than anywhere else I have checked (Dec 2020 vs March 2021). I like to support Canadian manufactured products. With all the controversy about corrosion with salt systems and upcoming bans on sodium bromide…decided to stick with good old chlorine. Their Orca model is comfortable and the right size. Am I in for more headaches than anything else with this company??? Looking for something I can get as soon as possible that is under or around the $10,000 mark. I am near London… Read more »

Hi Karla The Arctic spa build middle of the road tubs wrapped up with impressive marketing and gimmicky options. It has a good shell but pretty much ends there with a dodgy Chinese proprietary parts list, cheap low R-value insulation, and no clamps on the plumbing… It is not really a contender in the high-quality tub range. You have better options in your area, but to be fair, you might have to wait for availability. There is a dealer in Mississauga, we have used a couple of times this week, and has limited stocks of Clarity Spa’s from $11k $13k.… Read more »

Hello! We are in Ontario (on Loughborough Lake, just north of Kingston) and are looking for a 6-7 person hot tub! Recommendations on where/what type to look at/stay away from. We were looking at an Artic Spa, but after seeing some reviews, I think we need to look elsewhere!

We went to Beachcomber in Kingston and really liked them, but also contacted Shelin Pools outside the city-they sell FreeStyle tubs.

Thank you in advance!!!

Hi Wendy
In your area the only local dealer with a brand that is on our recommended group is a Coast dealer in Kingston. Coast are on our pending list for our top group, until we have managed to do a factory visit. The site visit is to confirm the details they are telling us about the changes they have made in the production process. Juts not been able to do it, due to Covid restrictions.
Lakeside Pools kingston
1770 Bath Rd, Kingston, ON K7M 4Y2, Canada
+1 613-767-6771

Thank you very much! Is this a dealer you work with? ie: if we hired Chris for the full deal can he negotiate a better price still?

Hi Wendy
This dealer is on our list as he carries one of our Tubs that is pending entering the top group.
Chris can certainly drive a hard bargain for sure! Waiting times for Coast are an issue right now. But hook up with the Private Buyer Service and let us see what we can pull out of the bag, so to speak. Remember, you have nothing to lose, if we cannot save you at least our fee, we refund it! There maybe other possibilities via buying out of area, which we can investigate for you too.

So some info on the Arctic Spa I regrettably bought. Very low on jet power even though there is three pumps. Not two stage pumps, so biggest chair of jets are on or off. $150 Filter set, lasts Three months not six in a husband/wife useage. Also multi filters (4) causing low filtering flow and probably less power at jets. Also you are not allowed to clean filtersa The Spa buddy if helpful and the salt system is good. Still lots of chemical work to be done Plus their producTs are pricey. No air injection so no bubbles No greater… Read more »

Looking for a hot tub in Steamboat Springs, CO. There are two dealers I have found, Precision Pools and Spas and Aqua Vita. Precision sells Artic exclusively and Aqua Vita sells Hot Springs and Fantasy. I know what you think about Artic and Hot Springs, but don’t see anything on your site about Fantasy. Are there any other regional dealers you recommend? Thanks!

Hi Peter All Star Dealer, nearest to you is a good way a way… But they carry a good number of our approved Brands Aqua Spas 637 Ken Pratt Blvd, Longmont, CO 80501 +1 720-204-6988 Do not know much about this dealer, but they do carry Artesian which is on our approved brand list. They are also a little closer to you. Fox Hot Tubs, Billiards & Games 16 2nd St, Edwards, CO 81632 +1 970-926-9407 You have a dealer much closer, but I don’t think they carry any of our approved brands. Here is their web site… Read more »

We are moving to Puslinch, Ontario shortly and have looked at Arctic Spas and Master Spas. Based on this review and the other comments below, we’re not sure about Arctic any longer. Low maintenance is key for us – especially during our harsh winter months. Any other recommendations we should consider? Thanks! Really appreciate your reviews!

Hi Lesley,

Look up Premium Wholesale and Leisure in Mississauga, they sell the Master lineup and that’s a far better alternative than Arctic

You can add me to the list of people who began their research, stumbled on the offerings of Arctic Spa, and then when digging a little deeper came upon your site and advice. Needless to say I’m now looking at other options as well. I’m located on the Canadian Prairie (Winnipeg, Manitoba) so certainly need something that can handle an extreme winter. Have any advice or suggestions where we can look for a quality tub at a reasonable/fair price? Will probably end up at LCL spas as they look like they sell Coast. Anywhere else in the area that you’ve… Read more »

Hi Bill,

Check out Krevco Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs. They’re on our all-star list and they carry the Master lineup. God units from a great dealer – win, win!

Hello. I live in Quebec and I’m looking for a 3 person hottub. I’d like a 110 connection. Do you have any recommendations? I don’t want to break the bank.

Yep, I got a guy 🙂

I will send you an email.

