10 Rules for any Hot Tub party

10 Rules for any Hot Tub party

It’s no secret that recently a large number of millennials have been purchasing a lot more hot tubs than thy have in recent history. With this recent trend, there has also ben an upswing in parties happening in hot tubs and coincidentally; hot tub related discourse and injury. to avoid any shady situations we’ve compiled a list to help guide you and your friends to a safe and enjoyable hot tub experience.

hot_tub_partySet some expectations

People’s comfort levels when it comes to things like skinny dipping can vary from one extreme to the other so before you and your friends get in see if people are down for a bathing suit optional experience or want to keep it a little more pg.


Chill out with the snapsshy

While most of your friends may be cool with you posting that candid group bikini pic to your story not everyone might be, so always ask before posting and if you’re taking liberties with bathing suits as a group it’s probably best to save the Instas for after everyone’s clothed again.

themeekshall_Dont-be-a-Dick_Poolga_440Don’t be a dick

While you may be summer ready and confident not all your friends may be able to say the same so use some common sense and don’t point out any blemishes or flaws to keep people comfortable.


Sharing is caringshare

Each seat offers a different configuration of jets with different benefits so move around a bit and don’t stay in one place so everyone gets a chance to se what they like and no one feels left out


Rinse off

It’s important to remember this is a hot tub not a bathtub so you should rinse off beforehand to get rid of any lotions or perfumes or hair products to keep the water clean and if you’re not planning on going all the way in minimal makeup is advisable unless you’ve invested in a waterproof setting spray to keep everything exactly in place.


Drink responsiblydrink_responsibly

If you’re planning on drinking don’t plan on taking a dip. Not only do hot tubs decrease the time it takes you to feel the effects of alcohol but drinking in a hot tub can pose a major drowning risk, so if you plan to drink be responsible or don’t get in.


spa-signKeep the snacks outside

When in the hot tub it is best to avoid eating. Any crumbs you drop get gross and gooey and can make cleaning the tub and the filters an extremely unpleasant task.


Check the temperaturetoo hot

Before getting in you want to check the control panel to see how hot the water is and as ling as its hanging around the 102 F mark you’re good to go, just make sure to hydrate and elevate your upper body if you feel like you’re overheating.


sickAssess yourself

Before getting in its good practice to make are you’re not sick or that you don’t have any medical conditions because bacteria and infections can spread quickly in a hot damp environment. If you’ve got doubts its probably best to skip it


Stay safestay safe

whether you’re the host or a guest its always a good idea to keep an eye out for any potential safety risks to yourself or other guests to ensure a good safe time for everyone



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