I’d actually really love a hint too. I don’t need it to be 110V, but I’d love a 3 person hot tub with a lounger if at all possible. I’m in Quebec City.

Man, it’s hard to beat the Getaway series for good solid reliable efficient tubs at a reasonable price.

Hi HTU, we live up in Canada and Arctic Spa was recommended to us however reading your review is making us think twice. Given the review was a couple of years ago do you feel they have improved during that time? If not, what is your recommendation for a solid 5-6 person hot tub for a very cold climate?
Thank you!

Hi Nev.

The opposite seems to be true… they went from gecko heating and controls which is a decent OEM system to private label parts out of china 🙁 no clamps on the plumbing and hardly anything spent on the insulation… they need to take that massive advertising, branding, marketing budget and divert some of it into better build practices… they do a good shell and an over-engineered base but the rest is Meh…

try Coast, master, Artesian, PDC even beachcomber would be better.

Hello we are in North Eastern Ontario (North Bay). We are looking at buying a hot tub, we were considering the Arctic Spas Klondiker, mostly because of their claims to be built for our type of cold weather and high winds off of the lake. After looking at your review we have concerns. Do you have any recommendations for our area?

Hey Helene, id be more than happy to help ya out! you’d be right to rethink the arctic, unfortunately, the best thing about them is their marketing. There is, however, a really great dealer in Val Caron. I’d recommend giving them a call to chat about a coast spa. Here’s their phone number, +1 705-897-7665 happy hunting!

Hi there! I’m looking for recommendations on a hot tub. We live right next to the ocean in NL – lots of wind, snow and cold temps. I’ve received quotes on Beachcomber, Arctic Spa, Hydropool and Freestyle. I’m struggling to decide which one to go with.

Hey Vicky, id love to help out! out of the potions you gave I’m just gonna off the bat say I would abstain from going with either Hydropool, arctic spa or freestyle as they’re a little overpriced and value their marketing over the actual quality of their product. When it comes to Beachcomber I don’t have any major complaints its a decently built hot tub, their overall performance is midrange but the fact that you cant remove the skirt usually comes up as an issue at some point. If we’re being honest id like to point you towards Hot Tub… Read more »

Hi Chris, We are in the market for a 6 person hot tub. We live in Edmonton, Alberta, with cold cold winters. What Hot tub would you recommend here for us?

BUYER BEWARE – read the reviews before you purchase. I feel your pain. I’ve had a Yukon for about three years and it has been nothing but trouble. Just about every part has had to be replaced, spa boy doesn’t produce enough sanitizer, and every time the power goes out the tub gets an HL error and won’t start back up for more than 24 hours. Customer service people are nice but this is an inferior product.

Hi we are in search for a hot tub. We live in Sagamore Hills, Ohio so we are half way between Cleveland and Akron. We looked at the Jacuzzi brand, Sundance, Bullfrog, Artesian, Hot Springs. What would be your choice of these brands? Or is there another one that you would recommend in our area?

Hi Jill For sure the Artesian spa beats all of them hands down. The BF is second but it’s pretty far down my list, the ABS plastic pedestal supported shell is nowhere near as strong as the good fiberglass shells and the gecko control and heating system while better than the proprietary crap on the Jacuzzi, Sundance, and Hot Springs but I really like a Balboa system, its simply the best most reliable system out there. check out Country Stove & Patio in North Royalton they do PDC wich is good and Leisuretime Warehouse in Wickliffe does master which is… Read more »

I’ve had a Arctic Spas Yukon model for three years. Since day 1 there has been nothing but issues with this tub. While the service guy Andrew is a good guy…they have had to almost rebuild the entire tub over the three years. And as if tonight it still is not working like it should. Spa boy doesn’t work, app is terrible, and website is useless. I would not recommend this company and product. Nothing but frustration. Highly recommend Hot Springs…worth the little extra price.

While I totally agree that the the Arctic is crap, you are now recommending another crap brand that has the same exact marketing strategy and build quality… Both these companies are building middle-grade tubs and spending scads on 90’s style branding and marketing and are full of crappy proprietary parts!!!

Yer either a dumb ass dealer posting shite on my site or yer a consumer about to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire… for god sakes man think outside the marketing box.

Hello. I have a property at Sunpeaks BC by Kamloops . What do you recommend from this area . Thanks alot !

Kyle Not lot of options… the local guys carry Sundance (part fo the Jacuzzi group which is now owned by a big US equity investment group, and Arctic. Neither are very good options, they both use cheaper proprietary parts list and the Arctic uses a low-end insulation system and doesn’t even clamp the plumbing lines… There is an independent service guy there called Desert Pools & Spas as well so you might be able to buy from these guys and get the local guys to service if needed. No Matter what brand you buy don’t buy any of the miracle chemical reduction systems… Read more »

Best mid price quality spa? Looking at the Bullfrog r7. First timer and don’t want to break the bank but would like a quality spa

Bullfrog is just out of my top group, I like the parts, the general build, and the plumbing but not a huge fan of the ABS plastic shell, although they do an above-average job on the pedestal supporting. 2 better options (assuming your IP is not masked and you are in Mi) would be Recreation Warehouse Owosso they sell Dynasty and D! which I do not recommend but they also sell Coast which is good. And my top would be Master Spas of West Michigan Master Spas Of West Michigan 2055 28th St Se, Grand Central Plaza, Grand Rapids, MI,… Read more »

Do you recommend coast spas?

Yep all in all a well made spa.

II bought an Arctic spa at a charity auction recently, not having done much homework. Haven’t taken delivery yet. Regrettable, but I’m afraid it’s a done deal. I have just found your site, obviously wish I would have found it earlier . So I will shortly be an Arctic owner. How about any workarounds or hacks for the issues that you describe? (I am relieved to hear the shell is decent, at least) Is there any possibility to use Balboa or reputable OEM parts as replacements down the road, or will their design not accomodate any modification/replumbing? Could I manually… Read more »

Hey Skeet

Don’t fret it can all be addressed.

We routinely retrofit balboa systems into these tubs, if you have a failure out of warranty contact us and we will set you up.

Get loads of 1″ hose clamps and clamp the plumbing lines when they leak or proactively although that may affect warranty.

You can add insulation just make sure you leave the motro area clear and if you start getting pumps cutting out randomly in the hot weather it will be a sign that you have gone too far 🙂

Thanks for all of the videos and insight. I’m not usually one to comment on stuff I see online, but I truly appreciate what you have done. Looked at the Costco ones (not proceeding based on your insight), was considering Arctic (components probably are not the best), And finally Sundance (neat features but I don’t know the quality). Who would you recommend for the Calgary market? Thanks!

hey dude, in Calgary you have beachcomber and master that are the ones to look at. I like the build on the BC but low performance, they don’t make any high-end therapy massage models and the skirts are not removable which is bat shit crazy… when we fix leaks on these things its 3x more expensive and you often end up cutting the skirt. check out Jaq and the girls at Empress Empress Hot Tubs & Swim Spas I know Jacqueline well and we work closely together, she has helped out a lot of people for me. Remove Details from… Read more »

Have you actually seen a new Arctic spa or is this whole review just based on a 6 year old spa? Just asking since it doesn’t feel like a fair review of a whole brand based on one specific modell which is 6 year old.

Yeah i had a look at a couple at event sales, they opened them up and I had a look inside, didn’t look like anything was much different from this one. Don’t get me wrong these guys are not building terrible spas, just, in my opinion, there are companies whose strategy is marketing, and branding and they spend a lot on that and the spas are really expensive and often times its not a reflection of the build quality as much as its a reflection of the cost of the branding campaigns. Then there are brands that build to a… Read more »

Hello, I just found your videos, and I love them. I am in the process to buy a new hot tub for my family. We live in N of Canada (-35 C) so I need something that it will work well on this clime and last longer. What brand you recommend me, please. Thank you

Dude go see this guy, they service that area and I know them personally…

Premium Wholesale Home & Leisure
(519) 895-0606

These guys are a big operation with a good service and backup support staff. Carrying Master, Twilight, H2X and MP legends. I know these guys personally and they do a great job.

Hi! Thank you for this site, it is so helpful. So, I watched your Top 5 Things For Hot Tubs videos, and then started searching for hot tubs with a hand rolled fiberglass self supporting shell, based on your recommendation. I found that Arctic Spa does have that shell and watched this video on their site: In this video, they talk through the entire process of making their shell, which was very interesting. However, in the video, they also explain that because they make the shell this way, they think that the best insulation is perimeter insulation. In fact,… Read more »

so that system is inexpensive and that pitch is wack 🙂 I love the part where he points to the big space of nothing and tries to explain how big air spaces are insulation 🙂 it comes from a pitch in the olden days when guys would fill the cavity with old poly based foams that would turn into a rock. then they could use a weak shell and the foam would be a lot fo the support but leak detection and repair was a nightmare… They know damn well that the new expensive foams do not harden, offer support,… Read more »

It’s true, I’m in LA and it’s really confusing here. We went to a state fair sale and got the hard sell from the dealer, but I wanted to learn as much as I could before purchasing. Is there a dealer in the LA area you would recommend? Thanks so much for your advice!

Hi Lindsay That video is a bit wack, They make a good shell but unfortunately for Arctic that is the only of the big 5 things they get right, the rest is no name parts, no clamps on the plumbing and an insulation system that would never meet code to build a house so just because they have some wackadoodle story about big air spaces being insulation and magic fairies that make free heat in no way changes the hard fact that its a cheap insulation system that would never even come close to meeting building code. I doubt they… Read more »

Hey bud. If clamps were such a big deal then why was the swim spa still running good. Thanks in advance for the response. Bud

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